Changelog for libfluidsynth1-1.1.8-77.31.x86_64.rpm :

* Fri Oct 13 2017 Update to version 1.1.8:
* fix build against glib < 2.30
* fix dsound audio driver on windows
* fix a bug around `` setting, which caused improper multi-channel rendering
* cmake 3.0.2 is now required
* compilation with clang is now possible
* build fixes on OS/2- Use pkgconfig for resolving build requirements- Minor description update
* Wed Sep 06 2017 Update to version 1.1.7:
* consistently relicense libfluidsynth under LGPL-2.1+
* fluid_synth_set_channel_type() was not exported properly
* fix calculations for modulators
* fix SysEx parsing issues
* fix mangling with illegal sample loops, causing audible glitches
* fix inverse logic of audio.jack.multi option
* fix channel fine tune RPN to use correct range
* fix timing problems when changing the sequencers scale from a callback event
* workaround incorrectly rendered audio when requesting more than 64 frames from fluid_synth_write_
* adjust ALSA MIDI port type
* avoid voice_count becoming negative
* avoid notes with a fixed key generator playing forever
* avoid TCP/IP connections from closing in an undefined manner
* a lot of memory leaks, NULL dereferences and SegFaults
* add support of vorbis-compressed sf3 sound fonts
* add sostenuto pedal to the synth
* add vbr quality when encoding with libsndfile
* re-implement routing reverb and chorus to distinct buffers in fluid_synth_nwrite_float()
* add IPv6 support to socket API- remove the following patches as they got fixed upstream:
* fluidsynth-fix-build-lash.diff
* jackmulti.diff
* reverb_mixer.diff
* Sun Nov 22 2015 Add baselibs.conf as a source file
* Sun Nov 22 2015 Added jackmulti.diff to fix inverse logic of audio.jack.multi option- Added reverb_mixer.diff to workaround reverb issue, see: