Changelog for libgimpprint-4.2.7-15.1.x86_64.rpm :
Fri Jul 9 14:00:00 2010
- Backport change from SVN repository to avoid reading
from current workiung directory (bnc#608071)

Tue Jul 6 14:00:00 2010
- Fix the fix for bnc#592279 as this had broken hplib (bnc#603131)

Wed Jun 30 14:00:00 2010
- Do not open files on public accessible directories if not
specified on the command line (bnc#608071)

Tue Jun 29 14:00:00 2010
- Add final patch for CVE-2010-1869 (bnc#605043)

Thu Jun 10 14:00:00 2010
- Fix typo in ps2pdfwr script

Tue Jun 8 14:00:00 2010
- Modify pdf2des to make it work with newer gv (bnc#610933)
- Compile ghostscript-library with SEARCH_HERE_FIRST=0 to close
vulnerability due reading startup file even from temporary
directories (make option -P- to the default) (bnc#608071)
- Add security patch from upstream (CVE-2010-1869, bnc#605043)

Sat May 15 14:00:00 2010
- ignore texlive-jadetex (requirement of docbook-toys) to avoid

Wed May 5 14:00:00 2010
- Make it build even on factory

Tue Apr 6 14:00:00 2010
- adapt to changed cups filter dir for 11.3 (no lib64 used there)

Mon Apr 5 14:00:00 2010
- really fix build with new libpng
(libpng12 also removes the long deprecated png_check_sig)

Sun Apr 4 14:00:00 2010
- for factory: replace buildreq for libpng-devel with
libpng12-compat-devel (does not work with libpng14 yet)

Wed Mar 31 14:00:00 2010
- Add fix for bnc#592279: make cups device work with newer HPLIP

Tue Feb 9 13:00:00 2010
- fix patches so they apply

Tue Jan 19 13:00:00 2010
- Repair freetype2 patch

Tue Jan 19 13:00:00 2010
- Re-enable SLES10 build

Mon Jan 18 13:00:00 2010
- Repair Omni main patch which was missing part due blanks
within file names

Wed Jan 13 13:00:00 2010
- Merged fc10 ghostscript-fPIC.patch and ghostscript-gs-executable.patch
with ghostscriipt-8.70.dif

Tue Jan 12 13:00:00 2010
- Fixed ghostscriipt-8.64.dif and renamed to ghostscriipt-8.70.dif
- Split off man page fixes to a separate patch :-

Tue Jan 12 13:00:00 2010
- Update to ghostscript version 8.70 to fix bnc#568280
- Refresh patches and fix hunk 3 in ghostscript-8.64-jbig2broken.dif
now renamed ghostscript-8.70-jbig2broken.dif
- Removed patches : ghostscript-8.62-cjk.patch, ghostscript-CVE-2009-0583.patch,
ghostscript-CVE-2009-0196.patch and ghostscript-CVE-2009-0792.patch.
- This is the first release in a new stable series of Ghostscript releases.
This release fixes a large number of issues with transparency, especially as
it interacts with color space conversion, mask contexts and patterns. There
have also been a number of significant fixes to font handling, especially when
generating PDF. And there are numerous robustness, correctness and performance
New generic Esc/Page devices, eplmono and eplcolor were added to the contrib
directory. A new cdnj500 device was added to support the HP DesignJet 500.
The licensing of the Free version of the core Ghostscript code has been
changed to GPLv3 or later. Previously, the core code was GPLv2 only.
Ghostscript can now be used with GPLv3 applications, and can no longer be used
with applications that are GPLv2-only.
This release also includes security fixes addressing CVE-2009-0583 and CVE-2009-0792.
- Incompatible changes :
The size of PostScript integers has been limited to 32 bits.
Previously they used the C long type resulting in 64 bits of precision
on LP64 systems (like Linux on x86_64). As of this release all platforms
match the recommended implementation limits in the specification.

Mon Nov 30 13:00:00 2009
- Fix possible vulnerability in ghostscript 8.64 (bnc#559122)

Tue Nov 24 13:00:00 2009
- Add patch to correct bitcmyk blank output on e.g. Samsung CLP-300
and other printers (bnc# 557948)
- Do not destroy upstream patches due fuzz=0

Mon Jul 20 14:00:00 2009
- Correct font path for URW by adding a slash

Tue Jul 14 14:00:00 2009
- Add URW directory to FONTPATH otherwise we have no file access
- Make make.catalog work again

Tue Jul 14 14:00:00 2009
- Make ghostscript-mini build
- Make SLES10 also build

Fri Jul 10 14:00:00 2009
- Sort fdupes output before using it for symbolic links

Wed Jul 8 14:00:00 2009
- Fix bnc#509903 caused by a fix for bnc#409605 which is not
needed anymore

Thu Jun 18 14:00:00 2009
- Update to GPL ghostscript 8.64

* Various bug fix in 8.64 and 8.63

Sat Jun 13 14:00:00 2009
- fix build

Wed May 13 14:00:00 2009
- Complete patch for CVE-2009-0792 (bnc#491897)

Wed May 13 14:00:00 2009
- Remove broken part of workaround for bnc#492765

Thu Apr 16 14:00:00 2009
- Use initial workaround for bnc#492765

Tue Apr 7 14:00:00 2009
- heap-overflow in JBIG2 decoder (CVE-2009-0196)
- integer overflow in ICC library (CVE-2009-0792)
- crash in CCITTFax decoder (bnc#492765)
- buffer overflow in BaseFont writer module (bnc#492765)

Thu Mar 12 13:00:00 2009
- Add fix for ICC library integer overflows (bnc#483303,
CVE-2009-0583, CVE-2009-0584)

Thu Feb 12 13:00:00 2009
- sort the output of find, so the build result is reproducible

Thu Jan 8 13:00:00 2009
- Fix Mannufacturer within PPD of omni (bnc#464435)
- Add workaround vor bnc#429345 to make cups able to find omni libs

Tue Jul 29 14:00:00 2008
- Fix crash in bjc driver (bnc#412523)

Thu Jul 24 14:00:00 2008
- Fix crash on null pointer reference (bnc#409605)

Mon Apr 7 14:00:00 2008
- Be sure the disabling of Font API works even without the driver

Thu Apr 3 14:00:00 2008
- fix ghostscript-devel dependencies (bnc#366514)

Wed Apr 2 14:00:00 2008
- Disable Font API (rendering with freetype library) as it breaks
some documents using embedded fonts (bnc#375373)
- Add CJK patch from debian but disable it (missmatch in rev 8554+)

Tue Apr 1 14:00:00 2008
- Remove already included patches
- Add some patches from SVN trunk tree revision 8572 upto revision 8617
- Update to GPL ghostscript 8.6Update to2

* Fix typo that caused unbalanced \'q\' \'Q\' operators in PDF\'s (caused by
rev 8501). gsbug#689728.

* Remove some C++ style comments.

* Update product name, copyright and release dates.

* Add default FontResourceDir needed when COMPILE_INITS=1 is used so
that the fonts from Resource/Font in the distribution directory that
are built into %rom%Resource/Font/ will be found.

* Attempt to repair invalid embedded TT fonts without cmap table.
gsbug#689707, customer 531.

* Fix (clist interpreter) : Improve transparency performance, step 4.

* Added setting of fill_rule in pclxl_endpath().

* Fix (clist interpreter) : Improve transparency performance, step 1.

* Remove a space betveen -f and a file name to prevent parsing of the file name
that starts with \'-\' as an options. gsbug#689682.

* When the values of the color key mask exceed the valid range clip them to the
nearest valid values and continue. Don\'t discard the mask as we did before.
gsbug#689717, customer 580.

* Fix (images) : Improve coordinate precision when scaling an image (continued 7).

* Add definitions of some C99 types missing from old versions of Cygwin.

* Fix (images) : Improve coordinate precision when scaling an image (continued 6).

* Fix (FAPI) : Embedded fonts didn\'t work.

* Propagate the new method argument change introduced in r8528 to the wts
device so that it compiles again.

* Fix (images) : Improve coordinate precision when scaling an image (continued 3).

* Fix (images) : Improve coordinate precision when scaling an image (continued 2).

* Fix for regressions introduced with rev 8526. Some resolutions of CMYK, 1-bit
per component devices that had CMYK colors and Gray colors had strange dithers.

* Fix (images) : Improve coordinate precision when scaling an image (continued).

* Document the need to update the current documentation snapshot.

* Include 12 and 16 bit image support as part of the core graphics
library. gsbug#689688.

* Fix (images) : Improve coordinate precision when scaling an image.

* Modify pdf_info utility to match the changes in PDF interpreter interface.

* Fix ColorValues parameter problem when device has total number of bits (depth)
of more than 31 bits, resulting in a \"rangecheck\" (-15) error.

* Fix (TT): Ignore broken post 2.0 table generated by \"Windows Type 1 Installer\".

* Fix (graphics) : Optimize filling a path with a shading color.

* Fix (TT): Fix a gsbug#in /getinterval_from_stringarray

* Fix (clist & transparency) : Improve the compositor queue logic.

* Fix (Font renderer) : Horizontal metrics sometimes applied with WMode 1 fonts.

* Fix (DSC parser) : Avoid a structure type name duplicate.

* Fix (patterns) : The clipping was wrong with antrivial pattern matrix.

* Fix (shadings) : A memory deallocation problem.

* Fix (save/restore) : Remove gs_ref_memory_s::inherited.

* Only report the ICC Profile colorspace when the jasper library\'s degsbug#
level is above zero. gsbug#689662.

* Explicitly close CMap files opened during CMap-CIDFont font enumeration.
On certain systems file handles were used up before GC freed inaccessible
handles causing PostScript errors. gsbug#689594.

* Fix (clist interpreter) : Skip idle compositors, step 6.

* Fix : Cygwin/gcc warnings.

* Comment-only change: remove obsolete reference to MS-DOS limitations and
mention that PDF interpreter passes un-escaped font names to PS level.

* Unbreak the build.

* Fixed umlauts (maybe, am having trouble testing the results).

* Add unmodified byte-oriented AES encryption code by Brian Gladman. These
files serve as a reference point. They are not yet included into any
project nor can be compiled by some of the compilers we support.

* Remove EXTEND_NAMES from the top level makefiles.

* There is a fallback to the default value of 0 in inameidx.h so there
is no change in the default behaviour. The extended name table can
still be activated by defining EXTEND_NAMES on the compiler command
line or changing the source directly.

* Deprecate USE_FPU, no changes expected.

* Re-export runpdfbegin, dopdfpages, and runpdfend procedures, which turned out
to be used by 3rd party programs. Partly revert the rev. 8325.

* Don\'t ignore xref stream in a hybrid \"classic xref\" + \"stream xref\" file
as PDF 1.5-compatible should do. Thanks to SaGS for the patch. gsbug#688282.

* Remove the SYSTEM_CONSTANTS_ARE_WRITABLE compile-time define.

* Add a flag that marks PDF text rendering mode 3 to avoid confusion with other
non-rendering text operations such as stringwidth. This avoids unnecessary
calculation of the current point, which fails when the CTM is singular. This
patch continues conservative approach to the text rendering modes started in
rev. 4006. gsbug#689614, customer 384.

* Remove the USE_ASM build flag.

* Don\'t try to obtain the bounding box of a glyph when FontBBox is invalid and
CTM is singular. Set an empty box and consider it valid. The bounding box is
not used when the CTM is singular. gsbug#689614, customer 384.

* Add -Wundef to the autoconf build.

* There have been a number of problems related to missing defines lately.

* Also remove gdevcmap from the documentation.

* Document the behaviour of the reference count macros.

* Further update the graphics library unit test and build. The gslib test
executable builds and works now.

* Fix (jbig2dec): The global data stream for a JBIG2 image in a PDF
file was being released, and the data freed by the garbage collector,
before the data was used.

* Details: gsbug#689568 and #689569. Uses the patch supplied by Alex
in thread for #689569, implements Ralph\'s comments about the structure
naming. Does not attempt to change the memory allocator. This slightly
modified patch also works with the Luratech decoder.

* sjbig2.h, sjbig2_luratech.h; make the global data structure
s_jbig2_global_data_t public. Store the structure in the
stream decoder state.

* sjbig2.c, sjbig2_luratech.c; store a pointer to the global
data structure.

* sjbig2_luratech.c; don\'t reset the pointer during initialisation!

* zfjbig2.c; Pass the global pointer to the stream decoder for
release in the finalize routine.

* Remove some old helper scripts.

* They aren\'t used much and we no longer wish to maintain them.

* Ignore operator readonly when it is applied to a wrong type inside an
embedded Type 1 font. gsbug#689617, customer 580.

* Update the graphics library unit tests for recent code changes.

* Fix (pdfwrite): PDFXTrimBoxToMediaBoxOffset used the supplied data

* Fix (transparency) : Providing a right nested masks logic (continued).

* Fix (clist interpreter) : Improving degsbug#trace about compositors.

* Work around a GCC 4.2.1 gsbug#on PowerPC that generates incorrect code in the
release build affecting scanning of binary tokens containing floating point
numbers. gsbug#689586.

* Align the pointer to gx_clist_state array in gx_device_clist_writer device to
the natural boundary to avoid misaligned memory access and bus errors on ARM
processors. gsbug#689600.

* Fix (transparency) : Unwinding the nested masks logic.

* Fix for SEGV when more than 4 colorants used with psdcmyk device.
gsbug#689457 for customer #460.

* Replaced C++ comments with C comments (// -> /

* Update to previous commit. Add pdf14_buffer maskbuf pointer to GC structures.

* Pick up the transparency mask buffer when a new transparency group is pushed rather than when it is popped. Solves memory leaks and incorrect rendering when transparency groups are nested.

* Use a smaller buffer for eexecDecode filter to avoid consumption of the data
that follow a short (and incorrect) run of 0\'s in PS files generated by
Adobe Acrobat from PDF files with usage restrictions. gsbug#689577

* Fix (clist interpreter) : Skip idle compositors, step 3.

* Fix (clist interpreter) : Skip idle compositors, step 2.

* Let CUPS filters use buffered input to Ghostscript via \'-_\', to work around gsbug#689577.

* Fix (shadings) : Optimize fill_linear_color_scanline with analitic computation of the color change position.

* Adds the base font address to the -Zm tracing output.

* Add URW fonts to the Resource/Font directory. These will be included when
COMPILE_INITS=1. Fontmap.GS still references the disk file name so that
the disk file based fonts can still be used if they are available.

* Fix (shadings) : Optimize path manipulations for shading fill (continued).

* Add the \'pamcmyk32\' (previously the \'pam\' device) to all default builds.
This will be used for regression testing of 32-bit CMYK.

* Document the jasper build file version skew menioned in gsbug#689570.

* Fix CIEBasedA problem, add DeviceGray and DeviceRGB support to this utility.

* Update the regression code license headers with the current contact

* Change the regression scripts to rewrite the product as
\"GPL Ghostscript\".

* Fix (pdfwrite): Fonts containing glyphs with no sbw or hsbw
instruction caused pdfwrite to crash.

Thu Mar 6 13:00:00 2008
- bnc#367188: for the condensed variants of \"Nimbus Sans L\",
move the \"Condensed\" from the style to the end of the family
name. Otherwise these fonts are not selectable in most

Fri Feb 22 13:00:00 2008
- Update to GPL ghostscript 8.61 (bnc#297524)

* default device is now x11alpha is available otherwise bbox

* Check that a device halftone exists before writing it

* Change the product name for the release

* Wrong background color of a soft mask group

* Remove spurious executable bits

* pdfwrite: type 3 fonts with exceedingly small BoundingBox
entries were clamped to 0 or 1

* pdfwrite: named objects, created via a pdfmark such as /BP,
could not have their content modified after the object was

* Correct obvious typo in default rgb to cmyk color mapping

* TT font handler: Place the True Type interpreter and its
data into stable memory

* TT fonts: Ignore invalid entries in loca table

* Fix command list-based devices on 64-bit platforms

* pdfwrite: A wrong encoding of Metadata.

* Fix for seg fault caused by undersized buffer

* transparency in clist: Write transparent paths and images
to clist as high level objcts

Wed Feb 6 13:00:00 2008
- Make member counting of range_buff array independend from type

Tue Feb 5 13:00:00 2008
- Fix stack-based buffer overflow (CESA-2008-001, bnc#358914)

Thu Jan 31 13:00:00 2008
- ghostscript-mini: No self conflict but provide
ghostscript-fonts-std and ghostscript-library

Thu Nov 22 13:00:00 2007
- Move all Omni dependencies from ghostscript-library to
ghostscript-omni but Recommends ghostscript-omni (bug #343336)

Wed Nov 14 13:00:00 2007
- Correct path of pkgconfig file ijs.pc

Wed Nov 14 13:00:00 2007
- Suggest hpijs instead of a hard requirement (bug #341564)
- Add security fix for lib jasper in ghostscript 8.60 (bug #340138)
- Provide all PPDs for CUPSToOmni filter and move all together
to ghostscript-omni
- Provide a ghostscript-devel which includes link together
with ghostscript API and DSP device header files.
- Suppress some new warnings of new gcc 4.3
- Make Omni compile with gcc 4.3

Mon Nov 5 13:00:00 2007
- Do not handle pipes from standard in as character devices

Tue Oct 23 14:00:00 2007
- Do not use freetype library for mini ghostscript

Fri Oct 19 14:00:00 2007
- Re-enable escputils for SLES10/SL10.1 only

Tue Oct 2 14:00:00 2007
- Fix miss-compilation within bbox_draw() of zchar1.c

Fri Sep 28 14:00:00 2007
- Be sure that does not link with X11 libraries as we
use the shared module with dlopen()

Fri Sep 21 14:00:00 2007
- Make if build even with older distributions
- Reorder freetype2 patch for the FAPI interface
- Avoid compiling twice even for ghostscript-mini

Thu Sep 6 14:00:00 2007
- CIDFontType 2 is FontType 11
- Avoid error message on failing freetype FAPI plugin
- Extend FONTPATH to find all fonts of type 1, 9, 11, and 42

Wed Sep 5 14:00:00 2007
- Avoid version on 10.2 and less for libijs
- Use fdupes for omni development files
- Do not forget xorg fonts packages to make configure happy
- Diable FAPI to avoid mapping on not existing fonts

Tue Sep 4 14:00:00 2007
- Make the drivers djet820c, stp, dmprt, and hpdj working without
using the obsolete and therefore removed gs_stderr
- Fix driver dmprt to use new API of lib_fopen()
- Re-add missed .runlibfileifexists PostScript macro
- Split off mini ghostscript package

Tue Aug 7 14:00:00 2007
- Switch back to original ghostscript 8.60 now with GPL license due
to the fact that ESP ghostscript is dead
- Port missed patches I\'ve done for ESP project to 8.60
- Resort order of changelog entries
- Make it build and pack

Sat Jul 21 14:00:00 2007
- do not require xorg-x11 to build

Thu Jun 21 14:00:00 2007
- fix changelog entry order

Wed Jun 6 14:00:00 2007
- Branch ijs-devel subpackage for ijs-config, headers, and library

Fri Jun 1 14:00:00 2007
- is required by us even with RPMlint

Tue May 29 14:00:00 2007
- Remove not required devel files
- RPMlint: ignore omni .so files too because those are files are
required and loaded with dlopen by the omni library.
- RPMlint: Move some gimpprint devel files into libgimpprint-devel

Thu May 24 14:00:00 2007
- added ldconfig to post scripts

Thu Mar 29 14:00:00 2007
- Add flex to BuildRequires.

Tue Dec 5 13:00:00 2006
- Make sgirgb driver more robust on itanium (bug #209879)

Tue Nov 7 13:00:00 2006
- More on bug #203287: do not create a new bbox device for the
overprint opterator for an already existing memory device.

Fri Nov 3 13:00:00 2006
- More on bug #203287 check for the bbox because otherwise some
some areas will not be updated.

Thu Nov 2 13:00:00 2006
- X11 device: reset update count after flush to avoid that the
page is flushed twice, fix for bug #203287

Sun Oct 22 14:00:00 2006
- remove /usr/share/man/man1/escputil.1.gz, conflicts with gutenprint

Sat Oct 21 14:00:00 2006
- Fix bogus version check.

Mon Oct 16 14:00:00 2006
- Redo removing escputil to avoid conficts with gutenprint

Sat Oct 14 14:00:00 2006
- Use suse_version to get setup xorg paths.

Fri Oct 13 14:00:00 2006
- Delete /usr/bin/dumphint for ghostscript-library.

Wed Oct 11 14:00:00 2006
- Update t oversion espgs 8.15.3

* Fixes bug #202092

* Fixes bug #209879

Wed Sep 20 14:00:00 2006
- removed escputil to avoid file conflicts.
escputil incl. manual are now in the package \"gutenprint\"

Thu Aug 17 14:00:00 2006
- Revert last patch, we really need the fonts.

Wed Aug 16 14:00:00 2006
- Remove unneeded BuildRequire on xorg-x11.

Fri Aug 11 14:00:00 2006
- move URW symlink to /usr/share/fonts (because of X11R7).

Wed Jul 12 14:00:00 2006
- Do never build in parallel, this will not work