Changelog for update-alternatives-1.9.0-1mdv2008.0.noarch.rpm :
Mon Jul 23 00:00:00 2007 Anssi Hannula 1.9.0-1mdv2008.0
+ Revision: 54387
- 1.9.0
o fix bug causing update-alternatives to not update the slaves of a
manually selected alternative during --install
o fix bug causing update-alternatives to switch a link into automatic mode
when any alternative associated with the link is removed and the link
points to the alternative with the highest priority at the time
o remove --test option, it was never implemented
o add support for --remove-all, --list and --set from Debian
o allow overwriting of unknown files/symlinks when --set or --config is used
o better --help output from Debian
o update man page
o clean duplicated code
- drop no longer needed patch0

Sun Jul 22 00:00:00 2007 David Walluck 1.8.9-4mdv2008.0
+ Revision: 54244
- add full patch for missing options

Sun Jul 22 00:00:00 2007 David Walluck 1.8.9-3mdv2008.0
+ Revision: 54239
- add patch for --set support

Sun Jul 22 00:00:00 2007 David Walluck 1.8.9-2mdv2008.0
+ Revision: 54144
- use %{_sbindir} not /usr/sbin for provides
- remove %{buildroot} in %install, not %prep
- use %{makeinstall} macro
- add %{_sbindir}/alternatives and %dir %{_localstatedir}/alternatives for (FC) compatibility
- add (empty) %build section to silence rpmlint

+ Anssi Hannula
- fix URL

Mon Jul 2 00:00:00 2007 Anssi Hannula 1.8.9-1mdv2008.0
+ Revision: 46212
- 1.8.9
o fix a bug introduced in 1.8.8 causing a fatal failure when trying to
remove a nonexistent alternative (bug #31688)

Sat Jun 30 00:00:00 2007 Anssi Hannula 1.8.8-1mdv2008.0
+ Revision: 45883
- 1.8.8
o fix bug causing a switch to automatic mode when a symlink in
/etc/alternatives had been replaced with a relative symlink by the user
o do not remove or modify symlinks that had been originally created by
update-alternatives but since retargeted by something else

Fri Jun 29 00:00:00 2007 Anssi Hannula 1.8.7-1mdv2008.0
+ Revision: 45475
- 1.8.7
o fix bug causing the removal of legitimate files if a symlink had been
replaced with a regular file (#19851)

Thu Jun 28 00:00:00 2007 Anssi Hannula 1.8.6-1mdv2008.0
+ Revision: 44847
- 1.8.6
o fix bug causing manual alternative to not enter automatic mode when
/etc/alternatives/foo symlink is noticed missing
o fix bug causing automatic alternative to enter manual mode when the
symlink target is noticed missing
o enter automatic mode when the symlink target is noticed missing
o fix bug causing symlinks pointing into /etc/alternatives/foo not being
created when --config is used to select a symlink target which includes
slave links not already present

Tue May 1 00:00:00 2007 Pixel 1.8.5-2mdv2008.0
+ Revision: 19545
- explicit file provide /usr/sbin/update-alternatives

Mon Mar 19 23:00:00 2007 Olivier Thauvin 1.8.5-1mdv2007.1
+ Revision: 146477
- 1.8.5: fix not removed symlink (Anssi Hannula)

Fri Aug 11 00:00:00 2006 Olivier Thauvin 1.8.4-2mdv2007.0
+ Revision: 54774
- rebuild
- Import update-alternatives

Thu Jan 12 23:00:00 2006 Warly 1.8.4-1mdk
- fix some remaining mandrake references

Fri Apr 29 00:00:00 2005 Olivier Thauvin 1.8.3-2mdk
- reintroduce in mandriva as rpm 4.4 will no longer provide it