Changelog for multitail-5.2.6-1.3.x86_64.rpm :
Sun Feb 21 13:00:00 2010 Carsten Schoene - 5.2.6-1
- update to release 5.2.6

Sun Feb 14 13:00:00 2010 Carsten Schoene - 5.2.5-1
- update to release 5.2.5

Sun Jul 20 14:00:00 2008 Carsten Schoene
- defined static filelist

Mon May 19 14:00:00 2008 Carsten Schoene
- chagnes in version 5.2.2 include:
- fixed problem with editrules
- fixes for solaris makefiles
- write script: won\'t write
- -bi with value < 1 anymore
- re-enabled \'suspend\' (^z)
- fixed assertion error happening when doing a search with the \'-ts\' switch in the scrollback window
- configuration-file parameters with \'y\' instead of \'yes\' were taken for no
- added \'--follow-all\' (see -f for semantics)

Fri Sep 7 14:00:00 2007 Carsten Schoene
- changes in version 5.1.2/5.2.0 include:
- some compilation/installation fixes for cygwin,
- when a -E was used also all -e\'s were copied as well
- merged to version 5.2.0
- changes in version 5.1.1 include:
- errors in error popups would not fit sometimes,
- moving to the beginning of the first line when it is longer then the screenwidth would not work in scrollback,
- searching would not work when you were halfway a line in scrollback,
- searching in the scrollback window can now open a new window as well,
- removed 3 memoryleaks,
- added colorscheme for acpitail
- changes in version 5.1.0 include:
- added conversion signal number to signal name,
- MultiTail used to wake up 4 times a second, it now only wakes up if there is really something to do,
- fixed a cosmetic bug in the \'add window\' menu,
- made more parameters configurable,
- error messaging is more uniform,
- added -kS which, like sed, can select parts of strings to keep. e.g. -kS \"^.
*(TCP[^ ]
*$\" would keep the string matched by what is between ( and ),
- fixed 2 memory leaks,
- replaced 2 strcat()s with strncat(),
- one can now explicitly wether the \'tail\' used is a posix only tail (e.g. inotail) or also supports the old \"-[0-9]\" format,
- MultiTail can now act as a syslog-server (e.g. listening on UDP port 514 for messages). this is usefull when you want to monitor syslog capable devices (UNIX servers, Cisco switches, etc.) without the need for a syslog server,
- made some errors not fatal, e.g. let them give an error popup instead,
- unfiltered redirection would only emit the first line in certain situations,
- fixed a segfault (occuring only on AIX) at exit,
- Solaris problems fixed (malloc of 0 bytes),
- one can now redirect to a socket (syslog/udp/514) as well,
- colors can now be suppressed in the scrollback window to improve scrollingspeed,
- improved scrolling in the scrollback menu: also scrolling in a line is now possible

Fri Jun 15 14:00:00 2007 Carsten Schoene
- changes in version 5.0.5 include:
- HOME/END in scrollback did not redraw the screen,
- compilation fix for uClibc,
- page up (in the scrollbackwindow) did not work when there were lines bigger then the scrollbackwindow
- changes in version 5.0.4 include:
- changed default changeline_color to white on blue which is better readable,
- fixes for systems where \'char\' is unsigned (AIX, Debian PowerPC),
- fix for FreeBSD with UTF-8: one can now set the characters to use for borders
- changes in version 5.0.3 include:
- removed bogus error message when aborting \'write script\',
- added color scheme for the BOINC project,
- not all commandline settings were written when executing the \'write script\' functionality
- changes in version 5.0.2 include:
- removed some debugging code that garbled the screen
- changes in version 5.0.1 include:
- fixed a segfault in the \'find\'-code,
--mergeall would merge all the following files into the previous window(!) which may be unwanted,
so added \'--mergeall-new\' which creates a new window in which all the following files upto --no-mergeall are merged,
conversion schemes/color schemes selection would fail if no schemes were defined in the config file. ,
- on certain terminals one need to explicitly set the background color to be usable,
- version 5.0.0 always remembered the last searchstring, this can now be turned off in the configfile

Tue Apr 10 14:00:00 2007 Carsten Schoene
- changes in version 5.0.0 include:
- merge with developmentversion 4.3.7
- default linewrap mode in configurationfile was incorrectly parsed
- added colorscheme for motion

Mon Dec 25 13:00:00 2006 Carsten Schoene
- initial build of version 4.2.0