Changelog for flashrom-1.2-4.el8.x86_64.rpm :

* Tue Dec 22 2020 Robert Scheck - 1.2-4- Perform source file verification during %prep
* Mon Jul 27 2020 Fedora Release Engineering - 1.2-3- Rebuilt for
* Mon Feb 17 2020 Richard Hughes - 1.2-2- Build the package using meson to get the libflashrom shared library support required by fwupd.
* Tue Feb 11 2020 mrnuke - 1.2-1- Update to flashrom 1.2 (Release was intended to fix #1799344)
* Tue Feb 11 2020 Robert Scheck - 1.1-4- Added upstream patch to declare usb_ctx as static (#1799344)
* Tue Jan 28 2020 Fedora Release Engineering - 1.1-3- Rebuilt for
* Thu Jul 25 2019 Fedora Release Engineering - 1.1-2- Rebuilt for
* Fri Jun 28 2019 Peter Robinson 1.1-1- Update to flashrom 1.1
* Mon May 27 2019 David Hendricks - 1.1-0.1- Update to flashrom 1.1-rc1- Drop flashrom-1.0-AT25DF021A.patch since it\'s been merged
* Sun Apr 28 2019 Robert Scheck - 1.0.1-1- Corrected package version from v1.0.1 to 1.0.1
* Fri Apr 26 2019 David Hendricks - v1.0.1-1- Update to flashrom 1.0.1
* Thu Jan 31 2019 Fedora Release Engineering - 1.0-7- Rebuilt for
* Tue Aug 28 2018 mrnuke - 1.0-6- Fix udev rule sed-ing- Drop the \'z\' prefix of the udev rules
* Fri Jul 13 2018 Fedora Release Engineering - 1.0-5- Rebuilt for
* Tue Jun 26 2018 Dan HorĂ¡k - 1.0-4- Add support for the Atmel device on the Talos II Power9 mainboard
* Fri Feb 09 2018 Igor Gnatenko - 1.0-3- Escape macros in %changelog
* Wed Feb 07 2018 Fedora Release Engineering - 1.0-2- Rebuilt for
* Tue Jan 02 2018 David Hendricks - 1.0-1- Update to flashrom 1.0
* Fri Oct 20 2017 David Hendricks - Update to flashrom
* Wed Oct 04 2017 mrnuke - 0.9.9-6- Drop uaccess.patch in favor of sed script
* Wed Aug 02 2017 Fedora Release Engineering - 0.9.9-5- Rebuilt for
* Wed Jul 26 2017 Fedora Release Engineering - 0.9.9-4- Rebuilt for
* Sun Mar 12 2017 Peter Robinson 0.9.9-3- Tweak arch build rules, minor spec cleanups- Use %license- Build on aarch64
* Wed Mar 08 2017 Peter Lemenkov - 0.9.9-2- Proper udev rules
* Sun Feb 26 2017 Alexandru Gagniuc - 0.9.9-1- Update to flashrom 0.9.9- Drop the autotools patches (they were rejected upstream)- Update description to match main page- Use {optflags} macro to set CFLAGS
* Fri Feb 10 2017 Fedora Release Engineering - 0.9.7-5.svn1850- Rebuilt for
* Wed Feb 03 2016 Fedora Release Engineering - 0.9.7-4.svn1850- Rebuilt for
* Wed Jun 17 2015 Fedora Release Engineering - 0.9.7-3.svn1850- Rebuilt for
* Tue Jan 13 2015 Peter Jones - 0.9.7-2.svn1850- Enable support for DediProg SF100, since it\'s very common.
* Thu Sep 11 2014 Peter Lemenkov - 0.9.7-1.svn1850- Add support for Winbond W25Q40.V chips- Add support for Macronix MX23L1654, MX23L6454 and MX23L12854 mask ROMs- Add support for Intel Wildcat Point PCH- Add support for Intel Silvermont: Bay Trail, Rangeley and Avoton- Add support for S25FL128P, S25FL129P chips- Add support for a bunch of 29GL parallel flash chips- Add support for Atmel AT49LH004 and AT49LH00B4- Add new programmer for SPI EEPROMs attached to Intel 82580 NICs- Add support for AMD Bolton chipset- Add Board Enable for ASUS Vintage 2 PH1 (P5LD2-MQ)- Add support for Macronix MX29F022(N)B and MX29F022(N)T- Add support for Macronix MX25U12835F- Add support for Sanyo LE25FW106- Add IT8212F PCI ATA controller as programmer- Add support for Atmel (now Adesto) AT25DL081 and AT25DL161- Add VIA VT6421A LPC programmer driver- Add support for ESMT F25L32PA- Add support for Sanyo LE25FW406A- Add support for new AMD SPI controller (SPI 100)- Add support for Sanyo LE25FU406B- Add support for SST25LF020A- Add support for Spansion S25FL132K and S25FL164K- Add support for SST25WF08- Add support for Macronix MX23L3254 mask ROM- Add support for TUMPA Lite- Add support for Intel 82574L- Add board enable for ASUS A7V8X-MX- Add board enable for ASUS P5LD2-VM DH- Add board enable for abit BF6- Add support for SST25VF512A, ST25VF020, SST25VF020B chips- Add pinout for Wiggler LPT- Add pinout for Atmel STK200/300- Add pinout for Altera ByteBlasterMV- Add support for ST M50LPW080 chip- Add an internal DMI decoder- Add board enable for Bcom WinNET P680- Add support for AT45CS1282 chip- Add support for AT45DB321C- Add support for Atmel AT45DB
* chips- Add support for Fujitsu MBM29LV160BE/TE- Add ability to select between chips on GIGABYTE DualBIOS boards- Temporarily disable ftdi support
* Sat Aug 16 2014 Fedora Release Engineering - Rebuilt for
* Sat Jun 07 2014 Fedora Release Engineering - Rebuilt for
* Tue Jul 30 2013 Peter Lemenkov - Handle active IMCs in AMD chipsets- Rename Numonyx and ST (SGS/Thomson) chips to Micron- Various cross-platform fixes- Add support for remaining Numonyx (Micron) N25Q chips- Add support for Spansion S25FL...S chips- Add support for Spansion S25FL2 chips- Add support for Micron/Numonyx/ST M25PX80- Add support for AMIC A25LQ16 and A25LQ64- Add support for more Eon EN25QH chips- Add support for Eon EN25S series- Add support for Numonyx M45PE series- Add support for some GigaDevice GD25
* chips- Add support for all Sanyo LE25FW chips- Add support for Nantronics N25 series- Fix unlocking function for most Atmel AT2[56]D
* chips- Add W25Q...W series- dediprog: fix SPI clock setting
* Tue May 21 2013 Peter Lemenkov - dediprog: add support for chip select- Add support for PMC Pm25LD series flash chips- Add Altera USB-Blaster SPI programmer- Add support for Intel Lynx Point low-power and Wellsburg chipsets- Add support for Macronix MX25U1635E, MX25U3235E/F and MX25U6435E/F chips- Add (untested) board enable for ASUS P4PE-X/TE
* Wed Feb 13 2013 Fedora Release Engineering - Rebuilt for
* Sun Dec 30 2012 Peter Lemenkov - Updated to the latest svn ver. 1639 (post-release snapshot for Support for Atmel\'s AT25F series of SPI flash chips- Support for Intel S33 series flash chips- Add a \"device\" parameter for Dediprog- (Untested) board enable for Asus DSAN-DX- Support for Winbond W39F010/W39L010/W39L020- Support for Atmel AT26DF041- Support for Numonyx N25Q016 and N25Q032- Support for SST\'s 25WF series of SPI flash chips- Support for GigaDevice GD25LQ32- Board enable for MSI K8N Neo Platinum
* Sat Sep 08 2012 Peter Lemenkov - Updated to the latest svn ver. 1596 (post-release snapshot for (Untested) board enable for ASUS P5LD2-VM m/b- Support for Eon EN25F64 flashchip- Support for AJAWe added to pony_spi- Support for Realtek RTL8169 NIC- (Untested) board enable for DFI AD77 m/b- Support for Via VX800/VX820, VX855/VX875, and VX900 chipsets- Support for Atmel AT49(H)F010, AT49F080 and AT49F080T flashchips- Support (board enable) for Biostar M7VIQ m/b
* Thu Jul 19 2012 Fedora Release Engineering - Rebuilt for
* Wed Jul 11 2012 Peter Lemenkov - Enable support for USB programmers (FT2232, FT4232, etc), see rhbz #839179.- Add board enable for MSI K9N SLI (MS-7250 VER:2.1)- Add support for PMC Pm39LV512 flashchip- Add support for Eon EN25QH32 flashchip- Add Winbond W836xx SuperI/O detection- Add ITE IT8707F/IT8710F SiperI/O detection
* Mon Jul 02 2012 Peter Robinson - Enable building on ARM
* Sun May 06 2012 Peter Lemenkov - Updated to latest svn ver. 1530 (post-release snapshot for Support for w83697 family SuperIO chips- Add board enable for ASUS P5BV-R- PonyProg2000 SPI hardware support- Add UNTESTED support for future Intel chipsets (DH89xxCC and Lynx Point)- Add support for for the Atmel AT49F040 chip- Add support for the Eon EN29LV640B chip- Add GigaDevice GD25QXX series support- Add support for the Numonyx N25Q064 chip- Disable Linux SPI on EPEL 5 (see rhbz #808775)
* Sat Mar 31 2012 Peter Lemenkov - Updated to latest svn ver. 1517 (post-release snapshot for Add (untested) board enable for ASUS TUSL2-C- Add board enable for ASUS OPLX-M.- Add support for SFDP (JESD216)- Support compilation for the ARM architecture (not enabled in the spec-file)- Board enable for TriGem Anaheim-3- Add support for RDC R6030 chipset
* Thu Feb 02 2012 Peter Lemenkov - 0.9.4-4.svn1487- Updated to latest svn ver. 1487 (post-release snapshot for 0.9.4)- Add board enable for the MSC Q7 Tunnel Creek board- Add board enable for AOpen i945GMx-VFX (used in FCS ESPRIMO Q5010)- Mark ABIT NF-M2S, ASUS P5K-VM, ASUS M5A99X EVO, ASUS Z8PE-D12, PC Engines Alix.2d3 boards as tested- Mark Pm29F002T, AMIC A49LF040A, Winbond W39V040FC flashchips as tested- Add board enable for ASUS A7N8X-VM/400- Add board enable for ASRock ConRoeXFire-eSATA2- Add board enable for ASUS P4GV-LA (Guppy)- Add board enables for the ASUS P5N-D and P5N-E SLI- Add board enable for Sun Ultra 40 M2
* Fri Jan 13 2012 Fedora Release Engineering - 0.9.4-3.svn1455- Rebuilt for
* Fri Oct 21 2011 Peter Lemenkov - 0.9.4-2.svn1455- Updated to latest svn ver. 1455 (post-release snapshot for 0.9.4)- Added lots of new boards and several chipsets and flashchips- Lots of other cleanups and enhancements
* Fri Aug 12 2011 Peter Lemenkov - 0.9.4-1.svn1412- Updated to latest svn ver. 1412 (post-release snapshot for 0.9.4)- Experimental support for Apple PowerPC Macs reflashing- Added support for the Dangerous Prototypes Bus Blaster- Board enable for ASUS P5GD2 Premium- (Untested) board enable for Asus P5LD2- Board enable for ASUS A8M2N-LA (HP OEM \"NodusM3-GL8E\")- Add J-7BXAN to the list of supported boards- Add ASUS P4S533-X to the list of supported boards- Add ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO to the list of supported board- Add GA-945PL-S3P (rev. 6.6) to the list of supported boards- Add MS-7142 (K8MM-V) to the list of supported boards- Add MS-7369 (K9N Neo V2) to the list of supported boards- Add X7DBT-INF to the list of supported boards- Add support for the GIGABYTE GA-8SIMLH board- Support for EN25Q(H) series SPI flash chips- Add satamv programmer
* Tue Jul 12 2011 Peter Lemenkov - 0.9.3-5.svn1368- Updated to latest svn ver. 1368 (post-release snapshot for 0.9.3)- Added 32 (yes, thirty-two) new boards- Lots of other cleanups and enhancements
* Sat May 14 2011 Peter Lemenkov - 0.9.3-4.svn1299- Updated to latest svn ver. 1299 (post-release snapshot for 0.9.3)- Intel NIC with parallel flash support (Intel 8255xER/82551IT Fast Ethernet Controller and Intel 82557/8/9/0/1 Ethernet Pro 100)- Fixed multiple detection of the same chip- Added support for the Via VX855 chipset- Added support for more than one Super I/O or EC per machine- Board enable for Foxconn 6150K8MD-8EKRSH- List AMD SB850 as supported (it has the same PCI ID as SB700)- Fixed build on PowerPC (see rhbz #683414)
* Wed Mar 09 2011 Peter Lemenkov - 0.9.3-3.svn1280- Updated to latest svn ver. 1280 (post-release snapshot for 0.9.3)- Board enable for Asus P4P800-VM- Support for ST M25PX16 chip- Support for W39L040 chip- Board enable for Gigabyte GA-K8N51GMF- Support for ITE IT8500/IT8502 embedded controllers- Support for AMD Am29LV001BB, Am29LV001BT, Am29LV002BB, Am29LV002BT, Am29LV004BB, Am29LV004BT, Am29LV008BB, Am29LV008BT chips- Support for Angelbird Wings PCIe SSD (Marvell 88SX7042 SATA controller)- Fix for rhbz #680715
* Tue Feb 08 2011 Fedora Release Engineering - 0.9.3-2.svn1250- Rebuilt for
* Tue Jan 04 2011 Peter Lemenkov 0.9.3-1.svn1250- Updated to latest svn ver. 1250 (post-release snapshot for 0.9.3)- Initial rtl8169 support (UNTESTED)- Fix decoding of SB600 LPC ROM protection registers- Erasing/writing of Winbond W39V040FB chips- Support for the Open Graphics Project development card- Support for SST SST25VF010 chip- Board-enable for the MSI MS-6391 (845 Pro4)- Support for Spansion S25FL004A, S25FL032A, and S25FL064A chips- Add chunked write ability to the Dediprog SF100 driver- Support bulk read on Dediprog SF100- Support for the OpenMoko Neo1973/Neo FreeRunner debug board (ver, 2 or 3)- Real partial writes were implemented- Add SPI flash emulation capability to the dummy programmer- Board enable for the EPoX EP-8NPA7I board- Fixed build on EL-5
* Tue Oct 26 2010 Peter Lemenkov 0.9.3-0.1.svn1205- Ver. 0.9.3 (pre-release, exported from SCM)
* Wed Sep 29 2010 jkeating - 0.9.2-7.svn1180- Rebuilt for gcc bug 634757
* Fri Sep 24 2010 Peter Lemenkov 0.9.2-6.svn1180- Added autotools support
* Tue Sep 21 2010 Peter Lemenkov 0.9.2-5.svn1180- Patch no.3 merged upstream
* Fri Sep 17 2010 Peter Lemenkov 0.9.2-4.svn1158- Enable building on PowerPC (only external flashers enabled so far). See rhbz #283491.
* Sun Sep 12 2010 Peter Lemenkov 0.9.2-3.svn1158- Clean up spec-file- Updated to latest svn ver. 1158- Doubles the number of known boards!
* Sun Jun 13 2010 Peter Lemenkov 0.9.2-2- Added missing Requires - dmidecode (for accurate board matching)
* Thu Jun 03 2010 Peter Lemenkov 0.9.2-1- Support for new external flashers- Dozens of added flash chips, chipsets, mainboards- Selective blockwise erase- Improved user interface- Reliability fixes- Mainboard matching via DMI strings- Laptop detection which triggers safety measures
* Wed Apr 28 2010 Peter Lemenkov 0.9.1-4.svn995- Updated to latest svn ver. 995- Lots of new chips and m/b
* Fri Mar 12 2010 Peter Lemenkov 0.9.1-3.svn931- Updated to latest svn ver. 931- ASUS A7V8X-X board- MS-7202 board- Asus M2NBP-VM CSM board- HP Vectra VL420SFF board- Eon EN29F010 chip- Abit IP35 Pro board- HP Vectra VL400 board- Intel E28F004S5 flash chip- Lots of bugfixes
* Mon Feb 08 2010 Peter Lemenkov 0.9.1-2.svn893- Updated to latest svn ver. 893- ST M29W512B chip- Tekram P6Pro-A5 board- Fixed GIGABYTE GA-7ZM board- SST39SF512 chip- Fixed SyncMOS S29C51004T chip- Intel NM10 chipset- Fixed A25L40PU and A2540PT chip- Spansion S25FL008A chip- MSI 651M-L board- Several Eon EN25Bxx{T,B} chips- Fixed Sharp LHF00L04 chip- VIA VT8233A chipset- MSI K8N Neo4-F board- Intel Poulsbo chipset- ECS K7S6A board- ASRock M3A790GXH/128M board- Asus M2V-MX board- Shuttle AK31 board- Fixed MSI KT4V board- Asus P4B266LM board- Asrock P4i65GV board- Intel 3400 series / 5 series chipset- W25x32 and W25x64 chips- Sanyo LF25FW203A chip (sometimes labeled as 25FW203T)- Shuttle FN25 (SN25P) board- EPoX EP-8RDA3+ board- ASUS P5ND2-SLI Deluxe board- nVidia nForce 4 chipset- VIA VT82C596 chipset- Wyse Winterm S50 board- Dell S1850 board- Dr. Kaiser PC-Waechter PCI devices
* Fri Sep 04 2009 Peter Lemenkov 0.9.1-1- Ver. 0.9.1- See release notes at Dropped the only patch (no longer needed)- Changed project\'s URL
* Fri Jul 24 2009 Fedora Release Engineering - 0.9.0-2- Rebuilt for
* Tue May 05 2009 Peter Lemenkov 0.9.0-1- Ver. 0.9.0
* Tue Apr 14 2009 Peter Lemenkov 0-0.18.20090414svn4107- Various manpage / README fixes- Board enable support for HP DL145 G3- high coreboot table support- Since now we\'re using ExclusiveArch
* Wed Mar 11 2009 Peter Lemenkov 0-0.17.20090311svn3984- MSI MS-7046 board enable- Intel Desktop Board D201GLY- Add Am29F080B Am29LV081B SST39VF080 support (untested)- Board enable for GIGABYTE GA-MA78G-DS3H
* Tue Feb 24 2009 Fedora Release Engineering - 0-0.16.20090112svn3852- Rebuilt for
* Thu Jan 08 2009 Peter Lemenkov 0-0.15.20090112svn3852- Changed license to GPLv2- SST49LF020 support- AMD-768 chipset support- i631x LPC support- Support the MX29LV040C- AMD SB700 flash enable- Support for the AMD/ATI SB600 southbridge SPI- SST25VF080B flash chip support- Support for 32Mbit SPI flash SST25VF032B- Support for bunch of Fujitsu and Macronix chips
* Mon Nov 03 2008 Peter Lemenkov 0-0.14.20081103svn3723- Dump ICH8/ICH9/ICH10 SPI registers- Add additional SPI sector erase and chip erase command- Add support for the ST M50FW002 chip- Support for some Numonyx parts (M25PE)- SPI boot flash support on EP80579- Support for the Intel 82371MX (MPIIX) southbridge- Support for the Intel 82371FB PIIX and 82371SB (PIIX3) southbridges- Support for the VIA VT82C586A/B chipset- ICH10 support to flashrom- Support for AM29F002(N)B[BT]
* Mon Oct 06 2008 Peter Lemenkov 0-0.13.20080928svn3602- More ExcludeArch
* Sun Sep 28 2008 Peter Lemenkov 0-0.12.20080928svn3602- Proper support for EN29F002(A)(N)[BT]- Recognize the Intel EP80579 LPC flash interface- Add support for MSI KT4V- Support for Winbond W39V040C and MSI K8T Neo2-F
* Sun Jul 06 2008 Peter Lemenkov 0-0.11.20080607svn3418- AMIC A29002- flashing system with Nvidia MCP67- PCI IDs for EPIA-CN- VIA SPI controller on VT8237S- ICH7 SPI support- support for AMIC Technology A49LF040A- Board enable and autodetection for GIGABYTE GA-7VT600- Add support for Amic Technology A29040B flash chip- Board enable and autodetection for BioStar P4M80-M4- Add support for the ASUS P4B266 board- Add support for Amic A25L40P SPI flash
* Fri Jun 06 2008 Peter Lemenkov 0-0.10.20080517svn3332- Exclude sparc64
* Sat May 17 2008 Peter Lemenkov 0-0.9.20080517svn3332- Fixed %patch0
* Sat May 17 2008 Peter Lemenkov 0-0.8.20080517svn3332- Support Pm49FL004/2 Block Locking Registers- Add support for the Atmel AT25DF321 SPI flash- Lots of new SST flash chip IDs- Add lots of ATMEL SPI flash chips- Add SST39VF512, SST39VF010, SST39VF040 support- Add ICH9 detection to flashrom- Support for the Winbond W39V080FA series of chips- Support for flashing on the Kontron 986LCD-M board- Add board_enable for Artec Group DBE61 and DBE62
* Sat Feb 09 2008 Peter Lemenkov 0-0.7.20080209svn3099- Add board enable for VIA EPIA SP- support for devices using AMD Geode companion chip CS5536 that have the Boot ROM on NOR flash that is directly connected to FLASH_CS3 (Boot Flash Chip Select)- Add support for the PMC Pm25LV family of SPI flash chips- Add ids and chip entry for Spansion S25FL016A- Support for MX25L3205D chip- Enable MX25L8005 support
* Wed Jan 09 2008 Peter Lemenkov 0-0.6.20080109svn3036- support for SST25VF040B flash chip- enable ga_2761gxdk board- support for EN29F002(A)(N)B chips- support for EON EN29F002AT flash chip- support for 25VF016B flash chip- support for ST M25P05-A, M25P10-A, M25P20, M25P40, M25P16, M25P32, M25P64 and M25P128 flash chips- support for ST M25P80 flash chip- support for AT49F002, AT49F002N, AT49F002T and AT49F002NT flash chips- enable Acorp 6A815EPD board
* Sun Nov 18 2007 Peter Lemenkov 0-0.5.20071118svn2967- svn ver. 2967 (support for Intel 440MX systems, Fujitsu MBM29F400TC, AMD Geode CS5536)
* Sun Oct 28 2007 Peter Lemenkov 0-0.4.20071028svn2897- typo fix
* Sun Oct 28 2007 Peter Lemenkov 0-0.3.20071028svn2897- svn ver. 2897 (support for Gigabyte M61P-S3 SPI m/b, Am29LV040B chip)- flashrom executable now sits in sbindir since it\'s administrator\'s tool
* Wed Oct 03 2007 Peter Lemenkov 0-0.2.20071003svn2817- Added correct BZ# for ExludeArch issue- Preserved timestamp then installing flashrom- svn ver. 2817 (support for IT8716F added, added COPYING)
* Thu Sep 06 2007 Peter Lemenkov 0-0.1.20070830svn2753- svn ver. 2753 (support for W29C040P and W29EE011 chips added)- New naming scheme
* Wed Aug 22 2007 Peter Lemenkov 0.0-1.2744svn- svnver. 2744
* Sun Aug 05 2007 Peter Lemenkov 0.0-1.2742svn- Initial build for FC-Extras