Changelog for libncurses5-6.0-425.1.x86_64.rpm :
Mon Oct 9 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20171007
+ modify \"-T\" option of clear and tput to call use_tioctl() to obtain
the operating system\'s notion of the screensize if possible.
+ review/repair some exit-codes for tput, making usage-message exit
with 2 rather than 1, and a failure to open terminal 4+errno.
+ amend check in tput, tabs and clear to allow those to use the
database-only features in cron if a -T option gives a suitable
terminal name (report by Lauri Tirkkonen).
+ correct an ifdef in test/ncurses.c for systems with soft-keys but
not slk_color().
+ regenerate man-html documentation.

Wed Oct 4 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170930
+ fix a symbol conflict that made ncurses.c C/c menu not work with
Solaris xpg4 curses.
+ add refresh() call to dots_mvcur.c, needed to use mvcur() with
Solaris xpg4 curses after calling newterm().
+ minor fixes for configure script from work on ncurses-examples and
+ improve animation in test/xmas.c by adding a time-delay in blinkit().
+ modify several test programs to reflect that ncurses honors existing
signal handlers in initscr(), while other implementations do not.
+ modify bs.c to make it easier to quit.
+ change ncurses-examples to use attr_t vs chtype to follow X/Open
documentation more closely since Solaris xpg4-curses uses different
values for WA_xxx vs A_xxx that rely on attr_t being an unsigned
short. Tru64 aka OSF1, HPUX, AIX did as ncurses does, equating the
two sets.

Mon Sep 25 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170923
+ modify menu for test/ncurses.c to fit on 24-line screen.
+ build-fix for configure --with-caps=uwin
+ add options to test_arrays.c, for selecting termcap vs terminfo, etc.

Mon Sep 18 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170916
+ minor fix to test/filter.c to avoid clearing the command in one case.
+ modify filter() to discard clr_eos if back_color_erase is set.

Mon Sep 18 14:00:00 2017
- Do not remove ticw.pc as well as tinfow.pc for wide character
ncurses ABI 6 (boo#1056171)

Mon Sep 11 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170827
+ fix a bug in repeat_char logic (cf: 20170729, report by Chris Clayton).
- Add ncurses patch 20170902
+ amend change for endwin-state for better consistency with the older
logic (report/patch by Jeb Rosen, cf: 20170722).
+ modify check in fmt_entry() to handle a cancelled reset string
(Debian #873746). Make similar fixes in other parts of dump_entry.c
and tput.c
- Add ncurses patch 20170909
+ improve wide-character implementation of myADDNSTR() in frm_driver.c,
which was inconsistent with the normal implementation.
+ save/restore cursor position in Undo_Justification(), matching
behavior of Buffer_To_Window() (report by Leon Winter).
+ modify test/knight to provide the \"slow\" solution for small screens
using \"R\", noting that Warnsdorf\'s method is easily done with \"a\".
+ modify several test-programs which call use_default_colors() to
consistently do this only if \"-d\" option is given.
+ additional changes to test with non-standard variants of curses:
+ modify a loop limit in firework.c to work around absense of limit
checks in some libraries.
+ fill the last row of a window with \"?\" in firstlast if waddch does
not return ERR on the lower-right corner.
+ add checks in test/configure for some functions not in 4.3BSD curses.
+ fix a regression in test/configure (cf: 20170826).
- Split off terminfo-iterm to avoid conflict with package libiterm1

Sun Aug 27 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170826
+ fixes for \"iterm2\" (report by Leonardo Brondani Schenkel) -TD
+ corrected a warning from tic about keys which are the same, to skip
over missing/cancelled values.
+ add check in tic for unnecessary use of \"2\" to denote a shifted
special key.
+ improve checks in trim_sgr0, comp_parse.c and parse_entry.c, for
cancelled string capabilities.
+ add check in _nc_parse_entry() for invalid entry name, setting the
name to \"invalid\" to avoid problems storing entries.
+ add/improve checks in tic\'s parser to address invalid input
+ add a check in comp_scan.c to handle the special case where a
nontext file ending with a NUL rather than newline is given to tic
as input (Redhat #1484274).
+ allow for cancelled capabilities in _nc_save_str (Redhat #1484276).
+ add validity checks for \"use=\" target in _nc_parse_entry (Redhat
+ check for invalid strings in postprocess_termcap (Redhat #1484285)
+ reset secondary pointers on EOF in next_char() (Redhat #1484287).
+ guard _nc_safe_strcpy() and _nc_safe_strcat() against calls using
cancelled strings (Redhat #1484291).
+ correct typo in curs_memleaks.3x (Sven Joachim).
+ improve test/configure checks for some curses variants not based on
X/Open Curses.
+ add options for test/configure to disable checks for form, menu and
panel libraries.

Mon Aug 21 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170819
+ update \"iterm\" entry -TD
+ add \"iterm2\" entry (report by Leonardo Brondani Schenkel) -TD
+ regenerate llib-
* files.
+ regenerate HTML manpages.
+ improve picsmap test-program:
+ reduce memory used for tsearch
+ add report in log file showing cumulative color coverage.
+ add -x option to clear/tput to make the E3 extension optional
(cf: 20130622).
+ add options -T and -V to clear command for compatibility with tput.
+ add usage message to clear command (Debian #371855).
+ improve usage messages for tset and tput.
+ minor fixes to \"RDGB\" extension and reset_color_pairs().

Mon Aug 14 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170812
+ improve description of -R option in infocmp manual page (report by
Stephane Chazelas).
+ add reset_color_pairs() function.
+ add user_caps.5 manual page to document the terminfo extensions used
by ncurses.
+ improve build scripts, using SIGQUIT vs SIGTRAP; add other configure
script fixes from work on xterm, lynx and tack.
+ modify install-rule for ncurses-examples to put the data files in
+ improve tracemunch, by changing address-parameters of add_wch(),
color_content() and pair_content() to dummy parameters.
+ minor optimization to _nc_change_pair, to return quickly when the
current screen is marked for clearing.
+ in-progress changes to improve performance of test/picsmap.c for
loading image files.
+ modify allocation for SCREEN\'s color-pair table to start small, grow
on demand up to the existing limit.
+ add \"RGB\" extension capability for direct-color support, use this to
improve color_content().
+ improve picsmap test-program:
+ if no palette file is needed, attempt to load one based on $TERM,
checking first in the current directory, then by adding \".dat\"
suffix, and finally in the data-directory, e.g.,
+ add \"-l\" option for logging
+ add \"-d\" option for debugging
+ add \"-s\" option for stepping automatically through list of images,
with time delay.
+ use tsearch to improve time for loading color table for images.
+ update config.guess, config.sub from

Mon Jul 31 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170729
+ update interix entry using tack and SFU on Windows 7 Ultimate -TD
+ use ^? for kdch1 in interix (reported by Jonathan de Boyne Pollard)
+ add \"rep\" to xterm-new, available since 1997/01/26 -TD
+ move SGR 24 and 27 from vte-2014 to vte-2012 (request by Alain
Williams) -TD
+ add a check in newline_forces_scroll() in case a program moves the
cursor outside scrolling margins (report by Robert King).
+ improve _nc_tparm_analyze, using that to extend the checks made by
tic for reporting inconsistencies between the expected number of
parameters for a capability and the actual.
+ amend handling of repeat_char capability in EmitRange (adapted from
report/patch by Dick Wesseling):
+ translate the character to the alternate character set when the
alternate character set is enabled.
+ do not use repeat_char for characters past 255.
+ document \"_nc_free_tinfo\" in manual page, because it could be used in
tack for memory-leak checking.
+ add \"--without-tack\" configure option to refine \"--with-progs\"
configure option. Normally tack is no longer built in-tree, but
a few packagers combine it during the build. If term_entry.h is
installed, there is no advantage to in-tree builds.
+ adjust configure-script to define HAVE_CURSES_DATA_BOOLNAMES symbol
needed for tack 1.08 when built in-tree. Rather than relying upon
internal \"_nc_\" functions, tack now uses the boolean, number and
string capability name-arrays provided by ncurses and SVr4 Unix
curses. It still uses term_entry.h for the definitions of the
extended capability arrays.
+ add an overlooked null-pointer check in mvcur changes from 20170722
- Modify patch ncurses-5.7-tack.dif and ncurses-6.0.dif to get
position independent executables as well

Mon Jul 24 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170722
+ improve test-packages for ncurses-examples and AdaCurses for lintian
+ modify logic for endwin-state to be able to detect the case where
the screen was never initialized, using that to trigger a flush of
ncurses\' buffer for mvcur, e.g., in test/dots_mvcur.c for the
term-driver configuration.
+ add dependency upon ncurses_cfg.h to a few other internal header
files to allow each to be compiled separately.
+ add dependency upon ncurses_cfg.h to tic\'s header-files; any program
using tic-library will have to supply this file. Legacy tack
versions supply this file; ongoing tack development has dropped the
dependency upon tic-library and new releases will not be affected.

Tue Jul 18 14:00:00 2017
- Fix build by removing workaround in patch ncurses-5.7-tack.dif
which was required since patch 20170415 but had become obsolete
with patch 20170715

Mon Jul 17 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170715
+ modify command-line parameters for \"convert\" used in picsmap to work
with ImageMagick 6.8 and newer.
+ fix build-problem with tack and ABI-5 (Debian #868328).
+ repair termcap-format from tic/infocmp broken in 20170701 fixes
(Debian #868266).
+ reformat terminfo.src with 20170513 updates.
+ improve test-packages to address lintian warnings.

Mon Jul 10 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170708
+ add a note to tic manual page about -W versus -f options.
+ correct a limit-check in fixes from 20170701 (report by Sven Joachim).
- This also for bug bsc#1047964 and bug bsc#1047965

Mon Jul 3 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170701 (bsc#1046853, bsc#1046858)
+ modify update_getenv() in db_iterator.c to ensure that environment
variables which are not initially set will be checked later if an
application happens to set them (patch by Guillaume Maudoux).
+ remove initialization-check for calling napms() in the term-driver
configuration; none is needed.
+ add help-screen to test/test_getstr.c and test/test_get_wstr.c
+ improve compatibility between different configurations of new_prescr,
fixing a case with threaded code and term-driver where c++/demo did
not work (cf: 20160213).
+ the fixes for Redhat #1464685 obscured a problem subsequently
reported in Redhat #1464687; the given test-case was no longer
reproducible. Testing without the fixes for the earlier reports
showed a problem with buffer overflow in dump_entry.c, which is
addressed by reducing the use of a fixed-size buffer.
+ add/improve checks in tic\'s parser to address invalid input
(Redhat #1464684, #1464685, #1464686, #1464691).
+ alloc_entry.c, add a check for a null-pointer.
+ parse_entry.c, add several checks for valid pointers as well as
one check to ensure that a single character on a line is not
treated as the 2-character termcap short-name.
+ fix a memory leak in delscreen() (report by Bai Junq).
+ improve tracemunch, showing thread identifiers as names.
+ fix a use-after-free in NCursesMenu::~NCursesMenu()
+ further amend incorrect calls for memory-leaks from 20170617 changes
(report by Allen Hewes).

Sun Jun 25 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170624
+ modify c++/ to accommodate deprecation of throw() and
throws() in c++17 (prompted by patch by Romain Geissler).
+ remove some incorrect calls for memory-leaks from 20170617 changes
(report by Allen Hewes).
+ add test-programs for termattrs and term_attrs.
+ modify _nc_outc_wrapper to use the standard output if the screen was
not initialized, rather than returning an error.
+ improve checks for low-level terminfo functions when the terminal
has not been initialized (Redhat #1345963).
+ modify make_hash to allow building with address-sanitizer,
assuming that --disable-leaks is configured.
+ amend changes for number_format() in 20170506 to avoid undefined
behavior when shifting (patch by Emanuele Giaquinta).

Wed Jun 21 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170617
+ fill in some places where TERMTYPE2 vs TERMTYPE was not used
(report by Allen Hewes).
+ use ExitTerminfo() internally in error-exits for ncurses\' setupterm
to help with leak checking.
+ use ExitProgram() in error-exit from initscr() to help with leak
+ review test-programs, adding checks for cases where the terminal
cannot be initialized.

Mon Jun 12 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170610
+ add option \"-xp\" to picsmap.c, to use init_extended_pair().
+ make simple performance fixes for picsmap.c
+ improve aspect ratio of images read from \"convert\" in picsmap.c
- Add ncurses patch 20170603
+ add option to picsmap to use color-palette files, e.g., for mapping
to xterm-256color.
+ move the data in SCREEN used for the alloc_pair() function to the
end, to restore compatibility between ncurses/ncursesw libtinfo
(report/patch by Miroslav Lichvar).
+ add build-time utility \"report_offsets\" to help show when the various
configurations of tinfo library are compatible or not.
- Remove patch ncurses-6.0-crashw.patch as a temporary as now part
of patch level 20170603

Tue May 30 14:00:00 2017
- Add patch ncurses-6.0-crashw.patch as a temporary fix which will
become part of next patch level: solve binary incompatiblity of
libtinfow and libtinfo

Mon May 29 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170527
+ improved test/picsmap.c:
+ lookup named colors for xpm files in rgb.txt
+ accept blanks in color-keys for xpm files.
+ if neither xbm/xpm work, try \"convert\", which may be available.

Wed May 24 14:00:00 2017
- Fix ncursesw6-config and ncursesw5-config scripts to return -ltinfow
as well as the pkg-config files do

Mon May 22 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170520
+ modify test/picsmap.c to read xpm files.
+ modify package/debian/
* to create documentation packages, so the
related files can be checked with lintian.
+ fix some typos in manpages (report/patch by Sven Joachim).

Mon May 15 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170513
+ add test/picsmap.c to fill in some testing issues not met by dots.
The initial version reads X bitmap (\".xbm\") files.
+ repair logic which forces a repaint where a color-pair\'s content is
changed (cf: 20170311).
+ improve tracemunch, showing screenXX pointers as names.

Fri May 12 14:00:00 2017
- Better screen support and workaround about missing terminfo entries
might be help on boo#812067 as well as on boo#935736 but may cause
boo#940459 (which should be fixed by screen its self!)
- New package terminfo-screen which includes some useful but troubling
terminfo database entries for screen.

Wed May 10 14:00:00 2017
- Disable the usage of getttynam(3) as under Linux this is not used

Tue May 9 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170506
+ modify tic/infocmp display of numeric values to use hexadecimal when
they are \"close\" to a power of two, making the result more readable.
+ improve discussion of portability in curs_mouse.3x
+ change line-length for generated html/manpages to 78 columns from 65.
+ improve discussion of line-drawing characters in curs_add_wch.3x
(prompted by discussion with Lorinczy Zsigmond).
+ cleanup formatting of hackguide.html and ncurses-intro.html
+ add examples for WACS_D_PLUS and WACS_T_PLUS to test/ncurses.c

Tue May 2 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170429
+ corrected a case where $with_gpm was set to \"maybe\" after CF_WITH_GPM,
overlooked in 20160528 fixes (report by Alexandre Bury).
+ improve a couple of test-program\'s help-messages.
+ corrected loop in rain.c from 20170415 changes.
+ modify winnstr and winchnstr to return error if the output pointer is
null, as well as adding a null pointer check of the window pointer
for better compatibility with other implementations.
+ improve discussion of NetBSD curses in scr_dump.5
+ modify LIMIT_TYPED macro in new_pair.h to avoid changing sign of the
value to be limited (reports by Darby Payne, Rob Boudreau).
+ update config.guess, config.sub from

Mon Apr 24 14:00:00 2017
- Also split libtic into normal and wide version libticw as those
libraries are linked with libtinfo respectively libtinfow
- The tack tool does require the old _nc_read_entry()

Mon Apr 24 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170422
+ build-fix for termcap-configuration (report by Chi-Hsuan Yen).
+ improve terminfo manual page discussion of control- and graphics-
+ remove tic warning about \"^?\" in string capabilities, which was
marked as an extension (cf: 20000610, 20110820); however all Unix
implementations support this and X/Open Curses does not address it.
On the other hand, termcap never did support this feature.
+ correct missing comma-separator between string capabilities in
icl6402 and m2-nam -TD
+ restore rmir/smir in ansi+idc to better match original ansiterm+idc,
add alias ansiterm (report by Robert King).
+ amend an old check for ambiguous use of \"ma\" in terminfo versus
a termcap use, if the capability is cancelled to treat it as number.
+ correct a case in _nc_captoinfo() which read \"%%\" and emitted \"%\".
+ modify sscanf calls in _nc_infotocap() for patterns \"%{number}%+%c\"
and \"%\'char\'%+%c\" to check that the final character is really \'c\',
avoiding a case in icl6404 which cannot be converted to termcap.
+ in _nc_infotocap(), add a check to ensure that terminfo \"^?\" is not
written to termcap, because the BSDs did not implement that.
+ in _nc_tic_expand() and _nc_infotocap(), improve string-length check
when deciding whether to use \"^X\" or \"\\xxx\" format for control
characters, to make the output of tic/infocmp more predictable.
+ limit termcap \"%d\" width to 2 digits on input, and use \"%2\" in
preference to \"%02\" on output.
+ correct terminfo/termcap conversion of \"%02\" and \"%03\" into \"%2\" and
\"%3\"; the result repeated the last character.
+ add man/scr_dump.5 to document screen-dump format.
- Add ncurses patch 20170415
+ modify several test programs to use new popup_msgs, adapted from
help-screen used in test/edit_field.c
+ drop two symbols obsoleted in 2004: _nc_check_termtype, and
+ fix some old copyright dates (cf: 20031025).
+ build-fixes for test/savescreen.c to work with AIX and HPUX.
+ minor fix to configure script, adding a backslash/continuation.
+ extend TERMINAL structure for ABI 6 to store numbers internally as
integers rather than short, by adding new data for this purpose.
+ more fixes for minor memory-leaks in test-programs.

Thu Apr 13 14:00:00 2017
- With one of the latest update patches libtinfo now has become
splitted into a normal and wide character version (boo#1033198)

Mon Apr 10 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170408
+ change logic in wins_nwstr() to avoid addressing data past the output
of mbstowcs().
+ correct a call to setcchar() in Data_Entry_w() from 20131207 changes.
+ fix minor memory-leaks in test-programs.
+ further improve ifdef in term_entry.h for internal definitions not
used by tack.

Mon Apr 3 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170401
+ minor fixes for vt100+4bsd, e.g., delay in sgr for consistency -TD
+ add smso for env230, to match sgr -TD
+ remove p7/protect from sgr in fbterm -TD
+ drop setf/setb from fbterm; setaf/setab are enough -TD
+ make xterm-pcolor sgr consistent with other capabilities -TD
+ add rmxx/smxx ECMA-48 strikeout extension to tmux and xterm-basic
(discussion with Nicholas Marriott)
+ add test-programs sp_tinfo and extended_color
+ modify no-leaks code for lib_cur_term.c to account for the tgetent()
+ modify setupterm() to save original tty-modes so that erasechar()
works as expected. Also modify _nc_setupscreen() to avoid redundant
calls to get original tty-modes.
+ modify set_curterm() to update ttytype[] data used by longname().
+ modify wattr_set() and wattr_get() to return ERR if win-parameter is
null, as documented.
+ improve cast used for null-pointer checks in header macros, to
reduce compiler warnings.
+ modify several functions, using the reserved \"opts\" parameter to pass
color- and pair-values larger than 16-bits:
+ getcchar(), setcchar(), slk_attr_set(), vid_puts(), wattr_get(),
wattr_set(), wchgat(), wcolor_set().
+ Other functions call these with the corresponding altered behavior,
including chgat(), mvchgat(), mvwchgat(), slk_color_on(),
slk_color_off(), vid_attr().
+ add new functions for manipulating color- and pair-values larger
than 16-bits. These are extended_color_content(),
extended_pair_content(), extended_slk_color(), init_extended_color(),
init_extended_pair(), and the corresponding sp-funcs.

Sun Mar 26 14:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170325
+ fix a memory leak in the window-list when creating multiple screens
(reports by Andres Martinelli, Debian #783486).
+ reviewed calls from link_test.c, added a few more null-pointer
+ add a null-pointer check in ungetmouse, in case mousemask was not
called (report by \"Kau\").
+ updated curs_sp_funcs.3x for new functions.

Mon Mar 20 13:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170318
+ change TERMINAL structure in term.h to make it opaque. Some
applications misuse its members, e.g., directly modifying it
rather than using def_prog_mode().
+ modify utility headers such as tic.h to make it clearer which are
externals that are used by tack.
+ improve curs_slk.3x in particular its discussion of portability.
+ fix cut/paste in legacy_encoding.3x
+ add prototype for find_pair() to new_pair.3x (report by Branden
+ fix a couple of broken links in generated man-html documentation.
+ regenerate man-html documentation.
- Add tack patch 1.07.20170318

* init.c:
use def_prog_mode() to eliminate two internal details from ncurses

* edit.c, tack.h: accommodate opaque TERMINAL structure in ncurses

* tack.h: update copyright to match version

* config.sub: 2017-02-07

* config.guess: 2017-03-05

Mon Mar 13 13:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170311
+ modify vt100 rs2 string to reset vt52 mode and scrolling regions
(report/analysis by Robert King) -TD
+ add vt100+4bsd building block, use that for older terminals rather
than \"vt100\" which is now mostly used as a building block for
terminal emulators -TD
+ correct a few spelling errors in terminfo.src comments -TD
+ add fbterm -TD
+ fix a typo in ncurses.c test_attr legend (patch by Petr Vanek).
+ changed internal colorpair_t to a struct, eliminating an internal
8-bit limit on colors
+ add ncurses/new_pair.h
+ add ncurses/base/new_pair.c with alloc_pair(), find_pair() and
free_pair() functions
+ add test/demo_new_pair.c
- Add ncurses patch 20170304
+ improve terminfo manual description of terminfo syntax.
+ clarify the use of wint_t vs wchar_t in curs_get_wstr.3x
+ improve description of endwin() in manual.
+ modify setcchar() and getcchar() to treat negative color-pair as an
+ fix a typo in include/hashed_db.h (Andre Sa).

Thu Mar 2 13:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170225
+ fixes for CF_CC_ENV_FLAGS (report by Ross Burton).

Mon Feb 20 13:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170218
+ fix several formatting issues with manual pages.
+ correct read of terminfo entry in which all strings are absent or
explicitly cancelled. Before this fix, the result was that all were
treated as only absent.
+ modify infocmp to suppress mixture of absent/cancelled capabilities
that would only show as \"NULL, NULL\", unless the -q option is used,
e.g., to show \"-, AATT\" or \"AATT, -\".

Mon Feb 13 13:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170212
+ build-fixes for PGI compilers (report by Adam J. Stewart)
+ accept whitespace in sed expression for generating expanded.c
+ modify configure check that g++ compiler warnings are not used.
+ add configure check for -fPIC option needed for shared libraries.
+ let configure --disable-ext-funcs override the default for the
- -enable-sp-funcs option.
+ mark some structs in form/menu/panel libraries as potentially opaque
without modifying API/ABI.
+ add configure option --enable-opaque-curses for ncurses library and
similar options for the other libraries.

Mon Feb 6 13:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170204
+ trim newlines, tabs and escaped newlines from terminfo \"paths\" passed
to db-iterator.
+ ignore zero-length files in db-iterator; these are useful for
instance to suppress \"$HOME/.terminfo\" when not wanted.
+ amended \"b64:\" encoder to work with the terminfo reader.
+ modify terminfo reader to accept \"b64:\" format using RFC-3548 in
as well as RFC-4648 url/filename-safe format.
+ modify terminfo reader to accept \"hex:\" format as generated by
\"infocmp -0qQ1\" (cf: 20150905).
+ adjust authors comment to reflect drop below 1% for SV.

Fri Feb 3 13:00:00 2017
- Drop authors block from description and ship AUTHORS intead.
- Replace canned summaries and descriptions by
package-specific ones.
- Replace |xargs rm by simpler -delete. Use modern tar options.

Fri Feb 3 13:00:00 2017
- Use gzip shell script as GZIP envornment variable becomes obsolescent
- Split of ncurses5-devel from ncurses-devel
- Now ncurses-devel also provides ncurses6-devel
- Also ncurses5-devel requires libncurses5 (boo#1023296)
packages which want to be build with ncurses5-devel may require
pkgconfig(ncurses5) or pkgconfig(ncursesw5) or
/usr/bin/ncurses5-config or /usr/bin/ncursesw5-config

Mon Jan 30 13:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170128
+ minor comment-fixes to help automate links to bug-urls -TD
+ add dvtm, dvtm-256color -TD
+ add settings corresponding to xterm-keys option to tmux entry to
reflect upcoming change to make that option \"on\" by default
(patch by Nicholas Marriott).
+ uncancel Ms in tmux entry (Harry Gindi, Nicholas Marriott).
+ add dumb-emacs-ansi -TD

Sun Jan 22 13:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170121
+ improve discussion of early history of tput program.
+ incorporate A_COLOR mask into COLOR_PAIR(), in case user application
provides an out-of-range pair number (report by Elijah Stone).
+ clarify description in tput manual page regarding support for
termcap names (prompted by FreeBSD #214709).
+ remove a restriction in tput\'s support for termcap names which
omitted capabilities normally not shown in termcap translations
(cf: 990123).
+ modify configure script for clang as used on FreeBSD, to work around
clang\'s differences in exit codes vs gcc.

Thu Jan 19 13:00:00 2017
- Remove -L option on screen call dues API change, now we depend
on environment variables only.

Mon Jan 16 13:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170114
+ improve discussion of early history of tset/reset programs.
+ clarify in manual pages that the optional verbose option level is
available only when ncurses is configured for tracing.
+ amend change from 20161231 to avoid writing traces to the standard
error after initializing the trace feature using the environment

Mon Jan 9 13:00:00 2017
- Add ncurses patch 20170107
+ amend changes for tput to reset tty modes to \"sane\" if the program
is run as \"reset\", like tset. Likewise, ensure that tset sends
either reset- or init-strings.
+ improve manual page descriptions of tput init/reset and tset/reset,
to make it easier to see how they are similar and different.
+ move a static result from key_name() to _nc_globals
+ modify _nc_get_screensize to allow for use_env() and use_tioctl()
state to be per-screen when sp-funcs are configured, better matching
the behavior when using the term-driver configuration.
+ improve cross-references in manual pages for often used functions
+ move SCREEN field for use_tioctl() data before the ncursesw fields,
and limit that to the sp-funcs configuration to improve termlib
compatibility (cf: 20120714).
+ correct order of initialization for traces in use_env() and
use_tioctl() versus first trace calls.
- Add ncurses patch 20161231
+ fix errata for ncurses-howto (report by Damien Ruscoe).
+ fix a few places in configure/build scripts where DESTDIR and rpath
were combined (report by Thomas Klausner).
+ merge current st description (report by Harry Gindi) -TD
+ modify flash capability for linux and wyse entries to put the delay
between the reverse/normal escapes rather than after -TD
+ modify program tabs to pass the actual tty file descriptor to
setupterm rather than the standard output, making padding work
+ explain in clear\'s manual page that it writes to stdout.
+ add special case for verbose debugging traces of command-line
utilities which write to stderr (cf: 20161126).
+ remove a trace with literal escapes from skip_DECSCNM(), added in
+ update config.guess, config.sub from
- Add ncurses patch 20161224
+ correct parmeters for copywin call in _nc_Synchronize_Attributes()
(patch by Leon Winter).
+ improve color-handling section in terminfo manual page (prompted by
patch by Mihail Konev).
+ modify programs clear, tput and tset to pass the actual tty file
descriptor to setupterm rather than the standard output, making
padding work.

Mon Dec 19 13:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20161217
+ add tput-colorcube demo script.
+ add -r and -s options to tput-initc demo, to match usage in xterm.
+ flush the standard output in _nc_flush for the case where SP is zero,
e.g., when called via putp. This fixes a scenario where \"tput flash\"
did not work after changes in 20130112.

Mon Dec 12 13:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20161210
+ add configure script option --disable-wattr-macros for use in cases
where one wants to use the same headers for ncurses5/ncurses6
development, by suppressing the wattr
* macros which differ due to
the introduction of extended colors (prompted by comments in
Debian #230990, Redhat #1270534).
+ add test/tput-initc to demonstrate tput used to initialize palette
from a data file.
+ modify test/xterm
*.dat to use the newer color4/color12 values.

Mon Dec 5 13:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20161203
+ improve discussion of field validation in form_driver.3x manual page.
+ update curs_trace.3x manual page.

Mon Nov 28 13:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20161126
+ modify linux-16color to not mask dim, standout or reverse with the
ncv capability -TD
+ add 0.1sec mandatory delay to flash capabilities using the VT100
reverse-video control -TD
+ omit selection of ISO-8859-1 for G0 in enacs capability from linux2.6
entry, to avoid conflict with the user-defined mapping. The reset
feature will use ISO-8859-1 in any case (Mikulas Patocka).
+ improve check in tic for delays by also warning about beep/flash
when a delay is not embedded, or if those use the VT100 reverse
video escape without using a delay.
+ minor fix for syntax-check of delays from 20161119 changes.
+ modify trace() to avoid overwriting existing file (report by Maor

Mon Nov 21 13:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20161112
+ improve -W option in tic/infocmp:
+ correct order of size-adjustments in wrapped lines
+ if -f option splits line, do not further split it with -W
+ begin a new line when adding \"use=\" after a wrapped line
- Add ncurses patch 20161119
+ add check in tic for some syntax errors of delays, as well as use of
proportional delays for non-line capabilities.
+ document history of the clear program and the E3 extension, prompted
by various discussions including

Mon Nov 7 13:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20161105
+ fix typo in man/terminfo.tail (Alain Williams).
+ correct program-name in adacurses6-config.1 manual page.
- Add ncurses patch 20161029
+ add new function \"unfocus_current_field\" (Leon Winter)

Thu Oct 27 14:00:00 2016
- Drop patch ncurses-5.9-environment.dif as YaST2 ncurses GUI does
not need it anymore and as well as it causes bug bsc#1000662

Mon Oct 24 14:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20161022
+ modify tset -w (and tput reset) to update the program\'s copy of the
screensize if it was already set in the system, to improve tabstop
setting which relies upon knowing the actual screensize.
+ add functionality of tset -w to tput, like the \"-c\" feature this is
not optional in tput.
+ add \"clear\" as a possible link/alias to tput.
+ improve tput\'s check for being called as \"init\" or \"reset\" to allow
for transformed names.
+ split-out the \"clear\" function from progs/clear.c, share with
tput to get the same behavior, e.g., the E3 extension.

Mon Oct 17 14:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20161015
+ amend internal use of tputs to consistently use the number of lines
affected, e.g., for insert/delete character operations. While
merging terminfo source early in 1995, several descriptions used the
*\" proportional delay for these operations, prompting a change in
+ regenerate llib-
* files.
+ regenerate HTML manpages.
+ fix several formatting issues with manual pages.

Thu Oct 13 14:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20161008
+ adjust size in infocmp/tic to work with strlcpy.
+ fix configure script to record when strlcat is found on OpenBSD.
+ build-fix for \"recent\" OpenBSD vs baudrate.

Tue Oct 4 14:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20161001
+ add -W option to tic/infocmp to force long strings to wrap. This is
in addition to the -w option which attempts to fit capabilities into
a given line-length.
+ add linux-m1 minitel entries (patch by Alexandre Montaron).
+ correct rs2 string for vt100-nam -TD
- Re-enable block cursor on virtual console

Mon Sep 26 14:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20160924
+ modify _nc_tic_expand to escape comma if it immediately follows a
percent sign, to work with minitel change.
+ updated minitel and viewdata descriptions (Alexandre Montaron).

Mon Sep 19 14:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20160917
+ build-fix for gnat6, which unhelpfully attempts to compile C files.
+ fix typo in 20160910 changes (Debian #837892, patch by Sven Joachim).

Mon Sep 12 14:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20160910
+ trim dead code ifdef\'d with HIDE_EINTR since 970830 (discussion with
Leon Winter).
+ trim some obsolete/incorrect wording about EINTR from wgetch manual
page (patch by Leon Winter).
+ really correct 20100515 change (patch by Rich Coe).
+ add \"--enable-string-hacks\" option to test/configure
+ completed string-hacks for \"sprintf\", etc., including test-programs.
+ make \"--enable-string-hacks\" work with Debian by checking for the
\"bsd\" library and its associated \"\" header.
- Add ncurses patch 20160903
+ correct 20100515 change for weak signals versus sigprocmask (report
by Rich Coe).
+ modify misc/ to work around OpenBSD \"make\" which unlike
all other versions of \"make\" does not recognize continuation lines
of comments.
+ amend the last change to CF_C_ENV_FLAGS to move only the
preprocessor, optimization and warning flags to CPPFLAGS and CFLAGS,
leaving the residue in CC. That happens to work for gcc\'s various
\"model\" options, but may require tuning for other compilers (report
by Sven Joachim).
- Add ncurses patch 20160827
+ add \"v\" menu entry to test/ncurses.c to show baudrate and other
+ add \"newer\" baudrate symbols from Linux and FreeBSD to progs/tset.c,
+ modify CF_XOPEN_SOURCE macro:
+ add \"uclinux\" to case for \"linux\" (patch by Yann E. Morin)
+ modify _GNU_SOURCE for cygwin headers, tested with cygwin 2.3, 2.5
(patch by Corinna Vinschen, from changes to tin).
+ improve CF_CC_ENV_FLAGS macro to allow for compiler wrappers such
as \"ccache\" (report by Enrico Scholz).
+ update config.guess, config.sub from
- Add ncurses patch 20160820
+ update tput manual page to reflect changes to manipulate terminal
modes by sharing functions with tset.
+ add the terminal-mode parts of \"reset\" (aka tset) to the \"tput reset\"
command, making the two almost the same except for window-size.
+ adapt logic used in dialog \"--keep-tite\" option for test/filter.c as
\"-a\" option. When set, test/filter attempts to suppress the
alternate screen.
+ correct a typo in interix entry -TD
- Drop patch ncurses-6.0-signal.dif as now upstream

Mon Sep 5 14:00:00 2016
- Add patch ncurses-6.0-signal.dif for bnc#995148:
+ redfine sigprocmask macro
+ wrap sigprocmask to call system sigprocmask instead of self

Mon Aug 15 14:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20160813
+ add a dependency upon generated-sources in Ada95/src/ to
handle a case of \"configure && make install\".
+ trim trailing blanks from include/Caps
*, to work around a problem
in sed (Debian #818067).

Mon Aug 8 14:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20160806
+ improve CF_GNU_SOURCE configure macro to optionally define
_DEFAULT_SOURCE work around a nuisance in recent glibc releases.
+ move the terminfo-specific parts of tput\'s \"reset\" function into
the shared reset_cmd.c, making the two forms of reset use the same
+ split-out the terminal initialization functions from tset as
progs/reset_cmd.c, as part of changes to merge the reset-feature
with tput.

Mon Aug 1 14:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20160730
+ change tset\'s initialization to allow it to get settings from the
standard input as well as /dev/tty, to be more effective when
output or error are redirected.
+ improve discussion of history and portability for tset/reset/tput
manual pages.
- Add ncurses patch 20160723
+ improve error message from tset/reset when both stderr/stdout are
redirected to a file or pipe.
+ improve organization of curs_attr.3x, curs_color.3x
- Add ncurses patch 20160709
+ work around Debian\'s antique/unmaintained version of mawk when
building link_test.
+ improve test/list_keys.c, showing ncurses\'s convention of modifiers
for special keys, based on xterm.

Thu Jul 7 14:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20160702
+ improve test/list_keys.c, using $TERM if no parameters areg given.
- Add ncurses patch 20160625
+ build-fixes for ncurses \"test_progs\" rule.
+ amend change to CF_CC_ENV_FLAGS in 20160521 to make multilib build
work (report by Sven Joachim).
- Add ncurses patch 20160618
+ build-fixes for ncurses-examples with NetBSD curses.
+ improve test/list_keys.c, fixing column-widths and sorting the list
to make it more readable.

Mon Jun 13 14:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20160611
+ revise fix for Debian #805618 (report by Vlado Potisk, cf: 20151128).
+ modify test/ncurses.c a/A screens to make exiting on an escape
character depend on the start of keypad and timeout modes, to allow
better testing of function-keys.
+ modify rs1 for xterm-16color, xterm-88color and xterm-256color to
reset palette using \"oc\" string as in linux -TD
+ use ANSI reply for u8 in xterm-new, to reflect vt220-style responses
that could be returned -TD
+ added a few capabilities fixed in recent vte -TD

Mon Jun 6 14:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20160528
+ further workaround for PIE/PIC breakage which causes gpm to not link.
+ fix most cppcheck warnings, mostly style, in ncurses library.
- Add ncurses patch 20160604
+ correct logic for -f option in test/demo_terminfo.c
+ add test/list_keys.c

Tue May 24 14:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20160521
+ improved manual page description of tset/reset versus window-size.
+ fixes to work with a slightly broken compiler configuration which
cannot compile \"Hello World!\" without adding compiler options
(report by Ola x Nilsson):
+ pass appropriate compiler options to the CF_PROG_CC_C_O macro.
+ when separating compiler and options in CF_CC_ENV_FLAGS, ensure
that all options are split-off into CFLAGS or CPPFLAGS
+ restore some -I options removed in 20140726 because they appeared
to be redundant. In fact, they are needed for a compiler that
cannot combine -c and -o options.

Tue May 17 14:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20160514
+ regenerate HTML manpages.
+ improve manual pages for wgetch and wget_wch to point out that they
might return values without names in curses.h (Debian #822426).
+ make linux3.0 entry the default linux entry (Debian #823658) -TD
+ modify linux2.6 entry to improve line-drawing so that the linux3.0
entry can be used in non-UTF-8 mode -TD
+ document return value of use_extended_names (report by Mike Gran).
- Modify patch ncurses-6.0.dif

Tue May 10 14:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20160507
+ amend change to _nc_do_color to restore the early return for the
special case used in _nc_screen_wrap (report by Dick Streefland,
cf: 20151017).
+ modify test/ncurses.c:
+ check return-value of putwin
+ correct ifdef which made the \'g\' test\'s legend not reflect changes
to keypad- and scroll-modes.
+ correct return-value of extended putwin (report by Mike Gran).

Tue Apr 26 14:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20160423
+ modify test/ncurses.c \'d\' edit-color menu to optionally read xterm
color palette directly from terminal, as well as handling KEY_RESIZE
and screen-repainting with control/L and control/R.
+ add \'oc\' capability to xterm+256color, allowing palette reset for
xterm -TD

Mon Apr 18 14:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20160416
+ add workaround in configure script for inept transition to PIE vs
PIC builds documented in
+ add \"reset\" to list of programs whose names might change in manpages
due to program-transformation configure options.
+ drop long-obsolete \"-n\" option from tset.
- Add ncurses patch 20160409
+ modify test/blue.c to use Unicode values for card-glyphs when
available, as well as improving the check for CP437 and CP850.
- Add ncurses patch 20160402
+ regenerate HTML manpages.
+ improve manual pages for utilities with respect to POSIX versus
X/Open Curses.
- Add ncurses patch 20160326
+ regenerate HTML manpages.
+ improve test/demo_menus.c, allowing mouse-click on the menu-headers
to switch the active menu. This requires a new extension option
O_MOUSE_MENU to tell the menu driver to put mouse events which do not
apply to the active menu back into the queue so that the application
can handle the event.
- Add ncurses patch 20160319
+ improve description of tgoto parameters (report by Steffen Nurpmeso).
+ amend workaround for Solaris line-drawing to restore a special case
that maps Unicode line-drawing characters into the acsc string for
non-Unicode locales (Debian #816888).
- Add ncurses patch 20160312
+ modified test/filter.c to illustrate an alternative to getnstr, that
polls for input while updating a clock on the right margin as well
as responding to window size-changes.
- Add ncurses patch 20160305
+ omit a redefinition of \"inline\" when traces are enabled, since this
does not work with gcc 5.3.x MinGW cross-compiling (cf: 20150912).

Thu Feb 25 13:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20160220
+ modify test/configure script to check for pthread dependency of
ncursest or ncursestw library when building ncurses examples, e.g.,
in case weak symbols are used.
+ modify configure macro for shared-library rules to use -Wl,-rpath
rather than -rpath to work around a bug in scons (FreeBSD #178732,
cf: 20061021).
+ double-width multibyte characters were not counted properly in
winsnstr and wins_nwstr (report/example by Eric Pruitt).
+ update config.guess, config.sub from

Mon Feb 15 13:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20160213
+ amend fix for _nc_ripoffline from 20091031 to make test/ditto.c work
in threaded configuration.
+ move _nc_tracebits, _tracedump and _tracemouse to curses.priv.h,
since they are not part of the suggested ABI6.

Tue Feb 9 13:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20160206
+ define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN for MinGW port, making builds faster.
+ modify test/ditto.c to allow $XTERM_PROG environment variable to
override \"xterm\" as the name of the program to run in the threaded

Fri Feb 5 13:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20160130
+ improve formatting of man/curs_refresh.3x and man/tset.1 manpages
+ regenerate HTML manpages using newer man2html to eliminate some
unwanted blank lines.
- Add ncurses patch 20160123
+ ifdef\'d header-file definition of mouse_trafo() with NCURSES_NOMACROS
(report by Corey Minyard).
+ fix some strict compiler-warnings in traces.
- Add ncurses patch 20160116
+ tidy up comments about hardcoded 256color palette (report by
Leonardo Brondani Schenkel) -TD
+ add putty-noapp entry, and amend putty entry to use application mode
for better consistency with xterm (report by Leonardo Brondani
Schenkel) -TD
+ modify _nc_viscbuf2() and _tracecchar_t2() to trace wide-characters
as a whole rather than their multibyte equivalents.
+ minor fix in wadd_wchnstr() to ensure that each cell has nonzero
+ move PUTC_INIT calls next to wcrtomb calls, to avoid carry-over of
error status when processing Unicode values which are not mapped.

Fri Jan 8 13:00:00 2016
- Add ncurses patch 20160102
+ modify ncurses c/C color test-screens to take advantage of wide
screens, reducing the number of lines used for 88- and 256-colors.
+ minor refinement to check versus ncv to ignore two parameters of
SGR 38 and 48 when those come from color-capabilities.
- Add ncurses patch 20151226
+ add check in tic for use of bold, etc., video attributes in the
color capabilities, accounting whether the feature is listed in ncv.
+ add check in tic for conflict between ritm, rmso, rmul versus sgr0.
- Add ncurses patch 20151219
+ add a paragraph to curs_getch.3x discussing key naming (discussion
with James Crippen).
+ amend workaround for Solaris vs line-drawing to take the configure
check into account.
+ add a configure check for wcwidth() versus the ncurses line-drawing
characters, to use in special-casing systems such as Solaris.
- Add ncurses patch 20151212
+ improve CF_XOPEN_CURSES macro used in test/configure, to define as
does not work. Also modified the test program to ensure that if
building with ncurses, that the cchar_t type is checked, since that
normally is since 20111030 ifdef\'d depending on this test.
+ improve 20121222 workaround for broken acs, letting Solaris \"work\"
in spite of its m.isconfigured wcwidth which marks all of the line
drawing characters as double-width.
- Add ncurses patch 20151205
+ update form_cursor.3x, form_post.3x, menu_attributes.3x to list
function names in NAME section (patch by Jason McIntyre).
+ minor fixes to manpage NAME/SYNOPSIS sections to consistently use
rule that either all functions which are prototyped in SYNOPSIS are
listed in the NAME section, or the manual-page name is the sole item
listed in the NAME section. The latter is used to reduce clutter,
e.g., for the top-level library manual pages as well as for certain
feature-pages such as SP-funcs and threading (prompted by patches by
Jason McIntyre).

Mon Nov 30 13:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20151128
+ add missing assignment in lib_getch.c to make notimeout() work
(Debian #805618).
+ add \'t\' toggle for notimeout() function in test/ncurses.c a/A screens
+ add viewdata terminal description (Alexandre Montaron).
+ fix a case in tic/infocmp for formatting capabilities where a
backslash at the end of a string was mishandled.
+ fix some typos in curs_inopts.3x (Benno Schulenberg).

Mon Nov 23 13:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20151121
+ fix some inconsistencies in the pccon
* entries -TD
+ add bold to pccon+sgr+acs and pccon-base (Tati Chevron).
+ add keys f12-f124 to pccon+keys (Tati Chevron).
+ add test/test_sgr.c program to exercise all combinations of sgr.

Tue Nov 10 13:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20151107
+ modify tset\'s assignment to TERM in its output to reflect the name by
which the terminal description is found, rather than the primary
name. That was an unnecessary part from the initial conversion of
tset from termcap to terminfo. The termcap program in 4.3BSD did
this to avoid using the short 2-character name (report by Rich
+ minor fix to configure script to ensure that rules for
are only generated when needed (cf: 20151101).
+ modify configure script to handle the case where tic-library is
renamed, but the --with-debug option is used by itself without
normal or shared libraries (prompted by comment in Debian #803482).
- Add ncurses patch 20151101
+ amend change for pkg-config which allows build of pc-files when no
valid pkg-config library directory was configured to suppress the
actual install if it is not overridden to a valid directory at
install time (cf: 20150822).
+ modify editing script which generates to work with the
clang configuration on recent FreeBSD, which gives an error on an
empty \"local\" section.
+ fix a spurious \"(Part)\" message in test/ncurses.c b/B tests due
to incorrect attribute-masking.
- Add ncurses patch 20151024
+ modify MKexpanded.c to update the expansion of a temporary filename
to \"expanded.c\", for use in trace statements.
+ modify layout of b/B tests in test/ncurses.c to allow for additional
annotation on the right margin; some terminals with partial support
did not display well.
+ fix typo in curs_attr.3x (patch by Sven Joachim).
+ fix typo in INSTALL (patch by Tomas Cech).
+ improve configure check for setting WILDCARD_SYMS variable; on ppc64
the variable is in the Data section rather than Text (patch by Michel
+ using configure option \"--without-fallbacks\" incorrectly caused
FALLBACK_LIST to be set to \"no\" (patch by Tomas Cech).
+ updated minitel entries to fix kel problem with emacs, and add
minitel1b-nb (Alexandre Montaron).
+ reviewed/updated nsterm entry in OSX -TD
+ replace some dead URLs in comments with equivalents from the
Internet Archive -TD
+ update config.guess, config.sub from
- Add ncurses patch 20151017
+ modify ncurses/ to sort keys.list in POSIX locale
(Debian #801864, patch by Esa Peuha).
+ remove an early-return from _nc_do_color, which can interfere with
data needed by bkgd when ncurses is configured with extended colors
(patch by Denis Tikhomirov).
> fixes for OS/2 (patches by KO Myung-Hun)
+ use button instead of kbuf[0] in EMX-specific part of lib_mouse.c
+ support building with libtool on OS/2
+ use stdc++ on OS/2 kLIBC
+ clear cf_XOPEN_SOURCE on OS/2
- Remove patch ncurses-6.0-wildcard_for_ppc64.patch as this change is
now upstream with patch set 20151024

Sat Oct 31 13:00:00 2015
- remove hunk from ncurses-6.0.dif modifying
according to NEWS (20110924) it is not used anymore
- drop ncurses-5.9-overwrite.dif as not neededd
(WITH_OVERWRITE=$with_overwrite is in configure already twice anyway)
- drop ncurses-6.0-avoid-line-markers.dif as not needed
(see ncurses/base/ 69-84)

Mon Oct 12 14:00:00 2015
-Add ncurses patch 20151010
+ add configure check for openpty to test/configure script, for ditto.
+ minor fixes to test/view.c in investigating Debian #790847.
+ update autoconf patch to 2.52.20150926, incorporates a fix for Cdk.
+ add workaround for breakage of POSIX makefiles by recent binutils
+ improve check for working poll() by using posix_openpt() as a
fallback in case there is no valid terminal on the standard input
(prompted by discussion on bug-ncurses mailing list, Debian #676461).
-Add ncurses patch 20150926
+ change makefile rule for removing to distclean rather
than clean.
+ add /lib/terminfo to terminfo-dirs in \".deb\" test-package.
+ add note on portability of resizeterm and wresize to manual pages.
- Add ncurses patch 20150919
+ clarify in resizeterm.3x how KEY_RESIZE is pushed onto the input
+ clarify in curs_getch.3x that the keypad mode affects ability to
read KEY_MOUSE codes, but does not affect KEY_RESIZE.
+ add overlooked build-fix needed with Cygwin for separate Ada95
configure script, cf: 20150606 (report by Nicolas Boulenguez)

Thu Oct 8 14:00:00 2015
- Sedate the inflexible factory-auto checks

Wed Oct 7 14:00:00 2015
- remove macro defined system-wide already
- remove special handling of patch which is no longer present
- move tack replacement code to one spot under comment
- remove duplicate parameters for configure
- fix position of

Wed Oct 7 14:00:00 2015
- Simplify bootstrapping of libtinfo and its fallback.c

Tue Oct 6 14:00:00 2015
- Add some comments what is done in the spec file as well as
do some modernisation, concretion, and clarification

Fri Sep 25 14:00:00 2015
- New patch to avoid ppc64 build error, related to bnc#946048

Mon Sep 14 14:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20150912
+ fixes for configure/build using clang on OSX (prompted by report by
William Gallafent).
+ do not redefine \"inline\" in ncurses_cfg.h; this was originally to
solve a problem with gcc/g++, but is aggravated by clang\'s misuse
of symbols to pretend it is gcc.
+ add braces to configure script to prevent unwanted add of
\"-lstdc++\" to the CXXLIBS symbol.
+ improve/update test-program used for checking existence of stdc++
+ if $CXXLIBS is set, the linkage test uses that in addition to $LIBS

Mon Sep 7 14:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20150905
+ add note in curs_addch.3x about line-drawing when it depends upon
+ add tic -q option for consistency with infocmp, use it to suppress
all comments from the \"tic -I\" output.
+ modify infocmp -q option to suppress the \"Reconstructed from\"
+ add infocmp/tic -Q option, which allows one to dump the compiled
form of the terminal entry, in hexadecimal or base64.

Mon Aug 31 14:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20150822
+ sort options in usage message for infocmp, to make it simpler to
see unused letters.
+ update usage message for tic, adding \"-0\" option.
+ documented differences in ESCDELAY versus AIX\'s implementation.
+ fix some compiler warnings from ports.
+ modify --with-pkg-config-libdir option to make it possible to install
\".pc\" files even if pkg-config is not found (adapted by patch by
Joshua Root).

Mon Aug 17 14:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20150815
+ disallow \"no\" as a possible value for \"--with-shlib-version\" option,
overlooked in cleanup-changes for 20000708 (report by Tommy Alex).
+ update release notes in INSTALL.
+ regenerate llib-
* files to help with review for release notes.
- Modify patch ncurses-5.9-overwrite.dif

Fri Aug 14 14:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20150810
+ workaround for Debian #65617, which was fixed in mawk\'s upstream
releases in 2009 (report by Sven Joachim). See
- Move infocmp from devel to utils package for ruby readline implementation

Wed Aug 12 14:00:00 2015
- Update to official ncurses 6.0
+ based on the patch 20150808
- Port and rename several patches
ncurses-5.9-avoid-line-markers.dif becomes ncurses-6.0-avoid-line-markers.dif
ncurses-5.9.dif becomes ncurses-6.0.dif
- Add ncurses patch 20150808
+ build-fix for Ada95 on older platforms without stdint.h
+ build-fix for Solaris, whose /bin/sh and /usr/bin/sed are non-POSIX.
+ update release announcement, summarizing more than 800 changes across
more than 200 snapshots.
+ minor fixes to manpages, etc., to simplify linking from announcement

Tue Jul 28 14:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20150725
+ updated llib-
* files.
+ build-fixes for ncurses library \"test_progs\" rule.
+ use alternate workaround for gcc 5.x feature (adapted from patch by
Mikhail Peselnik).
+ add status line to tmux via xterm+sl (patch by Nicholas Marriott).
+ fixes for st 0.5 from testing with tack -TD
+ review/improve several manual pages to break up wall-of-text:
curs_add_wch.3x, curs_attr.3x, curs_bkgd.3x, curs_bkgrnd.3x,
curs_getcchar.3x, curs_getch.3x, curs_kernel.3x, curs_mouse.3x,
curs_outopts.3x, curs_overlay.3x, curs_pad.3x, curs_termattrs.3x
curs_trace.3x, and curs_window.3x

Mon Jul 27 14:00:00 2015
- Rework fixing the pkg-config files

Mon Jul 20 14:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20150719
+ correct an old logic error for %A and %O in tparm (report by \"zreed\").
+ improve documentation for signal handlers by adding section in the
curs_initscr.3x page.
+ modify logic in make_keys.c to not assume anything about the size
of strnames and strfnames variables, since those may be functions
in the thread- or broken-linker configurations (problem found by
+ modify test/configure script to check for pthreads configuration,
e.g., ncursestw library.

Mon Jul 13 14:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20150711 pre-release
+ modify scripts to build/use test-packages for the pthreads
configuration of ncurses6.
+ add references to ttytype and termcap symbols in demo_terminfo.c and
demo_termcap.c to ensure that when building, etc., that
the corresponding names such as _nc_ttytype are added to the list of
versioned symbols (report by Werner Fink)
+ fix regression from 20150704 (report/patch by Werner Fink).

Mon Jul 6 14:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20150606 pre-release
+ make ABI 6 the default by updates to and VERSION, with the
intention that the existing ABI 5 should build as before using the
\"--with-abi=5\" option.
+ regenerate ada- and man-html documentation.
+ minor fixes to color- and util-manpages.
+ fix a regression in Ada95/gen/, to handle special case of
Cygwin, which uses the broken-linker feature.
+ amend fix for CF_NCURSES_CONFIG used in test/configure to assume that
ncurses package scripts work when present for cross-compiling, as the
lessor of two evils (cf: 20150530).
+ add check in configure script to disallow conflicting options
\"--with-termlib\" and \"--enable-term-driver\".
+ move defaults for \"--disable-lp64\" and \"--with-versioned-syms\" into
- Add ncurses patch 20150613
+ fix overflow warning for OSX with lib_baudrate.c (cf: 20010630).
+ modify script used to generate map/sym files to mark 5.9.20150530 as
the last \"5.9\" version, and regenerated the files. That makes the
files not use \".current\" for the post-5.9 symbols. This also
corrects the label for _nc_sigprocmask used in when weak symbols are
configured for the ncursest/ncursestw libraries (prompted by
discussion with Sven Joachim).
+ fix typo in NEWS (report by Sven Joachim).
- Add ncurses patch 20150627
+ modify configure script to remove deprecated ABI 5 symbols when
building ABI 6.
+ add symbols _nc_Default_Field, _nc_Default_Form, _nc_has_mouse to
map-files, but marked as deprecated so that they can easily be
suppressed from ABI 6 builds (Debian #788610).
+ comment-out \"screen.xterm\" entry, and inherit screen.xterm-256color
from xterm-new (report by Richard Birkett) -TD
+ modify read_entry.c to set the error-return to -1 if no terminal
databases were found, as documented for setupterm.
+ add test_setupterm.c to demonstrate normal/error returns from the
setupterm and restartterm functions.
+ amend cleanup change from 20110813 which removed redundant definition
of ret_error, etc., from tinfo_driver.c, to account for the fact that
it should return a bool rather than int (report/analysis by Johannes
- Add ncurses patch 20150704
+ fix a few problems reported by Coverity.
+ fix comparison against \"/usr/include\" in misc/
(report by Daiki Ueno, Debian #790548, cf: 20141213).
- Add tack patch 1.07.20150606
+ Able to handle ncurses6 in configure

Mon Jun 1 14:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20150530
+ change private type for Event_Mask in Ada95 binding to work when
mmask_t is set to 32-bits.
+ remove spurious \"%;\" from st entry (report by Daniel Pitts) -TD
+ add vte-2014, update vte to use that -TD
+ modify tic and infocmp to \"move\" a diagnostic for tparm strings that
have a syntax error to tic\'s \"-c\" option (report by Daniel Pitts).
+ fix two problems with configure script macros (Debian #786436,
cf: 20150425, cf: 20100529).
- Add ncurses patch 20150523
+ add \'P\' menu item to test/ncurses.c, to show pad in color.
+ improve discussion in curs_color.3x about color rendering (prompted
by comment on Stack Overflow forum):
+ remove screen-bce.mlterm, since mlterm does not do \"bce\" -TD
+ add several screen.XXX entries to support the respective variations
for 256 colors -TD
+ add putty+fnkeys
* building-block entries -TD
+ add smkx/rmkx to capabilities analyzed with infocmp \"-i\" option.

Mon May 18 14:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20150516
+ amend change to \".pc\" files to only use the extra loader flags which
may have rpath options (report by Sven Joachim, cf: 20150502).
+ change versioning for dpkg\'s in test-packages for Ada95 and
ncurses-examples for consistency with Debian, to work with package
+ regenerate html manpages.
+ clarify handling of carriage return in waddch manual page; it was
discussed only in the portability section (prompted by comment on
Stack Overflow forum):

Mon May 11 14:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20150509
+ add test-packages for cross-compiling ncurses-examples using the
MinGW test-packages. These are only the Debian packages; RPM later.
+ cleanup format of debian/copyright files
+ add pc-files to the MinGW cross-compiling test-packages.
+ correct a couple of places in to handle renaming of
the tinfo library.

Mon May 4 14:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20150502
+ modify the configure script to allow different default values
for ABI 5 versus ABI 6.
+ add wgetch-events to test-packages.
+ add a note on how to build ncurses-examples to test/README.
+ fix a memory leak in delscreen (report by Daniel Kahn Gillmor,
Debian #783486) -TD
+ remove unnecessary \';\' from E3 capabilities -TD
+ add tmux entry, derived from screen (patch by Nicholas Marriott).
+ split-out recent change to nsterm-bce as nsterm-build326, and add
nsterm-build342 to reflect changes with successive releases of OSX
(discussion with Leonardo B Schenkel)
+ add xon, ich1, il1 to ibm3161 (patch by Stephen Powell, Debian
+ add sample \"magic\" file, to document ext-putwin.
+ modify to add explicit -ltinfo, etc., to the
generated \".pc\" file when ld option \"--as-needed\" is used, or when
ncurses and tinfo are installed without using rpath (prompted by
discussion with Sylvain Bertrand).
+ modify test-package for ncurses6 to omit rpath feature when installed
in /usr.
+ add OSX\'s \"
*.dSYM\" to clean-rules in makefiles.
+ make extra-suffix work for OSX configuration, e.g., for shared
+ modify Ada95/configure script to work with pkg-config
+ move test-package for ncurses6 to /usr, since filename-conflicts have
been eliminated.
+ corrected build rules for Ada95/gen/generate; it does not depend on
the ncurses library aside from headers.
+ reviewed man pages, fixed a few other spelling errors.
+ fix a typo in curs_util.3x (Sven Joachim).
+ use extra-suffix in some overlooked shared library dependencies
found by 20150425 changes for test-packages.
+ update config.guess, config.sub from

Mon Apr 27 14:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20150425
+ expanded description of tgetstr\'s area pointer in manual page
(report by Todd M Lewis).
+ in-progress changes to modify test-packages to use ncursesw6 rather
than ncursesw, with updated configure scripts.
+ modify CF_NCURSES_CONFIG in Ada95- and test-configure scripts to
check for \".pc\" files via pkg-config, but add a linkage check since
frequently pkg-config configurations are broken.
+ modify misc/ to include EXTRA_LDFLAGS, e.g., for the
rpath option.
+ add \'dim\' capability to screen entry (report by Leonardo B Schenkel)
+ add several key definitions to nsterm-bce to match preconfigured
keys, e.g., with OSX 10.9 and 10.10 (report by Leonardo B Schenkel)
+ fix repeated \"extra-suffix\" in (cf: 20150418).
+ improve term_variables manual page, adding section on the terminfo
long-name symbols which are defined in the term.h header.
+ fix bug in lib_tracebits.c introduced in const-fixes (cf: 20150404).

Mon Apr 13 14:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20150404
+ improve description of start_color() in the manual.
+ modify several files in ncurses- and progs-directories to allow
const data used in internal tables to be put by the linker into the
readonly text segment.
- Add ncurses patch 20150329
+ correct cut/paste error for \"--enable-ext-putwin\" that made it the
same as \"--enable-ext-colors\" (report by Roumen Petrov)
- Add ncurses patch 20150328
+ add \"-f\" option to test/savescreen.c to help with testing/debugging
the extended putwin/getwin.
+ add logic for writing/reading combining characters in the extended
+ add \"--enable-ext-putwin\" configure option to turn on the extended

Mon Mar 9 13:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20150307
+ document limitations of getwin in manual page (prompted by discussion
with John S Urban).
+ extend test/savescreen.c to demonstrate that color pair values
and graphic characters can be restored using getwin.

Tue Mar 3 13:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20150228
+ modify win_driver.c to eliminate the constructor, to make it more
usable in an application which may/may not need the console window
(report by Grady Martin).

Fri Feb 27 13:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20150221
+ capture define\'s related to -D_XOPEN_SOURCE from the configure check
and add those to the
*-config and
*.pc files, to simplify use for
the wide-character libraries.
+ modify ncurses.spec to accommodate Fedora21\'s location of pkg-config
+ correct sense of \"--disable-lib-suffixes\" configure option (report
by Nicolas Boos, cf: 20140426).

Mon Feb 16 13:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20150214
+ regenerate html manpages using improved man2html from work on xterm.
+ regenerated \".map\" and \".sym\" files using improved script, accounting
for the \"--enable-weak-symbols\" configure option (report by Werner

Mon Jan 26 13:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20150124
+ add configure check to determine if \"local: _
*;\" can be used in the
\".map\" files to selectively omit symbols beginning with \"_\". On at
least recent FreeBSD, the wildcard applies to all \"_\" symbols.
+ remove obsolete/conflicting rule for from
ncurses/ (cf: 20130706).
- Apply symbol versioning only for SUSE version greater that 1320

Wed Jan 21 13:00:00 2015
- Now with symbol version control

Wed Jan 21 13:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20150117
+ improve description in INSTALL of the --with-versioned-syms option.
+ add combination of --with-hashed-db and --with-ticlib to
configurations for \".map\" files (report by Werner Fink).

Wed Jan 21 13:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses-5.9-avoid-line-markers.dif to pass -P to the preprocessor
when generating lib_gen.c to avoid breaking the parsing with AWK
of the preprocessor output of GCC 4.9 and up.

Mon Jan 12 13:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20150110
+ add a step to generating \".map\" files, to declare any remaining
symbols beginning with \"_\" as local, at the last version node.
+ improve configure checks for pkg-config, addressing a variant found
with FreeBSD ports.
+ modify win_driver.c to provide characters for special keys, like
ansi.sys, when keypad mode is off, rather than returning nothing at
all (discussion with Eli Zaretskii).
+ add \"broken_linker\" and \"hashed-db\" configure options to combinations
use for generating the \".map\" and \".sym\" files.
+ avoid using \"ld\" directly when creating shared library, to simplify
cross-compiles. Also drop \"-Bsharable\" option from shared-library
rules for FreeBSD and DragonFly (FreeBSD #196592).
+ fix a memory leak in form library Free_RegularExpression_Type()
(report by Pavel Balaev).

Wed Jan 7 13:00:00 2015
- Add ncurses patch 20150103
+ modify_nc_flush() to retry if interrupted (patch by Stian Skjelstad).
+ change map files to make _nc_freeall a global, since it may be used
via the Ada95 binding when checking for memory leaks.
+ improve sed script used in 20141220 to account for wide-, threaded-
variations in ABI 6.
- Add ncurses patch 20141227
+ regenerate \".map\" files, using step overlooked in 20141213 to use
the same patch-dates across each file to match (report by
Sven Joachim).
- Add ncurses patch 20141221
+ fix an incorrect variable assignment in 20141220 changes (report by
Sven Joachim).
- Add ncurses patch 20141220
+ updated Ada95/configure with macro changes from 20141213
+ tie configure options --with-abi-version and --with-versioned-syms
together, so that ABI 6 libraries have distinct symbol versions from
the ABI 5 libraries.
+ replace obsolete/nonworking link to man2html with current one,
regenerate html-manpages.

Tue Dec 16 13:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20141206
+ updated \".map\" files so that each symbol that may be shared across
the different library configurations has the same label. Some
review is needed to ensure these are really compatible.
+ modify to work around change in development version of
gcc introduced here:
(reports by Marcus Shawcroft, Maohui Lei).
+ improved configure macro CF_SUBDIR_PATH, from lynx changes.
- Add ncurses patch 20141213
+ modify misc/ to add -I option for include-directory
when using both --prefix and --disable-overwrite (report by Misty
De Meo).
+ add configure option --with-pc-suffix to allow minor renaming of
\".pc\" files and the corresponding library. Use this in the test
package for ncurses6.
+ modify configure script so that if pkg-config is not installed, it
is still possible to install \".pc\" files (report by Misty De Meo).
+ updated \".sym\" files, removing symbols which are marked as \"local\"
in the corresponding \".map\" files.
+ updated \".map\" files to reflect move of comp_captab and comp_hash
from tic-library to tinfo-library in 20090711 (report by Sven
- Add ncurses patch 20141129
+ improved \".map\" files by generating them with a script that builds
ncurses with several related configurations and merges the results.
A further refinement is planned, to make the tic- and tinfo-library
symbols use the same versions across each of the four configurations
which are represented (reports by Sven Joachim, Werner Fink).

Mon Nov 17 13:00:00 2014
- Do not use new symbol versioning as some common symbols are missed
- Add ncurses patch 20141115
+ improve description of limits for color values and color pairs in
curs_color.3x (prompted by patch by Tim van der Molen).
+ add VERSION file, using first field in that to record the ABI version
used for configure --with-libtool --disable-libtool-version
+ add configure options for applying the \".map\" and \".sym\" files to
the ncurses, form, menu and panel libraries.
+ add \".map\" and \".sym\" files to show exported symbols, e.g., for
- Add ncurses patch 20141101
+ improve strict compiler-warnings by adding a cast in TRACE_RETURN
and making a new TRACE_RETURN1 macro for cases where the cast does
not apply.

Mon Oct 20 14:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20141018
+ reviewed terminology 0.6.1, add function key definitions. None of
the vt100-compatibility issues were improved -TD
+ improve infocmp conversion of extended capabilities to termcap by
correcting the limit check against parametrized[], as well as filling
in a check if the string happens to have parameters, e.g., \"xm\"
in recent changes.
+ add check for zero/negative dimensions for resizeterm and resize_term
(report by Mike Gran).

Mon Oct 13 14:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20141011
+ add experimental support for xterm\'s 1005 mouse mode, to use in a
demonstration of its limitations.
+ add experimental support for \"%u\" format to terminfo.
+ modify test/ncurses.c to also show position reports in \'a\' test.
+ minor formatting fixes to _nc_trace_mmask_t, make this function
exported to help with debugging mouse changes.
+ improve behavior of wheel-mice for xterm protocol, noting that there
are only button-presses for buttons \"4\" and \"5\", so there is no need
to wait to combine events into double-clicks (report/analysis by
Greg Field).
+ provide examples xterm-1005 and xterm-1006 terminfo entries -TD
+ implement decoder for xterm SGR 1006 mouse mode.
- Adapt patch ncurses-5.9.dif

Tue Sep 30 14:00:00 2014
- Add upstream patch 20140927
+ implement curs_set in win_driver.c
+ implement flash in win_driver.c
+ fix an infinite loop in win_driver.c if the command-window loses
+ improve the non-buffered mode, i.e., NCURSES_CONSOLE2, of
win_driver.c by temporarily changing the buffer-size to match the
window-size to eliminate the scrollback. Also enforce a minimum
screen-size of 24x80 in the non-buffered mode.
+ modify generated misc/Makefile to suppress from the
dependencies if the --disable-db-install option is used, compensating
for the top-level makefile changes used to add ncurses
*-config in the
20140920 changes (report by Steven Honeyman).

Tue Sep 23 14:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20140920
+ add ncurses
*-config to bin-directory of sample package-scripts.
+ add check to ensure that getopt is available; this is a problem in
some older cross-compiler environments.
+ expanded on the description of --disable-overwrite in INSTALL
(prompted by reports by Joakim Tjernlund, Thomas Klausner).
See Gentoo #522586 and NetBSD #49200 for examples.
which relates to the clarified guidelines.
+ remove special logic from CF_INCLUDE_DIRS which adds the directory
for the --includedir from the build (report by Joakim Tjernlund).
+ add case for Unixware to CF_XOPEN_SOURCE, from lynx changes.
+ update config.sub from

Mon Sep 15 14:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20140913
+ add a configure check to ignore some of the plethora of non-working
C++ cross-compilers.
+ build-fixes for Ada95 with gnat 4.9

Mon Sep 1 14:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20140831
+ modify test/demo_termcap.c and test/demo_terminfo.c to make their
options more directly comparable, and add \"-i\" option to specify
a terminal description filename to parse for names to lookup.

Mon Aug 25 14:00:00 2014
- Make pkgconfig files work for all current versions that is
abi 5, abi wide 5, abi 6, and abi wide 6
- Change patch ncurses-5.9.dif to enable gen-pkgconfig to do this

Mon Aug 25 14:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20140823
+ fix special case where double-width character overwrites a single-
width character in the first column (report by Egmont Koblinger,
cf: 20050813).

Fri Aug 22 14:00:00 2014
- Install pkg-config files into %_libdir

Fri Aug 22 14:00:00 2014
- Install pkg-config files

Mon Aug 18 14:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20140816
+ fix colors in ncurses \'b\' test which did not work after changing
it to put the test-strings in subwindows (cf: 20140705).
+ merge redundant SEE-ALSO sections in form and menu manpages.
- Add ncurses patch 20140809
+ modify declarations for user-data pointers in C++ binding to use
reinterpret_cast to facilitate converting typed pointers to void
in user\'s application (patch by Adam Jiang).
+ regenerated html manpages.
+ add note regarding cause and effect for TERM in ncurses manpage,
having noted clueless verbiage in\'s \"help\" file
which reverses cause/effect.
+ remove special fallback definition for NCURSES_ATTR_T, since macros
have resolved type-mismatches using casts (cf: 970412).
+ fixes for win_driver.c:
+ handle repainting on endwin/refresh combination.
+ implement beep().
+ minor cleanup.
- Add ncurses patch 20140802
+ minor portability fixes for MinGW:
+ ensure WINVER is defined in makefiles rather than using headers
+ add check for gnatprep \"-T\" option
+ work around bug introduced by gcc 4.8.1 in MinGW which breaks
\"trace\" feature:
+ fix most compiler warnings for Cygwin ncurses-examples.
+ restore \"redundant\" -I options in test/, since they are
typically needed when building the derived ncurses-examples package
(cf: 20140726).

Mon Jul 28 14:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20140726
+ eliminate some redundant -I options used for building libraries, and
ensure that ${srcdir} is added to the include-options (prompted by
discussion with Paul Gilmartin).
+ modify configure script to work with Minix3.2
+ add form library extension O_DYNAMIC_JUSTIFY option which can be
used to override the different treatment of justification for static
versus dynamic fields (adapted from patch by Leon Winter).
+ add a null pointer check in test/edit_field.c (report/analysis by
Leon Winter, cf: 20130608).

Mon Jul 14 14:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20140712
+ correct Charable() macro check for A_ALTCHARSET in wide-characters.
+ build-fix for position-debug code in tty_update.c, to work with or
without sp-funcs.
- Add ncurses patch 20140705
+ add w/W toggle to ncurses.c \'B\' test, to demonstrate permutation of
video-attributes and colors with double-width character strings.

Mon Jun 30 14:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20140629
+ correct check in win_driver.c for saving screen contents, e.g., when
NCURSES_CONSOLE2 is set (cf: 20140503).
+ reorganize b/B menu items in ncurses.c, putting the test-strings into
subwindows. This is needed for a planned change to use Unicode
fullwidth characters in the test-screens.
+ correct update to form status for _NEWTOP, broken by fixes for
compiler warnings (patch by Leon Winter, cf: 20120616).

Tue Jun 24 14:00:00 2014
- Remove the iterm link to terminal entry as there is already
an iterm entry from an other package
- Add ncurses patch 20140621
+ change shared-library suffix for AIX 5 and 6 to \".so\", avoiding
conflict with the static library (report by Ben Lentz).
+ document RPATH_LIST in INSTALLATION file, as part of workarounds for
upgrading an ncurses library using the \"--with-shared\" option.
+ modify test/ncurses.c c/C tests to cycle through subsets of the
total number of colors, to better illustrate 8/16/88/256-colors by
providing directly comparable screens.
+ add test/dots_curses.c, for comparison with the low-level examples.

Mon Jun 16 14:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20140614
+ fix dereference before null check found by Coverity in tic.c
(cf: 20140524).
+ fix sign-extension bug in read_entry.c which prevented \"toe\" from
reading empty \"screen+italics\" entry.
+ modify sgr for screen.xterm-new to support dim capability -TD
+ add dim capability to nsterm+7 -TD
+ cancel dim capability for iterm -TD
+ add dim, invis capabilities to vte-2012 -TD
+ add sitm/ritm to konsole-base and mlterm3 -TD
- Add ncurses patch 20140609
> fix regression in screen terminfo entries (reports by Christian
Ebert, Gabriele Balducci) -TD
+ revert the change to screen; see notes for why this did not work -TD
+ cancel sitm/ritm for entries which extend \"screen\", to work around
screen\'s hardcoded behavior for SGR 3 -TD
- Add ncurses patch 20140607
+ separate masking for sgr in vidputs from sitm/ritm, which do not
overlap with sgr functionality.
+ remove unneeded -i option from adacurses-config; put -a in the -I
option for consistency (patch by Pascal Pignard).
+ update xterm-new to patch #305 -TD
+ change format of test-scripts for Debian Ada95 and ncurses-examples
packages to quilted to work around Debian #700177 (cf: 20130907).
+ build fix for form_driver_w.c as part of ncurses-examples package for
older ncurses than 20131207.
+ add Hello World example to adacurses-config manpage.
+ remove unused --enable-pc-files option from Ada95/configure.
+ add --disable-gnat-projects option for testing.
+ revert changes to Ada95 project-files configuration (cf: 20140524).
+ corrected usage message in adacurses-config.

Mon May 26 14:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20140524
+ fix typo in ncurses manpage for the NCURSES_NO_MAGIC_COOKIE
environment variable.
+ improve discussion of input-echoing in curs_getch.3x
+ clarify discussion in curs_addch.3x of wrapping.
+ modify parametrized.h to make fln non-padded.
+ correct several entries which had termcap-style padding used in
terminfo: adm21, aj510, alto-h19, att605-pc, x820 -TD
+ correct syntax for padding in some entries: dg211, h19 -TD
+ correct ti924-8 which had confused padding versus octal escapes -TD
+ correct padding in sbi entry -TD
+ fix an old bug in the termcap emulation; \"%i\" was ignored in tparm()
because the parameters to be incremented were already on the internal
stack (report by Corinna Vinschen).
+ modify tic\'s \"-c\" option to take into account the \"-C\" option to
activate additional checks which compare the results from running
tparm() on the terminfo expressions versus the translated termcap
+ modify tic to allow it to read from FIFOs (report by Matthieu Fronton,
cf: 20120324).
> patches by Nicolas Boulenguez:
+ explicit dereferences to suppress some style warnings.
+ when c_varargs_to_ada.c includes its header, use double quotes
instead of <>.
+ samples/ncurses2-util.adb: removed unused with clause. The warning
was removed by an obsolete pragma.
+ replaced Unreferenced pragmas with Warnings (Off). The latter,
available with older GNATs, needs no configure test. This also
replaces 3 untested Unreferenced pragmas.
+ simplified To_C usage in trace handling. Using two parameters allows
some basic formatting, and avoids a warning about security with some
compiler flags.
+ for generated Ada sources, replace many snippets with one pure
+ removed C_Chtype and its conversions.
+ removed C_AttrType and its conversions.
+ removed conversions between int, Item_Option_Set, Menu_Option_Set.
+ removed int, Field_Option_Set, Item_Option_Set conversions.
+ removed C_TraceType, Attribute_Option_Set conversions.
+ replaced with direct use of Eti_Error, now enumerated. As it
was used in a case statement, values were tested by the Ada compiler
to be consecutive anyway.
+ src/ remove duplicate stanza
only consider using a project for shared libraries.
- Add tack patch 1.07.20130713

* init.c: typo

* fun.c, scan.c: fix warnings from clang 3.3 --analyze

* init.c: add error check to setupterm call; ncurses does in fact
allow hardcopy and generic terminal descriptions (Debian #716377).

Mon May 12 14:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20140510
+ cleanup recently introduced compiler warnings for MingW port.
+ workaround for ${MAKEFLAGS} configure check versus GNU make 4.0,
which introduces more than one gratuitous incompatibility.

Mon May 5 14:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20140503
+ add vt520ansi terminfo entry (patch by Mike Gran)
+ further improve MinGW support for the scenario where there is an
ANSI-escapes handler such as ansicon running in the console window
(patch by Juergen Pfeifer).

Mon Apr 28 14:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20140426
+ add --disable-lib-suffixes option (adapted from patch by Juergen
+ merge some changes from Juergen Pfeifer\'s work with MSYS2, to
simplify later merging:
+ use NC_ISATTY() macro for isatty() in library
+ add _nc_mingw_isatty() and related functions to windows-driver
+ rename terminal driver entrypoints to simplify grep\'s
+ remove a check in the sp-funcs flavor of newterm() which allowed only
the first call to newterm() to succeed (report by Thomas Beierlein,
cf: 20090927).
- Add ncurses patch 20140419
+ update config.guess, config.sub from

Mon Apr 14 14:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20140412
+ modify configure script:
+ drop the -no-gcc option from Intel compiler, from lynx changes.
+ extend the --with-hashed-db configure option to simplify building
with different versions of Berkeley database using FreeBSD ports.
+ improve initialization for MinGW port (patch by Juergen Pfeifer):

Mon Mar 31 14:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20140329
+ add check in tic for mismatch between ccc and initp/initc
+ cancel ccc in putty-256color and konsole-256color for consistency
with the cancelled initc capability (patch by Sven Zuhlsdorf).
+ add xterm+256setaf building block for various terminals which only
get the 256-color feature half-implemented -TD
+ updated \"st\" entry (leaving the 0.1.1 version as \"simpleterm\") to
0.4.1 -TD

Thu Mar 27 13:00:00 2014
- Make sure that libgpm is always loaded dynamically

Wed Mar 26 13:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20140323
+ fix typo in \"mlterm\" entry (report by Gabriele Balducci) -TD
- Add ncurses patch 20140322
+ use types from in sample build-scripts for chtype, etc.
+ modify configure script and to allow the types specified
using --with-chtype and related options to be defined in
+ add terminology entry -TD
+ add mlterm3 entry, use that as \"mlterm\" -TD
+ inherit mlterm-256color from mlterm -TD

Tue Mar 18 13:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20140315
+ modify _nc_New_TopRow_and_CurrentItem() to ensure that the menu\'s
top-row is adjusted as needed to ensure that the current item is
on the screen (patch by Johann Klammer).
+ add wgetdelay() to retrieve _delay member of WINDOW if it happens to
be opaque, e.g., in the pthread configuration (prompted by patch by
Soren Brinkmann).

Wed Mar 12 13:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20140308
+ modify ifdef in read_entry.c to handle the case where
NCURSES_USE_DATABASE is not defined (patch by Xin Li).
+ add cast in form_driver_w() to fix ARM build (patch by Xin Li).
+ add logic to win_driver.c to save/restore screen contents when not
allocating a console-buffer (cf: 20140215).

Mon Mar 3 13:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20140301
+ clarify error-returns from newwin (report by Ruslan Nabioullin).
- Add ncurses patch 20140222
+ fix some compiler warnings in win_driver.c
+ updated notes for wsvt25 based on tack and vttest -TD
+ add teken entry to show actual properties of FreeBSD\'s \"xterm\"
console -TD
- Add ncurses patch 20140215
+ in-progress changes to win_driver.c to implement output without
allocating a console-buffer. This uses a pre-existing environment
variable NCGDB used by Juergen Pfeifer for debugging (prompted by
discussion with Erwin Waterlander regarding Console2, which hangs
when reading in an allocated console-buffer).
+ add -t option to gdc.c, and modify to accept \"S\" to step through the
+ regenerate NCURSES-Programming-HOWTO.html to fix some of the broken
html emitted by docbook.
- Add ncurses patch 20140209
+ modify CF_XOPEN_SOURCE macro to omit followup check to determine if
_XOPEN_SOURCE can/should be defined. g++ 4.7.2 built on Solaris 10
has some header breakage due to its own predefinition of this symbol
(report by Jean-Pierre Flori, Sage #15796).

Mon Feb 3 13:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20140201
+ add/use symbol NCURSES_PAIRS_T like NCURSES_COLOR_T, to illustrate
which \"short\" types are for color pairs and which are color values.
+ fix build for s390x, by correcting field bit offsets in generated
representation clauses when int=32 long=64 and endian=big, or at
least on s390x (patch by Nicolas Boulenguez).
+ minor cleanup change to test/form_driver_w.c (patch by Gaute Hope).
- Add ncurses patch 20140125
+ remove unnecessary ifdef\'s in Ada95/gen/gen.c, which reportedly do
not work as is with gcc 4.8 due to fixes using chtype cast made for
new compiler warnings by gcc 4.8 in 20130824 (Debian #735753, patch
by Nicolas Boulenguez).

Tue Jan 28 13:00:00 2014
- Add patch ncurses-5.9-ibm327x.dif to make ibm327x not a generic
terminal type but a more dumb one (bnc#859214)

Mon Jan 20 13:00:00 2014
- Add ncurses patch 20140118
+ apply includesubdir variable which was introduced in 20130805 to (Debian #735782).
- Correct spec file irarch to make S390(x) fallback terminal types
working on S390(x) (bnc#859214)

Tue Dec 17 13:00:00 2013
- Add ncurses patch 20131214
+ modify configure-script/ifdef\'s to allow OLD_TTY feature to be
suppressed if the type of ospeed is configured using the option
- -with-ospeed to not be a short. By default, it is a short for
termcap-compatibility (adapted from suggestion by Christian
+ correct a typo in _nc_baudrate() (patch by Christian Weisgerber,
cf: 20061230).
+ fix a few -Wlogical-op warnings.
+ updated llib-l
* files.

Tue Dec 10 13:00:00 2013
- Add ncurses patch 20131207
+ add form_driver_w() entrypoint to wide-character forms library,
as well as test program form_driver_w (adapted from patch by
Gaute Hope).

Fri Nov 29 13:00:00 2013
- Add ncurses patch 20131123
+ minor fix for CF_GCC_WARNINGS to special-case options which are not
recognized by clang.
- Add ncurses patch 20131116
+ add special case to configure script to move _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED
definition from CPPFLAGS to CFLAGS if it happens to be needed for
Solaris, because g++ errors with that definition (report by
Jean-Pierre Flori, Sage #15268).
+ correct logic in infocmp\'s -i option which was intended to ignore
strings which correspond to function-keys as candidates for piecing
together initialization- or reset-strings. The problem dates to
1.9.7a, but was overlooked until changes in -Wlogical-op warnings for
gcc 4.8 (report by David Binderman).
+ updated CF_GCC_WARNINGS to documented options for gcc 4.9.0, adding
checks for -Wextra, -Wignored-qualifiers and -Wlogical-op
+ updated CF_GCC_WARNINGS to documented options for gcc 4.9.0, moving
checks for -Wextra and -Wdeclaration-after-statement into the macro,
and adding checks for -Wignored-qualifiers, -Wlogical-op and -Wvarargs
+ updated CF_CURSES_UNCTRL_H and CF_SHARED_OPTS macros from ongoing
work on cdk.
- Add ncurses patch 20131110
+ minor cleanup of terminfo.tail

Fri Nov 29 13:00:00 2013
- On S390(x) use other fallback terminal types, that is have the
ibm327x and vt220 available even if no terminfo-base is installed.

Wed Nov 6 13:00:00 2013
- Add ncurses patch 20131102
+ use TS extension to describe xterm\'s title-escapes -TD
+ modify terminator and nsterm-s to use xterm+sl-twm building block -TD
+ simplify pfkey expression in ansi.sys -TD

Tue Oct 29 13:00:00 2013
- Make it build even with new tar command
- Add ncurses patch 20131027
+ correct/simplify ifdef\'s for cur_term versus broken-linker and
reentrant options (report by Jean-Pierre Flori, cf: 20090530).
+ modify release/version combinations in test build-scripts to make
them more consistent with other packages.
- Add ncurses patch 20131019
+ add nc_mingw.h to installed headers for MinGW port; needed for
compiling ncurses-examples.
+ add rpm-script for testing cross-compile of ncurses-examples.
- Add ncurses patch 20131014
+ fix new typo in CF_ADA_INCLUDE_DIRS macro (report by Roumen Petrov).
- Add ncurses patch 20131012
+ fix a few compiler warnings in progs and test.
+ minor fix to package/debian-mingw/rules, do not strip dll\'s.
+ minor fixes to configure script for empty $prefix, e.g., when doing
cross-compiles to MinGW.
+ add script for building test-packages of binaries cross-compiled to
MinGW using NSIS.
- Add ncurses patch 20131005
+ minor fixes for ncurses-example package and makefile.
+ add scripts for test-builds of cross-compiler packages for ncurses6
to MinGW.
- Add ncurses patch 20130928
+ some build-fixes for ncurses-examples with NetBSD-6.0 curses, though
it lacks some common functions such as use_env() which is not yet
+ build-fix and some compiler warning fixes for ncurses-examples with
OpenBSD 5.3
+ fix a possible null-pointer reference in a trace message from newterm.
+ quiet a few warnings from NetBSD 6.0 namespace pollution by
nonstandard popcount() function in standard strings.h header.
+ ignore g++ 4.2.1 warnings for \"-Weffc++\" in c++/
+ fix a few overlooked places for --enable-string-hacks option.

Mon Sep 30 14:00:00 2013
- Add ncurses patch 20130928
+ fix a possible null-pointer reference in a trace message from newterm.
+ ignore g++ 4.2.1 warnings for \"-Weffc++\" in c++/
+ fix a few overlooked places for --enable-string-hacks option.
- Add ncurses patch 20130921
+ fix typo in curs_attr.3x (patch by Sven Joachim, cf: 20130831).
+ build-fix for --with-shared option for DragonFly and FreeBSD (report
by Rong-En Fan, cf: 20130727).
- Add ncurses patch 20130907
+ revert change to two of the dpkg format files, to work with dpkg
before/after Debian #700177.
+ fix gcc -Wconversion warning in wattr_get() macro.
+ add msys and msysdll to known host/configuration types (patch by
Alexey Pavlov).
+ modify CF_RPATH_HACK configure macro to not rely upon \"-u\" option
of sort, improving portability.
- Add ncurses patch 20130831
+ modify test/ncurses.c b/B tests to display lines only for the
attributes which a given terminal supports, to make room for an
italics test.
+ completed ncv table in terminfo.tail; it did not list the wide
character codes listed in X/Open Curses issue 7.
+ add A_ITALIC extension (prompted by discussion with Egmont Koblinger).
- Add ncurses patch 20130824
+ fix some gcc 4.8 -Wconversion warnings.
+ change format of dpkg test-scripts to quilted to work around bug
introduced by Debian #700177.
+ discard cached keyname() values if meta() is changed after a value
was cached using (report by Kurban Mallachiev).
- Add ncurses patch 20130816
+ add checks in tic to warn about terminals which lack cursor
addressing, capabilities or having those, are marked as hard_copy or
+ use --without-progs in mingw-ncurses rpm.
+ split out _nc_init_termtype() from alloc_entry.c to use in MinGW
port when tic and other programs are not needed.
- Add ncurses patch 20130805
+ add --disable-db-install configure option, to simplify building
cross-compile support packages.

Mon Aug 5 14:00:00 2013
- Add ncurses patch 20130805
+ minor fixes to the --disable-overwrite logic, to ensure that the
configured $(includedir) is not cancelled by the mingwxx-filesystem
rpm macros.
+ add --disable-db-install configure option, to simplify building
cross-compile support packages.
- Add ncurses patch 20130727
+ improve configure macros from ongoing work on cdk, dialog, xterm:
+ CF_ADD_LIB_AFTER - fix a problem with -Wl options
+ CF_RPATH_HACK - add missing result-message
+ CF_SHARED_OPTS - modify to use $rel_builddir in cygwin and mingw
dll symbols (which can be overridden) rather than explicit \"../\".
+ CF_SHARED_OPTS - modify NetBSD and DragonFly symbols to use ${CC}
rather than ${LD} to improve rpath support.
+ CF_SHARED_OPTS - add a symbol to denote the temporary files that
are created by the macro, to simplify clean-rules.
+ CF_X_ATHENA - trim extra libraries to work with -Wl,--as-needed
+ fix a regression in hashed-database support for NetBSD, which uses
the key-size differently from other implementations (cf: 20121229).
- Add ncurses patch 20130720
+ further improvements for setupterm manpage, clarifying the
initialization of cur_term.
- Add ncurses patch 20130713
+ improve manpages for initscr and setupterm.
+ minor compiler-warning fixes
- Add ncurses patch 20130706
+ add fallback defs for and (cf: 20120225).
+ add check for size of wchar_t, use that to suppress a chunk of
wcwidth.h in MinGW port.
+ quiet linker warnings for MinGW cross-compile with dll\'s using the
- -enable-auto-import flag.
+ add rule to ncurses/Makefile to help diagnose symbol
table issues.
- Add ncurses patch 20130622
+ modify the clear program to take into account the E3 extended
capability to clear the terminal\'s scrollback buffer (patch by
Miroslav Lichvar, Redhat #815790).
+ clarify in resizeterm manpage that LINES and COLS are updated.
+ updated ansi example in terminfo.tail, correct misordered example
of sgr.
+ fix other doclifter warnings for manpages
+ remove unnecessary \".ta\" in terminfo.tail, add missing \".fi\"
(patch by Eric Raymond).
- Add ncurses patch 20130615
+ minor changes to some configure macros to make them more reusable.
+ fixes for tabs program (prompted by report by Nick Andrik):
+ corrected logic in command-line parsing of -a and -c predefined
tab-lists options.
+ allow \"-0\" and \"-8\" options to be combined with others, e.g.,\"-0d\".
+ make warning messages more consistent with the other utilities by
not printing the full pathname of the program.
+ add -V option for consistency with other utilities.
+ fix off-by-one in columns for tabs program when processing an option
such as \"-5\" (patch by Nick Andrik).
- Add ncurses patch 20130608
+ add to test/demo_forms.c examples of using the menu-hooks as well
as showing how the menu item user-data can be used to pass a callback
function pointer.
+ add test/dots_termcap.c
+ remove setupterm call from test/demo_termcap.c
+ build-fix if --disable-ext-funcs configure option is used.
+ modified test/edit_field.c and test/demo_forms.c to move the lengths
into a user-data structure, keeping the original string for later
expansion to free-format input/out demo.
+ modified test/demo_forms.c to load data from file.
+ added note to clarify\'s non-emulation of the various
terminal types listed in the preferences dialog -TD
+ fix regression in error-reporting in lib_setup.c (Debian #711134,
cf: 20121117).
+ build-fix for a case where --enable-broken_linker and
- -enable-reentrant options are combined (report by George R Goffe).
- Add ncurses patch 20130525
+ modify mvcur() to distinguish between internal use by the ncurses
library, and external callers, preventing it from reading the content
of the screen which is only nonblank when curses calls have updated
it. This makes test/dots_mvcur.c avoid painting colored cells in
the left margin of the display.
+ minor fix to test/dots_mvcur.c
+ move configured symbols USE_DATABASE and USE_TERMCAP to term.h as
use of these symbols in term_entry.h
- Add ncurses patch 20130518
+ corrected ifdefs in test/testcurs.c to allow comparison of mouse
interface versus pdcurses (cf: 20130316).
+ add pow() to configure-check for math library, needed since
20121208 for test/hanoi (Debian #708056).
+ regenerated html manpages.
+ update doctype used for html documentation.

Fri Jun 21 14:00:00 2013
- Add some more terminfo entries to terminfo-base (bnc#826171)

Mon May 13 14:00:00 2013
- Make LD_LIBRARY_PATH include %_lib to make sure use and test the
fresh build libraries

Mon May 13 14:00:00 2013
- Add ncurses patch 20130511
+ move nsterm-related entries out of \"obsolete\" section to more
plausible \"ansi consoles\" -TD
+ additional cleanup of table-of-contents by reordering -TD
+ revise fix for check for 8-bit value in _nc_insert_ch(); prior fix
prevented inserts when video attributes were attached to the data
(cf: 20121215) (Redhat #959534).
- Add ncurses patch 20130504
+ fixes for issues found by Coverity:
+ correct FNKEY() macro in progs/dump_entry.c, allowing kf11-kf63 to
display when infocmp\'s -R option is used for HP or AIX subsets.
+ fix dead-code issue with test/movewindow.c
+ improve limited-checking in _nc_read_termtype().
- Add ncurses patch 20130427
+ fix clang 3.2 warning in progs/dump_entry.c
+ drop AC_TYPE_SIGNAL check; ncurses relies on c89 and later.
- Add ncurses patch 20130413
+ add MinGW to cases where ncurses installs by default into /usr
(prompted by discussion with Daniel Silva Ferreira).
+ add -D option to infocmp\'s usage-message (patch by Miroslav Lichvar).
+ add a missing \'int\' type for main function in configure check for
type of bool variable, to work with clang 3.2 (report by Dmitri
+ improve configure check for static_cast, to work with clang 3.2
(report by Dmitri Gribenko).
+ re-order rule for demo.o and macros defining header dependencies in
c++/ to accommodate gmake (report by Dmitri Gribenko).
- Add ncurses patch 20130406
+ improve parameter checking in copywin().
+ modify configure script to work around OS X\'s \"libtool\" program, to
choose glibtool instead. At the same time, chance the autoconf macro
to look for a \"tool\" rather than a \"prog\", to help with potential use
in cross-compiling.
+ separate the rpath usage for c++ library from demo program
(Redhat #911540)
+ update/correct header-dependencies in c++ makefile (report by Werner
+ add --with-cxx-shared to dpkg-script, as done for rpm-script.

Tue Mar 26 13:00:00 2013
- Add ncurses patch 20130324
+ build-fix for libtool configuration (reports by Daniel Silva Ferreira
and Roumen Petrov).
- Add ncurses patch 20130323
+ build-fix for OS X, to handle changes for --with-cxx-shared feature
(report by Christian Ebert).
+ change initialization for vt220, similar entries for consistency
with cursor-key strings (NetBSD #47674) -TD
+ further improvements to linux-16color (Benjamin Sittler)
- Add ncurses patch 20130316
+ additional fix for tic.c, to allocate missing buffer space.
+ eliminate configure-script warnings for
+ correct typo in sgr string for sun-color,
add bold for consistency with sgr,
change smso for consistency with sgr -TD
+ correct typo in sgr string for terminator -TD
+ add blink to the attributes masked by ncv in linux-16color (report
by Benjamin Sittler)
+ improve warning message from post-load checking for missing \"%?\"
operator by tic/infocmp by showing the entry name and capability.
+ minor formatting improvement to tic/infocmp -f option to ensure
line split after \"%;\".
+ amend scripting for --with-cxx-shared option to handle the debug
library \"libncurses++_g.a\" (report by Sven Joachim).
- Add ncurses patch 20130309
+ amend change to toe.c for reading from /dev/zero, to ensure that
there is a buffer for the temporary filename (cf: 20120324).
+ regenerated html manpages.
+ fix typo in terminfo.head (report by Sven Joachim, cf: 20130302).
+ updated some autoconf macros:
+ CF_ACVERSION_CHECK, from byacc 1.9 20130304
+ CF_INTEL_COMPILER, CF_XOPEN_SOURCE from luit 2.0-20130217
+ add configure option --with-cxx-shared to permit building
libncurses++ as a shared library when using g++, e.g., the same
limitations as libtool but better integrated with the usual build
configuration (Redhat 911540).
+ modify to filter out build-path which was unnecessarily
shown in curses.h (Debian #689131).
- Add ncurses patch 20130302
+ add section to terminfo manpage discussing user-defined capabilities.
+ update manpage description of NCURSES_NO_SETBUF, explaining why it
is obsolete.
+ add a check in waddch_nosync() to ensure that tab characters are
treated as control characters; some broken locales claim they are
+ add some traces to the Windows console driver.
+ initialize a temporary array in _nc_mbtowc, needed for some cases
of raw input in MinGW port.
- Make it build even with shared libncurses++ and its demo test program

Mon Feb 18 13:00:00 2013
- Add ncurses patch 20130126
+ further fixes to mvcur to pass callback function (cf: 20130112),
needed to make test/dots_mvcur work.
+ reduce calls to SetConsoleActiveScreenBuffer in win_driver.c, to
help reduce flicker.
+ modify configure script to omit \"+b\" from linker options for very
old HP-UX systems (report by Dennis Grevenstein)
+ add HP-UX workaround for missing EILSEQ on old HP-UX systems (patch
by Dennis Grevenstein).
+ restore memmove/strdup support for antique systems (request by
Dennis Grevenstein).
+ change %l behavior in tparm to push the string length onto the stack
rather than saving the formatted length into the output buffer
(report by Roy Marples, cf: 980620).
- Add ncurses patch 20130202
+ correct initialization in knight.c which let it occasionally make
an incorrect move (cf: 20001028).
+ improve documentation of the terminfo/termcap search path.
- Add ncurses patch 20130209
+ modify test/configure script to make it simpler to override names
of curses-related libraries, to help with linking with pdcurses in
mingw environment.
+ if the --with-terminfo-dirs configure option is not used, there is
no corresponding compiled-in value for that. Fill in \"no default
value\" for that part of the manpage substitution.
- Add ncurses patch 20130216
+ modify test/testcurs.c to work with mouse for ncurses as it does for
+ modify test/knight.c to work with mouse for pdcurses as it does for
+ modify internal recursion in wgetch() which handles cooked mode to
check if the call to wgetnstr() returned an error. This can happen
when both nocbreak() and nodelay() are set, for instance (report by
Nils Christopher Brause) (cf: 960418).
+ fixes for issues found by Coverity:
+ add a check for valid position in ClearToEOS()
+ fix in lib_twait.c when --enable-wgetch-events is used, pointer
use after free.
+ improve a limit-check in make_hash.c
+ fix a memory leak in hashed_db.c
- Add ncurses patch 20130218
+ correct ifdef on change to lib_twait.c (report by Werner Fink).
+ update config.guess, config.sub
- Use screen to emulate a terminal to enable the configure script to
use poll(2) system call on stderr file descriptor

Mon Jan 21 13:00:00 2013
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20130119
+ fixes for issues found by Coverity:
+ fix memory leak in safe_sprintf.c
+ add check for return-value in tty_update.c
+ correct initialization for -s option in test/view.c
+ add check for numeric overflow in lib_instr.c
+ improve error-checking in copywin
+ add advice in infocmp manpage for termcap users (Debian #698469).
+ add \"-y\" option to test/demo_termcap and test/demo_terminfo to
demonstrate behavior with/without extended capabilities.
+ updated termcap manpage to document legacy termcap behavior for
matching capability names.
+ modify name-comparison for tgetstr, etc., to accommodate legacy
applications as well as to improve compatbility with BSD 4.2
termcap implementations (Debian #698299) (cf: 980725).

Wed Jan 16 13:00:00 2013
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20130112
+ correct prototype in manpage for vid_puts.
+ drop ncurses/tty/tty_display.h, ncurses/tty/tty_input.h, since they
are unused in the current driver model.
+ modify mvcur to use stdout except when called within the ncurses
+ modify vidattr and vid_attr to use stdout as documented in manpage.
+ amend changes made to buffering in 20120825 so that the low-level
putp() call uses stdout rather than ncurses\' internal buffering.
The putp_sp() call does the same, for consistency (Redhat #892674).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20130105
+ add \"-s\" option to test/view.c to allow it to start in single-step
mode, reducing size of trace files when it is used for debugging
MinGW changes.
+ revert part of 20121222 change to tinfo_driver.c
+ add experimental logic in win_driver.c to improve optimization of
screen updates. This does not yet work with double-width characters,
so it is ifdef\'d out for the moment (prompted by report by Erwin
Waterlander regarding screen flicker).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20121229
+ fix coverity warnings regarding copying into fixed-size buffers.
+ add throw-declarations in the c++ binding per Coverity warning.
+ minor changes to new-items for consistent reference to bug-report
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20121222
+ add
*.dSYM directories to clean-rule in ncurses directory makefile,
for Mac OS builds.
+ add a configure check for gcc option -no-cpp-precomp, which is not
available in all Mac OS X configurations (report by Andras Salamon,
cf: 20011208).
+ improve 20021221 workaround for broken acs, handling a case where
that ACS_xxx character is not in the acsc string but there is a known
wide-character which can be used.

Mon Dec 17 13:00:00 2012
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20121215
+ fix several warnings from clang 3.1 --analyze, includes correcting
a null-pointer check in _nc_mvcur_resume.
+ correct display of double-width characters with MinGW port (report
by Erwin Waterlander).
+ replace MinGW\'s wcrtomb(), fixing a problem with _nc_viscbuf
+ correct check for 8-bit value in _nc_insert_ch().
+ remove dead code in progs/tset.c, test/linedata.h
+ add null-pointer checks in lib_tracemse.c, panel.priv.h, and some
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20121208
+ modify test/knight.c to show the number of choices possible for
each position in automove option, e.g., to allow user to follow
Warnsdorff\'s rule to solve the puzzle.
+ remove a few redundant checks.
+ check return value from remove/unlink in tic.
+ fix a null dereference in c++/
+ fix two instances of uninitialized variables when configuring for the
terminal driver.
+ correct scope of variable used in SetSafeOutcWrapper macro.
+ set umask when calling mkstemp in tic.
+ initialize wbkgrndset() temporary variable when extended-colors are
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20121201
+ also replace MinGW\'s wctomb(), fixing a problem with setcchar().
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20121124
+ correct order of color initialization versus display in some of the
test-programs, e.g., test_addstr.c
- Add tack patch 1.07.20120916

* tack.c: ensure that $TERM is set and is not too large

* edit.c: build-fix for g++

* color.c:
corrected check for ncv (no_color_video), which did not handle
the case when all video attributes should work.

* color.c:
add/use init_palette() and reset_palette() to restore the 0-7
ANSI colors to sane values after running the change-colors tests.

* charset.c: add a test for \"eslok\" capability

Mon Nov 19 13:00:00 2012
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20121117
> fixes based on Coverity report:
+ add missing braces around FreeAndNull in two places.
+ various fixes in test/ncurses.c
+ improve limit-checks in tinfo/make_hash.c, tinfo/read_entry.c
+ correct malloc size in progs/infocmp.c
+ guard against negative array indices in test/knight.c
+ fix off-by-one limit check in test/color_name.h
+ add null-pointer check in progs/tabs.c, test/bs.c, test/demo_forms.c,
+ fix memory-leak in tinfo/lib_setup.c, progs/toe.c,
test/clip_printw.c, test/demo_menus.c
+ delete unused windows in test/chgat.c, test/clip_printw.c,
test/insdelln.c, test/newdemo.c on error-return.
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20121110
+ modify configure macro CF_INCLUDE_DIRS to put $CPPFLAGS after the
local -I include options in case someone has set conflicting -I
options in $CPPFLAGS (prompted by patch for ncurses/ by
Vassili Courzakis).
+ modify the ncurses
*-config scripts to eliminate relative paths from
the RPATH_LIST variable, e.g., \"../lib\" as used in installing shared
libraries or executables.

Mon Nov 5 13:00:00 2012
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20121026
+ improve malloc/realloc checking (prompted by discussion in Redhat
+ add ncurses test-program as \"ncurses6\" to the rpm- and dpkg-scripts.
+ updated configure macros CF_GCC_VERSION and CF_WITH_PATHLIST. The
first corrects pattern used for Mac OS X\'s customization of gcc.
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20121102
+ realign manual pages and fix a long-ago error in curs_addstr.3x
which said that a -1 length parameter would only write as much
as fit onto one line (report by Reuben Thomas).
+ remove obsolete fallback _nc_memmove() for memmove()/bcopy().
+ remove obsolete fallback _nc_strdup() for strdup().
+ cancel any debug-rpm in package/ncurses.spec
+ reviewed vte-2012, reverted most of the change since it was incorrect
based on testing with tack -TD
+ un-cancel the initc in vte-256color, since this was implemented
starting with version 0.20 in 2009 -TD

Wed Oct 17 14:00:00 2012
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20121013
+ add vte-2012, gnome-2012, making these the defaults for vte/gnome
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20121017
+ fix change to _nc_scroll_optimize(), which incorrectly freed memory

Mon Oct 8 14:00:00 2012
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20121006
+ improve CF_GCC_VERSION to work around Debian\'s customization of gcc
- -version message.
+ improve configure macros as done in byacc:
+ drop 2.13 compatibility; use 2.52.xxxx version only since EMX port
has used that for a while.
+ add 3rd parameter to AC_DEFINE\'s to allow autoheader to run, i.e.,
for experimental use.
+ remove unused configure macros.
+ modify configure script and makefiles to quiet new autoconf warning
for LIBS_TO_MAKE variable.
+ modify configure script to show $PATH_SEPARATOR variable.
+ update config.guess, config.sub
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120922
+ modify setupterm to set its copy of TERM to \"unknown\" if configured
for the terminal driver and TERM was null or empty.
+ modify treatment of TERM variable for MinGW port to allow explicit
use of the windows console driver by checking if $TERM is set to
\"#win32con\" or an abbreviation of that.
+ undo recent change to fallback definition of vsscanf() to

Mon Sep 17 14:00:00 2012
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120908
+ add test-screens to test/ncurses to show 256-characters at a time,
to help with mingw port.
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120903
+ simplify varargs logic in lib_printw.c; va_copy is no longer needed
+ modifications for mingw port to make wide-character display usable.
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120902
+ regenerate configure script (report by Sven Joachim, cf: 20120901).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120901
+ add a null-pointer check in _nc_flush (cf: 20120825).
+ fix a case in _nc_scroll_optimize() where the _oldnums_list array
might not be allocated.
+ improve comparisons in for unset shell variables.
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120826
+ increase size of ncurses\' output-buffer, in case of very small
initial screen-sizes.
+ fix evaluation of TERMINFO and TERMINFO_DIRS default values as needed
after changes to use --datarootdir (reports by Gabriele Balducci,
Roumen Petrov).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120825
+ change output buffering scheme, using buffer maintained by ncurses
rather than stdio, to avoid problems with SIGTSTP handling (report
by Brian Bloniarz).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120811
+ update autoconf patch to 2.52.20120811, adding --datarootdir
(prompted by discussion with Erwin Waterlander).
+ improve description of --enable-reentrant option in README and the
+ add nsterm-256color, make this the default nsterm -TD
+ remove bw from nsterm-bce, per testing with tack -TD
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120804
+ update test/configure, adding check for tinfo library.
+ improve limit-checks for the getch fifo (report by Werner Fink).
+ fix a remaining mismatch between $with_echo and the symbols updated
by CF_DISABLE_ECHO affecting parameters for mk-2nd.awk (report by
Sven Joachim, cf: 20120317).
+ modify followup check for pkg-config\'s library directory in the
- -enable-pc-files option to validate syntax (report by Sven Joachim,
cf: 20110716).

Tue Jul 31 14:00:00 2012
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120728
+ correct path for ncurses_mingw.h in include/headers, in case build
is done outside source-tree (patch by Roumen Petrov).
+ modify some older xterm entries to align with xterm source -TD
+ separate \"xterm-old\" alias from \"xterm-r6\" -TD
+ add E3 extended capability to xterm-basic and putty -TD
+ parenthesize parameters of other macros in curses.h -TD
+ parenthesize parameter of COLOR_PAIR and PAIR_NUMBER in curses.h
in case it happens to be a comma-expression, etc. (patch by Nick
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120721
+ improved form_request_by_name() and menu_request_by_name().
+ eliminate two fixed-size buffers in toe.c
+ extend use_tioctl() to have expected behavior when use_env(FALSE) and
use_tioctl(TRUE) are called.
+ modify ncurses test-program, adding -E and -T options to demonstrate
use_env() versus use_tioctl().
- Add NEWS and README to installed package documentation ((bnc#772916)

Thu Jul 26 14:00:00 2012
- Change order of listes authors into the order of relative
contributions made (bnc#772916)
- Add tabs description to description of ncurses-utils (bnc#772916)

Fri Jul 20 14:00:00 2012
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120714 (bnc#769788)
+ add use_tioctl() function (adapted from patch by Werner Fink,
Novell #769788):
- Set the default for use_tioctl() to TRUE and add a note in the
manual page for this.

Mon Jul 9 14:00:00 2012
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120707 (bnc#769788)
+ add ncurses_mingw.h to installed headers (prompted by patch by
Juergen Pfeifer).
+ clarify return-codes from wgetch() in response to SIGWINCH (prompted
by Novell #769788).
+ modify resizeterm() to always push a KEY_RESIZE onto the fifo, even
if screensize is unchanged. Modify _nc_update_screensize() to push a
KEY_RESIZE if there was a SIGWINCH, even if it does not call
resizeterm(). These changes eliminate the case where a SIGWINCH is
received, but ERR returned from wgetch or wgetnstr because the screen
dimensions did not change (Novell #769788).

Tue Jun 26 14:00:00 2012
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120622
+ add -d, -e and -q options to test/demo_terminfo and test/demo_termcap
+ fix caching of environment variables in database-iterator (patch by
Philippe Troin, Redhat #831366).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120616
+ add configure check to distinguish clang from gcc to eliminate
warnings about unused command-line parameters when compiler warnings
are enabled.
+ improve behavior when updating terminfo entries which are hardlinked
by allowing for the possibility that an alias has been repurposed to
a new primary name.
+ fix some strict compiler warnings based on package scripts.
+ further fixes for configure check for working poll (Debian #676461).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120608
+ fix an uninitialized variable in -c/-n logic for infocmp changes
(cf: 20120526).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120602
+ add kdch1 aka \"Remove\" to vt220 and vt220-8 entries -TD
+ add kdch1, etc., to qvt108 -TD
+ add dl1/il1 to some entries based on dl/il values -TD
+ add dl to simpleterm -TD
+ add consistency-checks in tic for insert-line vs delete-line
controls, and insert/delete-char keys
+ correct no-leaks logic in infocmp when doing comparisons, fixing
duplicate free of entries given via the command-line, and freeing
entries loaded from the last-but-one of files specified on the
+ add kdch1 to wsvt25 entry from NetBSD CVS (reported by David Lord,
analysis by Martin Husemann).
+ add cnorm/civis to wsvt25 entry from NetBSD CVS (report/analysis by
Onno van der Linden).

Wed May 30 14:00:00 2012
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120526
+ extend -c and -n options of infocmp to allow comparing more than two
+ correct check in infocmp for number of terminal names when more than
two are given.
+ correct typo in curs_threads.3x (report by Yanhui Shen on
freebsd-hackers mailing list).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120512
+ corrected \'op\' for bterm (report by Samuel Thibault) -TD
+ modify test/background.c to demonstrate a background character
holding a colored ACS_HLINE. The behavior differs from SVr4 due to
the thick- and double-line extension (cf: 20091003).
+ modify handling of acs characters in PutAttrChar to avoid mapping an
unmapped character to a space with A_ALTCHARSET set.
+ rewrite vt520 entry based on vt420 -TD
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120505
+ remove p6 (bold) from opus3n1+ for consistency -TD
+ remove acs stuff from env230 per clues in Ingres termcap -TD
+ modify env230 sgr/sgr0 to match other capabilities -TD
+ modify smacs/rmacs in bq300-8 to match sgr/sgr0 -TD
+ make sgr for dku7202 agree with other caps -TD
+ make sgr for ibmpc agree with other caps -TD
+ make sgr for tek4107 agree with other caps -TD
+ make sgr for ndr9500 agree with other caps -TD
+ make sgr for sco-ansi agree with other caps -TD
+ make sgr for d410 agree with other caps -TD
+ make sgr for d210 agree with other caps -TD
+ make sgr for d470c, d470c-7b agree with other caps -TD
+ remove redundant AC_DEFINE for NDEBUG versus Makefile definition.
+ fix a back-link in _nc_delink_entry(), which is needed if ncurses is
configured with --enable-termcap and --disable-getcap.
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120428
+ fix some inconsistencies between vt320/vt420, e.g., cnorm/civis -TD
+ add eslok flag to dec+sl -TD
+ dec+sl applies to vt320 and up -TD
+ drop wsl width from xterm+sl -TD
+ reuse xterm+sl in putty and nsca-m -TD
+ add ansi+tabs to vt520 -TD
+ add ansi+enq to vt220-vt520 -TD
+ fix a compiler warning in example in ncurses-intro.doc (Paul Waring).
+ added paragraph in keyname manpage telling how extended capabilities
are interpreted as key definitions.
+ modify tic\'s check of conflicting key definitions to include extended
capability strings in addition to the existing check on predefined
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120421
+ improve cleanup of temporary files in tic using atexit().
+ add msgr to vt420, similar DEC vtXXX entries -TD
+ add several missing vt420 capabilities from vt220 -TD
+ factor out ansi+pp from several entries -TD
+ change xterm+sl and xterm+sl-twm to include only the status-line
capabilities and not \"use=xterm\", making them more generally useful
as building-blocks -TD
+ add dec+sl building block, as example -TD
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120414
+ add consistency check in tic for screen\'s \"XT\" capability.
+ add section in terminfo.src summarizing the user-defined capabilities
used in that file -TD
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120407
+ fix an inconsistency between tic/infocmp \"-x\" option; tic omits all
non-standard capabilities, while infocmp was ignoring only the user
definable capabilities.
+ improve special case in tic parsing of description to allow it to be
followed by terminfo capabilities. Previously the description had to
be the last field on an input line to allow tic to distinguish
between termcap and terminfo format while still allowing commas to be
embedded in the description.
+ correct variable name in which broke configurability of
the --with-xterm-kbs option.
+ revert 2011-07-16 change to \"linux\" alias, return to \"linux2.2\" -TD
+ further amend 20110910 change, providing for configure-script
override of the \"linux\" terminfo entry to install and changing the
default for that to \"linux2.2\" (Debian #665959).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120331
+ update Ada95/configure to use CF_DISABLE_ECHO (cf: 20120317).
+ correct order of use-clauses in st-256color -TD
+ modify configure script to look for gnatgcc if the Ada95 binding
is built, in preference to the default gcc/cc (suggested by
Nicolas Boulenguez).
+ modify configure script to ensure that the same -On option used for
the C compiler in CFLAGS is used for ADAFLAGS rather than simply
using -O3 (suggested by Nicolas Boulenguez)
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120324
+ amend an old fix so that next_char() exits properly for empty files,
e.g., from reading /dev/null (cf: 20080804).
+ modify tic so that it can read from the standard input, or from
a character device. Because tic uses seek\'s, this requires writing
the data to a temporary file first (prompted by remark by Sven
Joachim) (cf: 20000923).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120317
+ correct a check made in lib_napms.c, so that terminfo applications
can again use napms() (cf: 20110604).
+ add a note in tic.h regarding required casts for ABSENT_BOOLEAN
(cf: 20040327).
+ correct scripting for --disable-echo option in test/configure.
+ amend check for missing c++ compiler to work when no error is
reported, and no variables set (cf: 20021206).
+ add/use configure macro CF_DISABLE_ECHO.

Mon Mar 12 13:00:00 2012
- Add check_build script to avoid to stumble on gcc exception 32

Mon Mar 12 13:00:00 2012
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120310
+ fix some strict compiler warnings for abi6 and 64-bits.
+ use begin_va_copy/end_va_copy macros in lib_printw.c (cf: 20120303).
+ improve a limit-check in infocmp.c (Werner Fink)

Mon Mar 5 13:00:00 2012
- Add tack patch 1.07.20120303
+ fix many compilerv warnings
+ update auto configure
+ update copyright date
+ Update configure-script and makefile template to work with this
post-5.9 change, allowing build of tack within the ncurses
source-tree 20110924. The change is prompted by review of
OpenSUSE package by Werner Fink, using a patch from the rpm
source file: ncurses-5.9-tack-tinfo.dif (2011-11-18)

Mon Mar 5 13:00:00 2012
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120303
+ minor tidying of terminfo.tail, clarify reason for limitation
regarding mapping of \\0 to \\200
+ minor improvement to _nc_copy_termtype(), using memcpy to replace
+ fix no-leaks checking in test/demo_termcap.c to account for multiple
calls to setupterm().
+ modified the libgpm change to show previous load as a problem in the
> merge some patches from OpenSUSE rpm (Werner Fink):
+ ncurses-5.7-printw.dif, fixes for varargs handling in lib_printw.c
+ ncurses-5.7-gpm.dif, do not dlopen libgpm if already loaded by
runtime linker
+ ncurses-5.6-fallback.dif, do not free arrays and strings from static
fallback entries

Thu Mar 1 13:00:00 2012
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120228
+ fix breakage in tic/infocmp from 20120225 (report by Werner Fink).

Mon Feb 27 13:00:00 2012
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120225
+ modify configure script to allow creating dll\'s for MinGW when
+ add --enable-string-hacks option to control whether strlcat and
strlcpy may be used. The same issue applies to OpenBSD\'s warnings
about snprintf, noting that this function is weakly standardized.
+ add configure checks for strlcat, strlcpy and snprintf, to help
reduce bogus warnings with OpenBSD builds.
+ build-fix for OpenBSD 4.9 to supply consistent intptr_t declaration
+ update config.guess, config.sub

Tue Feb 14 13:00:00 2012
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120211
+ make sgr for xterm-pcolor agree with other caps -TD
+ make sgr for att5425 agree with other caps -TD
+ make sgr for att630 agree with other caps -TD
+ make sgr for linux entries agree with other caps -TD
+ make sgr for tvi9065 agree with other caps -TD
+ make sgr for ncr260vt200an agree with other caps -TD
+ make sgr for ncr160vt100pp agree with other caps -TD
+ make sgr for ncr260vt300an agree with other caps -TD
+ make sgr for aaa-60-dec-rv, aaa+dec agree with other caps -TD
+ make sgr for cygwin, cygwinDBG agree with other caps -TD
+ add configure option --with-xterm-kbs to simplify configuration for
Linux versus most other systems.

Mon Feb 6 13:00:00 2012
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120204
+ improved tic -D option, avoid making target directory and provide
better diagnostics.

Mon Jan 30 13:00:00 2012
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120128
+ add mach-gnu (Debian #614316, patch by Samuel Thibault)
+ add mach-gnu-color, tweaks to mach-gnu terminfo -TD
+ make sgr for sun-color agree with smso -TD
+ make sgr for prism9 agree with other caps -TD
+ make sgr for icl6404 agree with other caps -TD
+ make sgr for ofcons agree with other caps -TD
+ make sgr for att5410v1, att4415, att620 agree with other caps -TD
+ make sgr for aaa-unk, aaa-rv agree with other caps -TD
+ make sgr for avt-ns agree with other caps -TD
+ amend fix intended to separate fixups for acsc to allow \"tic -cv\" to
give verbose warnings (cf: 20110730).
+ modify misc/ to make the location of the tabset directory
consistent with misc/, i.., using ${datadir}/tabset
(Debian #653435, patch by Sven Joachim).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120121
+ add --with-lib-prefix option to allow configuring for old/new flavors
of OS/2 EMX.
+ modify check for gnat version to allow for year, as used in FreeBSD
+ modify check_existence() in db_iterator.c to simply check if the
path is a directory or file, according to the need. Checking for
directory size also gives no usable result with OS/2 (cf: 20120107).
+ support OS/2 kLIBC (patch by KO Myung-Han).

Mon Jan 16 13:00:00 2012
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120114

* several improvements to test/movewindow.c (prompted by discussion on
Linux Mint forum):
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20120107

* various improvments for MinGW (Juergen Pfeifer):
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20111231

* modify toe\'s report when -a and -s options are combined, to add
a column showing which entries belong to a given database.

* add -s option to toe, to sort its output.

* modify progs/toe.c, simplifying use of db-iterator results to use
caching improvements from 20111001 and 20111126.

* correct generation of pc-files when ticlib or termlib options are
given to rename the corresponding tic- or tinfo-libraries (report
by Sven Joachim).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20111224

* document a portability issue with tput, i.e., that scripts which work
with ncurses may fail in other implementations that do no parameter

* add putty-sco entry -TD
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20111217

* review/fix places in manpages where --program-prefix configure option
was not being used.

* add -D option to infocmp, to show the database locations that it
could use.

* fix build for the special case where term-driver, ticlib and termlib
are all enabled. The terminal driver depends on a few features in
the base ncurses library, so tic\'s dependencies include both ncurses
and termlib.

* fix build work for term-driver when --enable-wgetch-events option is

* use types to fix some questionable casts to void
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20111210

* modify configure script to check if thread library provides
pthread_mutexattr_settype(), e.g., not provided by Solaris 2.6

* modify configure script to suppress check to define _XOPEN_SOURCE
for IRIX64, since its header files have a conflict versus

* modify configure script to add \".pc\" files for tic- and
tinfo-libraries, which were omitted in recent change (cf: 20111126).

* fix inconsistent checks on $PKG_CONFIG variable in configure script.

Tue Dec 20 13:00:00 2011
- remove call to suse_update_config (very old work around)

Mon Dec 5 13:00:00 2011
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20111203

* modify configure-check for etip.h dependencies, supplying a temporary
copy of ncurses_dll.h since it is a generated file (prompted by
Debian #646977).

* modify CF_CPP_PARAM_INIT \"main\" function to work with current C++.

Mon Nov 28 13:00:00 2011
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20111126

* correct database iterator\'s check for duplicate entries
(cf: 20111001).

* modify database iterator to ignore $TERMCAP when it is not an
absolute pathname.

* add -D option to tic, to show the database locations that it could

* improve description of database locations in tic manpage.

* modify the configure script to generate a list of the \".pc\" files to
generate, rather than deriving the list from the libraries which have
been built (patch by Mike Frysinger).

* use AC_CHECK_TOOLS in preference to AC_PATH_PROGS when searching for
*-config, e.g., in Ada95/configure and test/configure (adapted
from patch by Mike Frysinger).

Thu Nov 24 13:00:00 2011
- Avoid linker script as bash configure can not
handle this

Thu Nov 24 13:00:00 2011
- Use linker scripts to amke sure that libtinfo will be found
even if -ltinfo is missed on the linker command line

Tue Nov 22 13:00:00 2011
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20111119

* remove obsolete/conflicting fallback definition for _POSIX_SOURCE
from curses.priv.h, fixing a regression with IRIX64 and Tru64
(cf: 20110416)

* modify _nc_tic_dir() to ensure that its return-value is nonnull,
i.e., the database iterator was not initialized. This case is needed
to when tic is translating to termcap, rather than loading the
database (cf: 20111001).

Fri Nov 18 13:00:00 2011
- Update to tack 1.07-20110626
- Enlarge hash size for run time linker
- Enforce bind references to global function symbols to the
definition within libncurses and libtinfo

Thu Nov 17 13:00:00 2011
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20111112

* add pccon entries for OpenBSD console (Alexei Malinin).

* build-fix for OpenBSD 4.9 with gcc 4.2.1, setting _XOPEN_SOURCE to
600 to work around inconsistent ifdef\'ing of wcstof between C and
C++ header files.

* modify capconvert script to accept more than exact match on \"xterm\",
e.g., the \"xterm-
*\" variants, to exclude from the conversion (patch
by Robert Millan).

* fix a typo misc/, used in uninstalling pc-files.
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20111030

* modify make_db_path() to allow creating \"terminfo.db\" in the same
directory as an existing \"terminfo\" directory. This fixes a case
where switching between hashed/filesystem databases would cause the
new hashed database to be installed in the next best location -
root\'s home directory.

* add variable cf_cv_prog_gnat_correct to those passed to
config.status, fixing a problem with Ada95 builds (cf: 20111022).

* change feature test from _XPG5 to _XOPEN_SOURCE in two places, to
accommodate broken implementations for _XPG6.

* eliminate usage of NULL symbol from etip.h, to reduce header

* add configure check to decide when to add _XOPEN_SOURCE define to
compiler options, i.e., for Solaris 10 and later (cf: 20100403).
This is a workaround for gcc 4.6, which fails to build the c++
binding if that symbol is defined by the application, due to
incorrectly combining the corresponding feature test macros
(report by Peter Kruse).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20111022

* correct logic for discarding mouse events, retaining the partial
events used to build up click, double-click, etc, until needed
(cf: 20110917).

* fix configure script to avoid creating unused Ada95 makefile when
gnat does not work.

* cleanup width-related gcc 3.4.3 warnings for 64-bit platform, for the
internal functions of libncurses. The external interface of courses
uses bool, which still produces these warnings.
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20111015

* improve description of --disable-tic-depends option to make it
clear that it may be useful whether or not the --with-termlib
option is also given (report by Sven Joachim).

* amend termcap equivalent for set_pglen_inch to use the X/Open
\"YI\" rather than the obsolete Solaris 2.5 \"sL\" (cf: 990109).

* improve manpage for tgetent differences from termcap library.
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20111008

* moved static data from db_iterator.c to lib_data.c

* modify db_iterator.c for memory-leak checking, fix one leak.

* modify misc/ to use Requires.private for the parts
of ncurses rather than Requires, as well as Libs.private for the
other library dependencies (prompted by Debian #644728).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20111001

* modify tic \"-K\" option to only set the strict-flag rather than force
source-output. That allows the same flag to control the parser for
input and output of termcap source.

* modify _nc_getent() to ignore backslash at the end of a comment line,
making it consistent with ncurses\' parser.

* restore a special-case check for directory needed to make termcap
text files load as if they were databases (cf: 20110924).

* modify tic\'s resolution/collision checking to attempt to remove the
conflicting alias from the second entry in the pair, which is
normally following in the source file. Also improved the warning
message to make it simpler to see which alias is the problem.

* improve performance of the database iterator by caching search-list.
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110925

* add a missing \"else\" in changes to _nc_read_tic_entry().
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110924

* modify _nc_read_tic_entry() so that hashed-database is checked before

* updated CF_CURSES_LIBS check in test/configure script.

* modify configure script and makefiles to split TIC_ARGS and
TINFO_ARGS into pieces corresponding to LDFLAGS and LIBS variables,
to help separate searches for tic- and tinfo-libraries (patch by Nick
Alcock aka \"Nix\").

* build-fix for lib_mouse.c changes (ch: 20110917).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110917

* fix compiler warning for clang 2.9

* improve merging of mouse events (integrated patch by Damien

* correct mask-check used in lib_mouse for wheel mouse buttons 4/5
(patch by Damien Guibouret).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110910

* modify misc/ to select a \"linux\" entry which works with
the current kernel rather than assuming it is always \"linux3.0\"
(cf: 20110716).

* revert a change to getmouse() which had the undesirable side-effect
of suppressing button-release events (report by Damien Guibouret,
cf: 20100102).

* add xterm+kbs fragment from xterm #272 -TD

* add configure option --with-pkg-config-libdir to provide control over
the actual directory into which pc-files are installed, do not use
the pkg-config environment variables (discussion with Frederic L W

* add link to mailing-list archive in, as done in
FAQ (prompted by question by Andrius Bentkus).

* improve manpage install by adjusting the \"#include\" examples to
show the ncurses-subdirectory used when --disable-overwrite option
is used.

* install an alias for \"curses\" to the ncurses manpage, tied to the
- -with-curses-h configure option (suggested by Reuben Thomas).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110903

* propagate error-returns from wresize, i.e., the internal
increase_size and decrease_size functions through resize_term (report
by Tim van der Molen, cf: 20020713).

* fix typo in tset manpage (patch by Sven Joachim).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110820

* add a check to ensure that termcap files which might have \"^?\" do
not use the terminfo interpretation as \"\\177\".

* minor cleanup of X-terminal emulator section of terminfo.src -TD

* add terminator entry -TD

* add simpleterm entry -TD

* improve wattr_get macros by ensuring that if the window pointer is
null, then the attribute and color values returned will be zero
(cf: 20110528).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110813

* add substitution for $RPATH_LIST to misc/

* improve performance of tic with hashed-database by caching the
database connection, using atexit() to cleanup.

* modify treatment of 2-character aliases at the beginning of termcap
entries so they are not counted in use-resolution, since these are
guaranteed to be unique. Also ignore these aliases when reporting
the primary name of the entry (cf: 20040501)

* double-check gn (generic) flag in terminal descriptions to
accommodate old/buggy termcap databases which misused that feature.

* minor fixes to _nc_tgetent(), ensure buffer is initialized even on
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110807

* improve rpath fix from 20110730 by ensuring that the new $RPATH_LIST
variable is defined in the makefiles which use it.

* build-fix for DragonFlyBSD\'s pkgsrc in test/configure script.

* build-fixes for NetBSD 5.1 with termcap support enabled.

* corrected k9 in dg460-ansi, add other features based on manuals -TD

* improve trimming of whitespace at the end of terminfo/termcap output
from tic/infocmp.

* when writing termcap source, ensure that colons in the description
field are translated to a non-delimiter, i.e., \"=\".

* add \"-0\" option to tic/infocmp, to make the termcap/terminfo source
use a single line.

* add a null-pointer check when handling the $CC variable.
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110730

* modify configure script and makefiles in c++ and progs to allow the
directory used for rpath option to be overridden, e.g., to work
around updates to the variables used by tic during an install.

* add -K option to tic/infocmp, to provide stricter BSD-compatibility
for termcap output.

* add _nc_strict_bsd variable in tic library which controls the
\"strict\" BSD termcap compatibility from 20110723, plus these

* allow escapes such as \"\\8\" and \"\\9\" when reading termcap

* disallow \"\\a\", \"\\e\", \"\\l\", \"\\s\" and \"\\:\" escapes when reading
termcap files, passing through \"a\", \"e\", etc.

* expand \"\\:\" as \"\\072\" on output.

* modify _nc_get_token() to reset the token\'s string value in case
there is a string-typed token lacking the \"=\" marker.

* fix a few memory leaks in _nc_tgetent.

* fix a few places where reading from a termcap file could refer to
freed memory.

* add an overflow check when converting terminfo/termcap numeric
values, since terminfo stores those in a short, and they must be

* correct internal variables used for translating to termcap \"%>\"
feature, and translating from termcap %B to terminfo, needed by
tctest (cf: 19991211).

* amend a minor fix to acsc when loading a termcap file to separate it
from warnings needed for tic (cf: 20040710)

* modify logic in _nc_read_entry() and _nc_read_tic_entry() to allow
a termcap file to be handled via TERMINFO_DIRS.

* modify _nc_infotocap() to include non-mandatory padding when
translating to termcap.

* modify _nc_read_termcap_entry(), passing a flag in the case where
getcap is used, to reduce interactive warning messages.
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110723

* add a check in start_color() to limit color-pairs to 256 when
extended colors are not supported (patch by David Benjamin).

* modify setcchar to omit no-longer-needed OR\'ing of color pair in
the SetAttr() macro (patch by David Benjamin).

* add kich1 to sun terminfo entry (Yuri Pankov)

* use bold rather than reverse for smso in sun-color terminfo entry
(Yuri Pankov).

* improve generation of termcap using tic/infocmp -C option, e.g.,
to correspond with 4.2BSD (prompted by discussion with Yuri Pankov
regarding Schilling\'s test program):

* translate %02 and %03 to %2 and %3 respectively.

* suppress string capabilities which use %s, not supported by tgoto

* use \\040 rather than \\s

* expand null characters as \\200 rather than \\0

* modify configure script to support shared libraries for DragonFlyBSD.
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110716

* replace an assert() in _nc_Free_Argument() with a regular null
pointer check (report/analysis by Franjo Ivancic).

* modify configure --enable-pc-files option to take into account the
PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable (report by Frederic L W Meunier).

* add/use xterm+tmux chunk from xterm #271 -TD

* resync xterm-new entry from xterm #271 -TD

* add E3 extended capability to linux-basic (Miroslav Lichvar)

* add linux2.2, linux2.6, linux3.0 entries to give context for E3 -TD

* add SI/SO change to linux2.6 entry (Debian #515609) -TD

* fix inconsistent tabset path in pcmw (Todd C. Miller).

* remove a backslash which continued comment, obscuring altos3
definition with OpenBSD toolset (Nicholas Marriott).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110702

* add workaround from xterm #271 changes to ensure that compiler flags
are not used in the $CC variable.

* improve support for shared libraries, tested with AIX 5.3, 6.1 and
7.1 with both gcc 4.2.4 and cc.

* modify configure checks for AIX to include release 7.x

* add loader flags/libraries to libtool options so that dynamic loading
works properly, adapted from ncurses-5.7-ldflags-with-libtool.patch
at gentoo prefix repository (patch by Michael Haubenwallner).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110626

* move include of nc_termios.h out of term_entry.h, since the latter
is installed, e.g., for tack while the former is not (report by
Sven Joachim).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110625

* improve cleanup() function in lib_tstp.c, using _exit() rather than
exit() and checking for SIGTERM rather than SIGQUIT (prompted by
comments forwarded by Nicholas Marriott).

* reduce name pollution from term.h, moving fallback #define\'s for
tcgetattr(), etc., to new private header nc_termios.h (report by
Sergio NNX).

* two minor fixes for tracing (patch by Vassili Courzakis).

* improve trace initialization by starting it in use_env() and

* review old email, add details for some changelog entries.
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110611

* update minix entry to minix 3.2 (Thomas Cort).

* fix a strict compiler warning in change to wattr_get (cf: 20110528).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110604

* fixes for MirBSD port:

* set default prefix to /usr.

* add support for shared libraries in configure script.

* use S_ISREG and S_ISDIR consistently, with fallback definitions.

* add a few more checks based on ncurses/link_test.

* modify to handle sp-funcs renaming of NCURSES_OUTC type.
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110528

* add case to CF_SHARED_OPTS for Interix (patch by Markus Duft).

* used ncurses/link_test to check for behavior when the terminal has
not been initialized and when an application passes null pointers
to the library. Added checks to cover this (prompted by Redhat

* modify to make its main() function call each function
with zero parameters, to help find inconsistent checking for null
pointers, etc.
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110521

* fix warnings from clang 2.7 \"--analyze\"
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110514

* compiler-warning fixes in panel and progs.

* modify CF_PKG_CONFIG macro, from changes to tin -TD

* modify CF_CURSES_FUNCS configure macro, used in test directory
configure script:

* work around (non-optimizer) bug in gcc 4.2.1 which caused
test-expression to be omitted from executable.

* force the linker to see a link-time expression of a symbol, to
help work around weak-symbol issues.
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110507

* update discussion of script in INSTALL; normally the
script is used automatically via the configured makefiles. However
there are still occasions when it might be used directly by packagers
(report by Gunter Schaffler).

* modify misc/ to omit the \"-L\" option from the
\"--libs\" output if the library directory is /usr/lib.

* change order of tests for curses.h versus ncurses.h headers in the
configure scripts for Ada95 and test-directories, to look for
ncurses.h, from fixes to tin -TD

* modify ncurses/tinfo/access.c to account for Tandem\'s root uid
(report by Joachim Schmitz).
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110430

* modify rules in Ada95/src/ to ensure that the PIC option
is not used when building a static library (report by Nicolas

* Ada95 build-fix for big-endian architectures such as sparc. This
undoes one of the fixes from 20110319, which added an \"Unused\" member
to representation clauses, replacing that with pragmas to suppress
warnings about unused bits (patch by Nicolas Boulenguez):
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110423

* add check in test/configure for use_window, use_screen.

* add configure-checks for getopt\'s variables, which may be declared
as different types on some Unix systems.

* add check in test/configure for some legacy curses types of the
function pointer passed to tputs().

* modify init_pair() to accept -1\'s for color value after
assume_default_colors() has been called (Debian #337905).

* modify test/background.c, adding commmand-line options to demonstrate
assume_default_colors() and use_default_colors().
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110416

* modify configure script/source-code to only define _POSIX_SOURCE if
the checks for sigaction and/or termios fail, and if _POSIX_C_SOURCE
and _XOPEN_SOURCE are undefined (report by Valentin Ochs).

* update config.guess, config.sub
- Add ncurses patch 5.9.20110409

* fixes to build c++ binding with clang 3.0 (patch by Alexander

* add check for unctrl.h in test/configure, to work around breakage in
some ncurses packages.

* add \"--disable-widec\" option to test/configure script.

* add \"--with-curses-colr\" and \"--with-curses-5lib\" options to the
test/configure script to address testing with very old machines.

Thu Nov 17 13:00:00 2011
- Update to ncurses 5.9

* various build-fixes for the rpm/dpkg scripts.

* add \"--enable-rpath-link\" option to Ada95/configure, to allow
packages to suppress the rpath feature which is normally used for
the in-tree build of sample programs.

* corrected definition of libdir variable in Ada95/src/,
needed for rpm script.

* add \"--with-shared\" option to Ada95/configure script, to allow
making the C-language parts of the binding use appropriate compiler
options if building a shared library with gnat.

* portability fixes for Ada95 binding

* update test/configure macros CF_CURSES_LIBS, CF_XOPEN_SOURCE and

* add configure check to determine if gnat\'s project feature supports
libraries, i.e., collections of .ali files.

* make all dereferences in Ada95 samples explicit.

* fix typo in comment in lib_add_wch.c (patch by Petr Pavlu).

* add configure check for, ifdef\'s for math.h which is in a separate
package on Solaris and potentially not installed (report by Petr

* fixes for Ada95 binding

* change order of -I options from ncurses
*-config script when the
- -disable-overwrite option was used, so that the subdirectory include
is listed first.

* modify the scripts to add a MANIFEST and NEWS file.

* modify configure script to provide value for HTML_DIR in
Ada95/gen/, which depends on whether the Ada95 binding is
distributed separately (report by Nicolas Boulenguez).

* modify configure script to add -g and/or -O3 to ADAFLAGS if the
CFLAGS for the build has these options.

* amend change from 20070324, to not add 1 to the result of getmaxx
and getmaxy in the Ada binding (report by Nicolas Boulenguez for
thread in comp.lang.ada).

* build-fix Ada95/samples for gnat 4.5

* spelling fixes for Ada95/samples/explain.txt

* fixes for Ada95 binding

Wed Nov 16 13:00:00 2011
- Split libncurses(w) into libncurses(w)+libtinfo to be able to
link python against wide libncursesw and libreadline which is
linked with libtinfo only (bnc#729226)

Fri Sep 30 14:00:00 2011
- cross-build fixes: use %configure macro, use host\'s tic/tack
for build, don\'t ldd tack

Thu Sep 29 14:00:00 2011
- fix build under qemu for the ARM port

Tue Mar 8 13:00:00 2011
- Add ncurses patch 5.8.20110307

* revert changes to limit-checks from 20110122 (Debian #616711).

* corrected a minor sign error in a field of Low_Level_Field_Type, to
conform to form.h.

* replaced C_Int by Curses_Bool as return type for some callbacks, see

Mon Mar 7 13:00:00 2011
- Add ncurses patch 5.8.20110305

* fix an off-by-one error in _nc_slk_initialize() from 20100605 fixes
for compiler warnings (report by Nicolas Boulenguez).

Thu Mar 3 13:00:00 2011
- Update to ncurses 5.8

* change open() in _nc_read_file_entry() to fopen() for consistency
with write_file().

* modify misc/ to create parent directory, in case this is
a new install of hashed database.

* add cons25-debian entry (patch by Brian M Carlson, Debian #607662).

* add xterm-utf8 entry as a demo of the U8 feature -TD

* add U8 feature to denote entries for terminal emulators which do not
support VT100 SI/SO when processing UTF-8 encoding -TD

* improve the NCURSES_NO_UTF8_ACS feature by adding a check for an
extended terminfo capability U8 (prompted by mailing list

* correct limit-checks in derwin().

* fix a missing \"weak\" declaration for pthread_kill (patch by Nicholas Alcock).

* improve documentation of KEY_ENTER in curs_getch.3x manpage (prompted
by discussion with Kevin Martin).

* document thick- and double-line symbols in curs_add_wch.3x manpage.

* document WACS_xxx constants in curs_add_wch.3x manpage.

* fix typo in man/default_colors.3x (patch by Tim van der Molen).

* fix remaining strict compiler warnings in ncurses library ABI=5,
except those dealing with function pointers, etc.

* modify nc_tparm.h, adding guards against repeated inclusion, and
allowing TPARM_ARG to be overridden.

* suppress ncv in screen entry, allowing underline (patch by Alejandro R Sedeno).

* also suppress ncv in konsole-base -TD

* fixes in wins_nwstr() and related functions to ensure that special
characters, i.e., control characters are handled properly with the
wide-character configuration.

* correct a comparison in wins_nwstr() (Redhat #661506).

* correct help-messages in some of the test-programs, which still
referred to quitting with \'q\'.

* add special case to _nc_infotocap() to recognize the setaf/setab
strings from xterm+256color and xterm+88color, and provide a reduced
version which works with termcap.

* fix typo in rmso for tek4106 entry -Goran Weinholt

* repurpose \"gnome\" terminfo entries as \"vte\", retaining \"gnome\" items
for compatibility, but generally deprecating those since the VTE
library is what actually defines the behavior of \"gnome\", etc.,
since 2003 -TD

* correct parsing of relative tab-stops in tabs program (report by
Philip Ganchev).

* adjust configure script so that \"t\" is not added to library suffix
when weak-symbols are used, allowing the pthread configuration to
more closely match the non-thread naming (report by Werner Fink).

* modify configure check for tic program, used for fallbacks, to a
warning if not found. This makes it simpler to use additonal
scripts to bootstrap the fallbacks code using tic from the build
tree (report by Werner Fink).

Tue Dec 21 13:00:00 2010
- Change rxvt-unicode terminfo entry (Thanks darix)

Tue Oct 12 14:00:00 2010
- Enforce the correct libraries for tic to generate the fallback.c

Tue Oct 12 14:00:00 2010
- Avoid libncursest6 by re-enabling weak symbol for pthread_kill()
- Fix broken manual page terminfo(5) by disabling tbl during install
- Add ncurses
*-config manual pages to file list of devel package

Mon Oct 11 14:00:00 2010
- Update to test version 5.7.20101009 (bnc#644831 and bnc#540571)

* correct comparison used for setting 16-colors in linux-16color
entry (Novell #644831) -TD

* improve linux-16color entry, using \"dim\" for color-8 which makes it
gray rather than black like color-0 -TD

* add checks in tic for inconsistent cursor-movement controls, and for
inconsistent printer-controls.

* fill in no-parameter forms of cursor-movement where a parameterized
form is available -TD

* fill in missing cursor controls where the form of the controls is

* fix inconsistent punctuation in form_variables manpage (patch by
Sven Joachim).

* add parameterized cursor-controls to linux-basic (report by Dae) -TD

* add \"XT\" capability to entries for terminals that support both
xterm-style mouse- and title-controls, for \"screen\" which
special-cases TERM beginning with \"xterm\" or \"rxvt\" -TD

* add configure check for pthread_kill(), needed for some old

* modify nsterm, xnuppc and tek4115 to make sgr/sgr0 consistent -TD

* add check in terminfo source-reader to provide more informative
message when someone attempts to run tic on a compiled terminal
description (prompted by Debian #593920).

* note in infotocap and captoinfo manpages that they read terminal
descriptions from text-files (Debian #593920).

* improve acsc string for vt52, show arrow keys (patch by Benjamin

* correct a typo in mk-1st.awk (patch by Gabriele Balducci)
(cf: 20100724)

* document tabs \"-0\" and \"-8\" options in manpage.

* add a check in tic for missing set_tab if clear_all_tabs given.

* add mlterm+256color entry, for mlterm 3.0.0 -TD

* fix configure script for combining --with-pthread
and --enable-weak-symbols options.

* add configure option --enable-pthreads-eintr to control whether the
new EINTR feature is enabled.

* modify logic in pthread configuration to allow EINTR to interrupt
a read operation in wgetch() (Novell #540571, patch by Werner Fink).

* modify _nc_capcmp() to work with cancelled strings.

* correct translation of \"^\" in _nc_infotocap(), used to transform
terminfo to termcap strings

* simplify logic in _nc_get_screensize() to make it easier to see how
environment variables may override system- and terminfo-values
(prompted by discussion with Igor Bujna).

* add check if Gpm_Open() returns a -2, e.g., for \"xterm\". This is
normally suppressed but can be overridden using $NCURSES_GPM_TERMS.
Ensure that Gpm_Close() is called in this case.

* use va_copy() in _nc_printf_string() to avoid conflicting use of
va_list value in _nc_printf_length() (report by Wim Lewis).

* add several screen-bce.XXX entries -TD

* update mrxvt terminfo entry -TD

* modify win_driver.c to support mouse single-clicks.

* correct name for termlib in ncurses
*-config, e.g., if it is renamed
to provide a single file for ncurses/ncursesw libraries (patch by
Miroslav Lichvar).

* for term-driver configuration, ensure that the driver pointer is
initialized in setupterm so that terminfo/termcap programs work.

* amend fix for Debian #542031 to ensure that wattrset() returns only
OK or ERR, rather than the attribute value (report by Miroslav

* reorder WINDOWLIST to put WINDOW data after SCREEN pointer, making
_nc_screen_of() compatible between normal/wide libraries again (patch
by Miroslav Lichvar)

* modify win_driver.c to initialize TERMINAL struct so that programs
such as test/lrtest.c and test/ncurses.c which test string
capabilities can run.

Tue Sep 7 14:00:00 2010
- BuildRequire gpm-devel

Wed Jul 14 14:00:00 2010
- List authors in contribution order

Fri Jul 2 14:00:00 2010
- Use %_smp_mflags

Fri May 7 14:00:00 2010
- Ad workaround to enforce that the terminal rading thread will
interrupted by SIGWINCH (bnc#540571)

Fri Jan 15 13:00:00 2010
- Disable experimetal term-driver API as this crash on NULL
pointer function _nc_globals.term_driver

Tue Jan 12 13:00:00 2010
- Update to test version 5.7.20100109

* add tiparm(), based on review of X/Open Curses Issue 7.

* minor improvement to tic\'s checking of similar SGR\'s to allow for the
most common case of SGR 0.

* modify getmouse() to act as its documentation implied, returning on
each call the preceding event until none are left. When no more
events remain, it will return ERR.

* add bterm terminfo entry, based on bogl 0.1.18 -TD

* minor fix to rxvt+pcfkeys terminfo entry -TD

* update minix terminfo entry -TD

* add bw (auto-left-margin) to nsterm
* entries (Benjamin Sittler)

* correct transfer of multicolumn characters in multirow
field_buffer(), which stopped at the end of the first row due to
filling of unused entries in a cchar_t array with nulls.

* updated nsterm
* entries (Benjamin Sittler, Emanuele Giaquinta)

* modify _nc_viscbuf2() and _tracecchar_t2() to show wide-character nulls.

* fix case where progs/tput is used while sp-funcs is configure; this
requires save/restore of out-character function from _nc_prescreen
rather than the SCREEN structure (report by Charles Wilson).

* limit hashing for termcap-names to 2-characters (Ubuntu #481740).

* fix a regression in _nc_ripoffline which made test/ncurses.c not show
soft-keys, broken in 20090927 merging.

* update nsterm entries (patch by Benjamin C W Sittler, prompted by
discussion with Fabian Groffen in GenToo #206201).

* add test/xterm-256color.dat

* modify _nc_wgetch() to check for a -1 in the fifo, e.g., after a
SIGWINCH, and discard that value, to avoid confusing application
(patch by Eygene Ryabinkin, FreeBSD bin/136223).

* modify handling of $PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR to use only the first item in
a possibly colon-separated list (Debian #550716).

* fix a sign-extension bug in unget_wch() (report by Mike Gran).

* remove unnecessary kcan assignment to ^C from putty (Sven Joachim)

* add ccc and initc capabilities to xterm-16color -TD

* add linux-16color

* correct initc capability of linux-c-nc end-of-range

* completed integrating \"sp-funcs\" by Juergen Pfeifer in ncurses
library (some work remains for forms library).

* fix typo s/is_timeout/is_notimeout/ which made \"man is_notimeout\" not work.

* add null-pointer checks to other opaque-functions.

* add is_pad() and is_subwin() functions for opaque access to WINDOW
(discussion with Mark Dickinson).

* correct merge to lib_newterm.c, which broke when sp-funcs was enabled.

* build-fix for building outside source-tree (report by Sven Joachim).

* fix Debian lintian warning for man/tabs.1 by making section number
agree with file-suffix (report by Sven Joachim).

* workaround for bug in g++ 4.1-4.4 warnings for wattrset() macro on
amd64 (Debian #542031).

* modify wgetch() to ensure it checks SIGWINCH when it gets an error
in non-blocking mode (patch by Clemens Ladisch).

* fix configure script option --with-database, which was coded as an
enable-type switch.

* modify lib_addch.c to compensate for removal of wide-character test
from unctrl() in 20090704 (Debian #539735).

* modify _nc_find_type_entry() to use hashing.

* modify length returned by getcchar() to count the trailing null
which is documented in X/Open (cf: 20020427).

* improve performance of tigetstr, etc., by using hashing code from tic.

* minor fixes for memory-leak checking.

* remove wide-character checks from unctrl() (patch by Clemens Ladisch).

* revise wadd_wch() and wecho_wchar() to eliminate dependency on unctrl().

* update llib-lncurses[wt] to use sp-funcs.

* move definition for NCURSES_WRAPPED_VAR back to ncurses_dll.h, to
make includes of term.h without curses.h work (report by \"Nix\").

* fix a regression in lib_tputs.c, from ongoing merges.

* fix an infinite recursion when adding a legacy-coding 8-bit value
using insch() (report by Clemens Ladisch).

* work around antique BSD game\'s manipulation of stdscr, etc., versus
SCREEN\'s copy of the pointer (Debian #528411).

* add a cast to wattrset macro to avoid compiler warning when comparing
its result against ERR (adapted from patch by Matt Kraii, Debian #528374).

* add vwmterm terminfo entry (patch by Bryan Christ).

* build fix for _nc_free_and_exit() change in 20090418 (report by Christian Ebert).

* extend ansi.sys pfkey capability from kf1-kf10 to kf1-kf48, moving
function key definitions from emx-base for consistency -TD

* improve install-rules for pc-files (patch by Miroslav Lichvar).

* make it work with $DESTDIR

* modify init_pair() to allow caller to create extra color pairs beyond
the color_pairs limit, which use default colors (request by Emanuele Giaquinta).

* fix typo \"==\" where \"=\" is needed in and files (Debian #512161).

* add screen.Eterm terminfo entry (GenToo #124887) -TD

* add case for FreeMINT to configure macro CF_XOPEN_SOURCE (patch from
GenToo #250454).

* add check in mouse-driver to disable connection if GPM returns a
zero, indicating that the connection is closed (Debian #506717,
adapted from patch by Samuel Thibault).

* turn on _XOPEN_CURSES definition in curses.h

* add eterm-color entry (report by Vincent Lefevre) -TD

* add a manpage to discuss memory leaks.

* add teraterm4.59 terminfo entry, use that as primary teraterm entry, rename
original to teraterm2.3 -TD

* update \"gnome\" terminfo to 2.22.3 -TD

* update \"konsole\" terminfo to 1.6.6, needs today\'s fix for tic -TD

* add \"aterm\" terminfo -TD

* add \"linux2.6.26\" terminfo -TD

* add logic to tic for cancelling strings in user-defined capabilities,
overlooked til now.

* add configure option --disable-tic-depends to make explicit whether
tic library depends on ncurses/ncursesw library, amends change from
20080823 (prompted by Debian #501421).

* add environment variable NCURSES_GPM_TERMS to allow override to use
GPM on terminals other than \"linux\", etc.

* disable GPM mouse support when $TERM does not happen to contain
\"linux\", since Gpm_Open() no longer limits its assertion to terminals
that it might handle, e.g., within \"screen\" in xterm.

* fix bug in mouse code for GPM from 20080920 changes (reported in
Debian #500103, also Miroslav Lichvar).

* fix a memory leak when failure to connect to GPM.

* correct check for notimeout() in wgetch() (report on linux.redhat
newsgroup by FurtiveBertie).

* corrected fix for --enable-weak-symbols (report by Frederic L W Meunier).

* add configure check for awk programs unable to handle big-strings,
use that to improve the default for --enable-big-strings option.

* makefile-fixes for --enable-weak-symbols (report by Frederic L W Meunier).

* consistently use NCURSES_BOOL in lib_gen.c

* filter #line\'s from lib_gen.c

* use pthread_mutexattr_init() for initializing pthread_mutexattr_t,
makes threaded code work on HPUX 11.23

* fix a bug in demo_menus in freeing menus (cf: 20080804).

* modify configure script for the case where tic library is used (and
possibly renamed) to remove its dependency upon ncurses/ncursew
library (patch by Dr Werner Fink).

* add Eterm-256color, Eterm-88color and rxvt-88color (prompted by
Debian #495815) -TD

* add configure option --enable-weak-symbols to turn on new feature.

* add configure-check for availability of weak symbols.

* modify linkage with pthread library to use weak symbols so that
applications not linked to that library will not use the mutexes,
etc. This relies on gcc, and may be platform-specific (patch by Dr Werner Fink).

* add note to INSTALL to document limitation of renaming of tic library
using the --with-ticlib configure option (report by Dr Werner Fink).

* document (in manpage) why tputs does not detect I/O errors (prompted
by comments by Samuel Thibault).

Sat Dec 12 13:00:00 2009
- add baselibs.conf as a source

Sun Dec 6 13:00:00 2009
- enable parallel building

Sat Nov 14 13:00:00 2009
- Add doc/terminfo.src.bz2 reference to /etc/termcap
- Update patches to apply with fuzz 0