Changelog for gap-core-4.8.7-3.9.x86_64.rpm :

* Sat Apr 29 2017 Update to new upstream release 4.8.7
* Fixed a regression from GAP 4.7.6 when reading compressed files after a workspace is loaded. Before the fix, if GAP is started with the -L option (load workspace), using ReadLine on the input stream for a compressed file returned by InputTextFile only returned the first character.
* Mon Nov 21 2016 Update to version 4.8.6:
* Fixed regression in the GAP kernel code introduced in GAP 4.8.5 and breaking StringFile (GAPDoc: StringFile) ability to work with compressed files.- Add an unpackaged file to filelist; fixes build failures.
* Sun Oct 16 2016 Update to new upstream release 4.8.5
* Sun Mar 27 2016 Update to new upstream release 4.8.3
* No documentation available
* Sat Mar 12 2016 Update to new upstream release 4.8.2
* Added support for partially variadic functions to allow function expressions
* GAP now displays the filename and line numbers of statements in backtraces when entering the break loop.
* Developments from HPC-GAP were backported; \"atomic\", \"readonly\" and \"readwrite\" are now keywords, and thus are no longer valid identifiers.- Remove gap-ttyname-null.diff (fixed upstream)
* Mon Dec 07 2015 Update to new upstream release 4.7.9
* Mon Oct 12 2015 Update to new upstream release 4.7.8
* Sun Feb 22 2015 Update to new upstream release 4.7.7
* Introduced some arithmetic operations for infinity and negative infinity.
* Introduced new property IsGeneratorsOfSemigroup which reflects whether the list or collection generates a semigroup.
* Wed Jun 18 2014 Update to new upstream release 4.7.5
* InstallValue cannot handle immediate values, characters or booleans for technical reasons. A check for such values was introduced to trigger an error message and prevent incorrect results caused by this.
* KnowsDictionary and LookupDictionary methods for IsListLookupDictionary were using PositionFirstComponent; the latter is only valid on sorted lists, but in IsListLookupDictionary the underlying list is NOT sorted in general, leading to bogus results.
* Fri Apr 18 2014 Update to new upstream release 4.7.4
* Incorrect result returned by AutomorphismGroup(PSp(4,2^n)) was fixed.
* The \"Order\" method for group homomorphisms newly introduced in GAP 4.7 had a bug that caused it to sometimes return incorrect results, which was fixed.
* Break loop in IsomorphismFpMonoid when prefixes in generators names were longer than one letter.
* Tue Feb 04 2014 Update to new upstream release 4.7.2
* The methods for computing conjugacy classes of permutation groups have been rewritten from scratch to enable potential use for groups in different representations.
* The methods for determining (conjugacy classes of) subgroups in non-solvable groups have been substantially improved in speed and scope for groups with multiple nonabelian composition factors.
* There is a new method for calculating the maximal subgroups of a permutation group (with chief factors of width less or equal 5) without calculating the whole subgroup lattice.
* The functionality in GAP for transformations and transformation semigroups has been rewritten and extended. Partial permutations and inverse semigroups have been newly implemented. The documentation for transformations and transformation semigroups has been improved. Transformations and partial permutations are implemented in the GAP kernel. Methods for calculating attributes of transformations and partial permutations, and taking products, and so are also implemented in the kernel.
* Fri May 10 2013 Update to new upstream release 4.6.4- Split .spec file into multiple packages
* Thu Nov 29 2012 Avoid fdupes in /etc
* Fri Aug 31 2012 add --target to configure for SLE 11 i586
* Fri Aug 31 2012 add libtool in build requirements for 12.2
* Sat Jul 07 2012 fix build on SLE 11- spec file reformating