Changelog for libfaad2-2.9.2-lp151.1.2.x86_64.rpm :

* Thu Jun 04 2020 Buildrequire pkgconfig to make sure faad2.pc is properly indexed.
* Tue Jun 02 2020 Luigi Baldoni - Update to version 2.9.2
* Only use x86-assembly when explicitly on x86
* Use unsigned integers correctly
* Initialize pointers that might otherwise not be
* update README esp. WRT directory structure
* fix compilation without SBR/PS_DEC (#48)
* fix compilation with LC_ONLY_DECODER (#47)
* fix \"inline function \'cfftf1\' declared but never defined\" compiler warning
* fix some inconsistencies in the frontend output
* mp4read_open: add check for failed frame buffer allocation
* stszin: add check for allocation error and integer overflow
* add a pkg-config file
* frontend: address compile warning + add missing LF (#50)
* library name is faad (#52)
* Unbreak PS audio (#51)- Refresh faad2-PACKAGE_VERSION.patch- Spec cleanup
* Thu Feb 13 2020 Hillwood Yang - Update version to 2.9.1
* Include stdio.h in libfaad/ps_dec.c for stderr (Michael Fink)
* Fix Tille -> Title typo in frontend/mp4read.c (Alexander Thomas)
* Build system fixes and code clean-up
* Fix compiler warnings and code indentation
* Fix compilation with GCC <= 4.7.3
* MSVC solution file clean-up
* Fix compilation with GCC 4.7.4
* Fix compilation with MinGW
* MSVC 2017 project file update
* Fix crash with unsupported MP4 files (NULL pointer dereference,
* division by zero)
* CVE-2019-6956: ps_dec: sanitize iid_index before mixing
* CVE-2018-20196: sbr_fbt: sanitize sbr->M (should not exceed MAX_M)
* CVE-2018-20199, CVE-2018-20360: specrec: better handle unexpected
* parametric stereo (PS)
* CVE-2018-20362, CVE-2018-19504, CVE-2018-20195, CVE-2018-20198,
* CVE-2018-20358: syntax.c: check for syntax element inconsistencies
* CVE-2018-20194, CVE-2018-19503, CVE-2018-20197, CVE-2018-20357,
* CVE-2018-20359, CVE-2018-20361: sbr_hfadj: sanitize frequency band
* borders
* CVE-2019-15296, CVE-2018-19502: Fix a couple buffer overflows
* Prevent crash on SCE followed by CPE
* Fix linking with GCC 9 and \"-Wl,--as-needed\"
* Enable the frontend to be built reproducibly- Drop patches: Fix-a-couple-buffer-overflows.patch, syntax.c-check-for-syntax-element-inconsistencies.patch sbr_hfadj-sanitize-frequency-band-borders.patch merged by upstream.- Drop faad2-pic-fix.patch, all files are non-existent which need to be patched.
* Thu Aug 29 2019 Bjørn Lie - Add patches from debian fixing CVE-2018-20194 and CVE-2018-20362 and some buffer owerflows:
* Fix-a-couple-buffer-overflows.patch
* sbr_hfadj-sanitize-frequency-band-borders.patch
* syntax.c-check-for-syntax-element-inconsistencies.patch
* Sat Dec 30 2017 Update to version 2.8.8:
* Add new files to Changes from version 2.8.7:
* MSVC build fixes.
* Fixed a coulple bugs.
* Sun Nov 26 2017 Update to version 2.8.6:
* No changelog provided by upstream.- Rebase faad2-PACKAGE_VERSION.patch.- Add faad2-pic-fix.patch: Fix non-PIC objects in libmp4ff.a, following this, trim the CFLAGS export down to just - fno-strict-aliasing.- Add %%{libname} = %%{version} Requires to devel subpackage, yet a change to silence rpmlint.- Add %%{lib}_drm%%{major} = %%{version} Requires aswell to the devel subpackage.
* Mon Oct 09 2017 Update to 2.8.5
* another package fix
* minor fix to released packages
* better autotools support
* PNS bug fixed
* New MP4 input module
* NeAACDecGetVersion: new api function to get version and copyright strings
* seeking support for MP4 files
* patches and fixed bugs- Drop faad2-reproducible-build.patch, upstream merge it.- Update faad2-visibility.patch.
* Sun Feb 26 2017 Add faad2-reproducible-build.patch: Remove \'__DATE__\' and \'__TIME__\' to make build more reproducible. Following this, remove sed hack to inject date/time into build.
* Mon Jul 14 2014 disable xmms also in sle11, fails to compile also there
* Thu May 08 2014 faad2-visibility.patch Only public symbols should be exported + fix broken C99 test