Changelog for frescobaldi-3.1.2-bp153.1.1.noarch.rpm :

* Tue Apr 14 2020 Cor Blom - Add appstream-glib-devel to BuildRequires to make it build on Leap 15.1 and 15.2- Update the %suse_update_desktop_file line to follow the categories more of the package itself more closely.
* Mon Apr 13 2020 Cor Blom - Update frescobaldi to 3.1.2:
* Bug fixes: - fixed #1255, AttributeError: \'NoneType\' object has no attribute \'cursor\' - fixed \"Two Pages (first page right)\" for both modes, other should be \"left\" - fixed pinch gesture zoom in music view on Mac - fixed #30, Printing score under Mac OS X - fixed #860, OSX: Frescobaldi overrides critical cursor navigation keyboard shortcuts; new shortcuts: - next document: ctrl+tab - previous document: ctrl+shift+tab - start of line: cmd+left - end of line: cmd+right - fixed #1087, File names in document tabs are not shown correctly on Mac - fixed #1272, Global menu with no windows on Mac is not working - fixed #1232, Error using convert-ly in Frescobaldi 3.1 Mac app
* Improvements: - add DE hyphen patterns and copyright info (#1275)
* Translations: - Userguide now has its own PO files in i18n/userguide, and the Frescobaldi application itself has the PO files in i18n/frescobaldi, see README-translations. - updated nl translation by Wilbert Berendsen - updated Italian translation by Davide Liessi- Update python-ly to 0.9.6:
* Various improvements to the experimental MusicXML output - Fixed #32 Correctly export measures without the help of explicit barchecks - Fixed #102 MusicXML: \\mark is not exported - Fixed #107 MusicXML: scale_rest bug - Fixed #110 MusicXML: stem direction is not supported - Fixed #114 Empty measures created with no attributes - Many improvements by Felippe Roza, Peter Bjuhr, Urs Liska, Endre Oma and others, thanks! - Fixed Frescobaldi#1213 eps-file -> epsfile - improved indentation of Scheme code, thanks to Paul Morris (#132)
* Sun Jan 05 2020 Cor Blom - Update to 3.1.1:
* Bugfix release, among which: make pinch in music view work- Add python3-pycups as Recommends. This is necessary for printing, but frescobaldi works without it
* Sun Dec 29 2019 Cor Blom - Also build translations
* Sun Dec 29 2019 Cor Blom - Add python3-qtwebengine-qt5 to Requires, is needed to run frescobaldi
* Fri Dec 27 2019 Cor Blom - Update to 3.1:
* Requirement changes: - Frescobaldi now requires Python3.3+
* New features: - New \"Document Fonts\" dialog supporting text and music fonts and providing a font sample previewer - Possibility to load external extensions - New \"First System Only\" option in Custom Engrave - Goto Line command (#927, feature request #676) - Rename file command (#1057, feature request #980) - Music view: - Copy to Image can copy/export to SVG, PDF and EPS in addtion to PNG/JPG - New toolbar button to show/hide the magnifier - New preference Horizontal / Vertical - New preference Continuous / non-continuous (displays only current page(s)) - New commands to rotate left / right - New raster layout mode (displays as many pages as fit in a View) - View settings are remembered per-document - Manuscript viewer: - Toolbar buttons to rotate the pages left / right - New toolbar button to show/hide the magnifier
* Bug fixes: - fixed #895 seeking in MIDI player during playing stops sound - fixed #768, now paper orientation is properly handled in New Score Wizard - fixed #705, discrepancy of LilyPond vs. system version of GhostScript on Linux (#926) - fixed #1094, includepaths on Windows (#1095) - fixed #1121, NameError: name \'widgets\' is not defined
* Improvements: - Score Wizard: Titles and Headers are shown in preview (#1216) - Score Wizard: checkbox to write/omit pitches after \\relative command - Score Wizard: allow \"none\" for instrument names on first system (#1141) - Smarter behaviour of the autocompletion popup (#918, #922) - New command File->Rename/Move... (#980) - Sessions can be grouped in the Sessions menu - Show absolute path of include files in tooltip (#941) - Restructure Tools Menu (#1080) - File Open toolbar button shows recent files menu on long click - Added \"Blank Sheet Music\" template snippet (#1139)
* Internals: - Multithreaded Job Queue preparing multicore support (#1103) - Rewrite code handling external processes/jobs (#1100) - Music (pre)views could previously only display PDF documents; this has been rewritten so that many more formats can be displayed like SVG and images, which will open up new possibilities for the music view and the manuscript viewer (#1202) - The SVG view and the LilyPond documentation browser now use QtWebEngine instead of the deprecated QtWebKit
* Translations: - Userguide now has its own PO files. PO files for userguide and Frescobaldi both are in \'i18n/xx_CC\' directories, see README-translations - updated nl translation by Wilbert Berendsen - updated Italian translation by Federico Bruni
* Wed Jun 27 2018 Revert use %find_lang macro: is not working- Using %license tag for file with license
* Wed Jun 27 2018 fixed dependency, require python3-poppler-qt5- added %find_lang to stop rpmlint warnings
* Wed Feb 22 2017 Update to 3.0.0:
* Requirement changes: - Frescobaldi now requires Python3.2+, Qt5, PyQt5, python-poppler-qt5
* New features: - Zoom with pinch gesture in Music View, contributed by David Rydh - An option (enabled by default) to move the cursor to the end of the line when PageDown is pressed on the last line, and to move the cursor to the start of the first line if PageUp is pressed on the first line
* Improvements: - Retina display support in Music View, contributed by David Rydh
* Wed Feb 22 2017 Update frescobaldi to 2.20.0:
* New features: - New Manuscript viewer tool, displaying an \"engraver\'s copy\", contributed by Peter Bjuhr and Urs Liska - Copy selected text in Music View - New command Edit->Move to include file... - New quick remove actions to remove beams and ligatures from selected music - Search tool in the keyboard shortcuts preferences page (#690)
* Improvements: - Fit Width in Music View now fits two pages in width, if in two-page mode - the Music View now remembers the page layout mode - Jump to next or previous bookmark now respects surrounding lines setting - Better default save path, looking at last edited document (#162)
* Bug fixes: - fix #716 position of open document tab bar changes on engrave - Midi input fixes by David Rydh:
* fix #797 and #853, now honour Midi input port setting
* in Midi input, ces and bis now have the correct octave
* fix interruption of Midi input by other events than note events - Midi input now uses correct channel, fix by David Kastrup - fix #857 UnicodeDecodeError on some types of \\displayMusic command output - fix #891 QTextBlock not hashable anymore - fix #862 midi not loaded on first document load
* Translations: - new Swedish translation contributed by Dag Odenhall - updated Dutch by Wilbert Berendsen - updated Italian by Federico Bruni - updated Spanish by Francisco Vila - updated German by Henning Hraban Ramm - updated Czech by Pavel Fric- Update python-ly to 0.9.5:
* basic support for tokenizing the MUP format
* fix wbsoft/frescobaldi#832: wrong duration handling with \\partial when changing durations
* xml export tests now work correctly with Python3
* fix #74 traversing events fails in empty \\alternative
* Sun May 29 2016 Update frescobaldi to 2.19.0: Changes: Update python-ly to 0.9.4
* Sun Dec 27 2015 Update to 2.18.2:
* Requirement changes: - Frescobaldi now requires python-ly 0.9.3
* Improvements: - More flexible colored HTML export and copy - Tabs now show the push-pin icon when a document is always engraved - Autocomplete correctly again after \'\\markup\' without opening bracket - Enable Ctrl-Enter in Custom Engrave dialog (issue #691)
* Bug fixes: - fix AttributeError: \'SourceViewer\' object has no attribute \'_reply\' (issue [#789]) - fix TypeError: QPen(): argument 1 has unexpected type QBrush - fix some bugs in Quick Insert panel
* Translations: - updated: Dutch, French, Italian, Ukrainian- Update python-ly to 0.9.3:
* Fix issue #35: do not insert duration after a tie
* Added ly.rhythm.music_items() for a more robust way of iterating through chords and notes (awaiting fully fledged editing support through or ly.xml)
* More configurability in ly.colorize, thanks to Urs Liska
* MusicXML export various improvements and bug fixes, contributed by Peter Bjuhr
* Thu Sep 10 2015 Added python3-sip and python3-qt4 to Requires, they are needed to frescolbaldi.
* Thu Jun 11 2015 Update to 2.18.1:
* New feature: - New command line option -V, showing version information of all supporting modules such as Python, Poppler, Qt4, etc.
* Improvements: - The print dialog remembers the last used printer and options - Improved icons for File->Close, Snippets->Repeat last note/chord and Snippets->Document Fonts - Holding the engrave button also shows Engrave publish and custom actions - Tab bar uses scroll buttons on Mac, like the other platforms - Automatic engrave only engraves
*.ly documents, not
*.ily etc
* Bugfixes: - Fix document panel is resized when engraving (issue #660) - Fix convert-ly adding linefeeds / carriage return on Windows (issue #649) - Fix open in running instance when using Python 3 (issue #634) - Fix crash when opening non-existing file in running instance (issue #650) - Fix icons missing on Windows with system icons enabled (issue #643) - Fix Wrong encoding in Score Wizard with Russian locale (issue #641) - Fix running LilyPond tools on Mac (pre-built app) (issues #633, #589) - Fix ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10 (issue #669) - Fix UnicodeEncodeError on convert-ly with some languages (issue #674)
* Translations: - updated: Dutch, Czech, Ukrainian, Chinese Simplified- Updated python-ly to 0.9.2:
* add the default-language variable to the ly command; this can be set to a language in case a LilyPond document uses a language different than \"nederlands\" but does not specify it (issue #20).
* add the -l, --language option as shorthand for setting the default language
* properly support drum notes in ly.lex and
* updated scheme variables in
* functions for LilyPond 2.18
* fix TypeError: expected string or buffer in when string was a dom.Reference (issue wbsoft/frescobaldi#667)
* Fix issue #16: Duration after `\\skip` may not be removed
* MusicXML export improvements: - support for isolated durations (a single duration without explicit pitch) - support for implicit starting pitch in relative mode (issues #18 and wbsoft/frescobaldi#648)
* updated LilyPond data to 2.18
* Sun Mar 08 2015 Update to 2.18:
* Important notes about installing and for packagers/distributors: - Frescobaldi is now dependent on the package \'python-ly\'. This package needs to be installed so that Frescobaldi can run. It is listed among the dependencies in the INSTALL file and it can be found at Previously, this python package was contained in the frescobaldi_app folder. So, when overwriting previous Frescobaldi installations, be sure that any remnants from the old \'ly\' package are removed, with a command like: rm -r /usr/local//frescobaldi_app/ly Otherwise, Frescobaldi won\'t find the new ly module and will fail to run. Python-ly version 0.9 is required for Frescobaldi 2.18. - Python 3.2 (or higher) is supported and recommended! But Python 2.7 will continue to be supported during the full Frescobaldi 2 lifecycle.
* New features: - Midi import, using the LilyPond-provided midi2ly tool - ABC import, using the LilyPond-provided abc2ly tool - In the Editor Preferences, you can select which quotes will be used as single and double (primary and secondary) typographical quotes (issue #529) - The music view now can display a PDF document with two pages next to each other, starting with a right or left page, and in single pages (issue #575) - A new pitch tool, Mode shift, which can be used to change all or selected notes to a specified mode or scale. - Commands to convert rests to spaces or vice versa, and to convert pitched rests (like c\'4\\rest) to normal rests, contributed by Peter Bjuhr. - Command to open LilyPond data directory (useful if you want to study Lily\'s own init- and Scheme files).
* Improvements: - The Insert menu got renamed to Snippets, making more clear how it is used and can be changed. When copying text to a new snippet, the snippet is added to the menu by default, but the user can change that while editing. - Ctrl+Break (LilyPond → Abort Engraving Job) also stops an autocompile job if one is running. - The SVG View now displays a default gray background when no document is loaded, which is more helpful than a white background. - When right-clicking in the editor, the editor does not scroll anymore to show more surrounding lines. - Multi-line block comments are now also foldable (issue #587) - The magnifying glass in the Music View does not clip to the page borders anymore, which was annoying when showing many pages in a small size. - To save space in the toolbar, the almost never used Save As... button was removed. But when holding the Save button longer, three choices pop up: Save, Save As and Save All. - Ctrl-Mousewheel zooming the LilyPond Log now works properly.
* Bugfixes: - The german (\"deutsch\") pitch names asas and heses are now handled correctly. Previously, when translating the \"nederlands\" beses to german, it was output as bes, instead of heses. Same for \"norsk\" and \"suomi\" (issue #415) - If the preference \"Open default viewer after successful compile\" is enabled, the viewer to be opened is determined from the actual results, instead of the default output format. This fixes the PDF view opening instead of the SVG view, when the SVG format was chosen in the Engrave Custom dialog. - fix AttributeError: \'unicode\' object has no attribute \'insert\' (issue #543) - the transpose functions will not transpose the chord after \\stringTuning anymore (issue #539). - fix error when opening a \"recent file\" that has been deleted (issue #597) - Quick Insert articulations etc. now also work with q (repeated) chords (issue #628, fixed in python-ly) - Quick Insert: do not add articulation to the duration of a \\tuplet command (issue #631, fixed in python-ly)
* Translations: - updated: nl, fr, ru, it
* Added required python-ly as part of this package, should be split off in future
* Fri Feb 13 2015 Update to version 2.17.2:
* Bugfixes: - fix AttributeError: \'unicode\' object has no attribute \'insert\' (issue #543)
* Translations: - updated: nl, fr, it
* Thu Jan 22 2015 Frescobaldi is a lilypond editor, so let\'s require lilypond- Portmidi is now in factory: recommends portmidi instead of just suggests
* Mon Jan 05 2015 Update to version 2.17.1:
* Bugfix: - on quit, respect cancel (issue #531)- Update to version 2.17:
* New features: - Preference for the number of contextual lines to show at least, when the text view is scrolled to a cursor position (e.g. by clicking on a link, or when jumping between search results. Wish: issue #488) - Session import/export, contributed by Peter Bjuhr - A session can have its own list of include paths, that can be used either instead of or in addition to the global list of include paths, contributed by Peter Bjuhr - Relative mode for MIDI input, contributed by Alex Schreiber (pull request [#521])
* Improvements: - When saving a new file for the first time, a default filename is provided, based on composer and title of the score (wish: issue #472) - Printing the music PDF now honors the duplex settings - MusicXML export has improved by using the module that has a notion of the music events and time/duration of those events. Although is authored and maintained by Wilbert Berendsen, the MusicXML export module is contributed by Peter Bjuhr - workaround a LilyPond buglet in point-and-click highlighting of quoted strings: although the textedit uri points to the closing quote, the string is correctly highlighted - dont disable run button of Engrave Custom dialog for autocompile jobs - let autocompile jobs finish before starting a new one (comments issue #120) - dont always run autocompile job for the first opened document - after a successful compile the default music viewer (pdf or svg) is activated. This can be suppressed in the LilyPond prefs (wish: issue #435) - the music view does not switch documents anymore when a compile is finished but the user is working on a different document (wish: issue #513) - tooltips for the panel title and float/close buttons - error handling in I/O-related operations has improved - Ctrl+C in editor view does not copy HTML, only plain text (issue #517) - Features that are in development can be enabled by checking Preferences→ General→Experimental Features→Enable Experimental Features. Some features that are not completely finished are hidden by default but become visible when this preference is enabled. New features are enabled after a restart, or when a new main window is created using Window→New.
* Bugfixes: - fix AttributeError: \'bool\' object has no attribute \'endswith\' in, toolcommand() - fix AttributeError: \'NoneType\' object has no attribute \'_register_cursor\' (cause in, get_included_document_node())
* Installation: - Python 2.7 is now required.
* Translations: - updated: nl, pt_BR, fr, it, de - new (partial): Chinese Traditional, Simplified and Hong Kong by Anthony Fok