Changelog for libdvdnav4-5.0.3+git16.981488f-10.8.x86_64.rpm :

* Mon Mar 12 2018 Update to version 5.0.3+git16.981488f:
* Add dvdnav_open_stream to the exports so we can use it
* [xbmc][dvdnav] expose dvdnav_jump_to_sector_by_time
* [xbmc][dvdnav] add timemap to time search
* [xbmc][dvdnav] additional debug log
* [xbmc][dvdnav] disallow time search when navigation prohibits
* [xbmc][dvdnav] various safeguards
* [xbmc][dvdnav] added reading of VTS_TMAPT and TITLE_C_ADT
* [xbmc][dvdnav] skip cell when unrecoverable
* [xbmc][dvdnav] detection of dvd name
* [xbmc][dvdnav] expose dvdnav_get_vm, dvdnav_get_button_info, dvdnav_free
* Sat Jan 27 2018 Update to version 6.0.0:
* fix crashes on some DVD on describe_title call
* fix various crashes related to PGC validity
* fix compilation issues
* fix API return codes- Add gpg signature
* Tue Aug 30 2016 BuildRequire dvdread >= 5.0.2 libdvdnav-dvdread.patch
* Fri Feb 06 2015 Update to version 5.0.3: + added dvdnav_open_stream to read from external read/seek callbacks + fixed reading DVD label regression
* Mon Jan 26 2015 Update to version 5.0.2: + fixed 2 wrong asserts (lp#1236939, lp#570790) + fixed 2 crashes (in dvdnav_get_position and dvdnav_get_position _in_title)
* Wed Dec 17 2014 Update to version 5.0.1: + removed assert on unknown VM commands, fixing playback of some DVDs + fixed a double free in dvdnav_free_dup + fixed an integer overflow, a data race condition and return inconsistency- Version 5.0.0: + Android support + fixed numerous crashes, assertions and corruptions + rewrite of the build-system, including silent rules + clean code, simplify and remove warnings + fix compilation in C++ applications + removal of remap .MAP files unused feature + remove the dvdnavmini library + fix compilation on OS/2 and Hurd
* Mon Mar 10 2014 Update to version 4.2.1: + Fixed failed assertion on menu-less DVDs. + Fixed playback issues on multi-angle DVDs. + Fixed crash when playing a DVD from different region than currently set in the DVD drive. + Fixed segfaults when reading certain DVDs (including \"Jack Reacher\", \"Ghost Protocol\", \"Inside Man\", \"Tangled\" and \"The Dictator\").
* Sat Dec 03 2011 update to 4.2.0:
* added dvdnav_get_serial_string() function
* fixed ifo leak in dvdnav_describe_chapters()
* added dvdnav_get_video_resolution() to retrieve video resolution
* added dvdnav_program_play() & dvdnav_current_title_program() for more reliable playback
* fixed deadlock between dvdnav_reset() and dvd_clear()
* fixed pthread_mutex_destroy macro for Win32
* fixed numerous assertion failures occuring when playing DVDs with new \"copy protection\" schemes
* fixed forward seeks to always move forward
* Sun Nov 13 2011 add libtool as explicit buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency from prjconf
* Thu Apr 14 2011 added 32bit compatibility libraries