Changelog for selinux-tools-2.8-lp151.1.30.x86_64.rpm :

* Fri Jan 04 2019 Remove unneeded build requires for python3 (bsc#1120255)
* Wed Oct 17 2018 Update to version 2.8 (bsc#1111732) For changes please see ran spec-cleaner on spec files
* Mon May 14 2018 Update to version 2.7.
* %files needed to be heavily modified
* Based expressly on python3, not just python For changes please see
* Fri Nov 24 2017 Update to version 2.6. Notable changes:
* selinux_restorecon: fix realpath logic
* sefcontext_compile: invert semantics of \"-r\" flag
* sefcontext_compile: Add \"-i\" flag
* Introduce configurable backends
* Add function to find security.restorecon_last entries
* Add openrc_contexts functions
* Add support for pcre2
* Handle NULL pcre study data
* Add setfiles support to selinux_restorecon(3)
* Evaluate inodes in selinux_restorecon(3)
* Change the location of
* Explain how to free policy type from selinux_getpolicytype()
* Compare absolute pathname in matchpathcon -V
* Add selinux_snapperd_contexts_path()
* Modify audit2why analyze function to use loaded policy
* Avoid mounting /proc outside of selinux_init_load_policy()
* Fix location of selinuxfs mount point
* Only mount /proc if necessary
* procattr: return einval for <= 0 pid args
* procattr: return error on invalid pid_t input- Dropped
* libselinux-2.2-ruby.patch
* libselinux-proc-mount-only-if-needed.patch
* python-selinux-swig-3.10.patch
* Wed Jul 05 2017 readv-proto.patch: include for readv prototype
* Sun Jul 24 2016 -devel static subpackage requires libpcre-devel and libsepol-devel
* Sun Jul 24 2016 Avoid mounting /proc outside of selinux_init_load_policy(). (Stephen Smalley) reverts upstream 5a8d8c4, 9df4988, fixes among other things systemd seccomp sandboxing otherwise all filters must allow mount(2) (libselinux-proc-mount-only-if-needed.patch)
* Sun Jul 17 2016 Update RPM groups, trim description and combine filelist entries.
* Thu Jul 14 2016 Adjusted source link
* Tue Jul 05 2016 add patch: python-selinux-swig-3.10.patch, fixed boo#985368
* swig-3.10 in Factory use importlib instead of imp to find imp searched the same directory as is while importlib searchs only standard paths. so we have to move fixed by upstream- update version 2.5
* Add selinux_restorecon function
* read_spec_entry: fail on non-ascii
* Add man information about thread specific functions
* Don\'t wrap rpm_execcon with DISABLE_RPM with SWIG
* Correct line count for property and service context files
* label_file: fix memory leaks and uninitialized jump
* Replace selabel_digest hash function
* Fix selabel_open(3) services if no digest requested
* Add selabel_digest function
* Flush the class/perm string mapping cache on policy reload
* Fix restorecon when path has no context
* Free memory when processing media and x specfiles
* Fix mmap memory release for file labeling
* Add policy context validation to sefcontext_compile
* Do not treat an empty file_contexts(.local) as an error
* Fail hard on invalid property_contexts entries
* Fail hard on invalid file_contexts entries
* Support context validation on file_contexts.bin
* Add selabel_cmp interface and label_file backend
* Support specifying file_contexts.bin file path
* Support file_contexts.bin without file_contexts
* Simplify procattr cache
* Use /proc/thread-self when available
* Add const to selinux_opt for label backends
* Fix binary file labels for regexes with metachars
* Fix file labels for regexes with metachars
* Fix if file_contexts not \'\
\' terminated
* Enhance file context support
* Fix property processing and cleanup formatting
* Add read_spec_entries function to replace sscanf
* Support consistent mode size for bin files
* Fix more bin file processing core dumps
* add selinux_openssh_contexts_path()
* setrans_client: minimize overhead when mcstransd is not present
* Ensure selabel_lookup_best_match links NULL terminated
* Fix core dumps with corrupt
*.bin files
* Add selabel partial and best match APIs
* Use os.walk() instead of the deprecated os.path.walk()
* Remove deprecated mudflap option
* Mount procfs before checking /proc/filesystems
* Fix -Wformat errors with gcc-5.0.0
* label_file: handle newlines in file names
* Fix audit2why error handling if SELinux is disabled
* pcre_study can return NULL without error
* Only check SELinux enabled status once in selinux_check_access- changes in 2.4
* Remove assumption that SHLIBDIR is ../../ relative to LIBDIR
* Fix bugs found by hardened gcc flags
* Set the system to permissive if failing to disable SELinux because policy has already been loaded
* Add db_exception and db_datatype support to label_db backend
* Log an error on unknown classes and permissions
* Add pcre version string to the compiled file_contexts format
* Deprecate use of flask.h and av_permissions.h
* Compiled file_context files and the original should have the same DAC permissions
* Thu Jul 30 2015 fixed selinux-ready to work with initrd files created by dracut (bsc#940006)