Changelog for cyrus-sasl-2.1.26-17.1.x86_64.rpm :

* Tue Feb 13 2018 bsc#983938 `` left-overs in several unit files
* Thu Nov 23 2017 Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
* Mon Sep 04 2017 OpenSSL 1.1 support (bsc#1055463)
* add cyrus-sasl-2.1.27-openssl-1.1.0.patch from Fedora
* Wed Mar 22 2017 added cyrus-sasl-issue-402.patch to fix SASL GSSAPI mechanism acceptor wrongly returns zero maxbufsize #402 (see
* Tue Mar 07 2017 bnc#1026825 saslauthd: :set_auth_mech : unknown authentication mechanism: kerberos5
* Wed Dec 09 2015 really use SASLAUTHD_PARAMS variable (bnc#938657)
* Tue Jan 06 2015 bnc#908883 cyrus-sasl-scram refers to wrong RFC
* Thu Nov 27 2014 Make sure /usr/sbin/rcsaslauthd exists
* Tue Sep 23 2014 bnc#897837 saslauthd package has no config
* Tue Jul 29 2014 Changed --with-saslauthd=/var/run/sasl2 in %build to /run/sasl2 to clear rpmlint check failure
* Sat Jul 19 2014 Remove insserv dependency; it\'s unneeded with systemd\' systems- Remove insserv and fillup dependency in cyrus-sasl package; there is neither sysconfig or init file
* Fri Jun 13 2014 Revert upstream commit 080e51c7fa0421eb2f0210d34cf0ac48a228b1e9 cyrus-sasl-revert_gssapi_flags.patch (bnc#775279)
* Tue Apr 01 2014 bnc#871183 - cyrus-sasl-saslauthd service file is missing parameter \'Restart=always\'
* Sat Nov 02 2013 Implement shlib packaging guidelines: make subpackage libsasl2-3. (All other .so files are _server_ plugins AFAICS, loaded via dlopen.)- Ensure directories are owned by packages and thus get torn down on package removal
* Sat Oct 05 2013 Put back the .so files to sasl auth packages from devel file. The .so files are read by some application instead of full path so in order for auth to work this files must be available
* Sun Sep 29 2013 Add patch fix-sasl-header.diff to resolve build issues that are failing due to typedef \'sasl_malloc_t\' is initialized. (see gentoo#458870, fedora#906519)
* Wed Sep 11 2013 Removed server side service to comply with Factory rules
* Tue Sep 03 2013 Update to 2.1.26
* Modernize SASL malloc/realloc callback prototypes
* Added sasl_config_done() to plug a memory leak when using an application specific config file
* Fixed PLAIN/LOGIN authentication failure when using saslauthd with no auxprop plugins (bug # 3590).
* unlock the mutex in sasl_dispose if the context was freed by another thread
* MINGW32 compatibility patches
* Fixed broken logic in get_fqhostname() when abort_if_no_fqdn is 0
* Fixed some memory leaks in libsasl - GSSAPI plugin: + Fixed a segfault in gssapi.c introduced in 2.1.25. + Code refactoring + Added support for GSS-SPNEGO SASL mechanism (Unix only), which is also HTTP capable - GS2 plugin: + Updated GS2 plugin not to lose minor GSS-API status codes on errors - DIGEST-MD5 plugin: + Correctly send \"stale\" directive to prevent clients from (re)promtping for password + Better handling of HTTP reauthentication cases + fixed some memory leaks - SASLDB plugin: + Added support for BerkleyDB 5.X or later - OTP plugin: + Removed calling of EVP_cleanup() on plugin shutdown in order to prevent TLS from failing in calling applications - SRP plugin: + Removed calling of EVP_cleanup() on plugin shutdown in order to prevent TLS from failing in calling applications - saslauthd: + auth_rimap.c: qstring incorrectly appending the closing double quote, which might be causing crashes + auth_rimap.c: read the whole IMAP greeting + better error reporting from some drivers + fixed some memory leaks- New BuildRequires for pkgconfig since pkgconfig file is generated- Removed patches that do no longer apply
* cyrus-sasl-gcc4.patch (integrated upstream)
* cyrus-sasl-gs2-not-overwrite-minor-error-code.dif (integrated upstream)
* gssapi-null-deref.dif (integrated upstream)
* Fix-abort_if_no_fqdn-behavior.patch (integrated upstream)
* cyrus-sasl-db6.diff (integrated upstream)- Move
*.so files into devel package
* Fri Jul 26 2013 Fix for bnc#827230 and #784705, fix patch as described in [#827230], typo in patch from request 112480 (remove rpath, Apr 4 2012), preventing sql auxprop plugin to work
* Fri Jun 14 2013 Add cyrus-sasl-db6.diff to fix compile abort with db >= 5- Simpler delete of .la files with find
* Mon Aug 13 2012 Include fix for Cyrus SASL Bug#3589: When abort_if_no_fqdn is 0, a getaddrinfo failure should be ignored, as long as gethostname() succeeded. (bnc#771983)
* Wed May 09 2012 Ensure libraries and tools are built with LFS and include config.h in all C files.
* Wed Apr 04 2012 remove rpath
* Wed Jan 18 2012 Move some doc files to devel package and to cyrus-sasl-saslauthd.
* Fri Nov 25 2011 Removed debug printfs from cyrus-sasl.dif, added by accident- Updated cyrus-sasl-gs2-not-overwrite-minor-error-code.dif with latest upstream improvements
* Wed Nov 16 2011 Update to 2.1.25:
* Added support for channel bindings
* Added support for ordering SASL mechanisms by strength (on the client side), or using the \"client_mech_list\" option.
* Allow DIGEST-MD5 plugin to be used for client-side and server-side HTTP Digest, including running over non-persistent connections (RFC 2617)
* New SASL plugins: SCRAM and GS2
* Fixed a crash caused by aborted SASL authentication and initiation of another one using the same SASL context.
* Various improvements to DIGEST-MD5 to improve interoperability with some slightly broken clients- cleanup
* removed old dependencies still related to cyrus-sasl2
* plugins now depend on the exact cyrus-sasl version
* use autoreconf instead of calling all tools manually
* Fri Sep 30 2011 add libtool as buildrequire to make the spec file more reliable
* Sun Sep 18 2011 Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
* Mon Jun 28 2010 use %_smp_mflags
* Mon Jun 07 2010 add dependency to avoid broken parallel make
* Mon May 10 2010 Fixed attributes of /var/run/sasl2 in filelist
* Wed Apr 28 2010 Removed the /var/run/sasl2 directory from cyrus-sasl.spec. It will now be created on demand by the saslauthd init script.- Adjusted init script headers to silence rpmlint warning/errors.
* Mon Dec 14 2009 add baselibs.conf as a source
* Mon Nov 23 2009 Fixed linker arguments for ldap- and sql-auxprop plugins (bnc#555568)
* Mon Jul 20 2009 build against krb5-mini to avoid build cycle
* Fri May 15 2009 Update to 2.1.23, the only change is a fix for a potential buffer overflow in sasl_encode64() (bnc#499104, CVE-2009-0688)- Imported some automake/libtool fixes from upstream cvs
* Mon Mar 02 2009 fix build with GCC 4.4- remove all \"la\" files