Changelog for python3-blockdev-2.19-12.el8.x86_64.rpm :

* Mon Dec 02 2019 Vojtech Trefny - 2.19-12- Use cryptsetup to check LUKS2 label Resolves: rhbz#1778689- Fix expected cache pool name with newest LVM Related: rhbz#1778689
* Thu Jun 06 2019 Vojtech Trefny - 2.19-11- Fix checking swap status on lvm/md (vtrefny) Resolves: rhbz#1649815
* Thu May 30 2019 Tomas Bzatek - 2.19-10- Memory leak fixes (tbzatek) Resolves: rhbz#1714276
* Mon May 06 2019 Vojtech Trefny - 2.19-9- Remove device-mapper-multipath dependency from fs and part plugins (vtrefny) Resolves: rhbz#1700297
* Mon Apr 08 2019 Vojtech Trefny - 2.19-8- Allow running tests against installed version of libblockdev (vtrefny) Related: rhbz#1679668
* Mon Jan 07 2019 Vojtech Trefny - 2.19-7- Use major/minor macros from sys/sysmacros.h instead of linux/kdev_t.h (vtrefny) Resolves: rhbz#1644825
* Tue Oct 16 2018 Vojtech Trefny - 2.19-6- Fix \'Require exact version of the utils subpackage\' (vtrefny) Related: rhbz#1614328
* Tue Oct 16 2018 Vojtech Trefny - 2.19-5- Require exact version of the utils subpackage (vtrefny) Related: rhbz#1614328
* Mon Oct 08 2018 Vojtech Trefny - 2.19-4- Use libblkid to check swap status before swapon (vtrefny) Related: rhbz#1634016- Add error codes and Python exceptions for swapon fails (vtrefny) Resolves: rhbz#1634016
* Mon Aug 13 2018 Vojtech Trefny - 2.19-3- Build VDO plugin on all architectures with VDO support (vtrefny) Related: rhbz#1614328
* Mon Aug 13 2018 Vojtech Trefny - 2.19-2- Do not require \'dmraid\' package (vtrefny) Related: rhbz#1589861
* Fri Aug 10 2018 Vojtech Trefny - 2.19-1- Use python interpreter explicitly when running (vtrefny)- vdo: Implement bd_vdo_get_stats() (tbzatek)- Add test for is_tech_available with multiple dependencies (vtrefny)- lvm-dbus.c: Check for \'lvmdbus\' dependency in \'bd_lvm_is_tech_avail\' (vtrefny)- lvm.c: Check for \'lvm\' dependency in \'bd_lvm_is_tech_avail\' (vtrefny)- Fix licence headers in sources (vtrefny)- Fix three memory leaks in lvm-dbus.c (vtrefny)- Ignore \"bad-super-call\" pylint warning in (vtrefny)- Fix running pylint in tests (vtrefny)- Fix vdo configuration options definition in spec file (vtrefny)- Fix calling BlockDev.reinit in swap tests (vtrefny)- Fix how we check zram stats from /sys/block/zram0/mm_stat (vtrefny)- Skip VDO tests also when the \'kvdo\' module is not available (vtrefny)- Add version to tests that should be skipped on CentOS/RHEL 7 (vtrefny)- Skip btrfs tests if btrfs module is not available (vtrefny)- Do not build KBD plugin with bcache support on RHEL (vtrefny)- Do not build btrfs plugin on newer RHEL (vtrefny)- fs: Properly close both ends of the pipe (tbzatek)- Make sure library_test works after fixing -Wstrict-prototypes (vtrefny)- Make sure library tests properly clean after themselves (vtrefny)- pkg-config: add -L${libdir} and -I${includedir} (max.kellermann)- plugins/kbd: make wait_for_file() static (max.kellermann)- plugins/lvm{,-dbus}: get_lv_type_from_flags() returns const string (max.kellermann)- plugins/dm: add explicit cast to work around -Wdiscarded-qualifiers (max.kellermann)- plugins/crypto: work around -Wdiscarded-qualifiers (max.kellermann)- plugins/check_deps: make all strings and `UtilDep` instances `const` (max.kellermann)- exec: make `msg` parameters const (max.kellermann)- fix -Wstrict-prototypes (max.kellermann)- module.c: Accept kernel modules if they are built-in ( Convert dictionary keys to set before using them (vtrefny)- Skip \'test_cache_pool_create_remove\' on CentOS 7 (vtrefny)- Re-order libbd_crypto_la_LIBADD to fix libtool issue (tom)- acinclude.m4: Use AS_EXIT to fail in LIBBLOCKDEV_FAILURES (vtrefny)- Fix missing parenthesis in blkid version check (vtrefny)- Allow specifying extra options for PBKDF when creating LUKS2 (vtrefny)- Reintroduce python2 support for Fedora 29 (vtrefny)- Use versioned command for Python 2 (vtrefny)- Fix few wrong names in doc strings (vtrefny)- Make sure all our free and copy functions work with NULL (vtrefny)- Use libblkid in bd_crypto_is_luks (vtrefny)- vdo: Properly destroy the yaml parser (tbzatek)- Add a simple test case for bd_crypto_tc_open (vtrefny)- Add Python override for bd_crypto_tc_open_full (vtrefny)- Show simple summary after configure (vtrefny)- Do not build VDO plugin on non-x86_64 architectures (vtrefny)- Sync spec with downstream (vtrefny)
* Thu Jun 28 2018 Vojtech Trefny - 2.17-3- Build kbd plugin withou bcache support
* Fri Jun 22 2018 Vojtech Trefny - 2.17-2- Do not build btrs plugin on RHEL 8
* Tue Apr 24 2018 Vojtech Trefny - 2.17-1- Redirect cryptsetup log to libblockdev log (vtrefny)- Add a generic logging function for libblockdev (vtrefny)- Add functions to resize LUKS 2 (vtrefny)- Add function to get information about LUKS 2 integrity devices (vtrefny)- Add function to get information about a LUKS device (vtrefny)- Add a basic test for creating LUKS 2 format (vtrefny)- Use libblockdev function to create LUKS 2 in tests (vtrefny)- Add support for creating LUKS 2 format (vtrefny)- Skip bcache tests on Rawhide (vtrefny)- Allow building libblockdev without Python 2 support (vtrefny)- Allow compiling libblockdev crypto plugin without escrow support (vtrefny)- Require at least libndctl 58.4 (vtrefny)- New function for luks metadata size (japokorn)- Add functions to backup and restore LUKS header (vtrefny)- Add function for killing keyslot on a LUKS device (vtrefny)- Add functions to suspend and resume a LUKS device (vtrefny)- Use \'=\' instead of \'==\' to compare using \'test\' (v.podzimek)- lvm-dbus: Check returned job object for error (vtrefny)- Get sector size for non-block NVDIMM namespaces too (vtrefny)- Fix memory leaks discovered by clang (vtrefny)- Add new functions to docs/libblockdev-sections.txt (segfault)- Make a link point to the relevant section (segfault)- Don\'t use VeraCrypt PIM if compiled against libcryptsetup < 2.0 (segfault)- Make keyfiles parameter to bd_crypto_tc_open_full zero terminated (segfault)- Add function bd_crypto_device_seems_encrypted (segfault)- Support VeraCrypt PIM (segfault)- Support TCRYPT system volumes (segfault)- Support TCRYPT hidden containers (segfault)- Support TCRYPT keyfiles (segfault)- Support unlocking VeraCrypt volumes (segfault)- Enforce ZERO_INIT gcc backwards compatibility (bjornpagen)- Add function for getting NVDIMM namespace name from devname or path (vtrefny)- Add --without-xyz to DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS for disabled plugins (vtrefny)- Add tests for the NVDIMM plugin (vtrefny)- Add the NVDIMM plugin (vtrefny)- Fix build with clang (bjornpagen)- s390: don\'t hardcode paths, search PATH (flokli)- Fix build against musl libc (bjornpagen)- Fix python2-gobject-base dependency on Fedora 26 and older (vtrefny)- Sync the spec file with downstream (vtrefny)
* Wed Apr 11 2018 Vojtech Trefny - 2.16-3- Add the NVDIMM plugin (vtrefny)- Add tests for the NVDIMM plugin (vtrefny)- Add --without-xyz to DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS for disabled plugins (vtrefny)- Add function for getting NVDIMM namespace name from devname or path (vtrefny)
* Fri Feb 09 2018 Igor Gnatenko - 2.16-2- Escape macros in %changelog
* Thu Feb 08 2018 Vojtech Trefny - 2.16-1- Add tests for progress report (jtulak)- Add e2fsck progress (jtulak)- Add progress reporting infrastructure for Ext fsck (jtulak)- Add a function to test if prog. reporting was initialized (jtulak)- Add support for LUKS 2 opening and key management (vtrefny)- Fix few more links for project and documentation website (vtrefny)- Sync the spec file with downstream (vpodzime)- Check if \'journalctl\' is available before trying to use it in tests (vtrefny)- Update \'Testing libblockdev\' section in documentation (vtrefny)- Fix link to online documentation (vtrefny)- Fix how the new kernel module functions are added to docs (vpodzime)
* Wed Feb 07 2018 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.15-4- Rebuilt for
* Wed Feb 07 2018 Iryna Shcherbina - 2.15-3- Update Python 2 dependency declarations to new packaging standards (See
* Sat Feb 03 2018 Igor Gnatenko - 2.15-2- Switch to %ldconfig_scriptlets
* Fri Dec 01 2017 Vratislav Podzimek - 2.15-1- Do not use the \'btrfs\' plugin in overrides tests (vpodzime)- Do not use the btrfs plugin in library tests (vpodzime)- Check for btrfs module availability in btrfs module (vtrefny)- Move kernel modules (un)loading and checking into utils (vtrefny)- Free locale struct in kbd plugin (vtrefny)- Add test for setting partition flags on GPT (vtrefny)- Use only sgdisk to set flags on GPT (vtrefny)- Move the fs.h file to its original place (vpodzime)- Add a HACKING.rst file (vpodzime)- Mark bcache tests as unstable (vpodzime)- Fix memory leaks in bd_fs_vfat_get_info() (vpodzime)- Revert the behaviour of bd_fs_check_deps() (vpodzime)- Split the bd_fs_is_tech_avail() implementation (vpodzime)- Split the FS plugin source into multiple files (vpodzime)- Fix bd_s390_dasd_format (vponcova)- Mark unstable tests as such (vpodzime)- bd_s390_dasd_is_ldl should be true only for LDL DADSs (vponcova)- Do not lie about tag creation (vpodzime)
* Wed Nov 08 2017 Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek - 2.14-2- Rebuild for cryptsetup-2.0.0
* Tue Oct 31 2017 Vratislav Podzimek - 2.14-1- Support the legacy boot GPT flag (intrigeri)- Respect the version in the blockdev.pc file (vpodzime)- Add pkgconfig definitions for the utils library (vpodzime)- fs.c: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference (vtrefny)- dm.c: Fix uninitialized values in various dm plugin functions (vtrefny)- dm.c: Check return values of dm_task_set_name/run/get_info functions (vtrefny)- fs.c: Fix multiple \"forward NULL\" warnings in \'bd_fs_ntfs_get_info\' (vtrefny)- lvm-dbus.c: Fix multiple \"use after free\" coverity warnings (vtrefny)- Fix duplicate \'const\' in generated functions (vtrefny)- Add some test cases for NTFS (kailueke)- Add function wrappers for NTFS tools (kailueke)- exec.c: Fix error message in \'bd_utils_exec_and_report_progress\' (vtrefny)- crypto.c: Fix waiting for enough entropy (vtrefny)- Ignore some coverity false positive errors (vtrefny)- exec.c: Ignore errors from \'g_io_channel_shutdown\' (vtrefny)- part.c: Check if we\'ve found a place to put new logical partitions (vtrefny)- kbd.c: Fix potential string overflow in \'bd_kbd_bcache_create\' (vtrefny)- exec.c: Fix resource leaks in \'bd_utils_exec_and_report_progress\' (vtrefny)- fs.c: Fix \"forward null\" in \'do_mount\' and \'bd_fs_xfs_get_info\' (vtrefny)- part.c: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference (vtrefny)- crypto.c: Use right key buffer in \'bd_crypto_luks_add_key\' (vtrefny)- exec.c: Fix \"use after free\" in \'bd_utils_check_util_version\' (vtrefny)- kbd.c: Fix double free in \'bd_kbd_zram_get_stats\' (vtrefny)- part.c: Check if file discriptor is >= 0 before closing it (vtrefny)- mdraid.c: Fix resource leaks (vtrefny)- lvm.c: Fix \"use after free\" in \'bd_lvm_get_thpool_meta_size\' (vtrefny)- fs.c: Fix for loop condition in \'bd_fs_get_fstype\' (vtrefny)- fs.c: Check sscanf return value in \'bd_fs_vfat_get_info\' (vtrefny)- fs.c: Fix resource leaks in \'bd_fs_get_fstype\' (vtrefny)- Fix unused variables (vtrefny)- Use libbytesize to parse bcache block size (vtrefny)- Use system values in KbdTestBcacheStatusTest (vtrefny)- Fix BSSize memory leaks in btrfs and mdraid plugins (vtrefny)- Skip btrfs subvolume tests with btrfs-progs 4.13.2 (vtrefny)- Added function to get DM device subsystem (japokorn)- Sync spec with downstream (vpodzime)
* Fri Sep 29 2017 Vratislav Podzimek - 2.13-1- Fix the rpmlog and shortlog targets (vpodzime)- Add a function for enabling/disabling plugins\' init checks (vpodzime)- Assign functions to tech-mode categories (vpodzime)- Add missing items to particular sections in the documentation (vpodzime)- Add a basic test for the runtime dependency checking (vpodzime)- Simplify what WITH_BD_BCACHE changes in the KBD plugin (vpodzime)- Add functions for querying available technologies (vpodzime)- Dynamically check for the required utilities (vpodzime)- Use shorter prefix for tempfiles (vtrefny)- Try harder when waiting for lio device to show up (vtrefny)- Better handle old and new zram sysfs api in tests (vtrefny)- Skip btrfs tests on CentOS 7 aarch64 (vtrefny)- Add new function for setting swap label (vtrefny)- Use only one git tag for new releases (vtrefny)- Fix source URL in spec file (vtrefny)- Add NEWS.rst file (vtrefny)- Do not include s390utils/vtoc.h in s390 plugin (vtrefny)- Use \"AC_CANONICAL_BUILD\" to check architecture instead of \"uname\" (vtrefny)- Bypass error proxy in s390 test (vtrefny)- Fix zFCP LUN max length (vtrefny)- Do not run g_clear_error after setting it (vtrefny)- Allow compiling libblockdev without s390 plugin (vtrefny)- Add a function for getting plugin name (vpodzime)
* Thu Sep 28 2017 Troy Dawson - 2.12-3- Cleanup spec file conditionals correctly
* Wed Sep 27 2017 Troy Dawson - 2.12-2- Cleanup spec file conditionals
* Wed Aug 30 2017 Vratislav Podzimek - 2.12-1- Own directories /etc/libblockdev and /etc/libblockdev/conf.d (vtrefny)- Wait for resized partition (kailueke)- Make sure the device is opened for libparted (vpodzime)- Fix label check in swap_test (vtrefny)- Use \"run_tests\" script for running tests from Makefile (vtrefny)- Add a script for running tests (vtrefny)- Tests: Move library initialization to setUpClass method (vtrefny)- Stop skipping FAT resize tests on rawhide (vtrefny)- Close filesystem before closing the partition during FAT resize (vtrefny)- Use mountpoint for \"xfs_info\" calls (vtrefny)- Use libmount cache when parsing /proc/mounts (vtrefny)- Add some space for the CI status (vpodzime)- Confirm the force when creating PVs in FS tests (vpodzime)- Skip vgremove tests on 32bit Debian (vtrefny)- Fix names of backing files in tests (vtrefny)- Fix checking for available locales (vtrefny)- Skip dependency checking in mpath tests on Debian (vtrefny)- Skip zRAM tests on Debian (vtrefny)- Skip the test for device escrow on Debian too (vtrefny)- Skip free region tests on Debian too (vtrefny)- Fix redirecting command output to /dev/null in tests (vtrefny)- Try harder to unmount devices in test cleanup (vtrefny)- Require only plugins that are needed for given test (vtrefny)- Try to get distribution info from \"PrettyName\" if \"CPEName\" isn\'t available (vtrefny)- Use -ff when creating PVs in FS tests (vpodzime)- Sync spec with downstream (vpodzime)
* Mon Jul 31 2017 Vratislav Podzimek - 2.11-1- Make the KbdZRAMDevicesTestCase inherit from KbdZRAMTestCase (vpodzime)- Allow non-source directory builds (kailueke)- Add a way to disable runtime dependency checks (vpodzime)- Link to GObject even if no plugin is activated (kailueke)- Skip zram tests on Rawhide (vpodzime)- Keep most utilities available for tests (vpodzime)- Use new libmount function to get (un)mount error message (vtrefny)- Update the documentation URL (vpodzime)
* Wed Jul 26 2017 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.10-2- Rebuilt for
* Wed Jul 05 2017 Vratislav Podzimek - 2.10-1- Only enable partition size tolerance with alignment (vpodzime)- Limit the requested partition size to maximum possible (vpodzime)- Do not verify vfat FS\' size after generic resize (vpodzime)- Specify tolerance for partition size (kailueke)- Only use the exact constraint if not using any other (vpodzime)- Check resulting FS size in tests for generic FS resize (vpodzime)- Query setting FS label support and generic relabeling (kailueke)- Do not strictly require all FS utilities (vpodzime)- Compile everything with the C99 standard (vpodzime)- Add partition resize function (kailueke)- Generic Check and Repair Functions (kailueke)- Query functions for FS resize and repair support (kailueke)- Update the project/source URL in the spec file (vpodzime)- Add functions for opening/closing TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt volumes (vpodzime)- Adapt to a change in behaviour in new libmount (vpodzime)- Try RO mount also if we get EACCES (vpodzime)- Size in bytes for xfs_resize_device (kailueke)- src/plugins/ Remove hard coded include path in /usr prefix (tristan.vanberkom)- Fixed include for libvolume_key.h (tristan.vanberkom)- Ignore parted warnings if possible (squimrel)- bcache tests: Remove FEELINGLUCKY checks (tasleson)- kbd.c: Code review corrections (tasleson)- kbd.c: Make bd_kbd_bcache_create work without abort (tasleson)
* Tue Jun 13 2017 Vratislav Podzimek - 2.9-1- Fix hardcoded reference to gcc (timo.gurr)- Catch and ignore partial failures in LVM tests\' cleanups (vpodzime)- Fix hardcoded reference to pkg-config (timo.gurr)- Make GObject introspection optional (vpodzime)- Do not link libraries required by plugins to the GI files (vpodzime)- Make sure the whole build status image is shown (vpodzime)- Show CI status in README (at the GH repo\'s front page) (vpodzime)- Always require the libudev pkg (tgurr)- Make sure we give kernel time to fully setup zram device(s) (vpodzime)- Close FDs when calling utilities (tasleson)- crypto.c: Correct segmentation fault (tasleson)
* Tue Jun 06 2017 Vratislav Podzimek - 2.8-1- Temporarily skip vfat generic resize test on rawhide (vtrefny)- Use \"safeprobe\" in \"bd_fs_wipe\" (vtrefny)- Add a generic filesystem resize function (vtrefny)- Add a function to get mountpoint for a device (vtrefny)- Add a function to get filesystem type for a device (vtrefny)- Only include the LVM DBus config when shipping LVM DBus (vpodzime)- Skip the LVM DBus vgreduce tests on Rawhide (vpodzime)- Do not build the lvm-dbus plugin on RHEL/CentOS (vpodzime)- Give zRAM more time to settle before trying to remove a device (vpodzime)- Put zram tests adding/removing devices into a separate class (vpodzime)- Skip LVM cache and RAID tests on Rawhide (vpodzime)- Fix the skip_on decorator factory for tests (vpodzime)- Use \'blkid -p\' instead of lsblk to get device\'s FS type (vpodzime)- Improve the lvm_set_global_config test (vpodzime)- Pass \'-y\' to pvresize (vpodzime)- Create a copy of os.environ for a child process (vpodzime)- Revert \"Use the \"C.UTF-8\" locale instead of just \"C\"\" (vpodzime)- Fix how we create vfat FS in tests (vpodzime)- Skip the test if requiring unavailable locales (vpodzime)- Use the \"C.UTF-8\" locale instead of just \"C\" (vpodzime)- Add functions for working with ext2 and ext3 filesystems (vtrefny)- Link to gobject when lvm or btrfs is enabled (andreas)- Link to libm where needed (andreas)- Add a function for cleaning a device (vtrefny)- Add few code exaples to documentation (vtrefny)- Use a special exception for no fs signature when doing wipe (vpodzime)- One more incompatible os.symlink() call (vpodzime)- Do not use pass-by-name in the os.symlink() call (vpodzime)- Ignore previous errors when falling back to using ioctl() (vpodzime)- Use ioctl() call to teardown loop devices (vpodzime)- Resolve the device to remove for mdadm (vpodzime)- Add a function for getting device symlinks (vpodzime)- Use the new resolve_device() function where appropriate (vpodzime)- Add the resolve_device() function to the utils library (vpodzime)- First try to read the \'autoclear\' flag from /sys/ (vpodzime)
* Wed Apr 26 2017 Vratislav Podzimek - 2.7-1- Skip btrfs min size tests on Fedora 25 (vtrefny)- Make sure the loop device doesn\'t disappear during tests (vpodzime)- Close the loop device when autoclear is (un)set (vpodzime)- Do not enforce Python 3 for running tests in CI (vpodzime)- Revert \"Use different BTRFS_MIN_MEMBER_SIZE on aarch64\" (vtrefny)- Use both \'old\' and \'new\' sysfs files to read zRAM stats (vtrefny)- Check if libparted-fs-resize pkgconfig is available (vpodzime)- Do not try to get name for inactive partitions (vtrefny)- Skip tests for getting free regions on CentOS/RHEL (vpodzime)- Free the container holding the specs of free regions (vpodzime)- Open loop devices as O_RDONLY when getting flags (vpodzime)- Resolve maximum partition size when we know its start (vpodzime)- Use --id instead of --part-type when setting partition id (vpodzime)- Fix mdadm command for removing failed device from an array (vtrefny)- Skip bcache tests on CentOS/RHEL 7 (vpodzime)- Use six.assertRaisesRegex in the FS tests (vpodzime)- Use mkdtemp() instead of TemporaryDirectory() (vpodzime)- Fix installation without specifying --exec-prefix (vpodzime)- Add options to force mkfs.ext4/vfat to create a FS on the whole device (vpodzime)- Skip the test for device escrow on CentOS/RHEL (vpodzime)- Define DEVNULL on our own if not in subprocess (vpodzime)- Remove the patches from the spec file (vpodzime)- Sync the spec file with downstream (vpodzime)- Stop skipping zRAM stats tests (vtrefny)- Add more tests for zRAM stats (vtrefny)- Fix reading zRAM properties from sysfs (vtrefny)
* Wed Apr 12 2017 Vratislav Podzimek - 2.6-3- Do not try to parse \'raid_spec\' for \'bd_md_activate\' (vtrefny) Resolves: rhbz#1439111
* Tue Apr 11 2017 Vratislav Podzimek - 2.6-2- Make sure the returned thpool MD size is valid (vpodzime)
* Wed Mar 15 2017 Vratislav Podzimek - 2.6-1- Move the part_err library before part and fs (vtrefny)- Fix BuildRequires for crypto and dm packages (vtrefny)- Fix mounting read-only devices (vtrefny)- Fix the bd_s390_dasd_is_ldl function. (vponcova)- Add the bd_s390_dasd_is_fba function to check if DASD is FBA (vponcova)- Disable MD RAID tests on 32bit systems (vpodzime)- Fix error message when mounting with a wrong fs type (vtrefny)- Only create RPMs for requested/configured plugins (vpodzime)- Only check dependencies of plugins to be built (vpodzime)- Only build and distribute plugins if configured so (vpodzime)- Fix format-security and unused-result compiler warnings (vtrefny)- Add an AC macro for modular builds (vpodzime)- Add functions for mounting and unmounting filesystems (vtrefny)
* Mon Mar 06 2017 Vratislav Podzimek - 2.5-1- Do not try to get GVariant after not adding anything to its builder (vpodzime)- Replace NULL with \"\" when building ExtraArg (vpodzime)- Replace NULL with \"\" when adding it as a \'s\' GVariant (vpodzime)- Make sure we don\'t try to add NULL as GVariant to DBus params (vpodzime)- Add function for getting recommended thpool metadata size (vpodzime)- Make udev settle after we create a LIO device (vpodzime)- Always use \'--yes\' for lvremove (vpodzime)
* Tue Feb 21 2017 Vratislav Podzimek - 2.4-1- Update specs.rst to use present-tense and current API (agrover)- Add functions using BLOBs as LUKS passphrases (vpodzime)- Make sure the _error_quark() functions are in the library (vtrefny)- Return a special error when trying to wipe empty device (vtrefny)- Adapt tests to use LIO devices instead of loop devices (vpodzime)- Add functions for creating and deleting LIO devices (vpodzime)- MDRAID: Allow path as input for functions that work with sysfs (vtrefny)
* Wed Feb 15 2017 Vratislav Podzimek - 2.3-3- Rebuild with changelog fixed up
* Tue Feb 14 2017 Vratislav Podzimek - 2.3-1- Allow specifying raid \'name\' in multiple way when calling md functions (vtrefny)- Allow using both path and raid name in bd_md_set_bitmap_location (vtrefny)- Fix potential memory issues in s390 sanitizate functions (vpodzime)- Try multiple times when probing device for wiping (vpodzime)- Check for libvolume_key.h and dmraid.h in (vpodzime)- Define our own macro for testing required header files (vpodzime)- Include blockdev/utils.h in mdraid.h (vtrefny)- Fix misspelling (agrover)- Skip the bcache tests even on x86_64 (vpodzime)- Take a break between bcache creation tests (vpodzime)- Make sure ./configure fails if there are some soft failures (vpodzime)- Improve the error message on missing GI support (vpodzime)- Only require bcache-tools if supporting bcache (vpodzime)- Skip bcache tests on non-x86_64 architectures (vpodzime)- Try harder to register a new bcache device (vpodzime)- Reimplement swapon/swapoff functions by using syscalls (vpodzime)- Make sure bcache functions are correctly provided or not (vpodzime)- Changelog fixup (vpodzime)
* Fri Feb 10 2017 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.2-3- Rebuilt for
* Wed Jan 11 2017 Vratislav Podzimek - 2.2-2- Rebuild with changelog fixed up
* Wed Jan 11 2017 Vratislav Podzimek - 2.2-1- Use the .in file as source when bumping version (vpodzime)- Run pylint based on the python version and make it optional (vpodzime)- Disable python3 and bcache on RHEL (vpodzime)- Make bcache support optional (vpodzime)- Teach to skip things based on patterns (vpodzime)- Require lower versions of some utilities (vpodzime)- Do not require python3 for the boilerplate generation script (vpodzime)- Use a proper initialization value for \'GPollFD fds[2]\' (vpodzime)- Deal with older parted and libblkid (vpodzime)- Make python3 and gtk-doc optional (vpodzime)- Bump the version of the utils library (vpodzime)- Fix docstring for \'bd_md_node_from_name\' (vtrefny)- Add tests for added mdraid methods (vtrefny)- Skip \'MDTestNominateDenominateActive\' unless feeling lucky (vtrefny)- MDRaid tests: change \'wait_for_resync\' to wait for given action (vtrefny)- Add functionality need by storaged to mdraid plugin (vtrefny)- Move \'echo_str_to_file\' method to utils (vtrefny)- Add a function to setup a loop device from a file descriptor (vpodzime)- Add functions to get/set the autoclear flag on a loop device (vpodzime)- Fix checking /proc/mdstat for resync action (vtrefny)- Adapt the test config files to version 2.x (vpodzime)
* Mon Dec 12 2016 Charalampos Stratakis - 2.1-3- Rebuild for Python 3.6
* Tue Nov 15 2016 Vratislav Podzimek - 2.1-2- Rebuild for a chain-build with storaged (vpodzime)
* Thu Nov 10 2016 Vratislav Podzimek - 2.1-1- Do not require an exclusive lock on the device to commit part stuff (vpodzime)- Prevent failure if there are no btrfs subvolumes (vpodzime)- Fix the test for getting version of a failing utility (vpodzime)- Also run the utils tests (vpodzime)- Bump the version of the pkgconfig module (vpodzime)- Include utils.h in plugins that need it (vpodzime)- Fix dependency check in fs plugin (vtrefny)- Add support for setting part id (part type) on msdos part tables (vtrefny)- Trim the extra info for MD RAID\'s name (vpodzime)- Add xfsprogs and dosfstools as dependencies of the fs plugin (vpodzime)- Fix md_name_from_node to work with the \"/dev/\" prefix (vpodzime)- New major upstream release
* Wed Nov 09 2016 Vratislav Podzimek - 1.9-8- Revert \"Prevent issues between libparted and udev\" (vpodzime)- Revert \"Open the device file as RDWR when committing parts\" (vpodzime)
* Thu Oct 27 2016 Vratislav Podzimek - 1.9-7- Open the device file as RDWR when committing parts (vpodzime)- Handle mdadm --examine output during migration (adamw) Resolves: rhbz#1381996
* Mon Oct 24 2016 Vratislav Podzimek - 1.9-6- Prevent issues between libparted and udev (vpodzime)
* Mon Oct 10 2016 Vratislav Podzimek - 1.9-5- Make sure all object paths are passed and extracted as such (vpodzime) Resolves: rhbz#1374973
* Tue Oct 04 2016 Vratislav Podzimek - 1.9-4- Do not report volume name for FW RAID container device (vpodzime) Related: rhbz#1379865- Search for just \"UUID\" in mdadm --examine output (vpodzime) Related: rhbz#1379865- Use \'mdadm --examine --export\' to get MD RAID level (vpodzime) Related: rhbz#1379865
* Mon Oct 03 2016 Vratislav Podzimek - 1.9-3- Try to search for \"RAID Level\" in mdadm\'s output (vpodzime) Resolves: rhbz#1379865- Fix the number passed to LVM DBus as a job-creation timeout (vpodzime) Resolves: rhbz#1378970
* Mon Aug 29 2016 Vratislav Podzimek - 1.9-2- Explicitly cast number constants for GVariants (vpodzime)
* Wed Jul 27 2016 Vratislav Podzimek - 1.9-1- Add functions for creating thin/cache pools from existing LVs (vpodzime)- Add the new mpath_get_members() function to the docs (vpodzime)
* Tue Jul 19 2016 Fedora Release Engineering - 1.8-2-
* Wed Jun 29 2016 Vratislav Podzimek - 1.8-1- Add a function to get all mpath member devices (vpodzime)- Fix backport issues in the zfcp-related functionality (#1348442) (vpodzime)- Revert \"Fix a few const params in the s390 plugin.\" (vpodzime)- Fix creation of the version-only tags (vpodzime)
* Wed Jun 15 2016 Vratislav Podzimek - 1.7-1- Include the LV roles in the LVdata (vpodzime)- Add a few missing items to the documentation (vpodzime)- Document fields of the structures (vpodzime)- Report (meta)data LV name properly for cache pools in lvm-dbus (vpodzime)- Add information about related LVs to LVMLVdata (vpodzime)- Remove unused code for getting supported functions (vpodzime)- Add zFCP functionality to s390 plugin (sbueno+anaconda)- Fix a few const params in the s390 plugin. (sbueno+anaconda)
* Wed Jun 01 2016 Vratislav Podzimek - 1.6-1- Ignore merge commits when creating changelog (vpodzime)- Only take the number of the first %changelog line found (vpodzime)- Add some more detailed description to the part plugin (vpodzime)- Fix a few extra issues with the const types (vpodzime)- Add function for getting best free region (vpodzime)- Add function for getting free regions (vpodzime)- Fix the error message when setting part flag fails (vpodzime)- Add function for setting disk flags (vpodzime)- Add function for getting information about disk(s) (vpodzime)- Do not set nonsense partition paths (vpodzime)- Add function for getting partition by position (vpodzime)- Indicate if there was error from parted or not in set_parted_error() (vpodzime)- Minor fixes for the bd_part_get_part_spec() function (vpodzime)- Add support for extra GPT flags (vpodzime)- Add functionality for partition types (GUIDs) (vpodzime)- Add functionality for partition names (vpodzime)- Do not destroy disk objects we didn\'t get (vpodzime)- Add a function for setting multiple partition flags at once (vpodzime)- Remove the unused definition USE_PYTHON3 from (vpodzime)- Use different BTRFS_MIN_MEMBER_SIZE on aarch64 (vpodzime)- Better release memory from parted objects on failures (vpodzime)- Rework how we do optimal alignment (vpodzime)- Do not try to destroy object we didn\'t get (vpodzime)- Don\'t pass sizes in bytes to LVM (#1317373) (vpodzime)- Add the libbytesize-devel build requires (vpodzime)- Search for the LVM DBus service in both active and activatable names (vpodzime)- Adapt to another stupid change in btrfs-progs (vpodzime)- Add the XFS-related functions to the documentation (vpodzime)- Add tests for the XFS-related functions (vpodzime)- Add support for the XFS file system to the FS plugin (vpodzime)- Add chunk_size to BDMDExamineData (vtrefny)- Add the subpackage for the FS plugin (vpodzime)- Add the FS plugin to the docs (vpodzime)- Add tests for the ext4 functionality in the fs plugin (vpodzime)- Add the FS plugin and the ext4 support (vpodzime)- Add a function for running utility reporting error and exit code (vpodzime)- Add the subpackage for the part plugin (vpodzime)- Add a missing BuildRequires for parted-devel (vpodzime)- Tag as both libblockdev-$version and just $version (vpodzime)- Add the \'part\' plugin to documentation (vpodzime)- Add tests for the newly added part plugin (vpodzime)- Add the part plugin with storaged-required functionality (vpodzime)
* Mon Mar 21 2016 Vratislav Podzimek - 1.5-1- Merge pull request #72 from vpodzime/master-faster_tests (vpodzime)- Ignore all .bak files (vpodzime)- Use python3-pylint and skip Python 2 tests (vpodzime)- Try a bit harder when deactivating MD arrays in tests (vpodzime)- Recompile only the LVM plugin in tests (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #65 from vpodzime/master-loc_indep_error (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #70 from vojtechtrefny/master-chunk_size (vpodzime)- Add bd_md_create_with_chunk_size() function (vtrefny)- Merge pull request #68 from vpodzime/master-no_intro_data (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #71 from vpodzime/master-ipython3 (vpodzime)- Run coverage with the right config directories (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #67 from phatina/master (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #69 from vpodzime/master-lvm_dbus_autostart (vpodzime)- Use ipython3 for debugging and testing sessions (vpodzime)- Don\'t expect to always get introspection data from DBus (vpodzime)- Make invocation of tests configurable (phatina)- Make error messages locale agnostic (vpodzime)
* Tue Mar 15 2016 Vratislav Podzimek - 1.4-5- Search for the LVM DBus service in activatable names (vpodzime)- Better check for the LVM DBus API (vpodzime)
* Wed Mar 09 2016 Vratislav Podzimek - 1.4-4- Do not try to get object path of NULL in vgreduce (vpodzime)
* Tue Mar 01 2016 Peter Robinson 1.4-3- Depend on python3-gobject-base not python3-gobject so as to not pull in X components
* Thu Feb 25 2016 Vratislav Podzimek - 1.4-2- Add/fix the requirement for the LVM DBus daemon
* Thu Feb 25 2016 Vratislav Podzimek - 1.4-1- Merge pull request #62 from vpodzime/master-clean_up (vpodzime)- Use addCleanup() instead of tearDown() in tests (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #58 from vpodzime/master-lvm_dbus_pr (vpodzime)- Add the VG renaming functionality (vpodzime)- Packaging of the lvm-dbus plugin (vpodzime)- The LVM DBus plugin (vpodzime)- Add more generic functions for logging (vpodzime)- Use MAX(a, b) instead of CLAMP(b, a, b) (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #59 from vpodzime/master-vgrename (vpodzime)- Add a function for renaming VGs (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #57 from clumens/master (vpodzime)- Fix error reporting when running \"make test\". (clumens)- Merge pull request #54 from vojtechtrefny/master-pvsize (vpodzime)- Do not try to create a PV with 4KiB metadata space (vpodzime)- Add pv_info to BDLVMPVdata (vtrefny)- btrfs now requires at least 128MiB device(s) (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #52 from vpodzime/master (vpodzime)- Round size in thpoolcreate() to KiB (vpodzime)- Sync the %changelog in spec with downstream (vpodzime)
* Wed Nov 25 2015 Vratislav Podzimek - 1.3-4- Create the cache pool before the to-be-cached LV (vpodzime)
* Thu Nov 05 2015 Robert Kuska - 1.3-3- Rebuilt for Python3.5 rebuild
* Wed Nov 04 2015 Vratislav Podzimek - 1.3-2- Fix the annotation of bd_try_init in blockdev.c (vpodzime)
* Mon Oct 26 2015 Vratislav Podzimek - 1.3-1- Add missing python GI requires (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #49 from dashea/libblockdev-python (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #50 from vpodzime/master-fix_striped_lv (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #46 from vpodzime/master-bcache_destroy (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #39 from vpodzime/master-lvm_physical_space (vpodzime)- Add a missing ldconfig that rpmlint found. (dshea)- Move python files to separate packages (#1256758) (dshea)- Fix lvcreate calls for striped LVs (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #48 from vojtechtrefny/master_pvfree (vpodzime)- Add pv_free to BDLVMPVdata (vtrefny)- Merge pull request #47 from atodorov/add_coverage_report (vpodzime)- Produce coverage report in CI (atodorov)- Check bcache device\'s state before trying to detach the cache in destroy() (vpodzime)- Fix URLs in the spec (vpodzime)- Fix the int-float less-than comparison (vpodzime)- Fix the calculation of physical space taken by an LV (vpodzime)
* Wed Sep 23 2015 Vratislav Podzimek - 1.2-1- Merge pull request #40 from vpodzime/master-config_support (vpodzime)- Add tests for configuration support (vpodzime)- Add a function for getting the loaded soname for a plugin (vpodzime)- Add the default configuration (vpodzime)- Load and respect configuration files when loading plugins (vpodzime)- Add functions for finding and processing configuration files (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #38 from vpodzime/master-md_superblock_size (vpodzime)- Better document how MD RAID superblock size should be calculated (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #36 from phatina/master (vpodzime)- BTRFS: allow an arbitrary label to be set for a btrfs volume (phatina)- Merge pull request #32 from phatina/master (vpodzime)- BTRFS: fix parsing empty partition label (phatina)- Merge pull request #35 from vpodzime/master (vpodzime)- Define env variables for sudo via the env utility (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #34 from dashea/python3-tests (vpodzime)- Use unittest.addCleanup to simplify crypto_test. (dshea)- Run tests with both python2 and python3 in the ci target. (dshea)- Fix python3 issues in the unittests. (dshea)- Do not run all tests in the \'ci\' target (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #33 from clumens/master (vpodzime)- Add a new makefile target that does everything needed for jenkins. (clumens)- Synchronize the .spec file with downstream (vpodzime)
* Fri Jul 24 2015 Vratislav Podzimek - 1.1-2- Explicitly specify the type of the cert_data parameter (#1246096) (vpodzime)
* Fri Jun 19 2015 Vratislav Podzimek - 1.1-1- Clean generated boilerplate code on \'make clean\' (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #31 from atodorov/use_lang_c (vpodzime)- tests: use LANG=C in test_backup_passphrase() (atodorov)- Merge pull request #30 from atodorov/makefile_updates (vpodzime)- - add separate check target - add coverage targets - make it possible to test with Python3 (atodorov)- Merge pull request #29 from atodorov/fix_issue_28 (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #27 from atodorov/fix_docs_url (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #26 from atodorov/test_docs (vpodzime)- Change the modified sources back in tearDown() method as well. Closes #28. (atodorov)- update URL to on-line documentation (atodorov)- add test documentation (atodorov)- Merge pull request #22 from dashea/escrow-tests (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #25 from dashea/python-dep (vpodzime)- Filter the python files from automatic rpm requires (dshea)- Added tests for escrow packets and backup passphrases (dshea)- Free leaked contexts from crypto_init (dshea)- Cooperate with volume_key\'s memory management (dshea)- Fix inheritance in the LVM tests to prevent multiple runs of some tests (vpodzime)- Make the regexp for testing crypto_generate_backup_passphrase() stricter (vpodzime)- Leave room in the backup passphrase for a trailing 0 (dshea)- Add functions to get names of data/metadata internal LVs (vpodzime)- Allow getting info for an internal LV (vpodzime)- Gather information about all LVs (vpodzime)- Round requested size to KBs in lvresize() (#1221247) (vpodzime)- Add overrides for the ensure_init() function (vpodzime)- Change the default value of the \'reload\' parameter of try_reinit() (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #21 from vpodzime/master-thpool_size_discard (vpodzime)- Add overrides for the lvm_is_valid_thpool_chunk_size() function (vpodzime)
* Wed Jun 17 2015 Fedora Release Engineering - 1.0-2- Rebuilt for
* Thu May 21 2015 Vratislav Podzimek - 1.0-1- Adapt the release helper targets to autotools (vpodzime)- Fixes of paths in\'s inspired by build failures on s390 (vpodzime)- Add an s390-specific BuildRequires (vpodzime)- Distribute also the script (vpodzime)- Fix path to the generated blockdev.pc file (vpodzime)- Adapt tests that compile stuff to autotools (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #18 from vpodzime/master-autotools (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #20 from dashea/gtkdoc-sections (vpodzime)- Use the autotools building system instead of scons (vpodzime)- Add the two new functions to the \'blockdev\' docs section (vpodzime)- Fix the line defining the docs file for the s390 section (vpodzime)- Add a missing #include to the kbd.api file (vpodzime)- Prevent s390-specific stuff from being used on other architectures (vpodzime)- Update the documentation of the is_initialized() function (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #19 from vpodzime/master-ensure_init (vpodzime)- Remove private macros from the gtkdoc sections file. (dshea)- Terminate ifdef statements for arch check. (sbueno+anaconda)- Return early from the init functions if setting up logging fails (vpodzime)- Add tests for the new and modified init functions (vpodzime)- Add new try_init() and try_reinit() functions (vpodzime)- Fix for adding number of loaded plugins (vpodzime)- Fix for ensure_init() (vpodzime)- Rename the try_init() function to ensure_init() and improve it (vpodzime)- Check number of loaded plugins and library initialization state (vpodzime)- Make \'reload\' default to True instead of False in overrides (vpodzime)- Add the s390 plugin test file. (sbueno+anaconda)- Add the s390 plugin functions. (sbueno+anaconda)- Add the s390 plugin. (sbueno+anaconda)- Fix a typo in the spec file. (sbueno+anaconda)- Require the kmod-devel package for the build process (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #16 from dashea/escrow-encoding (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #13 from vpodzime/master-lvm_cache (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #12 from vpodzime/master-kbd_plugin (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #14 from vpodzime/master-better_is_multipath (vpodzime)- Use g_strdup() instead of g_strdup_printf() to just dup a string (vpodzime)- Fix the spelling of \"escrow\" (dshea)- Make the crypto plugin string parameters const (dshea)- Set encoding to NULL before writing the escrow packet. (dshea)- Get cache stats directly from the device mapper (vpodzime)- Reimplement the is_mpath_member() function using device mapper (vpodzime)- Add the LVM cache related symbols to the LVM section in the documentation (vpodzime)- Update the list of LVM cache related functions in features.rst (vpodzime)- Add tests for functions related to the LVM cache technology (vpodzime)- Implement the lvm_cache_stats() function (vpodzime)- Implement the lvm_cache_pool_name function (vpodzime)- Implement the lvm_cache_create_cached_lv() function (vpodzime)- Implement lvm_cache_attach/detach() functions (vpodzime)- Implement the lvm_cache_create_pool() function plus two support functions (vpodzime)- Implement the lvm_cache_get_default_md_size() function (vpodzime)- Add the \'type\' parameter to the lvm_lvcreate function (vpodzime)- Teach boilerplate_generator to work with enum return types (vpodzime)- Teach boilerplate_generator to work with \'const\' return types (vpodzime)- Add subpackages for the KBD plugin and its devel files (vpodzime)- Add provided symbols to the documentation section of the KBD plugin (vpodzime)- Implement the bcache_get_backing/cache_device functions (vpodzime)- Exclude bcache tests from the normal \'test\' target (vpodzime)- Add some more and prolong some of the waits in KBD tests (vpodzime)- Zero all newly allocated structures (vpodzime)- Implement the bcache_status function and all it wants (vpodzime)- Fix for the zram stats (vpodzime)- Add bcache_get_mode and bcache_set_mode functions (vpodzime)- Teach boilerplate_generator to work with enum return types (vpodzime)- Teach boilerplate_generator to work with \'const\' return types (vpodzime)- Add the zram_get_stats function (vpodzime)- Add the check() function for the KBD plugin (vpodzime)- Add ErrorProxy instance for the KBD plugin (vpodzime)- Add tests for bcache_create/attach/detach/destroy functions (vpodzime)- Add the \'rebuild\' Makefile target (vpodzime)- Add bcache_create, bcache_attach, bcache_detach and bcache_destroy functions (vpodzime)- Implement a helper function to echo string into a file (vpodzime)- Add tests for zram_create_devices and zram_destroy_devices functions (vpodzime)- Add the zram_destroy_devices function to the KBD plugin (vpodzime)- Add first function to the KBD plugin: zram_create_devices (vpodzime)- Add the KernelBlockDevices plugin (vpodzime)
* Wed May 13 2015 Vratislav Podzimek - 0.13-1- Prevent a leaky test from running in Jenkins (vpodzime)- Try harder when cleaning up after MD RAID tests (vpodzime)- Improve the MD RAID activate/deactivate test (vpodzime)- One more AATTcontextmanager that needs try-finally (vpodzime)- Do not require metadata version to be reported by \'mdadm --examine\' (#1217900) (vpodzime)- Make sure we always set things back in context managers (vpodzime)- Make the release date for version 1.0 more realistic (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #11 from vpodzime/master (vpodzime)- Run utilities with LC_ALL=C (vpodzime) (#1219033)- Free GMatchInfo instance even in case of no match (vpodzime)- Resolve /dev/md/ symlinks when checking swap status. (dlehman)
* Fri Apr 24 2015 Vratislav Podzimek - 0.12-1- Require minimum version of libblockdev-utils in some plugins (vpodzime)- Report both stdout and stderr if exit code != 0 (vpodzime)
* Fri Apr 17 2015 Vratislav Podzimek - 0.11-1- Fix issues with using overriden functions over ErrorProxy (vpodzime)- Update the roadmap.rst and features.rst with new stuff (vpodzime)- Fix two minor issues with docs generation (vpodzime)
* Thu Apr 16 2015 Vratislav Podzimek - 0.10-1- Fix return type of the unload_plugins() function (vpodzime)- Close the DL handle when check() or init() fail (vpodzime)- Add one more check to the reload test (vpodzime)- Drop reference to check() and init() functions (vpodzime)- Add more cats to tests (vpodzime)- Make regexp for getting btrfs version more generic (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #8 from vpodzime/master-check_functions (vpodzime)- Fix parameters passed to unoverridden swapon function (vpodzime)- Implement and test swap plugin\'s check function (vpodzime)- Implement and test MD RAID plugin\'s check function (vpodzime)- Implement and test mpath plugin\'s check function (vpodzime)- Try harder to get util\'s version (vpodzime)- Implement and test loop plugin\'s check function (vpodzime)- Implement and test DM plugin\'s check function (vpodzime)- Implement and test BTRFS plugin\'s check function (vpodzime)- Implement and test LVM plugin\'s check function (vpodzime)- Init logging before loading plugins (vpodzime)- Add function for utility availability checking (vpodzime)- Fix default value for the fake_utils\' path argument (vpodzime)- Add ErrorProxy instance for the utils functions (vpodzime)- Add function for version comparison (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #9 from clumens/master (vpodzime)- Disable pylint checking on the new exception proxy. (clumens)- Fix XRules application and add a test for it (vpodzime)- Raise NotImplementedError when an unavailable function is called (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #4 from vpodzime/master-error_proxy (vpodzime)- Merge branch \'master\' into master-error_proxy (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #5 from vpodzime/master-not_implemented_error (vpodzime)- Add a simple test for unloaded/unavailable functions (vpodzime)- Unload the plugins properly when reinit() is called (vpodzime)- Raise error/exception when an unimplemented function is called (#1201475) (vpodzime)- Do an ugly but necessary hack to make local GI overrides work (vpodzime)- Add the __dir__ method to ErrorProxy (vpodzime)- Add a rationale for the ErrorProxy to the overrides\' docstring (vpodzime)- Add some basic info about GI overrides to the documentation (vpodzime)- Use pylint to check for errors in python overrides (vpodzime)- Add the first small test for the ErrorProxy (vpodzime)- Put the GI overrides in a special dir so that they are preferred (vpodzime)- Add a cache for attributes already resolved by ErrorProxy (vpodzime)- Implement the ErrorProxy python class and use it (vpodzime)
* Tue Apr 07 2015 Vratislav Podzimek - 0.9-1- Merge pull request #7 from vpodzime/master-fw_raid_fixes (vpodzime)- Try a bit harder when trying to determine MD RAID name (#1207317) (vpodzime)- Don\'t be naïve about mdadm --detail telling us what we want (#1207317) (vpodzime)- Ignore libblockdev tarballs (vpodzime)- Implement a test of btrfs_list_subvolumes on data from bug report (vpodzime)- Implement a context manager for running tests with fake utils (vpodzime)- Do not try to cannonicalize MD UUIDs if we didn\'t get them (#1207317) (vpodzime)- Fix the table in roadmap.rst (vpodzime)- Enrich the roadmap.rst file and add info about new plans (vpodzime)- Sync spec file with downstream (vpodzime)
* Fri Mar 27 2015 Vratislav Podzimek - 0.8-1- Merge pull request #6 from vpodzime/master-sort_btrfs_subvolumes (vpodzime)- Don\'t be naïve about mdadm providing us data we would like (#1206394) (vpodzime)- Sort BTRFS subvolumes in a way that child never appears before parent (#1201120) (vpodzime)- Let libcryptsetup handle LUKSname->/dev/mapper/LUKSname for us (vpodzime)- Fix the crypto_luks_resize and create a test for it (vpodzime)- Add targets to create the SRPM and RPM files easily (vpodzime)- Don\'t round up to multiple of PE size bigger than max value of the rtype (vpodzime)- Mark majority of MD RAID tests as slow (vpodzime)- Merge pull request #1 from dashea/file-paths (vpodzime)- Don\'t report error for no loop device associated with given file (vpodzime)- Skip the detail_data.clean check when running tests in Jenkins (vpodzime)- Make package file paths more specific (dshea)- Implement and use MD RAID-specific wait for tests (vpodzime)- Try to give MD RAID time to sync things before querying them (vpodzime)- Fix the default value of the BDMDDetailData.clean field (vpodzime)- Do cleanup after every single MD RAID tests (vpodzime)- Do cleanup after every single LVM test (vpodzime)- Do cleanup after every single BTRFS test (vpodzime)- Make sure the LUKS device is closed and removed after tests (vpodzime)- Make sure DM maps from tests are removed after tests (vpodzime)- Make sure that loop devices are deactivated after tests (vpodzime)- Make the tearDown method of the mpath test case better visible (vpodzime)- Make sure that the swap is deactivated after tests (vpodzime)- Fix docstrings in tests\' utils helper functions (vpodzime)- Improve the logging tests in (vpodzime)- Update the features.rst file (vpodzime)- Update the roadmap (vpodzime)- Don\'t check if we get a mountpoint for BTRFS operations (vpodzime)
* Sun Mar 22 2015 Peter Robinson 0.7-2- Ship license as per packaging guidelines- plugins-all should depend on base library too- Add dev docs
* Fri Feb 27 2015 Vratislav Podzimek - 0.7-1- Be ready for mdadm --examine to not provide some of the values we want (vpodzime)- Add exit code information to exec logging (vpodzime)- Improve and add tests (vpodzime)- Mark the test_force_plugin and test_reload as slow (vpodzime)- Make sure we get some devices when creating btrfs volume (vpodzime)- Add override for the lvremove function (vpodzime)- Do not create LUKS format with no passphrase and no key file (vpodzime)- Make sure we use the /dev/mapper/... path for luks_status (vpodzime)
* Thu Feb 19 2015 Vratislav Podzimek - 0.6-1- Don\'t report error when non-existing swap\'s status is queried (vpodzime)- Make libblockdev-plugins-all pull the same version of plugins (vpodzime)- Don\'t report error when asked for a backing file of an uknown loop (vpodzime)- Fix accidental change in the spec\'s changelog (vpodzime)
* Mon Feb 16 2015 Vratislav Podzimek - 0.5-1- Add tests for what we can easily test from the mpath plugin (vpodzime)- Add link to sources to the documentation (vpodzime)- Add missing symbols into the libblockdev-sections.txt file (vpodzime)- Do not build docs for testing (vpodzime)- Add the bd_try_init function (vpodzime)- Log stdout and stderr output when running processes (vpodzime)- Allow a subset of plugins to be load instead of all (vpodzime)- Make sure devmapper doesn\'t spam stdout with tons of messages (vpodzime)- Let debug messages go to stderr when running ipython (vpodzime)- Give plugins a way to initialize themselves (vpodzime)- Give plugins a way how to check if they could run properly (vpodzime)- Allow a subset of plugins to be load instead of all [TEST NEEDED] (vpodzime)- Make sure we use the whole /dev/mapper path for cryptsetup (vpodzime)- Fix vg_pv_count parsing when getting info about PV (vpodzime)- Set default values to data structures if real values are not available (vpodzime)- Fix the parameter name specifying pool metadata size (vpodzime)- Activate LUKS as ReadWrite in luks_open (vpodzime)- Make sure we pass key_size to cryptsetup in bytes (vpodzime)- Add the min_entropy parameter to luks_format Python overrides (vpodzime)- Pass size in KiB instead of B to lvcreate (vpodzime)- Add underscore into dataalignment and metadatasize parameter names (vpodzime)- Don\'t report error if non-mpath device is tested for being mpath member (vpodzime)- Fix name of the invoked utility in mpath_set_friendly_names (vpodzime)
* Sat Jan 31 2015 Vratislav Podzimek - 0.4-1- Improve the test for lvm_set_global_config (vpodzime)- Fix some minor issues in the spec file (vpodzime)- Fix issues with the LVM global config str (vpodzime)- Add couple more Python overrides (vpodzime)- Fix the name of the lvm_thlvpoolname() function in the header file (vpodzime)- Use assertEqual instead of assertTrue(a == b) (vpodzime)- Add the min_entropy parameter to luks_format (vpodzime)- Move internal dmraid-related macros into the source file (vpodzime)- Add an override for the md_add function (vpodzime)- Fix parameters in luks_open python overrides (vpodzime)- Prevent init() from being done multiple times and provide a test function (vpodzime)- Add the roadmap.rst document (vpodzime)- Remove an extra parenthesis in one of the docstrings (vpodzime)- Move the mddetail function next to the mdexamine function (vpodzime)- Add some more constants required by blivet (vpodzime)
* Wed Jan 21 2015 Vratislav Podzimek - 0.3-1- Require volume_key-devel in a version that fixes build issues (vpodzime)- Fix Python 2 devel package name in BuildRequires (vpodzime)- Generate docs for the library and all plugins (vpodzime)- Make doc comments better for documentation generation (vpodzime)- Fix parameter names in function prototypes (vpodzime)- Add the metadatasize parameter to pvcreate (vpodzime)- Add the dataalignment parameter to lvm_pvcreate (vpodzime)- Export non-internal constants via introspection (vpodzime)- Expand size constants in the GI-scanned files (vpodzime)- Fix usage printing in the boilerplate_generator (vpodzime)- Add the build directory to .gitignore (vpodzime)- Add the md_run function (vpodzime)- Fix some issues in Python overrides (vpodzime)- Add the escrow_device function to the crypto plugin (vpodzime)- Fix version of GI files in the Makefile (vpodzime)- Make the order of release target\'s dependencies more explicit (vpodzime)
* Mon Jan 12 2015 Vratislav Podzimek - 0.2-1- Fix dependencies of the release target (vpodzime)- Python overrides for the GI-generated bindings (vpodzime)- Pass version info to the code and use it to load plugins (vpodzime)
* Wed Dec 10 2014 Vratislav Podzimek - 0.1-1- Initial release