Changelog for onedrive-2.2.4-2.2.x86_64.rpm :
Tue Jan 15 13:00:00 2019
- apply onedrive-2.2.4-git-master.diff to fix shared folder not
syncing issue gh#323

Tue Jan 15 13:00:00 2019
- update to version [2.2.4] - 2018-12-28
- Fixed

* Resolve JSONException when supplying --get-O365-drive-id option
with a string containing spaces

* Resolve \'sync_dir\' not read from \'config\' file when run in
Docker container

* Resolve logic where potentially a \'default\' ~/OneDrive sync_dir
could be set despite \'config\' file configured for an alternate

* Make sure sqlite checkpointing works by properly finalizing

* Update logic handling of --single-directory to prevent
inadvertent local data loss

* Resolve signal handling and database shutdown on SIGINT and

* Update man page

* Implement better help output formatting
- Added

* Add debug handling for sync_dir operations

* Add debug handling for homePath calculation

* Add debug handling for configDirBase calculation

* Add debug handling if syncDir is created

* Implement Feature Request: Add status command or switch
- update to version [2.2.3] - 2018-12-20
- Fixed

* Fix syncdir option is ignored
- update to version [2.2.2] - 2018-12-20
- Fixed

* Handle short lived files in monitor mode

* Provide better log messages, less noise on temporary timeouts

* Deal with items that disappear during upload

* Deal with deleted move targets

* Reinitialize sync engine after three failed attempts

* Fix activation of dmd for docker builds

* Fix to check displayName rather than description for
- -get-O365-drive-id

* Fix checking of config file keys for validity

* Fix exception handling when missing parameter from usage option
- Added

* Notification support via libnotify

* Add very verbose (debug) mode by double -v -v

* Implement option --display-config
- update to version [2.2.1] - 2018-12-04
- Fixed

* Gracefully handle connection errors in monitor mode

* Fix renaming of files when syncing

* Installation of doc files, addition of man page

* Adjust timeout values for libcurl

* Continue in monitor mode when sync timed out

* Fix unreachable statements

* Update Makefile to better support packaging

* Allow starting offline in monitor mode
- Added

* Implement --get-O365-drive-id to get correct SharePoint Shared
Library (#248)

* Docker buildfiles for onedrive service (#262)
- update to version [2.2.0] - 2018-11-24
- Fixed

* Updated client to output additional logging when debugging

* Resolve database assertion failure due to authentication

* Resolve unable to create folders on shared OneDrive Personal
- Added

* Implement feature request to Sync from Microsoft SharePoint

* Implement feature request to specify a logging directory if
logging is enabled
- Changed

* Change \'--download\' to \'--download-only\' to align with

* Change logging so that logging to a separate file is no longer
the default
- update to version [2.1.6] - 2018-11-15
- Fixed

* Updated HTTP/2 transport handling when using curl 7.62.0 for
session uploads

* Added PKGBUILD for makepkg for building packages under Arch
- update to version [2.1.5] - 2018-11-11
- Fixed

* Resolve \'Key not found: path\' when syncing from some shared
folders due to OneDrive API change

* Resolve to only upload changes on remote folder if the item is
in the database - dont assert if false

* Resolve files will not download or upload when using curl
7.62.0 due to HTTP/2 being set as default for all curl

* Resolve to handle HTTP request returned status code 412
(Precondition Failed) for session uploads to OneDrive Personal

* Resolve unable to remove \'~/.config/onedrive/resume_upload: No
such file or directory\' if there is a session upload error and
the resume file does not get created

* Resolve handling of response codes when using 2 different
systems when using \'--upload-only\' but the same OneDrive
account and uploading the same filename to the same location
- Updated

* Updated Travis CI building on LDC v1.11.0 for ARMHF builds

* Updated Makefile to use \'install -D -m 644\' rather than
\'cp -raf\'

* Updated default config to be aligned to code defaults

Tue Oct 23 14:00:00 2018
- switch to significantly advanced abraunegg fork
- updated to version [2.1.4] - 2018-10-10
check for details
- spec cleanup and adjustments

Wed Apr 11 14:00:00 2018
- added patch crash when the delta link is expired

Wed Feb 14 13:00:00 2018
- added released version 1.1.1

Tue Jul 4 14:00:00 2017
- repack of git version as there are no more
standard tagged releases