Changelog for python-xml-2.7.3-10.4.1.x86_64.rpm :

* Mon Jul 15 2013 fix bundle-lang bug with missing translations (originally bnc#794139, newly bnc#828369)
* Thu Oct 25 2012 add explicit buildrequire on libbz2-devel
* Mon Oct 15 2012 buildrequire explicitly netcfg for the test suite
* Mon Oct 08 2012 remove distutils.cfg (bnc#658604)
* this changes default prefix for distutils to /usr
* see ML for details:
* Fri Aug 03 2012 Add python-bundle-lang.patch: gettext: If bindtextdomain is instructed to look in the default location of translations, we check additionally in locale-bundle. Fixes issues like bnc#617751
* Tue Jul 31 2012 all subpackages require python-base=%{version}-%{release} explicitly (fixes bnc#766778 bug and similar that might arise in the future)
* Tue Jun 26 2012 Fix failing test_dbm on ppc64
* Thu May 17 2012 Support directory-based certificate stores with the ca_certs parameter of SSL functions [bnc#761501]
* Sat Apr 14 2012 update to 2.7.3:
* no change- remove static libpython.a from build to avoid packages linking it statically
* Wed Mar 28 2012 update to 2.7.3rc2
* fixes several security issues:
* CVE-2012-0845, bnc#747125
* CVE-2012-1150, bnc#751718
* CVE-2011-4944, bnc#754447
* CVE-2011-3389- fix for insecure .pypirc (CVE-2011-4944, bnc#754447) !!important!!- disabled test_unicode which segfaults on 64bits. this should not happen, revisit in next RC! !!important!!
* Thu Feb 16 2012 skip broken test_io test on ppc
* Mon Dec 12 2011 Exclude /usr/bin/2to3 to prevent conflicts with python3-2to3
* Thu Dec 08 2011 %python_version now correctly refers to %tarversion
* Mon Nov 28 2011 Spec file cleanup:
* Run spec-cleaner
* Remove outdated %clean section, AutoReqProv and authors from descr.- Fix license to Python-2.0 (also SPDX style)
* Fri Sep 30 2011 fix build for arm by removing an old hack for arm, is built now
* Fri Aug 19 2011 update to 2.7.2:
* Bug fix only release, see for details- introduce a file that synchronizes patches between python and python-base- rediff patches for 2.7.2- replace kernel3 patch with the upstream solution
* Fri Jul 22 2011 Copy Lib/plat-linux2 to Lix/plat-linux3 so that DLFCN module is also available for linux3 systems bnc#707667
* Sun Jul 10 2011 fix build on factory: setup reports linux3 not linux2 now, adapt checks
* Tue May 31 2011 added explicit requires to libpython-%version-%release to prevent bugs like bnc#697251 reappearing
* Tue May 24 2011 update to 2.7.1
* bugfix-only release, see NEWS for details- refreshed patches, dropped the upstreamed ones- dropped acrequire patch, replacing it with build-time sed- improved fix to bnc#673071 by defining the constants only for files that require it (as is done in python3)
* Mon May 02 2011 fixed a security flaw where malicious sites could redirect Python application from http to a local file (CVE-2011-1521, bnc#682554)- fixed race condition in Makefile which randomly failed parallel builds ( )
* Thu Feb 17 2011 Prefix DATE and TIME with PY_BUILD_ and COMPILER with PYTHON_ as to not break external code (bnc#673071).
* Mon Jan 17 2011 provide pyxml to avoid touching tons of packages
* Thu Nov 18 2010 add patch from to fix build on ppc64
* Fri Oct 01 2010 moved unittest to python-base (it is a testing framework, not a testsuite, so it clearly belongs into stdlib)- fixed DoS (bnc#638233, CVE probably not assigned)
* Tue Sep 21 2010 fix baselibs.conf
* Thu Aug 26 2010 fix for urllib2 (
* Thu Aug 26 2010 fixed distutils test- dropped autoconf version requirement (it builds just fine with other versions)
* Thu Aug 26 2010 update to version 2.7
* improved handling of numeric types
* deprecation warnings are now silent by default
* new argparse module for command line arguments
* many new features, see for complete list
* 2.7 is supposed to be the last version from the 2.x series, so its (upstream) maintenance period will probably be longer than usual. However, upstream development now focuses on 3.x series.- cleaned up spec and patches
* Fri Jul 02 2010 add patch from use %_smp_mflags
* Mon May 17 2010 dropped because of security vulnerabilities (bnc#603255)
* Wed Apr 07 2010 update to 2.6.5 (rpm version 2.6.5)- patched test_distutils to work
* Thu Mar 11 2010 update to 2.6.5rc2 (rpm version is
* bugfix-only release- removed fwrapv patch - no longer needed- removed expat patches (this version also fixes expat vulnerabilities from bnc#581765 )- removed readline spacing patch - no longer needed- removed https_proxy patch - no longer needed- removed test_distutils patch - no longer needed- disabled test_distutils because of spurious failure,
* TODO reenable at release
* Thu Feb 04 2010 removed precompiled exe files (as noted in bnc#577032)
* Fri Jan 29 2010 enabled ipv6 in configure (bnc#572673)
* Wed Dec 23 2009 Apply patches with fuzz=0
* Mon Dec 14 2009 add baselibs.conf as source
* Wed Oct 28 2009 python-devel Requires glibc-devel
* Fri Sep 04 2009 fixed potential DoS in python\'s copy of expat (bnc#534721)
* Sun Aug 02 2009 fix files section for ARM, as isn\'t built on ARM.
* Fri Jul 31 2009 added /usr/lib/python2.6{,/site-packages} to the package even if it is on lib64 arch- added %python_sitelib and %python_sitearch for fedora compatibility
* Thu Jul 30 2009 fixed test in test_distutils suite that would generate a warning when the log threshold was set too low by preceding tests
* Wed Jul 29 2009 support noarch python packages (modified multilib patch to differentiate between purelib and platlib, added /usr/lib to search path in all cases
* Thu Jul 16 2009 disable as-needed to fix build
* Mon Apr 27 2009 update to 2.6.2
* bugfix-only release for 2.6 series