Changelog for python3-paramiko-2.6.0-2.fc31.noarch.rpm :

* Fri Jul 26 2019 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.6.0-2- Rebuilt for
* Thu Jun 27 2019 Paul Howarth - 2.6.0-1- Update to 2.6.0 - Add a new keyword argument to \'SSHClient.connect\' and \'~paramiko.transport.Transport\', \'disabled_algorithms\', which allows selectively disabling one or more kex/key/cipher/etc algorithms; this can be useful when disabling algorithms your target server (or client) does not support cleanly, or to work around unpatched bugs in Paramiko\'s own implementation thereof (GH#1463) - Tweak many exception classes so their string representations are more human-friendly; this also includes incidental changes to some \'super()\' calls (GH#1440, GH#1460) - Add backwards-compatible support for the \'gssapi\' GSSAPI library, as the previous backend (\'python-gssapi\') has become defunct (GH#584, GH#1166, GH#1311) - \'SSHClient.exec_command\' now returns a new subclass, \'\', rather than a naïve \'\' object for its \'stdin\' value, which fixes issues such as hangs when running remote commands that read from stdin (GH#322)- Drop gssapi patch as it\'s no longer needed- Drop pytest-relaxed patch as it\'s no longer needed
* Thu Jun 27 2019 Paul Howarth - 2.5.1-1- Update to 2.5.1 - Fix Ed25519 key handling so certain key comment lengths don\'t cause \'SSHException(\"Invalid key\")\' (GH#1306, GH#1400)
* Mon Jun 10 2019 Paul Howarth - 2.5.0-1- Update to 2.5.0 - Add support for encrypt-then-MAC (ETM) schemes and two newer Diffie-Hellman group key exchange algorithms (\'group14\', using SHA256; and \'group16\', using SHA512) - Add support for Curve25519 key exchange - Raise Cryptography dependency requirement to version 2.5 (from 1.5) and update some deprecated uses of its API - Add support for the modern (as of Python 3.3) import location of \'MutableMapping\' (used in host key management) to avoid the old location becoming deprecated in Python 3.8- Drop hard dependency on pyasn1 as it\'s only needed for optional GSSAPI functionality
* Sat Feb 02 2019 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.4.2-2- Rebuilt for
* Tue Oct 09 2018 Paul Howarth - 2.4.2-1- Update to 2.4.2 - Fix exploit (GH#1283, CVE-2018-1000805) in Paramiko’s server mode (not client mode) where hostile clients could trick the server into thinking they were authenticated without actually submitting valid authentication - Modify protocol message handling such that Transport does not respond to MSG_UNIMPLEMENTED with its own MSG_UNIMPLEMENTED; this behavior probably didn’t cause any outright errors, but it doesn’t seem to conform to the RFCs and could cause (non-infinite) feedback loops in some scenarios (usually those involving Paramiko on both ends) - Add
*.pub files to the MANIFEST so distributed source packages contain some necessary test assets (GH#1262)- Test suite now requires mock ≥ 2.0.0
* Sat Jul 14 2018 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.4.1-5- Rebuilt for
* Wed Jun 20 2018 Miro Hrončok - 2.4.1-4- Rebuilt for Python 3.7- Remove dependency on on pytest-relaxed
* Fri Mar 16 2018 Paul Howarth - 2.4.1-1- Update to 2.4.1 - Fix a security flaw (GH#1175, CVE-2018-7750) in Paramiko\'s server mode (this does not impact client use) where authentication status was not checked before processing channel-open and other requests typically only sent after authenticating - Ed25519 auth key decryption raised an unexpected exception when given a unicode password string (typical in python 3) (GH#1039)
* Fri Feb 09 2018 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.4.0-3- Rebuilt for
* Sat Nov 18 2017 Athmane Madjoudj - 2.4.0-2- Add gssapi patch back since 2.4.0 still not compatible- Add missing BR (lost during merge)
* Fri Nov 17 2017 Igor Gnatenko - 2.4.0-1- Update to 2.4.0
* Wed Nov 15 2017 Athmane Madjoudj - 2.4.0-1- Update to 2.4.0 (rhbz #1513208)- Revamp check section
* Sun Oct 29 2017 Athmane Madjoudj - 2.3.1-3- Add a patch to disable gssapi on unsupported version (rhbz #1507174)
* Tue Sep 26 2017 Athmane Madjoudj - 2.3.1-2- Remove weak deps, paramiko does not support recent gssapi (rhbz #1496148)
* Sat Sep 23 2017 Athmane Madjoudj - 2.3.1-1- Update to 2.3.1 (rhbz #1494764)
* Wed Sep 20 2017 Paul Howarth - 2.3.0-1- 2.3.0.
* Thu Jul 27 2017 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.2.1-2- Rebuilt for