Changelog for sleuthkit-devel-4.10.0-1.1.fc27.i686.rpm :

* Tue Sep 08 2020 Lawrence R. Rogers * Fri May 01 2020 Lawrence R. Rogers * Fri Jan 24 2020 Lawrence R. Rogers * Fri Oct 11 2019 Lawrence R. Rogers * Wed Aug 07 2019 Lawrence R. Rogers * Sun Jun 09 2019 Lawrence R. Rogers * Fri Apr 26 2019 Lawrence R. Rogers * Tue Jan 15 2019 Lawrence R. Rogers * Fri Nov 09 2018 Lawrence R. Rogers * Sun Oct 14 2018 Lawrence R. Rogers * Wed Oct 03 2018 Lawrence R. Rogers * Wed Aug 08 2018 Lawrence R. Rogers * Wed May 16 2018 Lawrence R. Rogers * Wed Mar 28 2018 Lawrence R. Rogers * Wed Feb 28 2018 Lawrence R. Rogers * Wed Feb 21 2018 Lawrence R. Rogers * Sun Oct 15 2017 Lawrence R. Rogers * Mon Aug 07 2017 Lawrence R. Rogers * Tue May 30 2017 Lawrence R. Rogers * Tue Jan 17 2017 Lawrence R. Rogers * Tue Jul 19 2016 Lawrence R. Rogers * Mon Jul 18 2016 Lawrence R. Rogers * Thu Jun 23 2016 Lawrence R. Rogers * Thu Apr 21 2016 Lawrence R. Rogers * Fri Apr 01 2016 Lawrence R. Rogers * Wed Oct 07 2015 Lawrence R. Rogers * Wed Sep 16 2015 Lawrence R. Rogers * Thu Apr 16 2015 Lawrence R. Rogers * Sun Nov 16 2014 Lawrence R. Rogers * Wed Jul 30 2014 Lawrence R. Rogers * Fri Feb 28 2014 Lawrence R. Rogers * Thu Feb 27 2014 Lawrence R. Rogers * Sat Jan 25 2014 Lawrence R. Rogers * Wed Sep 25 2013 Lawrence R. Rogers * Mon Jun 17 2013 Lawrence R. Rogers * Mon Feb 04 2013 Lawrence R. Rogers * Tue Nov 13 2012 Lawrence R. Rogers 4.0.1-1- Release 4.0.1-1 New Features: - Can open raw Windows devices with write mode sharing. - More DOS partition types are displayed. - Added fcat tool that takes in file name and exports content (equivalent to using ifind and icat together). - Added new API to TskImgDB that returns hash value associated with carved files. - Performance improvements with FAT code (maps and dir_add) - Performance improvements with NTFS code (maps) - Added AONLY flag to block_walk - Updated blkls and blkcalc to use AONLY flag -- MUCH faster. Bug Fixes: - Fixed mactime issue where it could choose the wrong timezone that did not follow daylight savings times. - Fixed file size of alternate data streams in framework. - Incorporated memory leak fixes and raw device fixes from ADF Solutions.
* Mon Oct 01 2012 Lawrence R. Rogers 4.0.0-1- Release 4.0.0-1 New Features: - Added multithreaded support - Added C++ wrapper classes - Added JNI bindings / Java data model classes - 3314047: Added utf8-specific versions of \'toid\' methods for img,vs,fs types - 3184429: More consistent printing of unset times (all zerso instead of 1970) - New database design that allows for multiple images in the same database - GPT volume system tries other sector sizes if first attempt fails. - Added hash calculation and lookup to AutoDB and JNI. - Upgraded SQLite to 3.7.9. - Added Framework in (windows-only) - EnCase hash support - Libewf v2 support (it is now non-beta) - First file in a raw split or E01 can be specified and the rest of the files are found. - mactime displays times as 0 if the time is not set (isntead of 1970) - Changed behavior of \'mactime -y\' to use ISO8601 format. - Updated HFS+ code from ATC-NY. - FAT orphan file improvements to reduce false positives. - TskAuto better reports errors. - Upgrade build projects from Visual Studio 2008 to 2010. Bug Fixes: - Relaxed checking when conflict exists between DOS and GPT partitions. Had a Mac image that was failing to resolve which partition table to use.
* Mon Oct 10 2011 Brian Carrier 3.2.3-1- Release 3.2.3-1 New Features: - new TskAuto method (handleNotification()) that gets verbose messages that allow for debugging when the class makes decisions. - DOS partitions are loaded even if an extended partition fails to load - new TskAuto::findFilesInFs(TSK_FS_INFO
*) method - Need to only specify first E01 file and the rest are found - Changed docs license to non-commercial - Unicode conversion routines fix invalid UTF-16 text during conversion - Added \'-d\' to tsk_recover to specify directory to recover Bug Fixes: - Added check to fatfs_open to compare first sectors of FAT if we used backup boot sector and verify it is FAT32. - More checks to make sure that FAT short names are valid ASCII - 3406523: Mactime size sanity check - 3393960: hfind reading of Windows input file - 3316603: Error reading last blocks of RAW CD images - Fixed bugs in how directories and files were detected in TskAuto Built to use libewf-alpha, the Version 2 interface
* Fri Jun 10 2011 Brian Carrier 3.2.2-1- Release 3.2.2-1 Fixed FAT orphan file issues cleanup non-ASCII volume label names split image names are stored in local copy Added feature that copies of split file names are stored change to behavior for issue 3303679 and cleanup of short names Added missing file removed makefiles from repo resolved issue 3303679 re: deleted short FAT names with invalid UTF-8 names fixed issue where image type in SQLIte db was always 0. auto closes img_info only if it opened it Added IMG_INFO openImage method to auto class added copyright win32 compile errors fixed adding in more lost win32 files added new vcproj files Merging in C++ classes and multithreaded support typo fix Updated FAT sanity checks to be tougher on entries in deleted folders Fixed some RAW CD issues and added offset of 24 bytes to choices resolved issues 3213886 and 3213888 re: RAW CD and not handling ISO9660 directory holes added NEWS to win32 build updated version files
* Sun Feb 27 2011 Nicolas Chauvet - 3.2.1-1- This release has some minor bug fixes. New features include: SQLite DB contains a dummy entry if there is no volume system. The build directory can be different from the source directory when building on Unix. Bug fixes include: fls arguments Compile errors with pthreads on some Linux systems Different FAT directory entry checking mingw compile errors mactime CSV output surrounds file name in quotes
* Thu Oct 28 2010 Nicolas Chauvet - 3.2.0-1This release has new features and bug fixes. Thanks to Anthony Lawrence for help with the new features. New features include: New tsk_recover tool that extracts files from an image to a local directory. New tsk_loaddb tool that dumps file system metadata to SQLite database. New tsk_getimes tool that collects MAC time data on all file systems (equivalent to fls -m on a series of volumes) New tsk_comparedir tool that compares a directory to an image to detect rootkits. New C++ TskAuto class that makes it easier to create automated tools that analyze all files. Name cleanup out of libraries and into tools. img_cat -e and -s flags. Changed how default NTFS $Data attribute is named. HFS+ Case sensitive flag in fsstat. Bug fixes include: FAT performance Crash fix for corrupt NTFS file Adding attribute runs on fragmented files with multiple attributes of the same type.
* Fri Jul 02 2010 Nicolas Chauvet - 3.1.3-1This release has some bug fixes: FAT performance
* Sun May 23 2010 Nicolas Chauvet - 3.1.2-1This release has some bug fixes: FAT performance Reading errors ifind not stopping mmls -B display error
* Thu Apr 29 2010 Nicolas Chauvet - 3.1.1-1- Update to 3.1.1
* Sun Jul 26 2009 Fedora Release Engineering - 3.0.1-3- Rebuilt for
* Wed Feb 25 2009 Fedora Release Engineering - 3.0.1-2- Rebuilt for
* Tue Feb 10 2009 kwizart < kwizart at > - 3.0.1-1- Update to 3.0.1 (final)
* Tue Oct 28 2008 kwizart < kwizart at > - 3.0.0-1- Update to 3.0.0 (final)
* Fri Oct 03 2008 kwizart < kwizart at > - 3.0.0-0.1.b4- Update to 3.0.0b4
* Tue Jun 17 2008 kwizart < kwizart at > - 2.52-1- Update to 2.52- Remove merged patches- Remove clean unused-direct-shlib-dependencies - Fix rpath at source.- Sort license within the spec- Move to pkg-config detection- Remove Perl-Date-Manip installation
* Tue Mar 18 2008 kwizart < kwizart at > - 2.51-1- Update to 2.51- Add libewf/afflib BR- Requires mac-robber external package.- Remove internal perl-Date-Manip.
* Fri Dec 28 2007 kwizart < kwizart at > - 2.10-1- Update to 2.10
* Mon Oct 29 2007 kwizart < kwizart at > - 2.09-1- Initial package for Fedora (inspired from Oden Eriksson mdk spec).