Changelog for cmake-man-3.10.2-311.2.x86_64.rpm :
Fri Jan 19 13:00:00 2018
- Update to version 3.10.2

* No changes specific to CMake-GUI
- cleanup spec file

Sat Dec 16 13:00:00 2017
- Update to version 3.10.1

* No changes specific to CMake-GUI

Tue Nov 28 13:00:00 2017
- Update to version 3.10.0

* No changes specific to CMake-GUI
- update form.patch

Fri Nov 3 13:00:00 2017
- Update to version 3.9.5:

* No changes specific to CMake-GUI

Thu Oct 5 14:00:00 2017
- Update to version 3.9.4:

* No changes specific to CMake-GUI

Sun Sep 10 14:00:00 2017
- gmake-gui 3.9.2

* No changes specific to CMake-GUI

Mon Aug 14 14:00:00 2017
- fix moved .desktop file

Tue Aug 8 14:00:00 2017
- Update to version 3.9.0:

* No changes specific to CMake-GUI

Tue Jun 6 14:00:00 2017
- Update to version 3.8.2:

* No changes in CMake-GUI

Fri Jun 2 14:00:00 2017
- Use system rhash

Tue May 2 14:00:00 2017
- update to 3.8.1:

* no changes specific to CMake-GUI

Tue Apr 11 14:00:00 2017
- update to 3.8.0:

* no changes specific to CMake-GUI for Linux

Sun Jan 15 13:00:00 2017
- update to 3.7.2:

* no changes specific to CMake-GUI for Linux

Wed Nov 30 13:00:00 2016
- update to CMake 3.7.1
no changes specific to CMake-GUI for Linux
full changelog:

Thu Nov 17 13:00:00 2016
- Fix typo in libuv detection

Wed Nov 16 13:00:00 2016
- use libuv which is shipped in CMake\'s tarball for older systems
that do not provide this lib on their own

Wed Nov 16 13:00:00 2016
- update to CMake 3.7.0
no changes specific to CMake-GUI for Linux
full changelog:

Tue Sep 13 14:00:00 2016
- update to CMake 3.6.2
no changes specific to CMake-GUI
full changelog:

Fri Aug 26 14:00:00 2016
- Remove wrong FIXME from spec
- Require qt5 gui everywhere as it on all supported platforms

Sun Jul 24 14:00:00 2016
- update to CMake 3.6.1
no changes specific to CMake-GUI
full changelog:

Tue Jul 12 14:00:00 2016
- While upstreaming cmake-version-in-generated-files.patch, the
CMake developer Brad King reduced the patch

Mon Jul 11 14:00:00 2016
- Remove PIE from macro

Sun Jul 10 14:00:00 2016
- update to CMake 3.6.0
no changes specific to CMake-GUI
full changelog:
- update patch cmake-version-in-generated-files.patch

Sun Jun 26 14:00:00 2016
- Update cmake.macros to enable PIE by default
- Build with more secure LDFLAGS

Sat Apr 16 14:00:00 2016
- cmake 3.5.2:

* Fix lookup of an ALIAS target outside aliased target\'s directory

* Rename local target lookup methods to clarify purpose

* cmFortranParser: Skip #line directives that do not name files

* Ninja: Fix detection of custom command symbolic outputs

* Ninja: Restat custom command byproducts even with a SYMBOLIC output (#16049)

* ASM: Add missing placeholder for \"compile\" rules

Fri Mar 25 13:00:00 2016
- update to 3.5.1

* cmake-gui: Populate CFBundleIdentifier in our Info.plist file

Wed Mar 9 13:00:00 2016
- update to 3.5.0

* The cmake-gui(1) gained options to control warnings about
deprecated functionality.

* The cmake-gui(1) learned an option to set the toolset to be
used with VS IDE and Xcode generators, much like the existing -T
option to cmake(1).

* The cmake-gui(1) gained a Regular Expression Explorer which may
be used to create and evaluate regular expressions in real-time.
The explorer window is available via the Tools menu.
Full changelog at

Thu Feb 18 13:00:00 2016
- Remove cmake version from generated files

Fri Jan 29 13:00:00 2016
- update to 3.4.3

* Do not fail on Windows 10 with VS 2015 if no SDK is available

Wed Jan 20 13:00:00 2016
- update to 3.4.2

* cmSystemTools: Add VersionCompareEqual helper

* FindJava: Fix typos in IdlJ and JarSigner component implementation

Thu Dec 3 13:00:00 2015
- Version update to 3.4.1:

* Fix auto export symbols for Dlls containing /bigobj for 64bit builds.

* Cray: Implement Fortran compiler version detection (#15845)

* MSVC: Fix linking with /MANIFEST:NO option

* Make C and C++ default dialect detection robust to advanced optimizations

* FindGTest: Refactor test type checks to avoid cases triggering CMP0064

* Android: Restore generation of non-versioned soname (#15851)

* Project: Guess default standard dialect if compiler was forced (#15852)

* Revert \"Disable shared library support when compiler links statically\"

* (#15855)

* Tests: Add case for add_subdirectory inside a function

* Tests: Add case for unmatched cmake_policy({PUSH,POP})

* Tests: Add case for package version file unmatched policy scope

* cmState: Skip variable scope snapshots to avoid call stack duplicates

* cmMakefile: Clarify purpose of method that pops a scope snapshot

* cmMakefile: Remove unused PolicyPushPop interfaces

* cmLocalGenerator: Use ScopePushPop RAII class to manage local variable

* scopes

* cmState: Enforce policy scope balancing around variable scopes

* cmLinkedTree: Rename \'Extend\' method to \'Push\'

* cmLinkedTree: Add Pop method

* cmListFileCache: Implement cmListFileBacktrace ctor/dtor out-of-line

* cmState: Avoid accumulating policy stack storage for short-lived scopes

* cmState: Avoid accumulating snapshot storage for short-lived scopes

* cmOrderDirectories: Factor out directory comparison

* cmOrderDirectories: Reduce repeat realpath() calls

* Include `sys/types.h` header to get `mode_t`

* Add NIOS2 CPU support

* cmELF: Avoid divide by zero if there are no dynamic section entries

Thu Nov 12 13:00:00 2015
- Update to 3.4.0

* The \"if()\" command learned a new \"TEST\" operator that evaluates to
true if a given test name has been defined by the \"add_test()\"
command. See policy \"CMP0064\".

* The \"install(DIRECTORY)\" command \"DESTINATION\" option learned to
support \"generator expressions\".

* The \"install(FILES)\" command \"DESTINATION\" option learned to
support \"generator expressions\".

* CMake learned to honor \"
*.manifest\" source files with MSVC tools.
Manifest files named as sources of \".exe\" and \".dll\" targets will be
merged with linker-generated manifests and embedded in the binary.
Full changelog see

Fri Sep 18 14:00:00 2015
- Update to 3.3.2
Makefile: Print color escapes only when necessary
*: Fix search order when the environment duplicates some HINTS
cmExtra{Kate,SublimeText}Generator: Remove unused cmXMLSafe includes
cmCTest{BZR,GIT,P4}: Remove unused cmXMLSafe includes
CTest: Fix XML double-encoding cases
CMakeDetermine{C,CXX}Compiler: Avoid if() auto-dereferene in quoted arguments

Fri Aug 14 14:00:00 2015
- cmake 3.3.1:

* ctest: fix add_subdirectory() crash

* add_subdirectory: Fix error message on missing CMakeLists.txt

* Fortran: Store detected compiler version persistently
- verify source signatures

Mon Jul 27 14:00:00 2015
- Update to 3.3.0:

* New Features

* Generators

* The
*Makefile Generators
* now add \".DELETE_ON_ERROR\" to the
makefiles that contain the actual build rules for files on
disk. This tells GNU make to remove rule outputs when their
recipe modifies an output but fails.

* The
*Visual Studio Generators
* learned to support \".xaml\"
source files and automatically associate them with corresponding
\".h\" and \".cpp\" sources.

* A new experimental \"Green Hills MULTI\" generator was added on
Windows. Green Hills MULTI is an IDE for embedded real-time

* Commands

* The \"add_dependencies()\" command learned to allow dependencies
to be added to
*interface libraries
*. Dependencies added to an
interface library are followed transitively in its place since
the target itself does not build.

* The \"execute_process()\" command learned to support specifying
the same file for \"OUTPUT_FILE\" and \"ERROR_FILE\".

* The \"file(GLOB)\" and \"file(GLOB_RECURSE)\" commands learned a
new \"LIST_DIRECTORIES \" option to specify whether the glob

* The \"find_library()\", \"find_path()\", and \"find_file()\" commands
now search in installation prefixes derived from the \"PATH\"
environment variable.

* The \"if()\" command learned a new \"IN_LIST\" operator that
evaluates to true if a given element is contained in a
named list.

* The \"install(EXPORT)\" and \"export()\" commands learned to export
targets that populate the \"INTERFACE_SOURCES\" target property.

* The \"install(TARGETS)\" command learned to support generator
expressions in the \"DESTINATION\" value.

* Variables

* The version of some Fortran compilers is now detected and stored
in the \"CMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER_VERSION\" variable.

* The
*Visual Studio Generators
* learned a new
\"INSTALL\" target in the default build of a solution (\".sln\") file.

* Properties

* A \"CROSSCOMPILING_EMULATOR\" target property and supporting
\"CMAKE_CROSSCOMPILING_EMULATOR\" variable were introduced to
allow target platform binaries to run on the host during
cross compiling.

* A \"_INCLUDE_WHAT_YOU_USE\" target property and supporting
\"CMAKE__INCLUDE_WHAT_YOU_USE\" variable were introduced to
tell the
*Makefile Generators
* and the \"Ninja\" generator to run
\"include-what-you-use\" along with the compiler for
\"C\" and \"CXX\" languages.

target properties now affect compilation in sources of all target
types. See policy \"CMP0063\".

* The \"XCODE_ATTRIBUTE_\" target property learned to
support generator expressions.

* Modules

* The \"CheckFortranCompilerFlag\" module was introduced to check
\"Fortran\" compiler flags, much like the \"CheckCCompilerFlag\"
module already does for \"C\".

* The \"ExternalData\" module learned a new
\"ExternalData_NO_SYMLINKS\" option to disable use of symbolic
links to populate the real data files and use copies instead.

* The \"ExternalData\" module learned a new \"RECURSE:\" option in
\"DATA{}\" references specifying directories. This allows an
entire directory tree of associated files to be matched.

* The \"ExternalData\" module learned a new URL template
placeholder \"%(algo:)\" to allow custom mapping from
algorithm name to URL component through configuration of new
\"ExternalData_URL_ALGO__\" variables. This allows
more flexibility in remote URLs.

* The \"ExternalProject\" module learned to replace tokens like
\"\" in the \"BYPRODUCTS\" of each step.

* The \"ExternalProject\" module APIs learned to support \"generator
expressions\" when using \"LOG_
*\" options and in CMake initial
cache options.

* The \"FindBoost\" module now tracks the directories containing
libraries separately for RELEASE and DEBUG configurations.

* The \"FindCUDA\" module now defaults to using the static CUDA
runtime library if it is available.
A new \"CUDA_USE_STATIC_CUDA_RUNTIME\" option is offered to
control this behavior.

* The \"FindMatlab\" module was completely rewritten. It learned
about versions and components and to find Matlab in a more
precise and multiplatform way. The module now offers APIs to
create mex extensions, documentation, and unit tests.

* The \"FindPackageHandleStandardArgs\" module
populates both the \"_FOUND\" and
\"_FOUND\" variables (the latter for backwards
compatibility). The \"FOUND_VAR\" option is now ignored except
to enforce its allowed values.

* The \"InstallRequiredSystemLibraries\" module learned a new
installation component.

* Generator Expressions

* A new \"COMPILE_LANGUAGE\" generator expression was introduced to
allow specification of compile options for target files based
on the \"LANGUAGE\" of each source file. Due to limitations of
the underlying native build tools, this feature has varying
support across generators.
See the \"cmake-generator-expressions(7)\" manual for details.

* CTest

* The \"ctest(1)\" tool learned a new \"--repeat-until-fail \"
option to help find sporadic test failures.

* The \"CTestCoverageCollectGCOV\" module learned to support the
same \"CTEST_CUSTOM_COVERAGE_EXCLUDE\" option as the
\"ctest_coverage()\" command.

* CPack

* The \"cpack(1)\" \"IFW\" generator and the \"CPackIFW\" module
learned to support Qt Framework Installer 2.0 tools.

* The \"CPackDeb\" module learned a new
specify per-component use of \"dpkg-shlibdeps\".

* The \"CPackDeb\" module learned a new
\"CPACK_DEBIAN__PACKAGE_DEPENDS\" option to specify
per-component dependencies.

* The \"CPackRPM\" module learned to package symbolic links more
cleanly and now supports directory symlinks with recent
\"rpmbuild\" versions.

* The \"CPackRPM\" module learned a new
\"CPACK_RPM_ADDITIONAL_MAN_DIRS\" variable to specify directories
containing man pages for the brp- compress RPM macro.

* The \"CPackRPM\" module learned a new
specify a component-specific package architecture.

* The CPack WIX generator learned the new
\"CPACK_STARTUP_SHORTCUTS\" installed file properties which can
be used to install shorcuts in the Start Menu, on the Desktop
and in the Startup Folder respectively.

* Other

* The \"Compile Features\" functionality is now aware of features
supported by GNU compilers on Windows, versions 4.4 through 5.0.

* The \"cmake(1)\" \"-E tar\" command learned a new \"--format\"
option to specify the archive format to be written.

* On OS X, CMake learned to create XCTest bundles to test
Frameworks and App Bundles within Xcode. The \"FindXCTest\"
module provides convenience functions to handle \"XCTEST\" bundles.

* Deprecated and Removed Features

* On OS X the \"cmake-gui(1)\" no longer has the \"Install For Command
Line Use\" menu item. Instead there is a \"How to Install For
Command Line Use\" menu item that shows an informational dialog box
explaining how to make the command line tools available.
For example:
/Applications/ --install

* The \"ctest_build()\" and \"build_command()\" commands no longer
tell \"make\" tools to ignore errors with the \"-i\" option.
Previously this was done for
*Makefile Generators
* but not
others. See policy \"CMP0061\".

* The \"Visual Studio 10 2010\" generator no longer checks for
running VS IDEs with the project open or asks them to reload.
This was originally done for VS 10 because it had been done for
VS 7 through 9 to avoid prompting for every project in a
solution. Since VS >= 10 allow the whole solution to reload at
once they do not need CMake to help them.

* The \"Visual Studio 7\" generator (.NET 2002) is now deprecated
and will be removed in a future version of CMake.

* The \"Visual Studio 6\" generator is now deprecated and will be
removed in a future version of CMake.

* The \"find_package()\" command no longer considers project build
trees recently configured in a \"cmake-gui(1)\". This was
previously done only on Windows and is now never done. The
\"NO_CMAKE_BUILDS_PATH\" option is now ignored if given and
effectively always on. Projects may populate the
*User Package
* to aid users building multiple dependent projects one
after another.

* When building with GNU tools on Windows (MinGW tools), the
\"find_library()\" command will no longer consider \".dll\" files
to be linkable libraries. All dynamic link libraries are
expected to provide separate \".dll.a\" or \".lib\" import libraries.

* The \"add_definitions()\" command no longer causes a \"DEFINITIONS\"
directory property to be populated. See policy \"CMP0059\".

* With Visual Studio 7, 8, and 9 generators the value of the
\"$(OutDir)\" placeholder no longer evaluates to the configuration
name. Projects should use \"$(ConfigurationName)\" for that instead.

* Using the output of \"export()\" with the \"install(FILES)\" command
is no longer allowed. See policy \"CMP0062\" for details.

* Other Changes

* The \"Ninja\" generator now requires that calls to the
\"add_custom_command()\" and \"add_custom_target()\" commands use
the \"BYPRODUCTS\" option to explicitly specify any files generated
by the custom commands that are not listed as outputs (perhaps
because their timestamps are allowed to be older than the inputs).
See policy \"CMP0058\".

* Build-time progress output of
*Makefile Generators
* has been
improved. It no longer mixes progress and build rule messages
during parallel builds. The link rule messages now have progress
and are displayed as bold green instead of bold red (since red
is often associated with an error message).

* The \"CMAKE_CFG_INTDIR\" variable value for Visual Studio 7, 8,
and 9 is now \"$(ConfigurationName)\" instead of \"$(OutDir)\".
This should have no effect on the intended use cases of
the variable.

* Linking to library files by a full path in an implicit linker
search directory (e.g. \"/usr/lib/libfoo.a\") no longer asks the
linker to search for the library (e.g. \"-lfoo\") and now links
by full path. See policy \"CMP0060\".

Tue Jun 2 14:00:00 2015
- Update to 3.2.3
Makefile: Workaround mingw32-make trailing backslash trouble (#15546)
Makefile: Fix compilation after parent commit was backported
InstallRequiredSystemLibraries: Update for VS 2015 (#15552)
Fix assertion failure on unmatched foreach in function (#15572)
ctest_build: Fix regression in GNU make error message matching

Wed Apr 15 14:00:00 2015
- Update to 3.2.2
file(LOCK): Close file descriptor/handle when releasing a lock
FindMFC: Use if(DEFINED) to simplify condition (#15477)
curl: Never consider using Windows APIs on Cygwin
liblzma: Use unaligned access only on Intel and PowerPC archs
liblzma: Disable XL compiler optimizations
liblzma: Disable GNU 3.3 compiler optimizations
KWSys SystemTools: Teach Touch with !create to succeed on missing file
Makefile: Fix multiple custom command outputs with one missing
libarchive: Fix string concatentation in Windows mktemp implementation

Sun Mar 15 13:00:00 2015
- Update to 3.2.1

* Changes since 3.2.0~rc1
Makefile: Fix multiple custom command outputs regression (#15116)
configure_file: Do not warn about newline style arguments
Tests: Add more signature tests to RunCMake.configure_file test
Ninja: Improve internal check for generating at the top-level (#15436)
UseSWIG: Avoid if() auto-dereferene in quoted arguments
Diagnose invalid _STANDARD value instead of crashing (#15426)
CPackRPM: Fix handling of relocation prefix parent directories
KWSys SystemTools: Update CopyFileAlways stream library workarounds
install: Write the entire installation manifest at once
Help: Revise configure_file documentation (#15403)
Help: In 3.2 relnotes move OpenGL/X11 to deprecated/removed section
Utilities/Release: Build OS X and Win binaries without OpenSSL
cmake-gui: Reset generator platform and toolset on configure (#15411)
FindJsonCpp: Drop new module due to upstream jsoncpp providing package
bootstrap: Add --(no-)system-jsoncpp options
FindCurses: Drop unused check for cbreak in tinfo library
FindJNI: Add arch-specific library dir for JDK 9 layout (#15408)
- Update system-libs.patch

Thu Feb 19 13:00:00 2015
- Comment jsoncpp BuildRequires, as it creates dependancy cycle

Sat Feb 14 13:00:00 2015
- Update to 3.2 rc1:

* New Features:

* Syntax:

* CMake learned to support unicode characters
*encoded as
* on Windows. This was already supported on platforms
whose system APIs accept UTF-8 encoded strings. Unicode
characters may now be used in CMake code, paths to source
files, configured files such as \"\" files, and other
files read and written by CMake. Note that because CMake
interoperates with many other tools, there may still be some
limitations when using certain unicode characters.

* Commands:

* The \"add_custom_command()\" and \"add_custom_target()\"
commands learned a new \"BYPRODUCTS\" option to specify files
produced as side effects of the custom commands.
These are not outputs because they do not always have to be
newer than inputs.

* The \"add_custom_command()\" and \"add_custom_target()\"
commands learned a new \"USES_TERMINAL\" option to request
that the command be given direct access to the terminal
if possible. The \"Ninja\" generator will places such commands
in the \"console\" \"pool\". Build targets provided by CMake
that are meant for individual interactive use, such as
\"install\", are now placed in this pool.

* A new \"continue()\" command was added that can be called
inside loop contexts to end the current iteration and start
the next one at the top of the loop block.

* The \"file(LOCK)\" subcommand was created to allow CMake
processes to synchronize through file and directory locks.

* The \"file(STRINGS)\" now supports UTF-16LE, UTF-16BE, UTF-32LE,
UTF- 32BE as \"ENCODING\" options.

* The \"install(EXPORT)\" command now works with an absolute
\"DESTINATION\" even if targets in the export set are
installed with a destination or
*usage requirements
specified relative to the install prefix. The value of the
\"CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX\" variable is hard-coded into the
installed export file as the base for relative references.

* The \"try_compile()\" command source file signature now honors
link flags (e.g. \"CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS\") in the generated
test project. See policy \"CMP0056\".

* The \"try_run()\" command learned to honor the \"LINK_LIBRARIES\"
option just as \"try_compile()\" already does.

* The \"file(GENERATE)\" command now generates the output file
with the same permissions as the input file if set.

* The \"file(GENERATE)\" command can now generate files which
are used as source files for buildsystem targets. Generated
files automatically get their \"GENERATED\" property
set to \"TRUE\".

* Variables:

* The \"CMAKE_MATCH_COUNT\" variable was introduced to record
the number of matches made in the last regular expression
matched in an \"if()\" command or a \"string()\" command.

* Properties:

* An \"ANDROID_API_MIN\" target property was introduced to
specify the minimum version to be targeted by the toolchain.

* A \"VS_SHADER_FLAGS\" source file property was added to
specify additional shader flags to \".hlsl\" files, for the
Visual Studio generators.

* Modules:

* The \"ExternalData\" module learned to support
*Custom Fetch
*. This allows projects to specify custom \".cmake\"
scripts for fetching data objects during the build.

* The \"ExternalProject\" module learned options to create
independent external project step targets that do not depend
on the builtin steps.

* The \"ExternalProject\" module \"ExternalProject_Add()\" command
learned a new \"CMAKE_CACHE_DEFAULT_ARGS\" option to initialize
cache values in the external project without setting them on
future builds.

* The \"ExternalProject\" module \"ExternalProject_Add()\" command
learned a new \"TEST_EXCLUDE_FROM_MAIN\" option to exclude tests
from the main build.

* The \"ExternalProject\" module \"ExternalProject_Add()\" command
learned a new \"UPDATE_DISCONNECTED\" option to avoid
automatically updating the source tree checkout from
version control.

* The \"FindCUDA\" module learned about the \"cusolver\" library
in CUDA 7.0.

* The \"FindGit\" module learned to find the \"git\" command-line
tool that comes with GitHub for Windows installed in user
home directories.

* A \"FindGSL\" module was introduced to find the GNU Scientific

* A \"FindIntl\" module was introduced to find the Gettext
\"libintl\" library.

* A \"FindJsonCpp\" module was introduced to find the JsonCpp

* The \"FindLATEX\" module learned to support components.

* The \"FindMPI\" module learned to find MS-MPI on Windows.

* The \"FindOpenSSL\" module now reports \"crypto\" and \"ssl\"
libraries separately in \"OPENSSL_CRYPTO_LIBRARY\" and
\"OPENSSL_SSL_LIBRARY\", respectively, to allow applications
to link to one without the other.

* The \"WriteCompilerDetectionHeader\" module learned to create
a define for portability of the \"cxx_thread_local\" feature.
The define expands to either the C++11 \"thread_local\" keyword,
or a pre-standardization compiler-specific equivalent,
as appropriate.

* The \"WriteCompilerDetectionHeader\" module learned to create
multiple output files per compiler and per language, instead
of creating one large file.

* CTest:

* The \"ctest_coverage()\" command learned to support Delphi

* The \"ctest_coverage()\" command learned to support Javascript

* The \"CTestCoverageCollectGCOV\" module was introduced as an
alternative to the \"ctest_coverage()\" command for collecting
\"gcov\" results for submission to CDash.

* CPack:

* The \"CPackRPM\" module learned options to set per-component
descriptions and summaries. See the

* The \"CPackRPM\" module learned options to specify requirements
for pre- and post-install scripts.

* The \"CPackRPM\" module learned options to specify requirements
for pre- and post-uninstall scripts.

* The \"CPackRPM\" module learned a new
\"CPACK_RPM__PACKAGE_PREFIX\" variable to specify a
component-specific value to use instead of

* The \"CPackRPM\" module learned a new
\"CPACK_RPM_RELOCATION_PATHS\" variable to specify multiple
relocation prefixes for a single rpm package.

* Other:

* The \"cmake(1)\" \"-E tar\" command now supports creating
\".xz\"-compressed archives with the \"J\" flag.

* The \"cmake(1)\" \"-E tar\" command learned a new
\"--files-from=\" option to specify file names using
lines in a file to overcome command-line length limits.

* The \"cmake(1)\" \"-E tar\" command learned a new \"--mtime=\"
option to specify the modification time recorded in
tarball entries.

* The \"Compile Features\" functionality is now aware of features
supported by more compilers, including:

* Apple Clang (\"AppleClang\") for Xcode versions 4.4 though 6.1.

* GNU compiler versions 4.4 through 5.0 on UNIX and Apple (\"GNU\").

* Microsoft Visual Studio (\"MSVC\") for versions 2010 through 2015.

* Oracle SolarisStudio (\"SunPro\") version 12.4.

* The
* feature now tracks files listed in \".qrc\" files
as dependencies. If an input file to the \"rcc\" tool is changed,
the tool is automatically re-run.

* New Diagnostics:

* The \"break()\" command now rejects calls outside of a loop
context or that pass arguments to the command.
See policy \"CMP0055\".

* Deprecated and Removed Features:

* Files written in the \"cmake-language(7)\", such as
\"CMakeLists.txt\" or \"
*.cmake\" files, are now expected to be
encoded as UTF-8. If files are already ASCII, they will be
compatible. If files were in a different encoding,
including Latin 1, they will need to be converted.

* The \"FindOpenGL\" module no longer explicitly searches for any
dependency on X11 libraries with the \"FindX11\" module. Such
dependencies should not need to be explicit. Applications
using X11 APIs themselves should find and link to X11
libraries explicitly.

* The implementation of CMake now relies on some C++ compiler
features which are not supported by some older compilers.
As a result, those old compilers can no longer be used to
build CMake itself. CMake continues to be able to generate
Makefiles and project files for users of those old compilers
however. Compilers known to no longer be capable of building
CMake are:

* Visual Studio 6 and 7.0 -- superseded by VisualStudio 7.1
and newer.

* GCC 2.95 -- superseded by GCC 3 and newer compilers.

* Borland compilers -- superseded by other Windows compilers.

* Compaq compilers -- superseded by other compilers.

* SGI compilers -- IRIX was dropped as a host platform.

* Other Changes:

* On Windows and OS X, commands supporting network communication
via \"https\", such as \"file(DOWNLOAD)\", \"file(UPLOAD)\", and
\"ctest_submit()\", now support SSL/TLS even when CMake is not
built against OpenSSL. The Windows or OS X native SSL/TLS
implementation is used by default. OS-configured certificate
authorities will be trusted automatically.
On other platforms, when CMake is built with OpenSSL,
these commands now search for OS-configured certificate
authorities in a few \"/etc\" paths to be trusted automatically.

* On OS X with Makefile and Ninja generators, when a compiler
is found in \"/usr/bin\" it is now mapped to the corresponding
compiler inside the Xcode application folder, if any. This
allows such build trees to continue to work with their
original compiler even when \"xcode- select\" switches to a
different Xcode installation.

* The Visual Studio generators now write solution and project
files in UTF-8 instead of Windows-1252. Windows-1252
supported Latin 1 languages such as those found in North
and South America and Western Europe. With UTF-8, additional
languages are now supported.

* The \"Xcode\" generator no longer requires a value for the
\"CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM\" variable to be located up front. It now
locates \"xcodebuild\" when needed at build time.

* When building CMake itself using SolarisStudio 12, the
default \"libCStd\" standard library is not sufficient to
build CMake. The SolarisStudio distribution supports compiler
options to use \"STLPort4\" or \"libstdc++\". An appropriate
option to select the standard library is now added
automatically when building CMake with SolarisStudio compilers.
- BuildRequire pkgconfig(jsoncpp), and use it as system library on
openSUSE > 13.2
- Added form.patch: set the correct include path for the
ncurses includes
- Added system-libs.patch: allow choosing between bundled and
system jsoncpp & form libs

Fri Feb 13 13:00:00 2015
- Update to 3.1.3
Do not call setlocale() globally in CMake applications (#15377)
Add setlocale() calls around use of libarchive APIs (#14934, #15377)
Makefile: Fix regression in target-bound custom command COMMENT output

Fri Feb 6 13:00:00 2015
- Update to 3.1.2
install: Fix regression in default configuration selection
CPack: Fix packaging of source tarballs with symbolic links
KWSys Directory: Check opendir return value before using it (#15367)
Help: Clarify status of link_libraries command
Normalize OBJECT_DEPENDS paths to match custom commands (#15366)
MSVC: Fix initialization of RelWithDebInfo shared library link flags (#15385)
FeatureSummary: Fix bracket in documentation.
FindOpenSSL: fix detection of OpenSSL 1.0.2
ctest_build: Update GNU make error message matching (#15379)

Thu Jan 22 13:00:00 2015
- Update to 3.1.1
Eclipse: Add org.eclipse.cdt.core.cnature to CXX projects (#15068)
get_test_property: clarify the documentation
set_tests_properties: fix documentation
tests: add tests for querying properties
Xcode: Sort targets deterministically and with ALL_BUILD first (#15346)
bootstrap: Fix syntax for Solaris 10 shell (#15317)
Help: Clarify MinGW v. MSYS Makefiles generators (#15319)
Ninja: Do not crash when CMAKE__COMPILE_OBJECT is empty (#15325)
Ninja: Generate rules only for languages compiled in a target (#15325)
Tests: Test using objects from a language enabled in a subdirectory (#15325)
Help: Add 3.1 release note about \'#\' escaping in Makefiles (#15322)
Help: Clarify if() documentation (#15335)
Help: Document CMAKE_FIND_PACKAGE_NAME variable
Xcode: Do not require code signing for compiler id (#15214)
Copyright.txt: Update year range to end in 2015
XL: Fix link flags for executables on Linux with XL compilers
QNX: Fix detection of QCC compiler id (#15349)
Xcode: Fix early termination on per-config source file error CMake 3.1.1
CPack: Fix PackageMaker internal versioning for OS X 10.10
Fix compilation with the Oracle / Sun compiler (#15318)
Help: Small fixes in CPackComponent documentation
FindRuby: fix selection of version x.0 (#15345)
CPack: Avoid crash on invalid CMake generator name (#15308)
FindRuby: Fix output check in _RUBY_CONFIG_VAR
find_package: Document CMAKE_FIND_PACKAGE_NAME variable
QtAutoUic: Restore source file AUTOUIC_OPTIONS settings
FindCUDA: Do not assume CMAKE_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR is set
cmake-mode.el: Fix extracting keyword at point in cmake-help
cmake-mode.el: Re-add explicit call to require thingatpt
FindIce: Port to work with CMP0054 NEW behavior
FindSDL: Allow if() to dereference SDL_INCLUDE_DIR for matching
FindQt: fix setting DESIRED_QT_VERSION if \"find_package(Qt VVV)\" was called
FindQt: fix variable name in error message
FindQt: explicitely mention that it cannot Qt5 or later
FindBoost: Add latest Boost version 1.57.0 and next milestone 1.58.0
KWSys Terminal: Add xterm-termite to VT100 color support whitelist
Help: Document valid 14 value for CXX_STANDARD. (#15339)
get_target_property: discern empty from undefined properties (#15333)
QtAutoUic: Add a test for the regression in the parent commit.
cmMakefile: Rename a method to what it really does.
Features: Fix the COMPILE_FEATURES genex for unavailable features.
cmTarget: Compute link language of TARGET_OBJECTS with CMP0026 OLD (#15338)
Help: Link relevant documents for virtual override features (#15311)
Help: Add INTERFACE_LIBRARY to TYPE target property documentation
Help: Update links to avoid redirects

Wed Dec 17 13:00:00 2014
- Update to 3.1 final:

* Help: Drop FeatureSummary example in cmake-developer.7

* Help: Extend policy CMP0054 documentation with an example

Thu Dec 11 13:00:00 2014
- Require libarchive 3 due to usage of archive_write_set_format_7zip

Wed Dec 10 13:00:00 2014
- Update to 3.1.0~rc3

* Revert \"ClearMatches: Only clear matches which were
actually set\" (#15261)

* Help: Document COMPONENT option of install(SCRIPT/CODE)

* Do not use just-built CMake to install itself when
cross-compiling (#15248)

* KWSys SharedForward: Hard-code the ldpath buffer size to
below VS 14 limit

* VS: Rename VS 14 generator to \'Visual Studio 14 2015\'

* Help: target_include_directories does not allow target names

* Utilities/Sphinx: Add missing call to note_explicit_target

* FindJava: Do not accept OS X stub \'java\' as Java

* Fix lookup of source names after conversion to their actual
case (#15259)

* Help: Format set_property and get_property command docs

* Help: Add 3.1 release notes for INSTALL property scope

* CMakeParseImplicitLinkInfo: Fix implicit library logging

* Makefile: Do not create an empty linker response file

* FindOpenGL: Revert support for imported targets (#15267)

* Help: Document Nsight Tegra toolchain configuration (#15276)

* Utilities/Sphinx: Fix link targets for mixed-case command names

* Modules: Rename FindXerces to FindXercesC

* Help: Document file(GENERATE) signature option order

* VS: Add source file properties to set the hlsl shader entry
point and model

* Help: Remove duplicate \'#\' in CMP0053 valid character list

* Help: Add missing space to ctest -j option description

* FindwxWidgets: Add versions 3.0.1 and 3.0.2

* Help: Fix typo in cmake-compile-features(7) manual

* Help: Fix typo in CMAKE_CXX_KNOWN_FEATURES docs

* VS: Change Nsight Tegra 2.0 Project
Revision Number from 8 to 9

* Avoid if() quoted auto-dereference when checking for \"MSVC\"

* VS: Improve error messages when compiler
is not detected (#15228)

* VS: Do not produce WinMD file for OBJECT libraries (#15228)

* VS: Add source file property to specify Windows App
deployment location

* CPackIFW: Correction of the module documentation

* FindOpenMP: Use fixed form Fortran test program

* Help: Document installed file property API

* VS, WINCE: Fix entry point for Unicode builds

* FindPythonInterp: fix version component variables for
Python 1.4 (#15275)

* Features: Don\'t record for AppleClang

* Features: Test the CXX compiler only if it has features.

* Features: Fix references to CXX compiler
version in Clang-C.cmake.

* Features: Record C++11 dialect switch only for
GNU 4.7 and later.

* Features: Fix the default C dialect for Clang and GNU.

* Fix the test for running the CxxDialog unit test.

* WCDH: Don\'t imply that MSVC is supported by the module.

* WCDH: Make the header -Wundef safe for the C language.

* Genex: Fix evaluation context propagation for TARGET_OBJECTS.

* cmTarget: Don\'t allow relative paths in INTERFACE_SOURCES

* Export: Disallow export of targets with INTERFACE_SOURCES

* Help: Document the export limitation of INTERFACE_SOURCES.

Thu Nov 13 13:00:00 2014
- Update to 3.1.0~rc2

* FindCurses: Include CheckLibraryExists before using it (#15220)

* Help: Clarify add_compile_options documentation (#15225)

* Help: Reference add_compile_options from add_definitions (#15225)

* KWSys: Fix configure_file call to use COPYONLY, not COPY_ONLY

* Qt4: Fix configure_file call to use COPYONLY, not COPY_ONLY

* FindIce: Drop use of :envvar: Sphinx markup

* Help: Drop TOC from latex manuals

* Help: Format add_library documented list of INTERFACE commands

* Help: Fix example in cmake-packages to avoid long line

* FindProtobuf: Cleanup reStructuredText documentation formatting

* Modules: Wrap long lines in pre-formatted documentation blocks

* Help: Tell latex to use a small font for cmake-language.7 productions

* Utilities/Sphinx: Fix html_favicon configuration

* Help: Update 3.1 release notes for dropping of FindITK and FindVTK

* Help: Wrap long lines in pre-formatted documentation blocks

* Help: Fix broken cross-references reported by \'nitpicky\' option

* Xcode: Fix compiler path detection for iOS tools on Xcode <= 5.0 (#15237)

* ExternalProject: Restore logic to not download already-existing file

* Help: Link to GNUInstallDirs from CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX (#15246)

* Utilities/Sphinx: Add index entries for cross-references

* Help: Add 3.1 release note Emacs mode update

* Workaround for short jump tables on PA-RISC.

* genex: Preserve order while evaluating TARGET_OBJECTS

* Fix link line order when shared libraries are de-duplicated

* Help: Fix configure_file call to use COPYONLY, not COPY_ONLY

* Watcom: Drop symfile linker option

* Documentation: Fix minor typo thecommand -> the command

* cmake-mode.el: syntax of \'_\' should be treated as symbol

* KWSys SystemInformation: Check for _SC_AIX_REALMEM before using it

Tue Oct 28 13:00:00 2014
- Update to 3.1.0~rc1

* Some of the more significant features of CMake 3.1 are:

* Windows Phone and Windows Store support has been added to
Visual Studio 11 (2012) and above Generators.

* NVIDIA Nsight Tegra support has been added to Visual Studio
10 (2010) and above Generators.

* New \"target_compile_features\" command allows populating
target based compile features. CMake uses this information
to ensure that the compiler in use is capable of building the
target, and to add any necessary compile flags such as
- std=gnu++11 to support language features.
More information on this is found at:

* The syntax for
*Variable References
* and
*Escape Sequences
* was simplified in
order to allow a much faster implementation. See policy \"CMP0053\".

* The \"if\" command no longer automatically dereferences
variables named in quoted or bracket arguments. See policy \"CMP0054\".

* The target property \"SOURCES\" now generally supports \"Generator
Expressions\". The generator expressions may be used in the
\"add_library\" and \"add_executable\" commands.

* It is now possible to write and append to the target
property \"SOURCES\". The variable \"CMAKE_DEBUG_TARGET_PROPERTIES\"
can be used to trace the origin of sources.

* CPack gained \"7Z\" and \"TXZ\" generators supporting
lzma-compressed archives.

* The ExternalProject module has learned to support lzma-compressed
source tarballs with \".7z\", \".tar.xz\", and \".txz\" extensions.

* The ExternalProject module ExternalProject_Add command
learned a new BUILD_ALWAYS option to cause the external project
build step to run every time the host project is built.

* The ctest_coverage command learned to support Intel coverage
files with the \"codecov\" tool.

* The ctest_memcheck command learned to support sanitizer modes,
including \"AddressSanitizer\", \"MemorySanitizer\", \"ThreadSanitizer\",
and \"UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer\".

* Deprecated and Removed Features:

* In CMake 3.0 the \"target_link_libraries\" command accidentally
began allowing unquoted arguments to use Generator Expressions
containing a semicolon separated list within them.
CMake 3.1 again requires the quotes for this to work correctly.
- Added pkgconfig(liblzma) BuildRequires

Fri Sep 12 14:00:00 2014
- Update to version 3.0.2

* No changes to the GUI

Sun Aug 10 14:00:00 2014
- CMake 3.0.1:

* Ninja: Remove CMake includes from explicit depends

* KWSys SystemInformation: No SA_RESTART on QNX

* cmake: Fix read-after-free while checking command-line arguments

* Fortran: Add support for GNU >= 4.9 compressed modules

* bootstrap: Clarify name of configured source directory

* bootstrap: Fix \"make test\" and \"make package\" targets

* UseSWIG: Fix check for noproxy flag

* CMakeExpandImportedTargets: Do not read property on non-target

* Check
*CompilerFlag: Avoid \';\' in common pattern

* cmcurl: Fix a build failure with the Cray compiler on Linux

* FindQt4: Add nativewifi and qtga plugins

* QNX: Add missing flags for configurations and artifact creation.

Thu Jul 3 14:00:00 2014
- Provide cmake-mans subpackage and use it to avoid buildcycle

Wed Jul 2 14:00:00 2014
- Install manpages. Patch idea by Christoph GrĂ¼ninger.

Sat Jun 21 14:00:00 2014
- Fix %setup line

Sat Jun 21 14:00:00 2014
- Cleanup with spec-cleaner and remove support for sle10.

Wed Jun 11 14:00:00 2014
- Update to 3.0.0

Sun Jun 1 14:00:00 2014
- Update to 3.0.0~rc6

* CMP0022: Fix link language propagation in NEW behavior

* KWSys SystemTools: Port cygwin path conversion to modern API

* KWSys Process: Workaround child kill trouble on Cygwin

* cmSystemTools::RenameFile: Retry on Windows ERROR_SHARING_VIOLATION

* for separable compilation

Wed May 14 14:00:00 2014
- Update to 3.0.0~rc5

* Utilities/Sphinx: Fix cmake domain document removal with python3

* Utilities/Sphinx: Add option to build \'singlehtml\' format

* Restore --help-full option to output all help manuals

* ExternalProject: Fix path to cmake in verify script

* KWSys SystemInformation: Include backtrace APIs whenever we use them

* ctest_build: Do not crash on bad generator name

* cmTarget: Drop unused GetProperty signature

* cmTarget: Evaluate CMP0026 in calling context

* Ninja: Fix deptype for Intel compiler on Linux

* VS: Fix /MANIFESTUAC:NO linker option mapping

* InstallRequiredSystemLibraries: MBCS MFC is optional on VS 12 (#14903)

* cmake-gui: Fix desktop file icon configuration

* FindCurses: Honor CURSES_NEED_NCURSES when curses is found

* FindCurses: Detect and satisfy ncurses dependency on tinfo

* CompileFlags: Test for C++ features after selecting flags

* CompileFlags: Add -AA +hpxstd98 on HP-UX 11.11 with aCC

* CompileFlags: add better selection which aCC version gets -AA
+hpxstd98 flags

* OS X: Fix Info.plist placement in a CFBundle

* Utilities/Sphinx: Port documentation generation to python3 (#14886)

Sun May 4 14:00:00 2014
- Use Qt5 for building the GUI

Thu Apr 24 14:00:00 2014
- Update to 3.0.0~rc4

* Revise and format policy CMP0025 and CMP0047 docs

* Do not warn by default when policy CMP0025 or CMP0047 is not set

* CMakeDetermineVSServicePack: Format documentation

* CMakeDetermineVSServicePack: Match versions more robustly

* CMakeDetermineVSServicePack: Add VS 11 update 4

* Fortran: Detect pointer size on Intel archs with PGI (#14870)

* CMakeRCInformation: Do not mention \'Fortran\' in documentation

* CMakeRCInformation: Recognize \'windres\' tools with \'.\' in name (#14865)

* Drop /lib32 and /lib64 from link directories and RPATH (#14875)

* cmArchiveWrite: Handle NULL error string (#14882)

* Policies: omit warnings about unset policies when they are
actually set to NEW

* Qt4Macros: Make QT4_CREATE_MOC_COMMAND a function

* create_test_sourcelist: Initialize variable at declaration

* Help: Fix typo in cmake-qt manual.

Wed Apr 23 14:00:00 2014
- fix build on SLE11
- remove dependency on system curl: this is not a security
senstive app and the system curl comes quite late in the
build cycle
- remove nonsensical checks for %{sles_version}

Wed Mar 26 13:00:00 2014
- Update to 3.0.0~rc3

* QtDialog: Fix Qt 5 build on non-Windows

* Disallow INTERFACE libraries with add_custom_command(TARGET)

Thu Mar 20 13:00:00 2014
- Update to 3.0.0~rc2

* Miscellaneous fixes since rc1

* FindRuby module learned to search for Ruby 2.0 and 2.1

Sat Mar 1 13:00:00 2014
- Update to 3.0.0~rc1

* First release candidate of 3.0.0 release, for more details, please
- Drop cmake-jni-ppc64le.patch and fix-check-for-freetype251.patch,
merged upstream
- Added pkgconfig(bzip2) BuildRequires for bzip2 support
- Rebase cmake-fix-ruby-test.patch to current release
- All documentation is now available in rst format, and in
/usr/share/cmake/Help directory (including former man files),
see mentioned online changelog

Tue Jan 28 13:00:00 2014
- Update to

* XCode: Fix compiler line matching for XCode 5.1.

* Visual Studio: Convert include path to backslashes for Visual
Studio 2010 and newer.

* FindOpenMP: Support compilers that do not need any special flags.

Mon Nov 25 13:00:00 2013
- Drop old 2.8.12 tarball
- Adjust cmake-gui.spec so it uses

Thu Nov 7 13:00:00 2013
- update to

* Reverts a change in behaviour from older versions caused by a bad
implementation of a CMake Policy introduced in 2.8.12: CMP0022

Tue Oct 8 14:00:00 2013
- Update to 2.8.12

* Xcode: Fix test architecture selection for Xcode >= 5

* Xcode: Teach Tests/BuildDepends to allow LINK_DEPENDS_NO_SHARED failure

* Xcode: Drop XCODE_DEPEND_HELPER for Xcode >= 5

* Xcode: Fix OBJECT library support for Xcode 5 (#14254)

* Genex: Fix processing multiple include directories for relative paths

* VS: Future-proof Intel project format selection

* MSVC: Drop /link from executable link lines with Ninja

* FindCUDA: Always list custom command outputs in their targets

* FindPNG: Honor old PNG_LIBRARY if provided (#14398)

* FindHDF5: Fix regression in per-configuration library selection

* bash-completion: Future-proof --help-
*-list \"cXXXX version\" filtering

* OS X: Search system SDKs for frameworks

* Use first custom command for the same output (#14446)

* MSVC: Fix version test for linking corelibc on Windows CE (#14420)

* MSVC: Fix WinCE arch family preprocessor symbol (#14436)

* VS: Use version-specific subsystem for WinCE compiler id (#14440)

* bootstrap: try better workaround for builds on Linux/HPPA

* Add differing target property content to policy CMP0022 warning

* Fix CMP0022 warning when no old-style property is set

* genex: Fix preprocessing with incomplete content (#14410).

* cmMakefile: Do not track CMake temporary files.

* Fix RunCMake.Configure test expectation newline matching

* Clean up install rules of CMake itself (#14371)

* OSX: Allow an empty INSTALL_NAME_DIR to override MACOSX_RPATH.

* FindImageMagick: Find libraries named with HDRI support (#14348)

* FindTCL: Add BSD paths for Tcl/Tk 8.6

* VS: Generate ToolsVersion matching each VS version

* cmMakefile: Do not track configured files known to be temporary

* CheckC
*CompilerFlag: add documentation what to expect from a positive result

* Fix OLD behavior of CMP0021.

* try_compile: Extract IMPORTED targets from LINK_DEPENDENT_LIBRARIES

* try_compile: Extract IMPORTED targets from INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES

* Genex: Fix evaluation of MAP_IMPORTED_CONFIG_

* Fix some whitespace errors in docs.

* Normalize system directories from the interface target property

* CPack: Fix a typo in documentation

* CTest: Fix GTM coverage parsing line offset bug

* CPackWIX: Add support for custom WiX templates

* CMakeSystem: include toolchain file after setting CMAKE_HOST_ (#13796)

* Add support files for C, C++ and ASM for the IAR toolchain.

* Add regexps for the IAR toolchain to the vendor list.

* Add IAR to the CMakeDetectC(XX)CompilerID.c(pp).in

* cmake-gui: use shortcut F only for \"Find in Output\"

* Eclipse: fix #14204 and #14205: no file links to directories

* automoc: add a global AUTOMOC_TARGETS_FOLDER property

* install: do not strip dll import libraries (#14123)

* ExportTargets: add one more comment to the generated file.

* Add documentation for the --graphviz support

* graphvizoptions: add copyright notice

* add macros cmake_print_properties() and cmake_print_variables()

* VS: Detect MSVC compiler id on ARM toolchain

* Fix spelling and typos (affecting users)

* Fix spelling and typos (affecting binary data / module messages)

* Fix spelling and typos (non-binary)

* Fix spelling and typos (product names)

* FindwxWidgets: add DOC strings with usual style

* Explain distribution of Win9x binary on all Windows versions.

* VS10: add detailed comment about MIDL processing

* Docs: Update description of CMAKE_(BUILD_TYPE|CONFIGURATION_TYPES)

* Docs: Clarify that CMAKE_
*_(PREFIX|SUFFIX) affect filenames

* Docs: Clarify wording \"flag used\" => \"flag (to|will) be used\"

* set_property: Do not remove a property when APPENDing nothing

* Tests/RunCMake: Document stripping of expected output

* export: Error when exporting a target without a language

* variable_watch: Store client data as pointers

* variable_watch: Add a deleter for the client data

* variable_watch: Match client_data when finding duplicates

* variable_watch: Allow specifying the data to match in RemoveWatch

* variable_watch: Prevent making extra entries in the watch map

* variable_watch: Fix a typo in the error message

* variable_watch: Don\'t share memory for callbacks

* variable_watch: Check newValue for NULL

* variable_watch: Add test for watching a variable multiple times

* Do not set CMAKE_MATCH_ variables when not neeeded

* SelectLibraryConfigurations: Fix for cached _LIBRARY

* VS: Separate compiler and linker PDB files (#11899, #14062)

* MSVC: Invoke \'link\' directly for executables

* Ninja: Fix OBJECT_DIR placeholder path conversion

* VS 10: Escape ; as %3B in preprocessor definitions (#14073)

* CTest: Simplify ctest_
* command source/build dir lookup

* get_filename_component: Add explicit unit tests

* get_filename_component: Add DIRECTORY option (#14091)

* Xcode: Use explicitFileType to mark source types (#14093)

* Check{C,CXX}CompilerFlag: Test using C locale (#14102)

* Windows: Search \'/\' prefix only when cross compiling (#10994)

* Recognize ld with toolchain prefix (#13960)

* VS: Always initialize CMAKE_CONFIGURATION_TYPES in IDE generators

* Begin post-2.8.11 development

* Sanitize linker name to parse implicit link line (#14154)

* VS: Allow /Fa to set AssemblerListingLocation (#14153)

* Tests/IncludeDirectories: Avoid shared library with no symbols

* if: Add test for IS_DIRECTORY

* try_compile: Add test for bad call error cases

* try_compile: Refactor argument processing

* variable_watch: Add test for MODIFIED_ACCESS report

* bootstrap: Compile KWSys SystemTools with UTIME(S|NSAT) values

* variable_watch: Remove leftover debugging code (#14187)

* variable_watch: Print accesses as \"CMake Debug Log\" messages

* Docs: Clarify CMAKE_PARENT_LIST_FILE (#14194)

* get_filename_component: Test ABSOLUTE of .. after root component

* try_compile: Add signature to allow multiple SOURCES

* enable_language: Clarify documentation

* Split cmBootstrapCommands.cxx into two sources


* cmake: Document \"-E tar\" support for .zip (#14225)

* FindBoost: Clarify failure on missing \'static\' libs (#14235)

* CMakeDetermineVSServicePack: Improve documentation

* CMakeDetermineVSServicePack: Add VS 11 update 1 and 2 (#14239)

* Document ENV syntax as a \"variable\" (#14245)

* Embarcadero: Use response files only for includes, objects, and libs

* Escape target flags taken from COMPILE_OPTIONS

* Refactor target COMPILE_OPTIONS and COMPILE_FLAGS handling

* CMakeDetermineVSServicePack: Add VS 11 update 3

* Document removal of \'register\' from flex/bison output

* VS12: Find proper MSBuild for VSProjectInSubdir test

* Fortran: Use explicit type in Fortran 90 check

* project: Document top-level CMakeLists.txt requirement

* ExternalProject: Document multiple COMMAND lines

* include: Clarify variable access scope for included file

* VS: Fix /MAP:mapfile flag mapping (#14282)

* cmake: On configure error suggest looking at CMake
*.log files

* try_compile: Escape CMAKE__FLAGS in test projects (#14268)

* try_compile: Add COPY_FILE_ERROR option to capture failure

* FindPNG: Add versioned library names for 1.6 (#14289)

* cmake: Fix resource leak reported by cppcheck

* VS,Xcode: Drop incorrect legacy dependency trace (#14291)

* OS X: Add copyright notices to Darwin-

* VS: Avoid leaking child process output back to IDE (#14266)

* Fix ExportImport test cmp0022NEW build on Watcom

* add_test: Document test name restrictions (#14298)

* UseJava: Update notice of copyright by Kitware

* add_custom_command: Manage backtrace memory correctly (#14299)

* Teach compiler ABI check to tolerate try_compile COPY_FILE failure

* Test COMPILE_DEFINITIONS target property get/set/get round-trip

* Check
*CompilerFlag: Document use of CMAKE_REQUIRED_DEFINITIONS (#14309)

* sha2: Avoid type-punned pointer dereference (#14314)

* VS 6: Tell BuildDepends test to tolerate ninjadep failure

* cmMakefile: Do not track configured files known to be temporary

* libarchive: Update README-CMake.txt for new snapshot

* libarchive: Include cm_zlib.h to get zlib used by CMake

* libarchive: Silence API deprecation warnings

* libarchive: Avoid struct init with variable

* libarchive: Remove build options not used by CMake

* libarchive: Backport to CMake 2.8.2

* VS10: Honor user-specified /SUBSYSTEM: flag (#14326)

* VS10: Escape include paths in XML project files (#14331)

* OS X: Search for SDK based on deployment target (#14324)

* bootstrap: Do not suppress CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT if CFLAGS have -isysroot (#14324)

* OS X: Enable command-line build without tools in PATH

* VS 6,7: Refactor local generators to avoid GetSourceFileWithOutput

* cmake-gui: Fix build rules for Qt5 on Windows

* Include cmMakefile.h before cm
*Lexer.h to get stdint.h first

* Skip CTestLimitDashJ test on Borland

* Add RunCMake.Syntax test to cover argument parsing

* cmListFileLexer: Fix line number after backslash in string

* cmListFileLexer: Split normal and legacy unquoted arguments

* cmListFileArgument: Generalize \'Quoted\' bool to \'Delimeter\' enum

* Add RunCMake.Syntax test cases for command invocation styles

* cmListFileCache: Convert CMake language parser to class

* Warn about arguments not separated by whitespace

* Warn about unquoted arguments that look like long brackets

* cmListFileLexer: Modify flex output to avoid Borland warning

* Cygwin: Avoid legacy warnings in RunCMake.
* tests

* Update version introducing CMP0021, CMP0022, and CMP0023

* OS X: Do not default to non-existent deployment target SDK

* Do not warn about left paren not separated by a space

* VS: Add support for .NET target framework version

* Improve documentation for CPACK_PACKAGE_INSTALL_REGISTRY_KEY.

* Refactor how bundles and frameworks are supported.

* Xcode: Add support for shared library versioning

* OS X: Fix getting of CFBundle LOCATION property.

* OS X: Add RPATH support for Mac.

* Xcode: Add rpath support in Xcode generator.

* OS X: Add support for AATTrpath in export files.

* OS X: Add test for rpaths on Mac.

* OS X: Improvements for getting install name of dylib.

* OS X: Enable rpath support on Mac OS X when find_library() is used.

* OS X: Fix regression handling frameworks for Ninja

* OS X: If necessary, use xcrun to help find otool used to query install names.

* Xcode: Support XCODE_ATTRIBUTE_ with [variant=] (#12532)

* FindGTK2: Move check for pangocairo in gtk module

* FindGTK2: Detect gthread library

* FindFreetype: Detect Freetype installed by GtkMM installer for win

* FindGTK2: Do not fail on MSVC11 if vc100 libraries are available

* FindGTK2: Add GTK2_DEFINITIONS variable

* SelectLibraryConfigurations: Do not cache the _LIBRARY variable

* SelectLibraryConfigurations: Use -NOTFOUND instead of copying the vars

* FindGTK2: Use GTK_XXX_LIBRARY_DEBUG libraries in debug mode

* FindGTK2: Append _LIBRARY to var name in _GTK2_FIND_LIBRARY

* FindGTK2: Append _INCLUDE_DIR to var name in _GTK2_FIND_INCLUDE_DIR

* FindGTK2: Update local changelog

* FindGTK2: Remove GTK2_SKIP_MARK_AS_ADVANCED option

* FindGTK2: gthread-2.0 folder does not exist

* FindGTK2: Detect gmodule library

* FindGTK2: Detect pangoft2 and pangoxft libraries

* OpenBSD: Enable ELF parsing and editing (#14241)

* CPack/NSIS: Obtain path from which to uninstall from registry (#14124)

* Add support for componentized USER spec file

* CPackRPM add mechanism to remove path from generated list of file in RPM spec.

* CPackRPM add /usr/lib64 to the list of builtin to-be-excluded path

* CPackRPM protect \'AATT\' character in filename processed in the spec file.

* CPackRPM make the changelog line conform to expected format


* FindImageMagick: Find v6 include dir (#14174)

* OS X: Add Fortran library version flags (#14249)

* UseJava: Pass sources to javac using response file (#13028)

* Allow using Java in a cross-compilation toolchain

* Ninja: use cd /D to set directory on Windows

* CPackWIX: Fix MSI package layout regression from parent

* bash-completion: Add -S,-SP options arguments completion

* bash-completion: Fix/improve generator names extraction

* Eclipse: Add a missing space in the documentation

* MinGW: Find mingw32-make included with Code::Blocks IDE (#14302)

* VS: Add Windows Forms Support

* VS: Add VS_GLOBAL_ROOTNAMESPACE target property

* VS: Add Resx configuration to the vcxproj file

* libarchive 3.1.2 (reduced)

* cmake-gui: Add search functions for Output window (#9733)

* cmake-gui: Add search functions to the context menu of the Output widget

* cmake-gui: Change shortcut of the search field from Ctrl-F to Alt-E

* cmake-gui: Add function for going to next error message in Output window

* FindCUDA: Remove duplicate entries from INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES.

* FindX11: Search in /opt/X11 for OS X 10.8 (#14232)

* FindCUDA: CUDA_COMPUTE_BUILD_PATH uses relative paths to binary dir.

* ExternalProject: Allow blank SVN_USERNAME/SVN_PASSWORD (#14128)


* UseJava.cmake: fully use cmake_parse_arguments in add_jar

* FindProtobuf: also find pthread

* UseJava.cmake: document add_jar compat shim

* Optimize custom command full-path dependency lookup

* Add cmake_host_system_information command

* Add option to use stdout/stderr of original terminal in cmake --build

* Unify the way the flags of a static library are read


* Add CMAKE_STATIC_LINKER_FLAGS to CMakeCommonLanguageInclude

* Add documentation for the missing CMAKE_
* variables

* Add additonal tests for the linker flags

* VS6: Add handling of CMAKE_
*_LINKER_FLAGS_ variables

* VS6: Hardcode id_machine_6 for compiler detection

* VS10: Do not set the TargetMachine when detecting the compiler

* VS: Set CMAKE_VS_PLATFORM_NAME for VS7 and VS71 too

* VS: Replace ArchitectureId with PlatformName

* VS12: Remove duplicated overload of UseFolderProperty()

* Fix detection of WinCE SDKs with 64bit verion of CMake

* VS: Unify how the name of the generator is specified

* VS10: Add support for assembler code (#11536)

* WIN: Use COFF file header header for architecture detection (#14083)

* Improve const-correctness in cmVisualStudioGeneratorOptions

* Fix setting of the entry point symbol for Windows CE (#14088)

* Add support for new Windows CE compiler

* VS11: Add support for Windows CE SDKs

* CTest: Add test for running many tests in parallel

* cmDependsC: Collapse relative include paths

* Add projectDir parameter to GenerateBuildCommand

* VS: Create parser for Visual Studio .sln files

* VS: Use .sln parser to build targets in subdirs with msbuild (#13623)

* VS: Add test for building MSBuild project in subdir

* ctest_build: Pass projectDir to GenerateBuildCommand

* Ninja: Make cmcldeps depfile output more consistent with \'ninja -t msvc\'

* CPackWIX: Handle multiple shortcuts in the start menu

* CPackWIX: Add option to specify the language(s) of the installer

* CMakeCPack: Provide an upgrade guid for WiX

* cmMakefile: Refactor AddCMakeDependFile and AddCMakeOutputFile.

* Ninja: Track configured files so we can regenerate them.

* cmMakefile: Track configured files so we can regenerate them (#13582)

* Add a test to expose a bug with add_custom_command and ninja.

* Ninja: GlobalNinjaGenerator WriteBuild and WritePhonyBuild non static

* Ninja: Custom Command file depends don\'t need to exist before building

* FindCUDA: Search for libraries in /lib//nvidida-current.

* Ninja: Properly convert all paths to unix style before we do set intersection.

* Ninja: Update BuildDepends test to verify cmcldeps depfiles.

* FindOpenSSL: Fix spelling of CMAKE_CROSSCOMPILING (#14075)

* FindOpenGL: simplify OS selection code

* FindOpenGL: require headers to be found on non-Windows platforms (#13746)

* Tests: create output files for all memory checkers

* CTest: use an output file for Valgrind (#14110)

* CTest: remove unreachable code and CTestTestMemcheckUnknown test

* Tests: remove code duplication in CTestTestMemCheck tests

* Tests: verify that memory checker output files are always present

* CTest: drop suppression for gcc 2.9.6 errors from default Valgrind flags

* Tests: add test for non-existent Valgrind suppression file

* CTest: fix comment documenting cmBoundsCheckerParser class

* Tests: add a test with custom options passed to valgrind

* CTest: make sure never to report negative test times (#14132)

* Doc: fix example for FAIL_REGULAR_EXPRESSION

* CTest: break after first regex match on output

* Tests: ignore Guard Malloc messages in MemChecker tests

* CTest: avoid useless changing of directory

* Tests: fix build of dummy memtester on AIX

* wizard: fix warnings

* wizard: simplify control flow

* cmTarget: drop the unused local typedef LinkLine

* Tests: ignore GuardMalloc messages on all Apple build, not just XCode ones

* replace string(... MATCHES \"^const$) with string(... STREQUAL \"const\")

* Revert \"CTest: fix pre and post test commands with spaces\" (#13887)

* FindPNG: improve library detection (#14301)

* CTest: create one output file per memcheck (#14303)

* Remove some uses of obsolete \'register\' storage specifier

* Document CMAKE__FLAGS variable (#14305)

* Make the QtAutomoc test compile with either Qt 4 or Qt 5

* Add a test for Qt5Automoc

* Remove an endif() followed by an if() for the same condition.

* Fix some copyastos in the DetermineRCCompiler file.

* Test transitive includes from setting the LINK_LIBRARIES property.

* Test the use of target transitive compile definitions with moc.

* Fix handling of commas in arbitrary content in genexes.

* Fix style.

* Remove unused marker for a variable which is now used.

* Extract the ProcessArbitraryContent method.

* Rename the method determining if a genex accepts arbitrary content.

* Make it possible for any genex to have arbitrary content at the end.

* Add the JOIN generator expression.

* Test that linking using the debug keyword to tll works.

* automoc: Read target defines unconditionally

* Remove unused typedef.

* Fix brace indentation.

* Add EXPORT_NAME property.

* Remove unused vector population.

* Sublime: Honor source-level COMPILE_FLAGS property

* Docs: cmake -G selects a \"build system\" generator

* Recognize shared library files with a numerical suffix

* FindQt4: Fix QUIET failure with Qt 5 but not Qt 4

* Error on relative path in INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES target property.

* include_directories: Fix handling of empty or space-only entries

* CTest: Read CTEST_PARALLEL_LEVEL from environment

* string: Add MAKE_C_IDENTIFIER subcommand

* GenerateExportHeader: Add newlines to separate the compiler output.

* GenerateExportHeader: Allow use of of this macro with MODULEs.

* file: Add GENERATE command to produce files at generate time

* Tests/Module/GenerateExportHeader: Test exported free-function

* Add $ generator expression

* GenerateExportHeader: Generate only C identifiers as defines

* Tests/CompileDefinitions: Avoid spaces in defines on VS 6

* Use the qt5::moc imported target instead of a variable.

* QtAutomoc: Get the Qt version through the target link interface

* Fix indentation.

* VS6: Rename some variables to correspond to config values.

* Add cmLocalGenerator::GetCompileOptions.

* Add _COMPILER_ID generator expressions.

* cmTarget: Rename struct to be more re-usable.

* cmTarget: Rename LinkInterfaceIncludeDirectoriesEntries

* Add COMPILE_OPTIONS target property.

* Add target_compile_options command.

* Introduce target property _VISIBILITY_PRESET


* Qt4Macros: Allow specifying a TARGET in invokations of macros.

* Introduce add_compile_options command.

* Remove unused cmAddDefinitionsCommand::ParseDefinition method.

* Add some spaces to the INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES documentation.

* CLI: Suppress the unused warning if the key value pair is cached.

* Use --sysroot when cross compiling.

* Add missing \'seen\' check for evaluating COMPILE_OPTIONS.

* Find targets in INTERFACE_COMPILE_OPTIONS when exporting for try_compile.

* Use a preprocessor loop to manage the valid transitive properties.


* Genex: Fix indentation in docs.

* cmSystemTools: Fix typo in comment.

* Style: Don\'t put an else after a return.

* Add compiler target compile options.

* QtAutomoc: Fix handling of list separator for compile definitions.

* QtAutomoc: Use config-dependent compile definitions and includes.

* De-duplicate version comparison code.

* Add generator expressions for version comparision.

* Don\'t run the WarnUnusedCliUnused test on Windows.

* Add whitespace after colons in error messages.

* Add missing return after error report.

* Genex: Make LINK_LANGUAGE report an error when evaluating link libraries.

* Genex: Extend EvaluatingLinkLibraries to also check the top target name.

* Genex: Report error if a target file is needed to evaluate link libraries.

* Add generator expressions for compiler versions.

* Split the GeneratorExpression test into a third part.

* Remove unused variable.

* Add Target API to determine if an include is a system include.

* Store system include directories in the cmTarget.

* Extend the cmTargetPropCommandBase interface property handling.

* Add a SYSTEM parameter to target_include_directories (#14180)

* Add entire link interface transitive closure as target depends.

* Test non-IMPORTED libraries in the INTERFACE of IMPORTED libraries.

* GenexEval: Add abstracted access to link interface for a target.

* Introduce the LINK_ONLY generator expression.

* Introduce the INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES property.

* Export: Generate INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES property on targets.

* TLL: Don\'t populate old link interface if CMP0022 is NEW.

* Overload cmLocalGenerator::AppendDefines to add a list.

* Add an overload of cmIDEOptions::AddDefines taking a vector of strings.

* Refactor cmTarget::GetCompileDefinitions to use an out-vector, not a string.

* Document some variables for deprecation control.

* Genex: Make CMP0021 and CMP0022 usable with TARGET_POLICY

* Revert \"Use --sysroot when cross compiling.\"

* Add target property debugging for COMPILE_DEFINITIONS

* Mark qt4_use_modules and qt4_automoc as obsolete.


* Don\'t add trailing whitespace to error message.


* Remove the LINK_LANGUAGE generator expression.

* Genex: Fix $ with IMPORTED targets and multiple locations.

* FindQt4: Don\'t use Qt component _FOUND vars before they\'re defined (#14286)

* Add a convenient way to add the includes install dir to the INTERFACE.

* Use linked frameworks as a source of include directories.

* target_link_libraries: Add PUBLIC/PRIVATE/INTERFACE keyword signature

* FindQt4: Re-add QAxServer to the QT_MODULES.

* FindQt4: Populate the INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES of IMPORTED targets.

* Genex: Allow relative paths in INSTALL_INTERFACE.

* cmTarget: Fix property name typo in docs.

* Docs: Document file(GENERATE) CONDITION as optional.

* Qt4Macros: Remove unneeded generate CONDITION.

* Qt4Macros: Remove undefined varible use.

* Qt4Macros: Simplify some variable population.

* Docs: Document existing target property debugging options.

* Docs: Trim trailing whitespace in generated doc.

* Docs: Generalize and de-duplicate VISIBILITY_PREFIX docs.

* Docs: Document variables for default visibility values.


* cmTarget: Remove duplicates when printing traces of tll signatures

* cmTarget: Fix iface libraries and languages for static libraries.

* Genex: Disallow LINKER_LANGUAGE only when used on a static library.

* install: Remove error condition using INCLUDES DESTINATION without EXPORT.

* Fix crash on export of target with empty INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES.

* Allow target commands to be invoked with no items (#14325).


* cmTarget: Add NAME property

* Export: Process generator expressions from INCLUDES DESTINATION.

* Add the ALIAS target concept for libraries and executables.

* Revert \"Add compiler target compile options.\"

* Genex: Fix segfault when parsing ends with parameter expectation.

* Add cmake_reset_check_state() macro

* Use GmakeErrorParser instead of deprecated MakeErrorParser (fixes bug 0013699)

* variable_watch: Add missing string enumeration entry (#14188)

* ccmake: Add missing initializers reported by cppcheck

* libarchive: Fix free() order to avoid accessing freed memory

* cmcurl: Fix resource leak reported by cppcheck
- Dropped cmake-cmCustomCommand_add_operator=.patch and
cmake-fix-ImageMagick6.patch, merged upstream

Sat Aug 3 14:00:00 2013
- Update to

* asm support: adapt to changes in CMakeDetectCompiler in 2.8.10

* SelectLibraryConfigurations: Fix for cached _LIBRARY

* cmCryptoHash: Increase alignment of HashFile buffer

* cmcurl: Backport curl bug 1192 fix (#14250)

* VS12: Add Visual Studio 12 generator (#14251)

* VS12: Generate flag tables from MSBuild v120 tool files

* FindBoost: Add -vc120 mangling for VS 12

* VS: Clarify Visual Studio product year for each version

Sat Jun 8 14:00:00 2013
- Update to

* ExternalData: Do not re-stage staged object files

* try_compile: Fix quoting of libraries in generated CMakeLists.txt

* KWSys: Fix SystemTools::FileIsDirectory with long paths (#14176)

* FindBoost: Fix handling of \\ in input paths (#14179)

* Xcode: Fix framework search paths in STATIC library targets (#14191)

* Fix test failures caused by regexp-sensitive characters in the build paths

* include_directories: Fix handling of empty or space-only entries

* try_compile: Trim whitespace from LINK_LIBRARIES entries

* cmTarget: Remove some hardcoding of transitive property names.

* GenexEval: Extract a getLinkedTargetsContent from TargetPropertyNode.

* GenexEval: Fix evaluation of INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES target property.

* GenexEval: Test evaluation of INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES target property.

* FindQt4: Don\'t fail if certain Qt modules are unavailable.

* Qt4Macros: Handle Qt ActiveX libraries in qt4_use_modules.

* Genex: Fix the HEAD target used for evaluated expressions

Sat May 18 14:00:00 2013
- Update to 2.8.11

* Targets can specify usage requirements for their consumers such as
include directories and preprocessor definitions; previously only
link dependencies were supported.

* target_link_libraries(myexe yourlib) can now build myexe sources
with requirements specified by yourlib

* Added target_include_directories and target_compile_definitions
commands with PUBLIC/PRIVATE/INTERFACE options

* Introduced ExternalData Module

* Keep source trees lightweight by storing data separately

* Reference data unambiguously from source tree by content hash

* Fetch on-demand during build from local or remote resources

* CMake: Sublime Text Generator added that supports both Make and Ninja

* CMake: Added support for Texas Instruments C6 and up compilers

* CMake: Improve OpenBSD support

* CPack: Added Support for 64bit NSIS

* CPack: Added WiX Package Generator

* ExternalProject: Will run git fetch less often

* FindBoost: Major overhaul of searching and result caching

* FindCUDA: Now has support for separable compilation

* FindQt4: Overall improvements to finding Qt and importing targets

* FindSquish: Added support for squish 4
Full changelog at

* Drop cmake-endian.patch (Merged upstream)

Thu Feb 28 13:00:00 2013
- cmake-endian.patch:
Add support for aarch64.

Wed Nov 28 13:00:00 2012
- Update to

* Fix kitware#0013691: [Modules] FindGettext.cmake does not set GETTEXT_FOUND on success

* Fix kitware#0013702: [CMake] CMake crashes when reconfiguring build

* Fix kitware#0013667: [CMake] Automoc fails to handle Q_INTERFACES
- Drop obsolete patches

Wed Nov 7 13:00:00 2012
- Update to This is a bugfix release

* Fix kitware#0013651: FindSDL.cmake is broken

* Fix kitware#0013638: ./configure reports Copyright 2000-2011
Complete changelog:

Fri Nov 2 13:00:00 2012
- Update to 2.8.10

* file(DOWNLOAD now handles \"https\" URLs -- the pre-built binaries available from Kitware link to OpenSSL

* Automoc: fix kitware#13572: issue with symbolic links

* Uniform compiler \"id\" and version number variables available for nearly all known compilers and platforms

* New way to arrange exported targets that depend on other targets into \"export sets\"

* New generator expressions

* Generator expressions available in more contexts, namely in the INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES and COMPILE_DEFINITIONS target properties
See /usr/share/doc/packages/cmake/Changelog for the complete changelog
- Minor spec cleanup

Tue Aug 14 14:00:00 2012
- Update to 2.8.9

* See /usr/share/doc/packages/cmake/Changelog for changes

* Drop cmake-pkgconfig.patch, already upstream

Wed Apr 18 14:00:00 2012
- Update to 2.8.8
- see /usr/share/doc/packages/cmake/Changelog for changes

Wed Jan 25 13:00:00 2012
- Update to 2.8.7
- see /usr/share/doc/packages/cmake/Changelog for changes

Fri Oct 14 14:00:00 2011
- update to 2.8.6
- see /usr/share/doc/packages/cmake/Changelog for changes

Sat Sep 17 14:00:00 2011
- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
- Use %_smp_mflags for parallel build

Fri Jul 29 14:00:00 2011
- update to 2.8.5
- see /usr/share/doc/packages/cmake/Changelog for changes

Thu Nov 11 13:00:00 2010
- update to cmake-2.8.3
- see /usr/share/doc/packages/cmake/Changelog for changes
- drop cmake-FindGTK2-gdk-pixbuf.patch (fixed upstream)
- drop cmake-support-new-python.diff (fixed upstream)

Mon Sep 13 14:00:00 2010
- fix build on RHEL/Fedora

Tue Jul 20 14:00:00 2010
- update to cmake-gui-2.8.2
- cmake-gui: Add simple grouped view
- cmake-gui: Support build tree under symlink (#9975)

Tue May 25 14:00:00 2010
- split cmake into two spec files: cmake and cmake-gui, so that
cmake build does not depend on libqt4