Changelog for lib64udev-devel-241-8.4.mga7.x86_64.rpm :

* Sat Nov 09 2019 tmb 241-8.4.mga7+ Revision: 1458953- add fixes from upstream v241-stable branch- seccomp: add new 5.1 syscall pidfd_send_signal() to filter set list- seccomp: add new Linux 5.3 syscalls to syscall filter lists- seccomp: add all
*time64 syscalls- Add AATTpkey syscall group- add fixes v241-stable- random-util: eat up bad RDRAND values seen on AMD CPUs- udevd: fix a reversed conditional on global property set (mga#25027)
* Sat Apr 27 2019 tmb 241-8.mga7+ Revision: 1395748- add fixes from upstream v241 stable branch
* Sun Apr 21 2019 tmb 241-7.mga7+ Revision: 1394519- disable NDEBUG
* Sun Apr 21 2019 tmb 241-6.mga7+ Revision: 1394518- fstab-generator: use DefaultDependencies=no for /sysroot mounts- nss-resolve: return error properly- nss-mymachines: return NO_RECOVERY instead of NO_DATA when we fail to do D-Bus and similar- nss-resolve: list more errors as cause for fallback
* Thu Apr 18 2019 umeabot 241-5.mga7+ Revision: 1392933- Rebuild with meson 0.50.1
* Wed Apr 10 2019 tmb 241-4.mga7+ Revision: 1388189- more fixes from upstream v241-stable branch
* Fri Apr 05 2019 tmb 241-3.mga7+ Revision: 1386046- add fixes from upstream v241-stable branch
* Mon Mar 18 2019 tmb 241-2.mga7+ Revision: 1378705- login: mark nokmsboot fb devices as master-of-seat- fixes from v241-stable branch
* sd-device: also store properties read from udev database to sd_device::properties_db
* udev-event: make subst_format_var() always provide null-terminated string on success
* login: HyperV requires master-of-seat to be set
* login: mark nomodeset fb devices as master-of-seat
* Sat Feb 23 2019 tmb 241-1.mga7+ Revision: 1369554- rebuild with gcc 8.3.0 final- CVE-2019-6454: systemd (PID1) crash with specially crafted D-Bus message
* Thu Feb 14 2019 tmb 241-0.2.mga7+ Revision: 1367089- dont ship /sbin/resolvconf
* Thu Feb 14 2019 tmb 241-0.1.mga7+ Revision: 1367074- update filelists- disable python bytecompiling for now- disable P506, P507, P510- rebase P509- drop merged patches- update to v241
* Wed Feb 13 2019 luigiwalser 236-14.mga7+ Revision: 1366532- rebuild for libidn2
* Sun Jan 13 2019 martinw 236-13.mga7+ Revision: 1355897- only run preset on units when installing
* Sat Jan 12 2019 martinw 236-12.mga7+ Revision: 1355727- fix preset of standard services (mga#22620) o use %posttrans to work round systemd|systemd-units circular dependency o don\'t preset console-shell service - it no longer exists o don\'t hide error messages - we need to know if this fails
* Wed Jan 09 2019 wally 236-11.mga7+ Revision: 1353672- backport upstream patch to fix build with new meson- rebuild for new libidn2+ tmb - dhcp6: make sure we have enough space for the DHCP6 option header (CVE-2018-15688)+ tv - util-linux-ng -> util-linux
* Mon Sep 03 2018 tv 236-9.mga7+ Revision: 1256756- \"fix\" build with gcc8:- drop requires on lockdev
* Sat May 26 2018 tmb 236-7.mga7+ Revision: 1232291- core: don\'t include libmount.h in a header file (#8580)- fix systemd redefining reserved word- add upstream fixes for new glibc- rebuild for new glibc
* Wed Mar 14 2018 kekepower 236-6.mga7+ Revision: 1209541- Rebuild for new cryptsetup, second attempt
* Wed Mar 14 2018 kekepower 236-5.mga7+ Revision: 1209393- Rebuild for new cryptsetup
* Tue Jan 09 2018 pterjan 236-4.mga7+ Revision: 1191867- Move some files around (mga#22350)
* Sat Jan 06 2018 ngompa 236-3.mga7+ Revision: 1190928- Backport patch to fix mounting encrypted volumes- Backport patch to fix systemd-analyze plot- Disable SELinux integration as PAM and other dependent components have it disabled
* Sat Jan 06 2018 ngompa 236-2.mga7+ Revision: 1190635- Bump release fix build- New version 236- Drop legacy Obsoletes+Provides in devel subpackages- Move systemd.pc back to devel subpackage to avoid pkgconfig runtime dependency- Drop prefdm bits as prefdm is gone- Move rpm macros and systemd.pc to main package (consistent with other distros)+ neoclust - New version 235- New version 234 ( remove merged patches )+ wally - switch to libidn2+ daviddavid - rebuild for new qrencode 4.0.0