Changelog for suse-module-tools-15.1.11-83.1.x86_64.rpm :

* Mon Feb 18 2019 Update to version 15.1.11 (git 54df192):
* spec file: use more gentle wording in blacklist files
* spec file: drop jffs2 and ubifs from blacklist
* Fri Feb 08 2019 Update to version 15.1.10 (git b28b13d):- implemented fs blacklisting logic (jsc#SLES-4085, fate#326832)
* Thu Jan 31 2019 Update to version 15.1.0 (git 6b07b88):
* 50-blacklist.conf is not added in Leap before 15.1. fix conditionals and bump version accordingly.
* Wed Jan 30 2019 Update to version 15.0.20 (git 1396df5):- Fix (boo#1123697, boo#1123704)- add /etc/modprobe.d/50-blacklist.conf from sysconfig package (boo#1107611)- Remove hard dependency on mkinitrd (boo#1123721)- Make sure code works also without kmod-compat- Replace file dependency on /sbin/depmod by weak package dependency
* Mon Dec 10 2018 Martin Wilck - Move \"weak-modules\" script to -legacy subpackage to avoid dependency on binutils (bsc#1116665)
* Fri Dec 07 2018 Adrian Schröter - Require mkinitrd (provided also by dracut) directly instead of file requires. This is fixing image build failures
* Wed Nov 07 2018 Update to version 15.0.1 (git 5c63319):- Use /etc/modules-load.d/sg.conf for sg driver autoloading (bsc#1036463)
* added /etc/modules-load.d/sg.conf
* Mon Nov 05 2018 version 15.0 (git 6ce3011)- modsign-verify: support for parsing PKCS#7 signatures (bsc#1111300, bsc#1105495)- Fix logic for unsupported modules (bsc#1111183)
* SLES15: allow unsupported modules only if kernel-default-extra from SLE-WE module is installed
* Always allow unsupported modules on Leap 15 and Factory
* No change for SLE12 / Leap 42.x and below
* 10-unsupported-modules.conf: improved comments
* fix %config(noreplace) logic for 10-unsupported-modules.conf- added udev rule 81-sg.rules to make sure the sg module is always loaded (bsc#1036463)
* Wed Jul 26 2017 Use path dependency that is not parsed by obs to ensure we are not pulling systemd everywhere
* Mon Jun 19 2017 Set url to github project and repack using obs service- Cleanup a bit with spec-cleaner- Grep os-release and not deprecated SuSE-release
* Thu Sep 08 2016 blacklist efifb on aarch64 (bsc#996080)
* Fri May 27 2016 Run dos2unix on the modhash script.
* Thu May 26 2016 Add modhash tool to calculate hash of signed module. It strips X.509 or PKCS#7 signature before hash kernel module. (fate#319460)
* Wed May 25 2016 Remove -x bit from 50-kernel-uname_r.conf (bsc#981291).
* Fri Apr 29 2016 Ignore failures when loading the kernel sysctl (bsc#977715).
* Thu Apr 28 2016 Add a systemd service to load /boot/sysctl.conf-`uname -r` (bsc#977715).
* Fri Apr 01 2016 Skip KMPs built from the kernel spec file directly (fate#319339)- Bump version number to 12.4
* Tue Feb 23 2016 add missing requirements on module-init-tools, findutils and gzip, mkinitrd (bnc#965830)
* Fri Jan 15 2016 Add module option ib_mthca.catas_reset_disable=1 on ppc64le (bsc#456389).
* Tue Oct 13 2015 Revert change for fate#319339, as some 3rd party KMPs are built with a modified template (bsc#949862).
* Tue Sep 08 2015 Use /run instead of deprecated /var/run This can have sever consequences if this package uses /var/run. It may be installed before filesystem package generating the /run tmpfs and predict it to generate the link /var/run -> /run. Later dracut convertfs kicks in to generate it, but it has issues. bsc#922676
* Thu Aug 13 2015 Only handle KMPs that are built using the %kernel_module_package macro (preparatory work for fate#319339).
* Tue Jun 23 2015 Use absolute path to mkinitrd (bsc#935566)