Changelog for device-mapper-libs-1.02.171-1.fc32.x86_64.rpm :

* Thu Mar 26 2020 Marian Csontos - 2.03.09-1- Fix showing of a dm kernel error when uncaching a volume with cachevol.- Fix memleak in syncing of internal cache.- Fix pvck dump_current_text memleak.- Fix lvmlockd result code on error path for _query_lock_lv().- Update pvck man page and help output.- Accept more output lines from vdo_format.- Prevent raid reshaping of stacked volumes.- Writecache and VDO volume handling improvements.
* Wed Jan 29 2020 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.03.07-2- Rebuilt for
* Tue Dec 03 2019 Marian Csontos - 2.03.07-1- Ensure minimum required region size on striped RaidLV creation.- Fix resize of thin-pool with data and metadata of different segtype.- Improve mirror type leg splitting.- Fix activation order when removing merged snapshot.- Experimental VDO support for lvmdbusd.
* Wed Oct 23 2019 Marian Csontos - 2.03.06-1- IMPORTANT: Prevent creating VGs with PVs with different logical block sizes.- Fix metadata writes from corrupting with large physical block size.- Correctly set read_ahead for LVs when pvmove is finished.- Add support for DM_DEVICE_GET_TARGET_VERSION into device_mapper.- Activate thin-pool layered volume as \'read-only\' device.- Ignore crypto devices with UUID signature CRYPT-SUBDEV.- Synchronize with udev when dropping snapshot.- Add missing device synchronization point before removing pvmove node.- See WHATS_NEW for more.
* Wed Sep 18 2019 Marian Csontos - 2.03.05-4- Remove unsupported OPTIONS+=\"event_timeout\" from udev rule (#1749857)
* Tue Aug 27 2019 Adam Williamson - 2.03.05-3- Backport fix for converting dbus.UInt to string in Python 3.8 (#1745597)
* Mon Aug 19 2019 Miro Hrončok - 2.03.05-2- Rebuilt for Python 3.8
* Wed Jul 31 2019 Marian Csontos - 2.03.05-1- IMPORTANT: Prohibit mirrored \'mirror\' log via lvcreate and lvconvert. Use RAID1.- IMPORTANT: Dropped deprecated liblvm2app.- IMPORTANT: clvmd dropped. Use lvmlockd for cluster locking.- Dropped lvmetad.- Deduplication and compression - support for VDO volumes.- Add device hints to reduce scanning.- See WHATS_NEW and WHATS_NEW_DM in the documentation directory for more.
* Thu Jul 25 2019 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.02.185-2- Rebuilt for
* Mon May 13 2019 Marian Csontos - 2.02.185-1- Fix change of monitoring in clustered volumes.- Improve -lXXX%VG modifier which improves cache segment estimation.- Add synchronization with udev before removing cached devices.- Fix missing growth of _pmspare volume when extending _tmeta volume.- Automatically grow thin metadata, when thin data gets too big.- Add cached devices support to vgsplit.- Fix signal delivery checking race in libdaemon (lvmetad).- Add missing to LVM2 services to fix shutdown ordering.
* Mon Apr 01 2019 Marian Csontos - 2.02.184-1- IMPORTANT: Change scan_lvs default to 0 so LVs are not scanned for PVs.- Fix (de)activation of RaidLVs with visible SubLVs.- Add scan_lvs config setting to control if lvm scans LVs for PVs.- Fix missing proper initialization of pv_list struct when adding PV.- Ensure migration_threshold for cache is at least 8 chunks.- Enhance ioctl flattening and add parameters only when needed.- Add DM_DEVICE_ARM_POLL for API completness matching kernel.
* Thu Mar 07 2019 Igor Gnatenko - 2.02.183-4- Remove obsolete scriptlets
* Sun Feb 17 2019 Igor Gnatenko - 2.02.183-3- Rebuild for readline 8.0
* Fri Feb 01 2019 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.02.183-2- Rebuilt for
* Fri Dec 07 2018 Marian Csontos - 2.02.183-1- Bug fix release addressing issus with MD RAID version 1.0 and 0.90.
* Wed Oct 31 2018 Marian Csontos - 2.02.182-1- Important bugfix release fixing possible data corruption.
* Thu Aug 02 2018 Marian Csontos - 2.02.181-1- Reject conversions on raid1 LVs with split tracked SubLVs.- Reject conversions on raid1 split tracked SubLVs.- Fix dmstats list failing when no regions exist.- Reject conversions of LVs under snapshot.- Limit suggested options on incorrect option for lvconvert subcommand.- Add vdo plugin for monitoring VDO devices.
* Thu Jul 19 2018 Marian Csontos - 2.02.180-1- Never send any discard ioctl with test mode.- Fix thin-pool alloc which needs same PV for data and metadata.- Enhance vgcfgrestore to check for active LVs in restored VG.- Provide possible layouts when converting between linear and striped/raid.- Fix unmonitoring of merging snapshots.- Cache can uses metadata format 2 with cleaner policy.- Avoid showing internal error in lvs output or pvmoved LVs.- Fix check if resized PV can also fit metadata area.- Reopen devices RDWR only before writing to avoid udev issues.- Change pvresize output confusing when no resize took place.- Fix lvmetad hanging on shutdown.- Fix mem leak in clvmd and more coverity issues.
* Fri Jul 13 2018 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.02.179-4- Rebuilt for
* Tue Jul 10 2018 Marian Csontos - 2.02.179-3- Remove deprecated python bindings.
* Tue Jun 19 2018 Miro Hrončok - 2.02.179-2- Rebuilt for Python 3.7.
* Mon Jun 18 2018 Marian Csontos - 2.02.179-1- Bugfix release mainly fixing known cache and lvmlockd issues.
* Wed Jun 13 2018 Marian Csontos - 2.02.178-1- Remove the rc1 from release.
* Tue May 29 2018 Marian Csontos - 2.02.178-0.1.rc1- Remove lvm1 and pool format handling and add filter to ignore them.- Rework disk scanning and when it is used.- Add new io layer using libaio for faster scanning.- Support activation of component LVs in read-only mode.- Avoid non-exclusive activation of exclusive segment types.- Restore pvmove support for clusterwide active volumes (2.02.177).- Add prioritized_section() to restore cookie boundaries (2.02.177).- Again accept striped LV as COW LV with lvconvert -s (2.02.169).- Restore usability of thin LV to be again external origin for another thin (2.02.169).- See WHATS_NEW and WHATS_NEW_DM in the documentation directory for more.
* Wed Apr 04 2018 Marian Csontos - 2.02.177-5- Disable python2 bindings.