Changelog for libsoup-2_4-1-2.42.2-3.2.x86_64.rpm :

* Sun May 05 2013 Update to version 2.42.2: + Fixed SoupSession:proxy-resolver (bgo#698163). + Further win32 build fixes (bgo#692134). + Fixed several test programs to still work if glib-networking isn\'t installed, and fixed another to still work if the kernel has no IPv6 support (bgo#698220).
* Tue Apr 16 2013 Update to version 2.42.1: + Fixed SoupProxyResolverDefault (bgo#697028). + Fixed a gigantic memory leak when using SoupCache (bgo#696594). + Fixed a build problem on Windows (bgo#696354). + Fixed ntlm-test to pass whether or not Samba ntlm_auth support was compiled in (bgo#697510). + Updated translations.
* Mon Mar 25 2013 Update to version 2.42.0: + Fixed a compiler warning on 32bit in a test program. + Updated translations.
* Thu Mar 21 2013 Added support for translation-update-upstream.
* Mon Mar 18 2013 Update to version 2.41.92: + Fixed a bug that caused libsoup to retry an incorrect password repeatedly, forever, in a certain case that affected Google calendars in evolution in particuar (rh##916224). + Also added code to make such infinite retry loops impossible in the future. + Fixed SoupRequestData\'s handling of URIs with \"%00\" in them (bgo##695246). + Added the SoupSession:proxy-resolver property (bgo#680273). + Added missing G_BEGIN_DECLS/G_END_DECLS to soup-message-headers.h, so that its functions can be called from C++. + Updated translations.
* Tue Mar 05 2013 Update to version 2.41.91: + Fixed a crash that showed up with XMLRPC requests in WebKitGTK (bgo#694920). + Fixed SoupCache to update the cached headers when it receives a 304 Not Modified response, and added a test for this (bgo#695121). + libsoup now builds under automake 1.13 (and \"make check\" works under the parallel test harness which is the default in 1.13) (bgo#694135). + The tests/ directory now contains only actual test programs that are run by \"make check\", and the programs that are intended more as example code are under examples/. + Updated translations.
* Tue Feb 19 2013 Update to version 2.41.90: + Added SoupSession:local-address property, which allows you to force connections to bind to a particular local address (bgo#693215). + Fixed SoupCache to properly handle messages that get cancelled, and added tests for this (bgo#692310). + Fixed a reference leak in SoupCache that resulted in epiphany hanging for several seconds on exit and then eventually printing \"Cache flush finished despite X pending requests\". And added more tests (bgo#682527). + Fixed SoupAuthNTLM so that SoupSession:authenticate gets emitted with retrying=TRUE if the first attempt fails (bgo#693222). + Fixed the SoupSession:add-feature-by-type property to accept non-SoupSessionFeature features as well. + Fixed a build bug that would break all the apache-based tests if you didn\'t have PHP installed (bgo#693311). + Updated translations.
* Tue Feb 05 2013 Update to version 2.41.5: + Reverted the change to SoupURI\'s password handling from 2.41.4, since it turns out to have broken some things (bgo#692149). + Avoid a g_return_if_fail() when loading SoupSession:ssl-ca-file fails (bgo#691930). + Fixed a bug in SoupBodyInputStream that caused redirects in WebKitGTK to hang. (bgo#692026). + Updated translations.
* Wed Jan 16 2013 Update to version 2.41.4: + Lots of docs fixes. + The plain SoupSession type now supports soup_session_queue_message(), soup_session_send_message() and there are now soup_session_new() and soup_session_new_with_options(). + The mirroring of the SoupMessage API onto SoupRequestHTTP, added in 2.41.3, has been reverted. However, new APIs soup_session_send() and soup_session_send_async() have been added that let you use the GInputStream-based API with SoupMessages rather than SoupRequest, so if you\'re doing HTTP-specific stuff, you can just use that instead. + soup_message_get_https_status() now returns the certificate and flags for unsuccessful https connections as well as successful ones (bgo#690176). + Fixed a deadlock when calling soup_session_abort() on a SoupSessionSync in some cases (bgo#691399). + Internal SoupCache rewrites/improvements (bgo#682112). + Plugged a memory leak in SoupCache (bgo#690382) and in SoupAuthDigest (bgo#690142). + LIBSOUP_DISABLE_DEPRECATED has been renamed to SOUP_DISABLE_DEPRECATED. + Fixed the samba-windbind-based NTLM support. + SoupAuthManager is now a public class. + SoupURI now treats \"\" as having a password of \"\" rather than NULL. + build: libsoup now uses autoreconf instead of, and no longer uses AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT. + Updated translations.
* Wed Jan 16 2013 Update to version 2.41.3: + SoupRequest is now stable API. SoupRequester, however, is deprecated. Instead you can now call soup_session_request() or soup_session_request_uri() to create a SoupRequest. + SoupRequestHTTP now has a number of fields and methods that mirror the SoupMessage data, so you don\'t have to use soup_request_http_get_message() in many cases. On the flip side, there is also now soup_message_get_request(). And you can create a SoupRequestHTTP directly (and override its request method) by using soup_session_request_http() or soup_session_request_http_uri()). + soup_message_set_chunk_allocator() is now deprecated; apps that want to do streaming reads should just use SoupRequest, which is vastly more sane. + SoupPasswordManager is now deprecated, and SoupPasswordManagerGNOME is now a no-op (and libsoup-gnome no longer links against libgnome-keyring) (bgo#594377, bgo#679866) + SoupCookieJarSqlite is now deprecated in favor of SoupCookieJarDB, which is exactly the same thing except that it\'s in libsoup itself rather than being in libsoup-gnome + SoupProxyResolverGNOME is now deprecated; there hasn\'t been any real reason to use it since SoupProxyResolverDefault was added. + SoupSession is no longer an abstract class, and you can create a plain SoupSession, which behaves in a more traditionally-gio-like way. + Usernames and passwords passed into SoupSession a URI will now be cleared after they\'re used, so that if they are wrong, the authenticate signal will be emitted on the next round (bgo#689673) + SoupURI now leaves \"%00\" in URIs as-is, rather than decoding it to \"\\0\", which was not intended and is never useful. + Fixed a bug in SoupBodyOutputStream that could cause libsoup to sometimes use blocking I/O rather than non-blocking when writing chunked message bodies (bgo#688974) + Fixed a bug in SoupFilterInputStream that could cause some non-blocking reads to suck up CPU while waiting for the network + tests: misc small fixes + Updated translations.- Replace sqlite3-devel BuildRequires with pkgconfig(sqlite3).- Drop libgnome-keyring-devel BuildRequires: no longer needed.
* Tue Jan 15 2013 Update to version 2.41.2: + and now only export the symbols that are part of the public API. (bgo#595176) + Added SOUP_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED / SOUP_VERSION_MAX_ALLOWED macros like the corresponding glib ones, to allow libsoup users to request per-version deprecation/availability warnings. + Fixed a crash caused by a race condition in SoupSessionSync, and reorganized some code to avoid other possible similar race conditions. (bgo#684238) + Fixed a crash when a DNS resolution failed, caused by a bug in the GTask porting in 2.41.1. (bgo#688330) + Fixed a problem that would cause g_warning()s in epiphany when browsing sites that (incorrectly) returned empty Cache-Control headers. (bgo#683433) + We now add a Host header to HTTP/1.0 requests as well as HTTP/1.1 ones. + Fixed a bug in the printing of IPv6 address literals in the Host header in SoupLogger. + Belatedly added soup-multipart-input-stream.h to soup.h. + Removed an evil hack in the long-deprecated SoupProxyResolver code (not to be confused with SoupProxyURIResolver) (bgo#687659) + Fixed a few race conditions in the test programs that could cause \"make check\" to fail on slow or heavily-loaded machines. + Further cleaned up and reorganized the internal HTTP I/O codepaths, in preparation for an improved SoupCache. (bgo#682112). + Updated translations.
* Tue Jan 15 2013 Update to version 2.41.1: + Changed the behavior of NTLM authentication to be more like what other apps apparently do (bgo#624613) + Fixed a crash caused by a race condition in SoupSessionSync. (bgo#684238) + SoupRequest now supports resource:// URIs, for reading from gresource (bgo#682721) + Added new compile-time and runtime APIs for checking the libsoup version (bgo#684514) + Updated to take advantage of (and require) glib 2.35: removed all g_type_init() calls and ported to GTask. + Added support for Apache 2.4 to the unit tests. + Updated translations.
* Tue Jan 15 2013 Update to version 2.40.3: + soup_message_get_https_status() now returns the certificate and flags for unsuccessful https connections as well as successful ones (bgo#690176) + Fixed a deadlock when calling soup_session_abort() on a SoupSessionSync in some cases. (bgo#691399) + Fixed a bug in SoupFilterInputStream that could cause some non-blocking reads to suck up CPU while waiting for the network. + SoupURI now leaves \"%00\" in URIs as-is, rather than decoding it to \"\\0\", which was not intended and is never useful. + A few minor docs fixes. + Updated translations.
* Tue Nov 13 2012 Update to version 2.40.2: + Fixed a crash caused by a race condition in SoupSessionSync (bgo#684238) + Fixed a problem that would cause g_warning()s in epiphany when browsing sites that (incorrectly) returned empty Cache-Control headers (bgo#683433) + Belatedly added soup-multipart-input-stream.h to soup.h. + Added support for Apache 2.4 to the unit tests. Also fixed a few race conditions that could cause \"make check\" to fail on slow or heavily-loaded machines. + Updated translations.
* Tue Oct 16 2012 Update to version 2.40.1: + Improved the parsing of multipart/x-mixed-replace responses (bgo#685752). + Fixed handling of IPv6 address literals (bgo#684990). + Updated translations.
* Mon Sep 24 2012 Update to version 2.40.0: + Updated translations.
* Mon Sep 17 2012 Update to version 2.39.92: + Fixed some g_warnings (and a possible crash) with the soup_request_send_async() (bgo#683404). + Fixed a hang with SoupSessionSync (bgo#682923). + Handle empty \"Cache-Control\" headers. + Updated translations.
* Tue Sep 04 2012 Update to version 2.39.91: + Added missing annotations. + Fixed a crash (bgo#682569) + Fixed the SoupMessage:network-event signal + Bugs fixed: bgo#683200 + Updated translations.
* Tue Aug 21 2012 Update to version 2.39.90: + Added SoupMultipartInputStream, for handling multipart responses (particularly multipart/x-mixed-replace) (bgo#656684) + Fixed a potential crash in SoupSessionAsync after the session is finalized + Fixed a regression in soup_tls_is_public_suffix() (bgo#681085) + Added a SOUP_MESSAGE_IDEMPOTENT flag, so that apps can bypass the \"POSTs must be sent on new connections\" check, which was causing evolution-ews to have to create a new connection for every request (bgo#681493) + Changed SoupSession so that pending SoupMessages now hold a ref on the session. It is possible that this will break code that was depending on the old, dumb, behavior (where unreffing the session with messages pending would cause those messages to be cancelled), in which case this will be reverted before 2.40. + Fixed memory leaks found by valgrind + Cleaned up some code in SoupCache (bgo#681509) + Updated translations.
* Tue Aug 07 2012 Update to version 2.39.5: + Fixed several bugs in the soup-message-io updates that could cause hangs or I/O errors (bgo#679527) + Fixed SoupServer:async-context to work properly again + Further fixes to soup_uri_normalize() when using the \"unescape_extra\" parameter. (bgo#680018) + Fixed soup_xmlrpc_parse_method_call() to handle the case where there is no element (which is legal) (bgo#671661) + Fixed the deprecation warning on soup_message_headers_get() (bgo#680143) + Added warnings to some erroneous SoupSocket usages rather than returning bogus data (bgo#673083) + Fixed build under Windows/MinGW + SoupSocket no longer emits the \"readable\" signal when a socket is disconnected if that socket is non-blocking + Updated public suffix list to the current version + Updated translations.
* Tue Jul 17 2012 Update to version + Fixed indentation problems in so it will work under python 3 (bgo#680089) + Actually fixed cookies in non-suffixed/private domains, which still didn\'t work after the last fix (bgo#679230) + Updated translations.
* Tue Jul 17 2012 Update to version 2.39.4: + Fixed the SoupRequest codepaths to properly retry in the case where the server closes a persistent connection when we try to use it (bgo#679527) + Fixed the content-type and content-length of requests retrieved from SoupCache (bgo#680029) + Fixed the handling of cookies in non-suffixed and private domains (\"localhost\", \"foo.local\", etc., bgo#679230) + Fixed cookie parsing to allow attribute values on \"secure\" and \"HttpOnly\" (bgo#678753) + Fixed a (rare) crash when closing the stream returned from SoupRequestHTTP. + Bugs fixed: bgo#671770, bgo#678909, bgo#680055, bgo#680018. + Updated translations.
* Tue Jun 26 2012 Update to version 2.39.3: + Added new functions for comparing domains against the \"public suffix\" list, and in particular fixed SoupCookieJar to not allow setting cookies in \"public\" domains (eg, \"\"). [bgo#673802] + Added two new SoupCookieJar APIs (soup_cookie_jar_get_cookies() and soup_cookie_jar_set_cookie_with_first_party()) as part of fixing the handling of HttpOnly cookies in WebKitGTK. [bgo#677922] + Fixed g-i annotation of soup_message_headers_get_content_type() [bgo#677002] + Updated translations.
* Mon Jun 04 2012 Update to version 2.39.2: + Fixed several bugs that resulted from the I/O code rewrite in 2.39.1, and added more test cases to exercise the new code paths: - Problems with cancelling messages from the got-headers signal (bgo#674747) - Persistent connections were not always being closed properly after a message was cancelled mid-response. - Cancelling a SoupRequest before it started I/O didn\'t work. - Asynchronous HTTP authentication via the SoupRequest API (bgo#675306) - Memory leak (bgo#676038) - Refcounting bug that manifested as a crash in rygel (bgo#676038) - Handling failed CONNECT requests via SoupRequest (bgo#675865) - Messages with trailing junk following a compressed message body (bgo#676477) + Fixed three cache-related bugs that affect some sites + Fixed a bug in the /usr/bin/ntlm_auth integration when you don\'t already have credentials cached, and avoid printing warning messages when ntlm_auth is present but not usable. + Fixed some g-ir-scanner warnings, and included SoupRequester/SoupRequest in the introspected API (bgo#676742) + Added soup_buffer_get_as_bytes() (bgo#676776) + Updated translations.
* Wed May 02 2012 Update to version 2.39.1: + Major rewrite of the I/O code to use gio streams more directly. + Libsoup now finally supports SOCKS proxies again (bgo#553269) + Certain error messages returned from the streaming API are now localized + Added a SoupCookieJar:is-persistent property, to distinguish memory-only jars from SoupCookieJarText and SoupCookieJarSqlite (bgo#672838) + Updated translations.- Add intltool BuildRequires: new dependency.- Create a lang package, which is recommended by the library.
* Tue Apr 17 2012 Update to version 2.38.1: + Fixed a situation where soup_connection_disconnect() could end up calling g_object_unref(NULL) when an idle connection was closed. [bgo#672178] + Fixed two warnings when cancelling an in-progress soup_socket_connect_async(). + Fixed a crash when disposing a SoupServer with open connections. [bgo#673468] + Fixed the SoupSession:ssl-use-system-ca-file property to get turned off (rather than on) when you set it to FALSE... Also fixed up the property notifications around the various certificate-verification properties (ssl-ca-file, ssl-use-system-ca-file, and tls-database). + Fixed SoupSession to not leak paused SoupMessages that were still in progress when it was unreffed. [bgo#673905] + Updated the win32 file: URI code again, to fix regressions in the WebKit tests. [webkit#82484]
* Tue Mar 27 2012 Update to version 2.38.0: + Minor documentation fixes
* Tue Mar 20 2012 Update to version 2.37.92: + Added soup_session_prefetch_dns() and deprecated soup_session_prepare_for_uri(). The new method takes a completion callback, allowing you to know how many DNS resolutions are currently outstanding, so you don\'t spam the resolver. [webkit#41630]
* Tue Mar 06 2012 Update to version 2.37.91: + Fixed an out-of-bounds memory read that could occur when parsing malformed requests/responses. + Fixed a build-related bug in Makefile.glib that affected locales such as Estonian where \"Z\" is not the last (ASCII) letter of the alphabet. [bgo#654395] + Fixed the handling of file: URIs with query components, which got broken in 2.37.90. + Fixed SoupAuthManagerNTLM to not fall back to allowing Basic auth when NTLM failed. + Further tweaked the warnings/fallback in SoupURI, so that soup_uri_to_string() on an http URI with a NULL path would translate that to \"/\" like it used to. [bgo#670431] + Fixed a warning when cancelling the load of a page with many subresources. [bgo#667245] + Use G_GNUC_BEGIN/END_IGNORE_DEPRECATIONS if GLib is new enough, to avoid getting warned about the use of GValueArray.
* Tue Feb 21 2012 Update to version 2.37.90: + Added various return-if-fails and other sanity checks to various functions. [bgo#669479] + Updated docs/annotation of soup_form_decode_multipart() to note that all of the out parameters are (allow-none). Fixed the file_control_name parameter to actually allow NULL like the docs already claimed. [bgo#669479] + Fixed a minor URI parsing bug. (It was allowing URI schemes to contain numbers.) + Fixed a few memory leaks introduced in the 2.37 cycle. + Fixed SoupServer to be able to correctly respond to HTTP/1.0 requests over IPv6 (which previously would always have returned \"400 Bad Request\"). [bgo#666399] + Changed SoupSessionAsync to make it possible to finalize it from the \"wrong\" thread. [bgo#667364] + Fixed SoupCache to not cache resources whose URIs have query components (unless they have explicit cache headers); to not generate broken conditional requests for resources that cannot be conditionally validated; and to not spew warnings when receiving invalid Cache-Control headers. [bgo#668865]
* Fri Feb 10 2012 Update to version + Replace some of the newly-added SoupURI g_return_if_fail()s with g_warn_if_fail()s. Although it had always been documented that SoupURIs must have a non-NULL path, most functions treated NULL the same as \"\", and various apps (eg, rhythmbox, midori) were accidentally relying on this.
* Tue Feb 07 2012 Update to version 2.37.5: + Fixed a bug in SoupSession:use-thread-context. + Fixed the case of cancelling a message from SoupSession::request-started [bgo#668098] + Fixed a crash in epiphany when loading a page with more than 1000 or so images. [bgo#668508] + Fixed a bunch of cases involving invalid URLs found while testing SoupServer against an HTTP protocol fuzzer. Also fixed up some documentation/annotations and added some new test cases. [bgo#667637] + Fixed SoupRequestFile to work on Windows.- Remove xz BuildRequires now that it comes for free in the build system.
* Tue Jan 17 2012 Update to version 2.37.4: + SoupMessage now has a \"network-event\" signal that can be monitored for information about DNS, proxy lookup, TCP connections, and TLS handshakes. + The HTTP header parsing code now avoids hitting g_return_if_fails() (and returns an error instead) in a few cases of seriously-invalid headers. [bgo#666316] + POSTs and other non-idempotent requests are now always sent on newly-created connections. You can also force this behavior on other messages by setting the SOUP_MESSAGE_NEW_CONNECTION flag. [bgo#578990] + Server-closed idle connections are now detected ahead of time on Windows, preventing occasional spurious \"Connection terminated unexpectedly\" errors. (This had been fixed on UNIX since 2.28, but the earlier fix didn\'t work with WinSock.) [bgo#578990] + Plugged a leak in SoupRequestHTTP. [bgo#667099]
* Tue Dec 20 2011 Update to version 2.37.3: + Simplified SoupHTTPInputStream and SoupRequestHTTP, allowing related simplifications in WebKit\'s ResourceHandleSoup. This is an ABI-incompatible change, but SoupHTTPInputStream is an unstable API. [bgo#663451] + Fixed a bug that caused the SOUP_MESSAGE_CERTIFICATE_TRUSTED flag to always be cleared, causing epiphany to claim all https pages were untrusted. [bgo#665182] + Fixed some bugs in the handling of SoupSession:http-aliases and SoupSession:https-aliases. + Fixed SoupContentDecoder\'s \"ignore Content-Encoding: gzip because the server didn\'t actually mean it\" hack to handle x-gzip too. + Clarified the documentation on SoupSession:ssl-strict [bgo#666280] + Fixed handling of ACLOCAL_FLAGS [bgo#641470]- Add xz BuildRequires because we can\'t build a package for a xz-compressed tarball without explicitly specifying that... See bnc#697467 for more details.
* Mon Dec 12 2011 Remove explicit Requires for glib2-devel, libgnutls-devel, libgcrypt-devel, libgpg-error-devel, libxml2-devel in devel subpackage: the needed ones will automatically be added the pkgconfig() way.
* Thu Dec 08 2011 Split typelib files into typelib-1_0-Soup-2_4 subpackage.- Add typelib-1_0-Soup-2_4 Requires to devel subpackage.
* Tue Nov 22 2011 Update to version 2.37.2: + Fixed up the output of SoupDirectoryInputStream, thus improving the display of local directories in WebKit-based browsers. [bgo#662266] + Fixed a bug introduced in 2.37.1 that caused some cancelled SoupMessages to be leaked. [bgo#662847] + Added new SoupSession properties \"http-aliases\" and \"https-aliases\" that allow you to configure more explicitly what URL protocols are treated as aliases for http (eg, \"dav:\", \"webcal:\", etc), and which should be recognized as meaning something else, (eg, \"ftp:\") + Added soup_session_would_redirect() and soup_session_redirect_message(), to help users that want to handle some or all redirects themselves. Added soup_message_set_redirect() to make it easier to return redirection responses from a SoupServer. + Added the SoupSession \"use-thread-context\" property, which tells it to use GMainContexts in a gio-compliant way (and in particular, allows having different messages running in different GMainContexts on the same SoupSession, though only to a limited extent since SoupSessionAsync is still not thread-safe). In particular, this was added in order to address webkit#68238. + Made SoupURI %-encode non-ASCII characters when parsing URIs, in particular to fix a problem with certain servers sending syntactically invalid redirects that they would then only interpret correctly if you fixed the syntax for them. [bgo#662806] + Fixed a connection-handling bug that could cause problems with servers that requested authentication and then timed out the connection while the application was waiting for the user to enter a password. [bgo#660057] + Made NTLM and Basic authentication handle some non-ASCII usernames and passwords. (NTLM should handle most. It\'s impossible to fix Basic in the general case.) [bgo#576838] + Added support for \"deflate\" Content-Encoding, so that we can work with broken servers that insisted on using it even though we explicitly indicated in the request headers that we didn\'t support it. [bgo#661682]
* Thu Oct 27 2011 Update to version 2.37.1: + Fixed a problem with connections being assigned to multiple requests at once after a redirection [bgo#651146]. + Ported SoupSession to use GTlsDatabase internally, and added two new properties, SoupSession:use-system-ca-file (to specify that the session should use the default system tlsdb) and SoupSession:tlsdb (to specify a specific tlsdb to use) + Likewise, added SoupServer:tls-certificate, for specifying a certificate/key for an https server to use. + Made SoupHTTPInputStream more memory efficient [bgo#659255] + Fixed soup_message_get_https_status() to return information more reliably (with latest glib-networking).
* Tue Oct 18 2011 Update to version 2.36.1: + Fixed a problem with connections being assigned to multiple requests at once after a redirection [bgo#651146]
* Mon Sep 26 2011 Update to version 2.36.0: + Improvements to gtk-doc documentation.
* Tue Sep 20 2011 Update to version 2.35.92: + Fixed a problem where SoupHTTPRequest response bodies could be truncated. [bgo#659256] + Fixed a bug in copying TLS information from SoupSocket to SoupMessage, causing all https connections to be reported as \"untrusted\" in epiphany. + Made SoupSession remove items from its host cache after a while, so that if a host changes IP address, it will eventually try to re-resolve it. [bgo#646959]
* Wed Aug 31 2011 Update to version 2.35.90: + Added SOUP_MESSAGE_CAN_REBUILD flag, to use with soup_message_body_set_accumulate(FALSE) on a request body, to indicate that the caller will recreate the request body after it has been discarded if the message needs to be re-sent. [bgo#656650] + Fixed the build on mingw-w64 by not using \"interface\" as variable name. [bgo#656402] + (The multihosted https server regression mentioned in the 2.35.5 NEWS turned out to be a glib-networking bug, which is fixed as of 2.29.18.)- Add samba-winbind Suggests to libsoup-2_4-1: the NTLM single sign on feature works with /usr/bin/ntlm_auth (but can fallback to the old method if this is not present).- Remove Requires for libsoup-2_4-1 and Obsoletes for libsoup-64bit from main package since there is no such main package anymore.
* Tue Aug 16 2011 Update to version 2.35.5: + bgo#650940: Support NTLM single sign on via samba\'s /usr/bin/ntlm_auth. + bgo#581342: Default to TLS+extensions for https connections, falling back to SSLv3-without-extensions only if the server fails to negotiate TLS. + bgo#631368: Fixed a problem with https pages sometimes not loading when using a proxy. + bgo#648848: SoupContentSniffer: don\'t use gio\'s sniffing rules, since the spec now recommends that browsers not do any additional sniffing beyond what\'s in the spec. + bgo#653707: Fixed SoupRequestHTTP to work properly with alternate GMainContexts. + bgo#655397: Added some annotations from Vala\'s vapi files.
* Thu Jul 28 2011 Update to version 2.35.4: + CVE-2011-2054: Fixed a security hole that caused some SoupServer users to unintentionally allow accessing the entire local filesystem when they thought they were only providing access to a single directory. [bgo#653258] + Plugged another SoupCache memory leak. + Simplified SoupCache keys, and handle collisions. [bgo#649963] + Annotate SoupSession:add-feature, etc, as (skip), so they don\'t conflict with the methods of the same name. [bgo#655150]
* Tue Jul 05 2011 Update to version 2.35.3: + Always send the \"Keep-Alive\" header. + Deal with broken apache Content-Encoding for .gz files, that was leading to decompressing the files. + Various cache improvements, including: - Do not store hop-by-hop headers in cache. - Store the HTTP status code in the cache. - Add versioning support to SoupCache. + Fix integer overflow on 32bit. + Fix memory leaks. + Build fixes.
* Mon May 23 2011 Update to version 2.34.2: + Two SoupCache-related leak fixes + bgo#648948: Minor build fix for Debian/Ubuntu + Fixed a docs typo.
* Tue Apr 26 2011 Update to version 2.34.1: + Two multipart forms/Content-Disposition fixes: . UTF-8-encoded header encoding/decoding rules updated to match RFC 5987. In particular, a UTF-8-encoded filename parameter in Content-Disposition will now override an ASCII one. . When not using UTF-8-encoded filenames in Content-Disposition, always quote the filename, since some servers erroneously fail to handle non-quoted ones. (bgo#641280) + Fixed several memory leaks + Fixed decoding base64 data: URLs (bgo#646896) + Fixed a bug in soup_uri_to_string() in which (invalid) port numbers could be output as negative numbers (tripping up a WebKit \"sanity checking\" test) (bgo#647767) + Fixed a cache corruption bug in SoupCache (bgo#648285) + Fixed a crash in SoupSessionSync when using soup_session_abort().
* Tue Apr 05 2011 Update to version 2.34.0: + Fixed the GMainContext handling of the new SoupProxyResolverDefault (which among other things fixes gstreamer usage inside epiphany). bgo#646201 + Tweaked the introspection Makefile rules to fix a problem building on Debian/Ubuntu. bgo#645505 + Belated bumped the shared library versioning to reflect the API additions since 2.32.0
* Tue Mar 22 2011 Update to version 2.33.92: + LIBSOUP NO LONGER DEPENDS ON GCONF OR LIBPROXY. (see below). + Added SoupProxyResolverDefault, which uses uses gio\'s GProxyResolver to resolve proxies [bgo#642982] Despite the \"default\" in the name, it is not used by default, for compatibility reasons, but it is available in plain libsoup, not libsoup-gnome. (Of course, it depends on having glib-networking installed.) + Updated SoupProxyResolverGNOME to be based on SoupProxyResolverDefault, but explicitly requesting the \"gnome\" GProxyResolver if it is available [bgo#625898], and removed the old code that used GConf and libproxy directly. + Added soup_server_disconnect(), to explicitly disconnect a SoupServer, since it is not possible to g_object_unref() it from memory-managed language bindings. [bgo#638576] + SoupDate now parses month names case-insensitively [bgo#644048] + Avoid a g_return_if_fail() when using SOUP_COOKIE_JAR_ACCEPT_NO_THIRD_PARTY with non-http URIs (file:, data:, etc). [bgo#643226] + SoupCookieJar now catches overflows when parsing very distant dates [bgo#643462] + Fixed a buggy interaction between request body streaming and restarted requests. Added some new tests to tests/chunk-test.c to make sure that a specific (unsupported!) way of using those methods would not get broken in the future. + Fixed soup_socket_get_remote_address(), which had been broken since 2.33.4 (and which in turn caused soup_client_context_get_address/_get_host to be broken). [bgo#645227]- Drop gconf2-devel and libproxy-devel BuildRequires.
* Tue Feb 22 2011 Update to version 2.33.90: + glib-networking is a compile and runtime dependency now. + bgo#642075: fixed a bug in talking to servers with virtual hosts with Unicode names (IDNs). + bgo#640414: added a \"Connection: Keep-Alive\" header when talking to HTTP/1.0 hosts, to improve performance. + bgo#642028: changed SoupCache to not cache multipart/x-mixed-replace content.- Changes from version 2.33.6: + bgo#639768: made SoupSessionAsync do idle-connection cleanup more sanely, resulting in faster load times for pages with lots of subresources. + bgo#639783: fixed soup_form_decode()\'s behavior (and by extension, SoupServer query string handling) with datasets that contain multiple values for the same key, and added a test case. + bgo#640556: fixed warnings pointed out by gcc 4.6, including a bug in SoupCache that would cause unnecessary revalidations. + bgo#641022: belated copied a fix from the WebKit copy of soup-cache.c into ours, and fixed a bug in the local copy of soup-request-data.c, in preparation for making WebKit use the libsoup versions.- Changes from version 2.33.5: + bgo#637741: fixed certain cases of soup_session_cancel_message() with SoupSessionSync that could previously cause warnings or crashes.- Changes from version 2.33.4: + SoupSocket now uses GSocketConnection and GTlsConnection internally rather than making socket calls directly and using GIOStream, and TLS is handled via glib\'s APIs rather than using gnutls directly. + The gzip Content-Encoding handler is now implemented using GZlibDecompressor + As a result of the above two changes, libsoup no longer directly depends on gnutls, libgcrypt, or zlib, though it still indirectly depends on zlib via glib and libxml2. Also, although libsoup does not depend on glib-networking as a build-time dependency, some \"make check\" tests will be skipped if it is not installed. + bgo#523100: the SoupRequest/SoupCache code from WebKit has been imported, but it is not yet recommended for general use, and is not necessarily API stable. + Added SoupMessage:tls-certificate and SoupMessage:tls-errors, which give more information about the certificate used to authenticate a TLS connection. + It is now possible to disable Basic or Digest auth in a session by using soup_session_remove_feature_by_type() with SOUP_TYPE_AUTH_BASIC or SOUP_TYPE_AUTH_DIGEST. Likewise, the right way to enable NTLM support now is to call soup_session_add_feature_by_type() with SOUP_TYPE_AUTH_NTLM; SOUP_SESSION_USE_NTLM is now deprecated. + bgo#603825: allow setting cookies on file:// URIs, since other browsers do, and WebKit has a test for it. + bgo#635395: .gir/.typelib files now include C header/library information (needed by vala and some other bindings) + Added annotations on soup_message_headers_get_content_type() and SoupHTTPVersion + bgo#636741: fixed a Set-Cookie processing leak.- Add glib-networking BuildRequires, and explicit Requires in libsoup-2_4-1 since we need the gio module for TLS support.- Remove now unneeded gnutls-devel BuildRequires.- Drop libsoup-gnutls-allow-tls.patch: the TLS handling is now done in glib-networking.
* Tue Nov 30 2010 Update to version 2.32.2: + bgo#634422: Fixed a regression in 2.32.0 that caused evolution-exchange to get stuck and stop updating. + bgo#635101: Fixed a regression in 2.32.0 with apps using asynchronous sessions from multiple threads. + Fixed the regression tests.
* Tue Nov 16 2010 Update to version 2.32.1: + bgo#631525: Fixed a regression in 2.32.0 with the use of persistent connections that caused spurious \"Connection terminated unexpectedly\" errors. + Fixed a regression in 2.32.0 that caused proxy-related DNS errors to return SOUP_STATUS_CANT_RESOLVE rather than SOUP_STATUS_CANT_RESOLVE_PROXY. + bgo#631679: Usernames/passwords specified explicitly in request URIs now override existing cached auth info. + bgo#630540: Changed soup_uri_decode() and soup_uri_normalize() to just ignore malformed %-encoding rather than returning NULL, for consistency with soup_uri_new(). + bgo#620220: Fixed soup_form_decode() to ignore invalid parameters, and soup_form_encode_hash() to just g_return_if_fail() rather than crashing if there are NULL values in the hash. + bgo#629160: Added another workaround for stupid servers that close the connection before returning the full response + bgo#631641: Fixed a bug in SoupCookieJarText that deleted excess cookies whenever any cookie expired. + Fixed a small leak in SoupContentDecoder + bgo#631679: Added regression tests for passwords-in-URIs
* Tue Sep 28 2010 Update to version 2.32.0: + No changes, just a version bump.
* Mon Sep 20 2010 Add libsoup-gnutls-allow-tls.patch: let gnutls try to use TLS, instead of being SSL 3.0-only. This might lead to some websites not being accessible with libsoup, and upstream does not want this behavior; a proper fix needs a lot of work. See discussion in bnc#634040.
* Mon Sep 13 2010 Update to version 2.31.92: + Updated for gobject-introspection 0.9.5. Also added some new annotations and removed a bunch of private headers from the scanning process. + bgo#628728: Percent-encoded characters in URIs are no longer automatically normalized to uppercase, since apparently some servers are stupid. + bgo#629449: Fixed a crash when resolving a URI containing both spaces and non-UTF8 8bit characters.
* Tue Aug 17 2010 Update to version 2.31.90: + bgo#526321: libsoup now tries to connect to each IP address associated with a hostname, if the first one fails. + Fixed Accept-Language header generation in locales where \",\" is used as the decimal point.
* Fri Aug 06 2010 Update to version 2.31.6: + Disabled TLS 1.2 in addition to the already-disabled 1.1 and 1.0, thus making libsoup usable with gnutls 2.10. [bgo#622857] + When using libproxy 0.3 or newer, libsoup no longer leaks proxy-related environment variables into child processes [bgo#603285] + Changed the way message/connection binding works in SoupSession so that (among other things), when there are multiple requests queued to a host, and one of them gets a network error, the other requests are still allowed to try to succeed, rather than all failing immediately. [bgo#619633] + SoupSession now limits the number of times a message can be redirected, to avoid infinite loops [bgo#604383] + Fixed handling of certain messages where the response headers included \"Connection: close\" but the server did not actually close the connection at the end. [bgo#611481] + Fixed some incorrect g-i annotations [bgo#621021] + Fixed an out-of-bounds memory access when processing certain Set-Cookie headers [bgo#620288] + Improved msg->reason_phrase on network errors [bgo#623274] + Fixed gir file disting [bgo#621727]
* Tue Jul 06 2010 Update to version 2.31.2: + bgo#576595: gobject-introspection has now been merged in + bgo#617216: Marked SoupSession abstract + bgo#618641: Fixed a problem with SoupSessionAsync that would cause messages to get lost if you aborted a previous message while it was still looking up the hostname + bgo#615535: Fixed another connecting-to-lame-http-server problem.- Add gobject-introspection-devel BuildRequires and pass - -enable-introspection to %configure.
* Thu Apr 29 2010 Update to version 2.30.1: + bgo#611663 - Fix for https through proxies that close the connection when returning a \"407 Proxy Authentication Required\" response, and add a regression test for that case. + bgo#614176 - Don\'t quote the multipart boundary string if it\'s not needed, since RFC 2616 recommends that you don\'t, and some servers don\'t handle quotes there correctly + bgo#614183 - Don\'t put an extra blank line before the first multipart part, since it\'s unnecessary and some servers don\'t handle a multipart preamble correctly. + bgo#614198 - Don\'t put Content-Transfer-Encoding headers in the multipart/form-data parts, even though the HTML 4 spec says you must, since no other browsers do, and some servers don\'t handle them correctly. + bgo#615711 - Changed SoupCookieJarSqlite to actually erase deleted cookies from the database. + bgo#611663 - Fixed SoupLogger to be more robust against getting passed bad data by the session. + Fixed SoupAuthDomain to ignore paths when doing proxy auth + bgo#613442 - Fixed a g_warning when hovering over a javascript link in WebKit. + Updated translations.
* Mon Mar 29 2010 Update to version 2.30.0: + Fixed a crash in the whitespace-stripping code in soup_uri_new() [bgo#612644] + Update content-sniffing algorithm to match Chrome and the soon-to-be-updated sniffing spec. [bgo#611502] + We now handle \"Content-Encoding: x-gzip\" as well as \"gzip\" (even though \"x-gzip\" has been deprecated for more than 10 years). [bgo#611476] + Fixed leaks found by valgrind + Make the \"make check\" programs only bind to, not any public network interfaces. [bgo#609489] + Add a test to sniffing-test to make sure that Content-Type parameters are preserved correctly.
* Tue Feb 23 2010 Update to version 2.29.91: + Added SOUP_SESSION_SSL_STRICT and SOUP_MESSAGE_CERTIFICATE_TRUSTED, to allow callers to determine if an https response comes from a server with a recognized/valid or unrecognized/invalid certificate. [bgo#610374] + Fixed handling of certain badly-formatted URIs [bgo#590524]
* Wed Feb 10 2010 Update to version 2.29.90: + Added soup_cookie_jar_set_accept_policy() and related API for implementing cookie acceptance policies. [bgo#608353] + Fixed the \"request-read\" signal in SoupServer to actually be emitted.
* Tue Jan 26 2010 Update to version 2.29.6: + Fixed SoupContentDecoder to ignore trailing junk after the encoded message body (as other browsers do), rather than getting stuck in an infinite loop. [bgo#606352] + Fixed an invalid read in soup_cookie_applies_to_uri() [bgo#607024] + Fixed linking on OS X [bgo#606959] + Removed a harmless warning in SoupServer. [bgo#606645]
* Wed Jan 13 2010 Update to version 2.29.5: + Added SoupContentDecoder, providing support for Content-Encoding: gzip for WebKitGTK. [bgo#522772] + Added \"accept-language\" and \"accept-language-auto\" properties to SoupSession, to support the Accept-Language header. [bgo#597004] + Fixed a bug in SoupPasswordManagerGNOME that could cause crashes if you typed the wrong password once and then tried again. [bgo#595554] + Fixed a crash in SoupAuthDigest if the server claims support for both qop=auth and qop=auth-int. (This was not noticed sooner because no one actually supports qop=auth-int, and the server in question here was probably confused. :) + Updated cookie parsing/output to more closely match draft-ietf-httpstate-cookie-00. [Also fixes bgo#603496 (WebKit unit test), and bgo#604794 (hang parsing malformed Set-Cookie header)] + Fixed https-via-proxy to not hang if there is an error communicating with the proxy immediately after the TLS negotiation. [bgo#587528] + Fixed a bug that broke gobject-introspection\'s introspection of libsoup. [bgo#603696] + Handle spurious CR/LFs between responses. [bgo#602863] + Fixed soup-message-client-io to not erroneously include URI fragments on the Request-Line when sending via a proxy. + Fixed Digest authentication against certain (buggy?) clients/servers that require you to use quotes in exactly the same places where the spec uses them. [bgo#582219] + Fix ugly gtype-related hack to work with the latest unstable glib- Remove libsoup-gir-repository-build.patch. Fixed upstream
* Tue Jan 05 2010 Package baselibs.conf
* Wed Dec 23 2009 Change gnome-keyring-devel BuildRequires to libgnome-keyring-devel, following the module split upstream.
* Thu Dec 03 2009 Add libsoup-gir-repository-build.patch to fix the gir-repository build.
* Wed Dec 02 2009 Update to version 2.29.3: + Fixed a crash in SoupCookieJarSqlite when using cookie databases not created by libsoup (eg, upgraded epiphany installations). + Fixed SoupCookieJar to handle non-http URIs properly (so that, eg, JavaScript bookmarklets that try to set/read cookies won\'t cause crashes). [bgo#602498] + HEAD requests that receive a \"303 See Other\" response will now do a HEAD, not a GET, on the redirected-to resource. Fixes gvfs access to some sites, including certain URIs. [bgo#600830] + Fixed a g_warning that would always trigger in the server-side SoupCookie code. [bgo#602389] + Fixed the server-side SoupMultipart code to be able to parse multiparts containing binary attachments, rather than rejecting them as malformed. [bgo#601640] + Fixed the Request-Line format in the https-over-proxy case. Among other things, this fixes access to from WebKitGTK-based browsers. [bgo#598277, bgo#600826] + Fixed a leak in SoupSession if a message was cancelled while the initial socket connection was in progress. [bgo#596074] + Fixed server-side parsing of Digest auth. [bgo#602898] + Fixed WinSock initialization on Windows. [bgo#600689] + Fixed a sporadic crash in the SSL code on Windows. [bgo#600748] + Fixed handling of https connections with timeouts on Windows. [bgo#600749] + Added soup_session_prepare_for_uri(), to allow DNS prefetching for faster browsing. [bgo#598948] + SoupSession now avoids redundant DNS lookups again when first connecting to a new site, resulting in (probably imperceptibly) faster loads. + Added some debugging APIs to SoupConnection and SoupSession for use by, eg, epiphany\'s soup-fly extension. [bgo#589163]
* Sat Nov 14 2009 Update to version 2.28.1: + libsoup will now attempt to make multiple connections to a server at once when there are multiple messages queued to that server. The previous behavior (only allowing a single pending connection to each server) resulted in slow load times on pages with lots of subresources (images, css, js, etc) on servers that disallow persistent connections. [bgo#594768] + There should now be fewer (no?) \"Connection terminated unexpectedly\" errors in WebKitGTK. + Fixed a crash in SoupCookieJarSqlite [bgo#596859] + Fixed soup_address_get_physical() and address-to-name resolution of SoupAddress? + Fixed a bug in SoupContentSniffer that could cause false negatives [bgo#597545]. + Fixed the configure error if you have gnutls-devel but not gcrypt-devel installed [bgo#587709].
* Wed Sep 23 2009 Update to version 2.28.0: + Fixed a handful of leaks found with valgrind, including a large one in SoupContentSniffer + bgo#584522 - Changed the behavior of SoupCookieJarSqlite to improve performance. + bgo#59495 - Fixed a crash in SoupSocket that affected gupnp + bgo#594508 - Fixed the type of the SOUP_METHOD_
* macros to be const char
* rather than gpointer.
* Wed Sep 09 2009 Update to version 2.27.92: + Removed SoupPasswordManager from the public API until its problems can be addressed. Although it is still present, you need to #define a special symbol for it to be visible in the header files; see bgo#594377 for details. + Fixed a bug where empty query components were dropped from URIs. [bgo#594405] + Fixed \"make check\" to work (but warn) when building with - -disable-ssl. + Fixed some small documentation bugs.
* Tue Aug 25 2009 Update to version 2.27.91: + Added SoupPasswordManager, an interface for managing persistent password storage, and SoupPasswordManagerGNOME (in libsoup-gnome), which implements it using gnome-keyring. + libsoup should now notice when the server closes a persistent connection, and close its side of the connection sooner. This should hopefully fix the spurious \"Connection terminated unexpectedly\" errors in WebKitGTK. [bgo#578990] + Fixed some problems with connection management in SoupSession that could cause a session to eventually \"stall\" and be unable to process new requests. [bgo#592084] + Fixed an infinite loop that caused 100% CPU usage if the network went down at exactly the right time while there were unsent messages in the queue. [bgo#592492] + Fixed a crash in SoupLogger. [bgo#591857] + Fixed the definition of soup_message_is_keepalive() for HTTP/1.0 messages, to fix a problem introduced in 2.27.90 where some messages would load completely but never emit \"finished\". + Fixed a crash in SoupServer introduced in 2.27.90 when processing a request with no \"Host\" header.- Add gnome-keyring-devel BuildRequires.
* Tue Aug 11 2009 Update to version 2.27.90: + libsoup now uses glib\'s GResolver rather than its own DNS code. For 2.27.90, the only visible change should be that internationalized domain names are now supported. [bgo#548287] + Added soup_message_disable_feature(), which allows you to disable particular features (eg, cookies, proxy, content-sniffing, etc) on a per-message basis. [bgo#574773] + It is now possible to implement \"OPTIONS
*\" in a SoupServer; you must explicitly register a handler for \"
*\" in order to do this. [bgo#590751] + Ignore Content-Length on EOF-terminated responses, to match other browsers and therefore cope with broken servers that send the wrong length. + Fixed the status code when trying to fetch an https URI with a non-gnutls build of libsoup. [bgo#590464] + Fixed strict-aliasing warnings introduced in 2.27.4 [bgo#588771] + Fixed some warnings noted by fortify [bgo#591226] and -Wextra + libsoup now uses automake 1.11\'s silent-rules support by default (if you are building with automake 1.11). Use \"./configure --disable-silent-rules\" or \"make V=1\" to disable
* Tue Jul 28 2009 Update to version 2.27.5: + Fixed a crash when a web server redirected a request to a non-http URI (eg, \"about:blank\"). [bgo#528882] + Fixed a hang when trying to create an attachment on certain bugzilla installations from epiphany. [bgo#584645] + Fixed verification of V1 TLS certificates [bgo#589323] + Fixed compile problems on Windows (in the ssl code), and on Linux (when the most recent version of gtk-doc was installed).
* Sun Jul 19 2009 Update to version 2.27.4: + Added SoupContentSniffer and the \"content-sniffed\" signal on SoupMessage, to do Content-Type sniffing per the HTML5 / draft-abarth-mime-sniff algorithm. [bgo#572589] + Updated the earlier SoupSession timeout fixes ([bgo#574414], [bgo#578928]) so that async connect() also times out [bgo#588177] and SSL works on Windows again [bgo#587910]. + Fixed the behavior on a 301 response to a POST to match real-world usage rather than what the spec says. (We were doing the right thing on 302 and 303, but had missed 301.) [bgo#586692] + Changed configure so that if GNUTLS isn\'t found then it errors out, rather than silently building an SSL-less libsoup. Configure with --disable-ssl if you actually don\'t want SSL. [bgo#584955]
* Tue Jun 16 2009 Update to version 2.27.2: + Replaced SoupProxyResolver with SoupProxyURIResolver, which is a bit simpler, works with non-HTTP URIs (and so could be used by gvfsd-ftp) and supports proxy auth correctly. [bgo#580051] + Fixed SoupSession to not try to resolve http server hostnames when it\'s just going to pass the hostname off to a proxy server anyway. This fixes things on hosts that use a proxy for everything and have no working DNS config [bgo#577532] and also makes WebKitGTK behave more like other browsers in terms of per-host connection limits (we now limit connections based on hostname rather than on IP address). + We also no longer set the AI_CANONNAME flag when calling getaddrinfo(), which saves us a little bit of unnecessary network traffic. + libsoup now always uses SSL 3.0 (not TLS 1.0 or 1.1) for https URIs, to work around problems with older servers that don\'t implement the (apparently quite confusing) TLS/SSL compatibility rules correctly. Makes a bunch of previously-inaccessible sites now accessible in WebKitGTK (notably PayPal) [bgo#581342]. Will eventually be revisited, to first try TLS 1.1 and fall back if that fails. + Fixed Digest auth to (recent) Apple CalDAV servers. [bgo#583091] + Changed the way the SoupSession \"authenticate\" signal works a bit. We now never emit \"authenticate\" before sending a request, even if we know for sure that it\'s going to fail, because this makes the semantics of the authenticate handler too complicated (and because we\'ll only get into this situation if a previous call to the authenticate handler failed anyway). Fixes problems in WebKitGTK when you cancel a password dialog, and then later try to load the page again. [bgo#583462] + Fixed a bug in the CRLF-vs-LF patch (bgo#571283) that caused libsoup to fail to parse the response headers (returning SOUP_STATUS_MALFORMED) if a CR LF got split across two read()s. [bgo#582002] + Allow using PUT in soup_form_request_for_data(), to work with certain broken web APIs. [bgo#581860]. Also, fixed a problem with empty POST bodies that made some parts of gmail not work in WebKitGTK. + Applied some minor bugfixes to and [bgo#583911, bgo#583942]. Fixed to not use gcc warning options that the installed version of gcc doesn\'t recognize [bgo#578851]. + Added G_GNUC_NULL_TERMINATED and G_GNUC_PRINTF to a few methods that should have had them. [bgo#581754]
* Tue May 05 2009 Update to version 2.27.1: + SOUP_SESSION_TIMEOUT now works properly with SoupSessionAsync [bgo#574414] and SSL [bgo#578928]. Added tests/timeout-test to test this. + SoupDate fixes: - soup_date_to_string() now handles SOUP_DATE_RFC2822 [bgo#579055] - soup_date_new_from_string() now accepts 24:00 as a time in ISO8601 timestamps - soup_date_to_string() now coerces the date to UTC for HTTP and cookie dates, and outputs the UTC correct offset for the other date types. - Added regression tests to tests/date + soup_headers_parse() now completely ignores syntactically-incorrect headers, rather than passing them to soup_message_headers_append() and causing a g_warning. soup_message_headers_append() now also rejects 0-length header names. Updated tests/header-parsing to check this. [bgo#579318] + Fix a crash when cancelling a message from a \"restarted\" handler, and updated a regression test to notice the underlying cause. [bgo#380193] + Completing the API updates for bgo#576760 from 2.26.1, soup_message_headers_get() is now marked deprecated in favor of soup_message_headers_get_one() and _get_list().- Do not package ChangeLog file: it\'s not distributed anymore.
* Tue Apr 14 2009 Update to version 2.26.1: + Fix SoupProxyResolverGNOME bugs [bgo#578746, bgo#578809] + Fixed warnings when a message has a network problem when many other messages are queued. [bgo#578809]
* Thu Apr 09 2009 Update to version + libsoup uses libproxy for PAC and WPAD proxy resolution again. However, it arranges to do all communication with GConf itself, to ensure that libproxy doesn\'t call it in non-thread-safe ways. [bgo#571527] + Fixed a bug in SoupSessionSync when proxy resolution failed. [bgo#574957] + SoupURI now handles unencoded spaces in URIs. In particular, redirects via Location headers with spaces in them now work. [bgo#566530] + libsoup can now deal with servers (and clients) that erroneously use LF LF instead of CR LF CR LF to separate the headers and body. [bgo#571283] + Added soup_message_headers_get_one() and soup_message_headers_get_list(), which will eventually deprecate soup_message_headers_get(). This lets applications deal correctly with implementations that erroneously send multiple copies of single-valued headers. [bgo#576760] + In particular, soup_message_headers_get_content_type() now ignores duplicate Content-Type headers [bgo#576760] and also ignores syntactically-incorrect Content-Type headers. [bgo#577630] + SoupCookieJar can now store multiple cookies with the same domain and name, but different paths. [bgo#577360] + Abnormal SSL connection closes are now treated as ordinary EOFs, for compatibility with certain sites. [bgo#577386] + soup_header_g_string_append_param() now allows NULL values. [bgo#577728] + soup_message_headers_append() now rejects header names and values with newlines or certain other illegal data in them, rather than generating syntactically invalid headers. + Fixed a small bug in soup_date_new_from_string\'s ISO 8601 handling [bgo578369 for g_time_val_from_iso8601]. + The regression tests now work correctly on machines where \"localhost\" resolves to \"::1\" instead of \"\". [bgo#576583] + Miscellaneous documentation fixes/clarifications.
* Mon Mar 16 2009 Update to version 2.26.0: + Temporarily disable libproxy support to work around a bug in its gnome plugin that causes gvfsd-http (and probably eventually other apps) to crash. (bgo#571527) + Fixed a bug that showed up in WebKit, where if many messages were queued all at once to a server that doesn\'t support persistent connections, some of the requests will get lost. (bgo#574365) + Fixed SoupServer to support using SOUP_ENCODING_EOF, so you can stream responses of unknown length to HTTP/1.0 clients. (bgo#572153) + Fixed several bugs that prevented SoupCookieJarSqlite from working. (bgo#572409) + Added G_{BEGIN,END}_DECLS guards to public headers that were missing it. + Misc gtk-doc improvements.- Remove AutoReqProv: it\'s default now.- Remove -fno-strict-aliasing from CFLAGS.- Do not create an empty libsoup package. Have libsoup2_4-1 provide/obsolete it.- Merge the doc with the devel package since it only contained gtk-doc.- Add gconf2-devel BuildRequires since it\'s needed again (see first item in upstream changes).