Changelog for uuidd-debuginfo-2.20.1-1.8.test.1.i586.rpm :

* Tue Nov 22 2011 add libmount-ignore-tailing-slash-in-netfs-source-paths.patch and libmount-fix-chdir-to-parent-for-restricted-user-umo.patch: fix umounting network filesystems as plain user (bnc#728480)
* Tue Nov 08 2011 add fsck-use-FS-blacklist-for-non-all-mode-too.patch (bnc#728645)
* Wed Nov 02 2011 add util-linux-dmesg-fix-printing-of-multibyte-characters.patch (bnc#725993)
* Thu Oct 20 2011 update to util-linux-2.20.1 - bugfix release- drop patches (in upstream): - util-linux-sfdisk-manpage-fix.patch - util-linux-lib-sysfs-deinit.patch - fdisk-dont-shorten-long-path-to-disk.patch
* Wed Oct 12 2011 add fdisk-dont-shorten-long-path-to-disk.patch (bnc#722959)
* Tue Oct 04 2011 cross-build fix: use %__cc, %configure macros- set bindir explicitly when installing- (cross-?)build fix: disable build dependency on SELINUX_LIBS in libmount
* Tue Sep 13 2011 add util-linux-lib-sysfs-deinit.patch (bnc#714151)
* Mon Aug 29 2011 update to util-linux-2.20 - cleanups, bugfixes- build with --enable-ddate- add util-linux-sfdisk-manpage-fix.patch
* Thu Aug 25 2011 BuildIgnore pwdutils.
* Wed Aug 17 2011 update to util-linux-2.20-rc2 - bugfixes- drop patches: - util-linux-fix-manpages.patch - util-linux-wall-build-with-pie.patch - util-linux-2.20-rc1-agetty-fixes.patch - util-linux-2.20-rc1-hexdump-segfault.patch - util-linux-2.20-rc-fix-dmesg.patch
* Wed Aug 10 2011 add util-linux-2.20-rc1-hexdump-segfault.patch (bnc#710877)
* Wed Aug 10 2011 add util-linux-2.20-rc-fix-dmesg.patch (bnc#710417)
* Wed Aug 10 2011 add util-linux-2.20-rc1-agetty-fixes.patch (bnc#711240)
* Mon Aug 01 2011 update to util-linux-2.20-rc1 - Release highlights agetty(8): - mingetty features have been merged to agetty chrt(1), taskset(1): - supports new command line option \"--all-tasks\" to set or retrieve the scheduling attributes of all the tasks (threads) for a given PID dmesg(1): - supports new command line options: --clear, --console-on, - -console-off, --ctime, --decode, --facility=, - -level=, --show-delta, --notime, --kernel and - -userspace fdisk(8): - improved dialogs to be more user-friendly findmnt(8), partx(8), lsblk(8) - support new command line option \"--pairs\" to enable key=\"value\" output format findmnt(8): - supports new command line options \"--poll\" and \"--timeout\" to monitor /proc/self/mountinfo changes ionice(1): - supports human-readable scheduling class names, for example: ionice -c best-effort $PID kill(1): - supports new command line option \"-q \" to use sigqueue(2) - supports real-time signals in formats RT, RTMIN+ and RTMAX- lsblk(8): - supports new columns - supports new command line option \"-D\" to print device discard topology lscpu(8): - improved support for s390 boxes mkfs.minix: - supports minix version 3 simpleinit: - this set of deprecated utils has been REMOVED wall(1): - support new command line option \"--timeout\" to specify write timeout to terminals in seconds.- add util-linux-fix-manpages.patch- add util-linux-wall-build-with-pie.patch- package /sbin/rcuuidd
* Tue May 03 2011 update to util-linux-2.19.1 - numerous bugfixes, including (bnc#690486 and bnc#690488)- drop umount-by-imgname.patch (merged upstream)- cleanup: do not register (not provided by this package)
* Thu Apr 14 2011 merge util-linux-2.17.1-losetup-honor-documented-c-option and util-linux-2.17.1-mount_losetup_crypto.patch)
* Mon Feb 21 2011 add umount-by-imgname.patch (bnc#666161)
* Thu Feb 10 2011 update to util-linux-2.19 - uuid fixes - cleanups, documentation and translation updates- drop util-linux-2.19-rc1-loop-offset.diff (fixed in upstream, by different patch)
* Wed Jan 26 2011 update to util-linux-2.19-rc3 - bugfixes
* Tue Jan 25 2011 don\'t mess with /etc/mtab in %post. aaa_base does that for us already.
* Fri Jan 21 2011 fix parsing offset= followed by more options (bnc#666150)
* Tue Jan 18 2011 fix bnc#664873
* Thu Jan 06 2011 update to util-linux-2.19-rc1- important changes:
* lsblk(8): - this NEW COMMAND lists information about all or selected block devices in tree-like format.
* partx(8): - this command has been rewritten to use libblkid for partition tables parsing. It supports aix, bsd, dos, gpt, mac, minix, sgi, solaris_x86, sun, ultrix and unixware now. - supports new command line option \"--show\" to list partitions in new format - prints UUID and name for GPT and mac partitions
* findmnt(8): - supports new command line option \"--submounts\" to list all submounts for selected mountpoint(s)
* agetty(8): - supports new command line options \"-c\" and \"-s\" to reuse already initialized tty cflags and existing baud rate
* mount(8), umount(8): - could be linked with libmount (--enable-libmount-mount) to manage userspace mount options outside /etc/mtab on systems where the file is a symlink to /proc/mounts. (EXPERIMENTAL, enabled in openSUSE package)
* losetup(8), mount(8): - uses /sys/dev/block//loop/backing_file rather than loopdev ioctls (requires kernel >= 2.6.37)
* fsck(8): - supports new command line option \"-l\" to lock whole-disk device by exclusive flock(2). This option is recommended when more fsck(8) instances are executed in the same time.
* rtcwake(8): - supports new mode \"show\" to print the current RTC alarm time
* fstrim(8): - this NEW COMMAND allows to discard unused blocks on a mounted filesystem (wrapper for FITRIM ioctl)
* swapon(8): - supports new options \"discard\" and \"nofail\"- in post, replace /etc/mtab with a symlink to /proc/mounts/self- drop following patches (in upstream) - util-linux-swapon-btrfs-limitations - util-linux-agetty-s-option.patch - util-linux-fsck-l-option.patch - util-linux-2.18-no-canonicalize-fix.patch - util-linux-swapon-canonicalize-swap-device.patch- fix uuidd Summary and Description- build with --enable-libmount-mount (new option)- use set_permissions macros- run spec-cleaner
* Tue Dec 14 2010 add util-linux-swapon-canonicalize-swap-device.patch (bnc#641142)
* Thu Dec 02 2010 mount: don\'t canonicalize \"spec\" with --no-canonicalize option [bnc#651598]
* Thu Dec 02 2010 add Provides: util-linux(fake+no-canonicalize) [bnc#651598]
* Tue Nov 30 2010 update util-linux-2.17.1-mount_losetup_crypto.patch (bnc#655804)
* Fri Nov 26 2010 add Provides: fsck-with-dev-lock
* Thu Nov 25 2010 add \'fsck -l\' option needed for systemd
* Tue Nov 16 2010 disable silent rules
* Thu Nov 11 2010 add \'agetty\' -s option needed for systemd\'s serial console setup
* Tue Sep 28 2010 uuidd rc file already creates /var/run/uuidd, mark it as %ghost in spec file.
* Fri Jul 09 2010 update to util-linux-ng-2.18 - do not provide rdev, ramsize, vidmode and rootflags commands anymore - fdisk does not use cylinders as display units by default - libmount: new library; its API is still officially unstable - new commands: findmnt, fsfreeze, swaplabel - blkid: new option \"-i\" to print I/O limits - full release notes: update to adjtimex-1.28- update to which-2.20- drop util-linux-2.14.1-mount_skip_sync.patch (fixed upstream)- drop util-linux-addpart-use-atoll.patch (fixed upstream)- drop util-linux-mount-detect-ro-mount.patch (fixed upstream)- drop adjtimex-1.20-nosyscall.diff (fixed upstream)- cleanup specfile a bit
* Mon Jun 28 2010 use %_smp_mflags
* Thu Jun 24 2010 document btrfs limitation with swapfiles (bnc#616617)
* Tue Jun 22 2010 hppa specific binaries are parisc{,32,64}
* Tue Jun 01 2010 do not run uuidd as root, but uuidd:uuidd (bnc#604168)
* Fri May 28 2010 add util-linux-mount-detect-ro-mount.patch (bnc#481123)
* Tue May 11 2010 add util-linux-addpart-use-atoll.patch (bnc#603328)
* Tue Apr 06 2010 update to version 2.17.2 - fix small typo in v2.17.1-ReleaseNotes - fix -b fdisk - fix typo in ionice - fix display of device size, fix infinite loop when probe chain bails out early, more robust minix probing, remove \"0x\" prefix from DRBD UUID, reset BLKID_TINY_DEV flag in blkid_probe_set_device, support alignment_offset=-1 in libblkid - fix cpuid opcode detection in lscpu - more explicitly explain fstab usage in mount.8, posix option of vfat is obsolete, properly ignore comments in /etc/filesystems in mount - update ja.po, pl.po, update vi.po - remove \" (deleted)\" from filenames from /proc/swaps - cleanup usage() and man page of wipefs
* Wed Mar 10 2010 Properly honor documented -c option (bnc#583677)
* Tue Mar 02 2010 drop freeramdisk (bnc#584565)- drop hostid (bnc#584562)
* Tue Feb 23 2010 new version 2.17.1 - new commands: wipefs, unshare, fallocate - fdisk: DOS-compatible mode marked deprecated - honor nofail option in fsck - libblkid overhaul - lots of bug fixes- fix self-obsoletes- compile suid programs using -fpie- drop -DCONFIG_SMP for s390 as it doesn\'t seem to be used anyways
* Sun Dec 13 2009 add baselibs.conf as a source
* Sun Dec 06 2009 enabled parallel build
* Mon Nov 30 2009 exclude sparc correctly -> %sparc bnc#559180
* Sun Nov 15 2009 refreshed patches with fuzz=0
* Mon Oct 26 2009 fsck during boot up fails with Too many open files [bnc#503008]
* Tue Oct 20 2009 fix typo in baselibs.conf change
* Tue Oct 13 2009 Fix requires of 32-bit devel packages.
* Tue Sep 29 2009 finaly remove the mount mtab locking patch:
* util-linux-2.14.1-mount_race.patch It causes too much regressions.
* Mon Jul 13 2009 update to final 2.16 release - fix libdir issues in pkgconfig files - fix location of uuidd run directory - improve libuuid handling if uuidd is installed but not setuid- add blkid.conf file to: - disable the sequential /dev scanner - move cache to /dev/ to get file out of /etc and prevent the cache file to survive a reboot
* Wed Jul 08 2009 added baselibs.conf for libblkid
* and libuuid
* Sun Jun 28 2009 update to version 2.16- switch from libvolume_id to new libblkid- provide fsck- provide libblkid- provide libuuid- provide setarch- provide separate uuidd package- remove patches: util-linux-2.14.1-lscpu.patch (upstream) util-linux-2.14.1-lscpu_add_hypervisor_detection.patch (upstream) util-linux-2.14.1-lscpu_sysroot_option.patch (upstream) util-linux-2.14.1-sys-utils_lscpu_exit.patch (upstream) util-linux-2.14.2-schedutils_fix_email.patch (upstream) util-linux-2.12r-fdisk_cyl.patch (upstream) util-linux-2.14.1-mount_swap_pagesize.patch (--fixpg option) util-linux-2.14.2-schedutils_ionice_enosys.patch (-t option) util-linux-2.14.1-hwclock_adjust_and_hctosys.patch (--systz)
* Thu Apr 16 2009 Move /usr/sbin/adjtimex to /sbin/adjtimex to be able to check the kernel time variables even without /usr mounted