Changelog for socat- :

* Mon Sep 10 2018 Jan Engelhardt - Replace old variables by modern counterparts.
* Thu Aug 30 2018 We HAVE_SSLv23_
*_method, just not as functions, but macros add the relevant defines in the command line so support for autonegotiation of the highest TLS version is restored.
* Tue Apr 03 2018 Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]
* Fri Feb 02 2018 Add socat-ignore-tests-failure-boo1078346.patch flaky test failures PowerPC and s390 , bypass boo#1078346
* Thu Aug 17 2017 socat-openssl-1.1-tests.patch: make tests work on openssl1. (bsc#1042674)
* Mon Apr 10 2017 update to, bug fixes:
* fixes uninterruptable hang / CPU loop on host resolution problems
* some compile problems, and lots of other bugs and porting issues- remove fix-linux-errqueue.h-not-found.patch, this build issue was fixed by upstream
* Tue Feb 02 2016 update to, security fixes:
* Socat security advisory 7 and MSVR-1499: \"Bad DH p parameter in OpenSSL\" (bnc#938913 and CVE-2015-4000).
* Socat security advisory 8: \"Stack overflow in arguments parser\" (bnc#964844)
* Mon Apr 20 2015 test-suite, use a small but safe subset of all tests- don\'t remove \"example\" scripts from builddir, they are needed for tests
* Tue Apr 14 2015 remove socat-remove_date.patch, export BUILD_DATE instead (new feature since run tests, don\'t abort yet- require tcpd-devel only on SUSE systems at build time
* Wed Mar 25 2015 Update to version
* Too many changes to list; please read the CHANGES file for news- Remove redundant %clean section- Update fix-linux-errqueue.h-not-found.patch and socat-remove_date.patch
* Sat Oct 25 2014 correctly apply the patch
* Fri Oct 24 2014 Add fix-linux-errqueue.h-not-found.patch