Changelog for sg3_utils-1.43-99.1.x86_64.rpm :
Fri Apr 6 14:00:00 2018
- Update to svn r763:

* More NVMe bugfixes

* sg_vpd: add device constituents vpd

* sg_raw: add --raw option

* sg_turs: add --low option

* sg_ses: decoding dpage fixes; add --quiet option
- Fixup syntax error (bsc#1087008)
- Fixes from shellcheck

Mon Feb 12 13:00:00 2018
- dracut.conf: add whitespace at end of line (bsc#1080562)

Fri Feb 9 13:00:00 2018
- Update to svn r751:

* NVMe bugfixes

* sg_seek: new utility

* sg_stream_ctl: new utility program
- 54-before-scsi-sg3_id.rules: compability rule for systemd
- Add dracut.conf to install new rule with dracut

Thu Feb 8 13:00:00 2018
- Merge local patch with git repository

* Delete sgut-libversioning.diff

Wed Feb 7 13:00:00 2018
- Update to svn r744:

* sg_write_x: new command for normal/atomic/orwrite etc
SCSI WRITE variants

* sg_ses: add NVMe support

* sg_inq: decode NVMe controller / NSIDs
- Fix manpage for --forcerescan
- 55-scsi-sg3_id.rules: fixes for scsi_id compability (bsc#1079873)
- 55-scsi-sg3_id.rules: run sg_inq for SPC devices (bsc#1079873)

Fri Dec 22 13:00:00 2017
- sg_inq: check VPD page 0x0 before reading serial number
- sg_inq: add option \'-o/--only\' to skip reading VPD pages
- Revert \'postun\' rpm spec changes after review

Mon Dec 18 13:00:00 2017
- sg_inq: decode standard INQUIRY for CD-ROMs correctly (bsc#1070431)
- new option for ignore rev change
- Remove white space
- Add \'coreutils\' to Requires (bsc#1072744)
- Add \'posttrans\' to rpm spec (bsc#1071972)

Wed Nov 29 13:00:00 2017
- Update to svn r730:

* Move testing utilities to \'testing\' directory

* sg_opcode: check resid and trim response

* sg_rep_zones: expand --help option

* sg_mode: Add Out-of-band management control page

* sg_ses: filer join output on dpage element presence

* documentation cleanup
- Add \'--ignore-rev\' option
- Supplement SCSI modaliases (bsc#1065212)

Fri Oct 13 14:00:00 2017
- Update to svn r721:

* Merge SUSE-specific patches with upstream svn

* sg_write_atomic: add new program for WRITE ATOMIC

* sg_bg_ctl: new background control command

* sg_ses: Improve output and option handling

* sg_logs: Add --vendor and decode more pages

* sg_get_lba_status: add new program

* Install and scsi_logging_level per default

Fri Aug 11 14:00:00 2017
- Drop patch merged with git repository

* drop add-lunsearch-filter-to-searchexisting.patch
- Drop rules included in git repository

* drop 40-usb-blacklist.rules
- Update to latest svn snapshot:

* sg_rdac: add sanity checks for -f=lun value

* sg_vpd improvements

* sg_ses: fix uninitialized struct

* sg_luns: resync with SAM and SPC drafts

* sg_vpd: fix struct misalignment introduced by --force

* sg_logs: add --vendor and fixup enumeration
- Port patches from SLES:

* Add systemd service files for LUN masking (bsc#954600)

* 55-scsi-sg3_id.rules: handle VPD page 0x80 correctly (bsc#1006469)

* scripts: added udev rules for legacy CCISS (bsc#1006175)

* Add lunsearch filter to findresized()

* Add fc_wwpn_id to generate by-path links for fibrechannel

* 55-scsi-sg3_id.rules: allow to override sysfs inquiry

* sg_inq: export all NAA values (bsc#1050767)

* Silence gcc warnings

Mon Feb 20 13:00:00 2017
- Remove superfluous insserv PreReq.

Wed Sep 7 14:00:00 2016
- using \"--lun\" now works correctly (bsc#981452), adding patch:

* add-lunsearch-filter-to-searchexisting.patch

Fri Apr 29 14:00:00 2016
- Update to new upstream release 1.43:

* sg_senddiag: add --timeout=SEC option

* sg_sanitize: add --timeout=SEC option

* sg_format: add --timeout=SEC option

* sg_decode sense: add --cdb option

* sg_ses: handle 2 bit EIIOE field in aes dpage
- expand join handling of SAS connectors and others
- expand join debug code

* sg_logs: fix volume statistics lpage when subpage
is zero (ssc5r02a); decode mount history log parameter
- decode Requested recovery, TapeAlert response, and
Service buffer information lpages for tape
- add \'--pdt=DT\' option

* sg_inq: fix potential unbounded loop in --export
- update version descriptor list to 20160420

* sg_inq+sg_vpd: update Extended inquiry data vpd
page (spc5r09)
- add --force option to bypass checking supported
vpd pages page and fetch requested page directly

* sg_reassign+sg_write_same: fix ULONG_MAX problem

* sg_turs+sg_requests: make both accept \'--num=NUM\'
and \'--number=NUM\' for mutual compatibility

* sg_zone: fix debug cdb naming

* sg_opcode: add \'--enumerate\' and \'--pdt=\' options

* sg_raw: add \'--enumerate\' option

* sg_lib: add SSC maintenance in/out sa names
- add read buffer(16) command mode names
- add sg_decode_transportid_str()

* sg_lib_data: sync asc/ascq codes with T10 20160425

* harden code

* clang --analyze static checker clean ups

* shellcheck cleanup on scripts

* automake: add AM_PROG_AR to
- upgrade to version 1.15
- Include patches from upstream:

* sg_inq+sg_vpd: add --force option to bypass checking
of supported vpd pages

* sg_lib_data: add Bind and Unbind to service action out(16)
- Remove 0001-sg_vpd-sg_inq-Safe-VPD-page-access.patch; merged
with upstream.

Thu Apr 28 14:00:00 2016
- sg_inq,sg_vpd: Safe VPD page access (bsc#945094)

* Add 0001-sg_vpd-sg_inq-Safe-VPD-page-access.patch

Thu Feb 18 13:00:00 2016
- Update to new upstream release 1.42:

* sg_timestamp: new, to report or set timestamp

* sg_read_attr: new, supported by tape drives

* sg_stpg: fix truncation of target port field

* sg_inq: cope with unicode strings, udev fixes
- update version descriptor list to 20160125
- \'--export\': new entries for UUID descriptor

* sg_ses: add more field acronyms (ses3r11)
8 sg_logs: add Utilization lpage (sbc4r07)
- add Background operation lpage
- add Pending defects lpage
- add LPS misalignment lpage (sbc4r10)
- document \'--All\' (\'-A\') option
- rework lto tape vendor lpages

* sg_vpd: add Block limits extension VPD page
- add Device constituents VPD page
- add LB Protection VPD page (ssc 15-296r1)
- LB provisioning VPD page: expand LBPRZ, add
Minimum and Threshold percentage fields
- rework lto tape vendor VPD pages

* sg_inq+sg_vpd+sg_xcopy: add support for locally
assigned UUIDs in VPD page 0x83 (15-267r2)

* sg_sanitize: add --znr option (sbc4r07)

* sg_rep_zones: add --partial option (zbc-r04)

* sg_format: add ffmt option (sbc4r10)
- add support for FORMAT MEDIUM (for tape)

* sg_raw: document length relationships

* updates from Suse

* sg_lib_data: sync asc/ascq codes with T10 20151126

* sg_lib: add \'sense\' categories for SCSI statuses:
condition met, busy, task set full, ACA active and
task aborted
- add pr2serr() extern
- change sg_get_sense_str() and dStrHexStr(), return
chars written (returned void previously)
- add sg_get_sense_descriptors_str() function
- add sg_get_designation_descriptor_str() function
- sg_get_desig_type_str()+sg_get_desig_assoc_str()
and sg_get_desig_code_set_str() added
- sg_get_opcode_sa_name() break out zoning in/out,
read attribute and read position service actions

* sg_cmds_extra: add sg_ll_format_unit2() for FFMT

* sg_pr2serr.h: new, to shorten fprintf(stderr, ...)

* sg_io_linux, sg_pt_linux: drop SUGGEST_
* decoding

* sg_unaligned.h: add 48 bit support and gets for
variable length unsigned integers
- Delete sg3_utils-sg_inq-blacklist.diff; solved differently
- Added 40-usb-blacklist.rules (bsc#840054)
- Delete sg3_utils-58-scsi-sg3_symlink-fixup.patch;
merged with upstream
- Delete sg3_utils-flush-fixup.patch; merged with upstream

Mon Nov 16 13:00:00 2015
- Add sg3_utils-flush-fixup.patch: Fix syntax error when -f (flush
failed multipath devices) used in command line.

Mon Oct 5 14:00:00 2015
- Add sg3_utils-58-scsi-sg3_symlink-fixup.patch: Fix broken line in
script (boo#940833, boo#940834, boo#947947).

Wed Jul 8 14:00:00 2015
- Update to new upstream release 1.41

* sg_zone: new utility for open, close and finish
zone commands introduced in zbc-r02

* sg_rep_zones and sg_reset_wp: change opcodes as
indicated in zbc-r02

* sg_read_buffer: add READ BUFFER(16) support (spc5r02)

* sg_logs: add --enumerate and acronyms

* allow decode from hex or binary in file

* decode environmental reporting + limits lpages

* sg_write_buffer: add --timeout=TO option

* sg_lib interface: add sg_lib_pdt_decay(), TPROTO_PCIE
plus support for zoning service actions

* sg_lib: in Linux blocked devices yield ENXIO from
ioctl(SG_IO), map to SG_LIB_CAT_NOT_READY

* clean up sg_warnings_stream handling

* sg_inq+sg_vpd: fix SCSI name string decoding in
device identification VPD page (0x83)

* increase sanity on Unit Serial number VPD page

* improve rdac vpd page reporting (vendor)

* sg_inq: improve NAA handling in dev_id VPD page

* update version descriptor list to 20150126

Fri Feb 13 13:00:00 2015
- Update to ne wupstream release 1.40

* New utilities: sg_write_verify (for WRITE AND VERIFY),
sg_ses_microcode, sg_sat_read_gplog.

* sg_senddiag gained the --maxlen= and --page=PG options

* sg_opcodes gained the --compact field

* sg_inq: expand Block limits VPD page output
- Drop sg3_utils-fix-missing-rule-for-scsi_serial-partitions.patch,
(merged upstream)
- Replace symbol version hack (it forced lockstep updates) by
sgut-libversioning.diff (allows parallel installation).

Sun Jan 4 13:00:00 2015
- blacklist some usb controllers that don\'t like sg_inq (bnc#840054)
Add: sg3_utils-sg_inq-blacklist.diff

Wed Sep 3 14:00:00 2014
- Fixup formatting of invalid VPD pages (bnc#884779)
Add: sg3_utils-Fixup-formatting-of-invalid-VPD-page-0x83.patch
- sg_inq: Do not export long identifiers (bnc#884779)
Add: sg3_utils-Do-not-export-long-identifiers.patch

Wed Jun 25 14:00:00 2014
- Fix missing rule for generating links for partitions also (bnc#883032)

Fri Jun 20 14:00:00 2014
- Add symbol versions to library

Tue Jun 17 14:00:00 2014
- Update to new upstream release 1.39

* This release adds some ZBC support in the form of sg_rep_zones
and sg_reset_wp.

* It tracks changes made by since April 2014.
- Remove
sginfo-inq-fields-strip-blank.patch (merged upstream).

Thu May 15 14:00:00 2014
- Create compability links for ATA devices (bnc#876344)
- Suppress warnings for sg_inq --export (bnc#876454)

Tue Apr 15 14:00:00 2014
- added patch sginfo-inq-fields-strip-blank.patch
sg3_utils: Strip out trailing info from vendor info products fields in inq
- added patches:

* sginfo-inq-fields-strip-blank.patch

Fri Apr 11 14:00:00 2014
- Split off 59-scsi-sg_utils.rules to properly support
multipathing (bnc#873151)

Thu Apr 10 14:00:00 2014
- Update to official release 1.38

* Update documentation

* Update to latest SPC

* Minor fixes

* Add: sg3_utils-1.38.tar.xz

* Remove: sg3_utils-1.38b7r538.tar.xz

* Remove: sg3_utils-1.38r546.patch

* Remove: sg3_utils-1.38b12r556.patch
- Use 59-scsi-sg3_utils from the rpm
Remove: 59-scsi-sg3_utils.rules
- Fixup 59-scsi-sg3_utils.rules to not provide symlinks
on multipath device paths (bnc#872929)
Add: 0001-59-scsi-sg_utils.rules-skip-symlinks-for-multipath-d.patch

Fri Mar 7 13:00:00 2014
- Fixup 59-scsi_sg3_utils.rules to provide compability links
for ata_id (bnc#866933)

Fri Feb 28 13:00:00 2014
- Add 59-scsi-sg3_utils.rules (bnc#865494)

Tue Feb 25 13:00:00 2014
- Update to inofficial release 1.38b12r556 (bnc#865494)

* Add --inhex parameter to sg_inq

* sg_inq: decode ASCII information vpd page

* sg_inq: allow page=-1 to force std INQUIRY decoding

* sg_inq: improve unit serial number display

* sg_vpd: Add LTO and DDS vendor pages

* sg_persist: add SOP transport ID

* sg_lib_data: sync asc/ascq code with T10

* check if FC driver exports issue_lip

* Add man page for
- Remove sg3_utils-check-if-hba-supports-issue-lip.patch,
has been merged with upstream

Thu Jan 23 13:00:00 2014
- Update to inofficial release 1.38r546 (bnc#831778)

* sg_ses: error and warning message cleanup
- fix --data=- problem with large buffers
- new --data=AATTFN to read hex data from file FN
- add --maxlen= option

* sg_inq:
- add LU_CONG to standard inquiry response
- sync version descriptors dated 20131126
- fix overflow in encode_whitespaces

* sg_vpd: add LU_CONG to standard inquiry response output
- decode Third Party Copy (tpc) page

* sg_persist: add PROUT: Replace Lost Reservation (spc4r36)

* sg_readcap: for --16 show physical block size if

* sg_xcopy:
- environment variables: XCOPY_TO_SRC and
XCOPY_TO_DST indicate where xcopy command is sent
- change default to send xcopy to dst (was src)
- improve CL handling of short options (e.g. \'-vv\')

* sg_write_same: repeat if unit attention

* sg_rtpg: fix indexing bug with --extended option

* sg_lib_data: sync asc/ascq codes with T10 dated 20131110

* sg_cmds_extra: fix sa bug in sg_ll_3party_copy_out()
- Update tarball to 1.38b7r537
- Add sg3_utils-1.38r546.patch

Mon Nov 4 13:00:00 2013
- Update to new upstream release 1.37

* sg_compare_and_write: add --quiet option to suppress miscompare

* sg_persist: fix core dump on -Q option

* sg_unmap: fix core dump on -g option

* sg_ses: add --nickname and --nickid options
- Remove sg3_utils-Fixup-T10-Vendor-designator-display.patch
(merged upstream)

Sun Aug 25 14:00:00 2013
- Fixup T10 Vendor designator display (bnc#805059)
- In, check if the HBA driver exports issue_lip
in sysfs before using it (bnc#780946)

Thu Jun 13 14:00:00 2013
- Implement shlib packaging guidelines; rename sg3_utils-devel
to libsgutils-devel (upstream recommendation)
- More robust make install call; remove redundant %clean section;
simplify file lists

Tue Jun 11 14:00:00 2013
- Update to version 1.36
- sg_vpd: Protocol-specific port information VPD page
for SAS SSP, persistent connection (spl3r2), power
disable (spl3r3)
- block device characteristics: add FUAB bit
- sg_xcopy: handle more descriptor types; handle zero
maximum segment length; allow list IDs to be disabled;
improve skip/seek handling; allow xcopy on destination
- sg_reset: and --no-esc option to stop reset escalation
- clean up cli, add long option names
- sg_luns: add --test=ALUN option for decoding LUNs
- decoded luns output in decimal or hex (if -HH given)
- add \'--linux\' option to show Linux LUN after T10
representation, can map one to the other
- sg_inq: add --vendor option to show standard inquiry\'s
vendor specific fields in ASCII
- take resid into account with response output
- sg_sync: add --16 (for 16 byte command) and --timeout=
- sg_logs: add data compression page (ssc4)
- sg_sat_set_features: increase --lba from 1 to 4 bytes
- sg_write_same: add --ndob option (sbc3r35d)
- sg_map: mark as deprecated
- sginfo: mark as deprecated, especially -l (list)
- sg_lib: improve snprintf handling
- sg_lib_data: sync asc/ascq codes with T10 20130117
- sg_cmds (lib): if noisy given, give more UA info
- make code more C++ friendly

Tue Mar 12 13:00:00 2013
- Update to version 1.35
- sg_compare_and_write: new utility
- sg_inq+sg_vpd: block device characteristics VPD page:
add product_type, WABEREQ, WACEREQ and VBULS fields
- sg_inq: more --export option changes for udev
- sg_vpd: add more rdac vendor specific vpd pages
- sg_verify: add --ebytchk option for sbc3r34 changes
- sg_stpg: --offline option: fix \'Invalid state 0xe\'
- sg_ses: Door Lock element changed to Door element and
abbreviation changed from \'dl\' to \'do\' (ses3r05)
- archive/ upgrade to version 1.53hr
- move to scripts directory
- sync to sbc3r34
- sg_lib: sg_ll_verify10+16 expand BYTCHK to 2 bit field
- sg_pt_win32, sg_scan(win32): changes for cygwin 1.7.17
- clean up man page summary lines
- sg_xcopy: new dd like utility for extended copy command
- sg_copy_results: new utility for receive copy results
- sg_verify: add 16 byte cdb, bytchk (data-out buffer)
and group number support
- sync to spc4r36 and sbc3r32
- sg_inq: add --export so sg_inq can replace udev\'s scsi_id
- decode old EMC Symmetrix abuse of VPD page 0x83
- sg_vpd: decode old EMC Symmetrix abuse of VPD page 0x83
- sg_ses: increase max dpage response size to 64 KB
- allow ident,locate on enclosure controller
- more sanity for additional element status descriptor
- sg_sanitize: add --ause, --fail and --test=
- sg_luns: add long extended flat space addressing format
- sg_logs: add ATA pass-through results lpage (SAT-2)
- sg_rtpg: add --extended option
- sg_senddiag: list rebuild assist diag page name
- sg_pt_linux: expand DID_ (host_byte) codes
- cope with a transport error plus sense data
- prefer major() over MAJOR() macro
- sg_lib: fix sg_get_command_name() service actions
- report sdat_ovfl bit (if set) in sense data
- decode extended_copy and receive_copy service actions
- decode read_buffer and write_buffer modes
- decode ATA PT fixed format sense (SAT-2)
- sg_cmds_extra: add sg_ll_report_tgt_prt_grp2()
- ./configure options:
- change --enable-no-linux-bsg to --disable-linuxbsg
- add --disable-scsistrings to reduce utility sizes

Wed Jul 4 14:00:00 2012
- license update: GPL-2.0+ and BSD-3-Clause
Show aggregation and make compatible with Fedora declaration

Sun Apr 22 14:00:00 2012
- Update to version 1.33
- sg_ses: major rework of indexes (again), now two level
- sg_write_buffer: new --specific option for mode specific
field; new mode 13 (spc4r32)
- sg_vpd: add hp3par volume info vendor VPD page
- fix \'scsi ports\' [0x88] page problem
- add \'sinq\' pseudo page for standard inquiry response
- add power consumption page
- sg_format: add --poll= option for request sense polling
- improve handling of disks > 2 TB and DIF (protection)
- sg_logs: LB provision lpage extra (sbc3r28)
- sg_modes: application tag mpage subcode 0xf0->0x2
- sg_write_same: no prot fields when wrprotect=0
- sg_get_lba_status: reflect change in sbc3r25 to Parameter
Data Length response field (offset reduced from 8 to 4)
- sg_inq, sg_vpd: sync with spc4r33
- win32: change DataBufferOffset type per MSDN; caused
problem with 64 bit machines (with buffered interface)
- sg_luns: tweak documentation for vendor specific reports
- add man pages for scsi_loging_level, scsi_mandat,
scsi_satl and scsi_temperature

Mon Jan 16 13:00:00 2012
- Update to version 1.32
+ sg_sanitize: new utility for command added in sb3r27
+ sg_sat_identify: add \'--ident\' to output WWN
+ sg_ses: major rework of descriptor output
+ add --index, --descriptor, --join, --clear, --get, and --set
+ sg_raw: exit status corrections
+ sg_decode_sense: add --nospace and --hex options
+ sg_logs: fix bug with large --maxlen
+ zero response length when resid implies it is invalid
+ add scope field to lb provisioning lpage (sb3r27)
+ sg_inq: sync version descriptors with spc4r31
+ sb_lib_data: sync asc/ascq codes with spc4r31
+ sg_vpd: add LBPRZ field in LP provisioning VPD page
+ sg_format: allow format of pdt 7 (some MO drives)
+ sg_cmd_basic: sg_cmds_process_resp() handle status good
with a sense key other than no_sense (e.g. completed)
+ add README.iscsi
- Updated to v1.56

Thu Mar 10 13:00:00 2011
- fix file list

Fri Feb 18 13:00:00 2011
- Update to version 1.31:
+ sg_decode_sense: new utility to decode sense data
+ sg_vpd: LB provisioning + Block limits pages (sbc3r26)
+ sync asc/ascq and version descriptors with spc4r28
+ sg_get_config, sg_rmsn, sg_verify: add --readonly option
+ sg_lib: implement forwarded sense data descriptor
- decode user data segment referral sense data descriptor
+ sg_lib, sg_turs, sg_format: more precision for progress
indication (two places after decimal point)
+ sg_lib(win32): add runtime selection of SPT direct or
indirect interface
- sg_read_buffer+sg_write_buffer: set SPT direct
+ add examples/forwarded_sense.txt + examples/ref_sense.txt
- Changes from version 1.30:
+ sg_referrals: new utility for REPORT REFERRALS
+ sbc3r25 renames \'thin\' provisioning\' to \'logical block
provisioning\': changes in sg_format, sg_inq, sg_logs,
sg_modes, sg_readcap, sg_vpd
+ sg_inq: update version descriptor list to spc4r27
- extended inquiry vpd page add extended self test
completion minutes field
+ sg_lib: sync asc/ascq list to spc4r27
- dStrHex(): trim excess trailing spaces
+ sg_read_long: add --readonly option (open() is rw)
+ sg_raw: add --readonly option (open() is rw)
- allow bidirectional commands
+ sg_vpd: rdac vendor page [0xc8] parse corrections
- extended inquiry vpd page add extended self test
- completion minutes field
+ sg_ses: expand --data (in) buffer to 2048 bytes
+ sg_opcodes: add extended parameter data for TMFs (spc4r26)
+ sg_dd: clean count calculation, document nocache flag
- treat bsg devices as implicit sg_io
+ sg_write_same: if READ CAPACITY(16) fails try 10 byte variant
- anticipate approval of proposal to allow UNMAP and ANCHOR
bits to be set on WRITE SAME(10) with \'--10\' option
+ sg3_utils man page: sections added for OS device names

Fri Aug 13 14:00:00 2010
- Update to version 1.29:
+ sg_rtpg: new logical block dependent state and bit (spc4r23)
+ sg_start: add \'--readonly\' option for ATA disks
+ sg_lib: update asc/ascq list to spc4r23
+ sg_inq: update version descriptor list to spc4r23
+ sg_vpd: block device characteristics page: fix form factor
- update Extended Inquiry VPD page to spc4r23
- update Block Limits VPD page to sbc3r22
- update Thin Provisioning VPD page to sbc3r22
- Automation device serial number and Data transfer device
element VPD pages (ssc4r01)
- add Referrals VPD page (sbc3r22)
+ sg_logs: add thin provisioning and solid state media log pages
- addition of IBM LTO specific log pages
+ sg_modes: new page names from ssc4r01
+ sg_ses: sync with ses3r02 (SAS-2.1 connector types)
+ sg_unmap: add \'--anchor\' option (sbc3r22)
+ sg_write_same: add \'--anchor\' option (sbc3r22)
+ sg_pt interface: add set_scsi_pt_flags() to permit passing
+ add examples/sg_queue_tst+bsg_queue_tst for SG_FLAG_Q_AT_TAIL
+ add AM_MAINTAINER_MODE to to lessen build issues
+ add BSD_LICENSE file to this and lib directories, refer to
it from source and header files. Some source has GPL license
- Changes from version 1.28:
+ sg_unmap: new utility for thin provisioning
- add examples/sg_unmap_example.txt
+ sg_get_lba_status: new utility for thin provisioning
+ sg_read_block_limits: new utility for tape drives
+ sg_logs: add cache memory statistics log (sub)page
+ sg_vpd, sg_inq: extend Block limits VPD page (sbc3r19)
+ sg_vpd: add Thin provisioning VPD page (sbc3r20) and
TapeAlert supported flags VPD page
+ sg_inq: note VPD page support better in sg_vpd
+ sg_persist: add transport specific transportID format
- allow transportIDs to be read from named file
+ sg_opcodes: allow --opcode= option to take OP and SA
values (comma seperated)
- tweak print format, remove test code
+ sg_requests: remove test code in progress calculation
+ sg_reset: add target reset option
+ sg_luns: reduce default maxlen to 8192 (for FreeBSD)
+ sg_raw: extend max cdb length from 16 to 256 bytes
- align heap allocs to page boundaries
+ sg_lib: sg_set_binary_mode() needs config.h included
- add progress indication sense data descriptor (0xa)
- change SG3_UTILS_
* constants to SG_LIB_
- decode service actions within persistent reserve in/out
- sync with spc4r21
+ sg_cmds_extra: add sg_ll_unmap() and sg_ll_get_lba_status()
+ sg_pt_linux: fix check condition but empty sense buffer;
- major() macro grief, if present include and
use MAJOR() instead
+ scripts/sas_disk_blink: moved from this package to sdparm
+ utils/hxascdmp: in Windows set binary mode on read files
+ examples/ add PRIN read full status command
+ sg_raw,sg_write_buffer,sg_write_long,sg_write_same: in Windows
set binary mode on read files
+ sg_pt_win32: default to non-direct variant of SPT interface
- use \'./configure --enable-win32-spt-direct\' to override
- non-direct data length set to 16 KB, extended if required
+ debian: incorporate patch from debian sid

Mon Jun 28 14:00:00 2010
- use %_smp_mflags

Tue Jul 21 14:00:00 2009
- Clean up spec file and remove obsolete cruft

Fri Apr 17 14:00:00 2009
- remove static libraries and \"la\" files